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I have to do what's right for monica

rachel. 28. new england.

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Harry Styles for Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur


I feel FATIGUED like send her to the seaside for her health type fatigue

tennant:Billie Piper© Chloe Mallett for Red Magazine UK (April 2021)tennant:Billie Piper© Chloe Mallett for Red Magazine UK (April 2021)tennant:Billie Piper© Chloe Mallett for Red Magazine UK (April 2021)


Billie Piper
© Chloe Mallett for Red Magazine UK (April 2021)

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adambenhall:Cornwall, UK.adambenhall:Cornwall, UK.adambenhall:Cornwall, UK.


Cornwall, UK.

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i can’t believe i was raised by 2 air signs

do me a favor and reply or reblog with your parents’ signs, mine are libra and gemini


hello loves, i made a uquiz to determine which art movement you are



Bro İ hate being an academic they’re making me write shit İ thought İ was just supposed to sit in an old chair smoke & say something french every now and then

am i having a stroke why are your i’s so long i’m

celebritiesofcolor: Dev Patel out in NYC


Dev Patel out in NYC

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The bible said adam and eve not Zayn Malik leave

not to be corny on main but this girl I’ve had a friend crush on for (checks notes) four or five years? asked if we could hang out over zoom and we talked for over two hours and I’m like wow validation from cool and smart and talented and beautiful people I can’t cope


physically speaking i’m alive and at home. emotionally? i’ve been dead at the bottom of a ravine in vermont for 11 days and they just discovered my body due to heavy snowfall burying me for the past week.


Lol, here’s a fun one: if you had been born in the medieval era and without access to modern medicine, how long would you have lived? If I managed to survive being born (unlikely) I would have died at age 22 from appendicitis :) hbu?


i am obsessed with this man


seen a lot of these with your favorites, but reblog with the CURRENT book you are reading, show you are streaming, the last movie you watched, and any game/puzzle/crafts you’re working on 



joanne did single-handedly create and then straight up murdered harry potter, how surreal is it that i was here for the majority of my youth talking to some geezer for ages about the core of cho chang’s wand or whatever the fuck and now thinking about potter is just so bitter


do u ever just wish u could be an ancient oracle and your whole job was to do weed and tell stupid riddles to rich conquerors only for them to misinterpret your words and die