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Being creative means sometimes you’ll get competitive and start comparing yourself to others. It’s not healthy and sometimes causes you to burn out, stress and doubt your own creative abilities. 

A part of the process in learning to heal is to not only forgive the people who made you feel so competitive and bad about yourself and work, but to forgive yourself. 

Here’s a personal story. A few months ago I was extremely competitive, so much that I ended up burning myself out and stressing people I loved. I’m not a huge YouTuber, and I’m not a typical gamer either. My channel took a huge amount of time to get where I wanted it to be, becoming so many different things at once instead of focusing on one main goal. 

To be honest, it really bothered me (to the point of almost quitting) that so many newer girl gamers got so much recognition and support after only being on YouTube for a few months. They jumped on trend bandwagons and acted like every other girl gamer out there (oh heck you know how they act, let’s be real), considering themselves to be “original”.

Of course everyone has their own cup of tea, but to see them gain 1,000 of subscribers for even producing something that wasn’t even high quality, getting the amountof support they did hurt me so much. 

Was I wrong to think that way?Yes.Should I have let it bother me? No. The content I produce is high quality, taking days to complete with the team I have put together over the last few months. Am I proud of that? Yes. 

The advice in this video isn’t coming from someone who has that huge following, but does that matter? No. I’m still human, consider me a friend if you’d like. Numbers shouldn’t make me think any less of my content because I know I did my best and that looking at someone else’s work shouldn’t bother me. 

I’ve been able to connect with an amazing audience, have helped others and charities and have really made some awesome friends along the way. Today I still suffer from my competitive nature, but I’m beginning to forgive myself and others. It’s a beautiful feeling to have once you just wake up one day and say, “You know what, I just don’t care anymore about what others have. I’m me, and no one can do what I do and that’s that.”

Trust me, I’m still trying to better myself and I know it’s hard. I’ve been on both sides of the fence. So maybe one day you and I will both be better versions of ourselves. Let’s keep on doing our best and never give up. 

it hath ended! finally!
i just drew whatever the fuck because i am tired and i might take a break from doing big stuff for a couple days,,,

i felt like drawing a few of my fandomstucks wearing the clothes of other people’s fandomstuck designs for that fandom (there are credits, don’t worry ^^)

i also included some random bullshit too, and since i havent shown off my yume nikki design before im including a fullbody design of her i drew back in february (her design didn’t change too much from then to now tbh)

I have my scp design as a d-class for no good reason, and an early idea for a kirby fandomstuck

psyche i drew last night

This painting style is really pretty and fun, but it takes a while to pull off ;; its worth it though

they have beat at least two people with their golf club

[Fandomstuck + Hylics]

my computer isn’t working right now so I can’t do commissions or digital requests but traditional art requests are open :]

no nsfw and no ships please

archerinventive:The Ukrainian WreathI’ll get right to it. The  last few weeks have been heartbreakin


The Ukrainian Wreath

I’ll get right to it.

The  last few weeks have been heartbreaking, and there are no words to fully describe the devastation the Ukrainian people have suffered.

While living so far away can create a feeling of helplessness I wanted to try and do something to help. That is why I’ll be selling this print on my  Etsy shop with all profits going towards the Hospitallers.

A group of volunteer paramedics working in Ukraine to help those who have been affected.

Stand with Ukraine. Stop The War.

Wishing you all a safe, and love filled week. ❤️


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shinsyl:“and I’ll be fine”Painted on PS [2021.02] Round brush Art Shop / Commission / Instagram / Ti


“and I’ll be fine”

Painted on PS [2021.02] Round brush

Art Shop/Commission/Instagram/Tip Jar 

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artofelaineho:Wall of RosesRead the full excerpt at tempestandthefire.com! The Tempest and the Fire


Wall of Roses

Read the full excerpt at tempestandthefire.com

The Tempest and the Fire is my Beauty and the Beast retelling, told through illustrations and excerpts. For more info on my retelling, find me on Patreon!

(This is one of my favorites, well worth clicking to go see the full piece!)


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abstract landscapes pride wallpapers

lesbian | gay/mlm

bi | trans

lgbtq | pan

ace | aro

aroace | nonbinary

pls rb if saving :)

genderfluid | agender

genderqueer | intersex

demigirl | demiboy

butch | femme

oriented aroace | angled aroace

michelletolo:Here’s a knight I made for the Character Design Challenge, accompanied by a griffin :)


Here’s a knight I made for the Character Design Challenge, accompanied by a griffin :)

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First attempt at digital lineless!



Make it this and I’m in.

Good lord, he even has the right face.

@occasionally-clever you asked and it is delivered