#butter beer

Last week my friend and I took a vacation to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka (USJ). I had never been to a Universal park before so it was an exciting experience. We took a Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Osaka and checked into our hotel without any trouble. Train navigation in Japan is very easy as it is all in English as well as Japanese. 

We stayed at the Universal Keihan Hotel at Universal City Walk. The room was pretty dated by its decor, but the bed was comfortable and everything was very clean.

While my friend and I were super excited to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter we had a two day park tickets so there was no need to rush. We took in everything the park had to offer, every ride, every show, and all of the food. With that being said our favorite ride of the entire trip was called Space Fantasy, and if you ever find yourself at USJ make sure you ride at least once (we rode it three times)

After hitting all of the major rides and shows in the main part of the park we ventured into the Wizarding World. My friend said that the Harry Potter area was an exact replica of the one in Universal Studios Florida. That was great for us since we were able to navigate the park easily without having to look at a map! 

The Frozen Butter Beer, the Frog Choir, The Triwizard Show, and of course The Forbidden Journey are MUST SEE- MUST DO- at Wizarding World. We spent most of the second day at USJ doing these again… and again… before going back into the rest of the park. In addition we also hit Flight of the Hippogriff, Olivander’s Wand Shop, and all of the stores. 

Other Great moments from our trip…

Getting to meet the cast of the stunt show, “Waterworld" We watched this show both days and absolutely LOVED it!

Buying Wizarding Snacks at Honeydukes 

And Blowing a Kiss with Marylin !

all in all it was a blast! Universal Studios Japan would be a trip I wouldn’t mind doing again in the near future :) If you have any questions about the park, or are planning a trip and need any questions answered just let me know! Also if you want a few more pictures check out my instagram.