I painted my living room wall pink and bought blue sheets.

sunset on the highway, analogic

Well golly-gee, this post sure is late. I’ve been swamped as of late so I finally found 5 minutes to post my Lammas/Lugnasadh picnic I had with a friend. (Her bowl didn’t match though ) I’ll share the recipes for anyone who wants to make them but for the soup, personally, I’d cut back on the onions and garlic. I’d also double the bread recipe since it doesn’t make much dough, but only if you intend to make it for others as well. If reblogging feel free to delete my paragraph.

Recipes for: Triquetra Bread,Honey CakesandPotato Soup

Aug. 6, 2019

I pulled a treat-yo-self and bought honey sticks. Also, my plant babies.

just found a canopy like this on amazon ! i’m debating if i should save my money for this book i want or if i should buy this

“don’t say you need me when you’re leaving, you leave again”