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Yesterday I made a Wookiepedia themed character sheet, and then today I turned it into a PDF you can type in bc I’m actually loosing my mind-

ANYWAY! Here’s the link to the document, save yourself a copy and create away!!! (Mahalo to my beloved friend for making this link!)

The file should look something like this but you’ll need to save it to a Google drive or something in order to edit it:

Each heading has a text box below it, and so does the statistics on the side! There’s also a place for a quote on the top, just like on Wookiepedia. As well as a place for a picture.

This took 5 hours and I’m so unbelievably proud of it! I hope it can help you guys have fun with your ocs!

If you credit me, please just type “@/queen-breha-organa” , if I get too many mentions it might just destroy my notifications hajsjjsjs


Here’s some considerations for the tiny little details that can add a lot to a character. Figuring out these mannerisms can do a lot for conveying character traits through their normal actions rather than just their thoughts, dialogue, etc.

  • How’s their posture? There are more options than just sitting up straight or slouching a lot. What’s their most comfortable sitting position? Do they have a consistent posture or does it change depending on situation / present company? 
  • How’s their etiquette? Do they hold the door for people behind them? How do they handle handshakes and other kinds of typical contact? Does their language change or become more formal when speaking to strangers? To their elders? To their superiors? 
  • In a crowded space, do they get out of people’s way, or do people get out of THEIR way? 
  • How do they point something out? Pointing their finger? Nodding their head? A flippant wave of the hand?
  • What are their comfort gestures or self-touch gestures? Common comfort gestures include rubbing the back of the neck or gripping their own arms. Can they suppress these gestures or do they do them often?
  • Also consider the character’s common reactions to common emotions. Do they whoop when they’re excited? Do they tremble when angry? 
  • What parts of the body are the most expressive? Do they shuffle and stomp their feet a lot when agitated or excited? Are they a hand talker? Do they have an impressive range of motion with their eyebrows?
  • How do they sound? Do their car keys jingle as they walk? Do they drag their feet? Do their heels clack resoundingly on hard floors? Do they breathe loudly? Do they fidget in ways that make a lot of noise?
  • How do they handle eye contact?
  • Any behaviors they reserve for moments when they’re alone? (Or possibly among family/friends that don’t care?) Do they pick their nose? Do they bite their toenails? Do they sniff their armpits? Or do they not care if people see behavior like this?
  • Apart from comfort gestures, what else do they do to comfort themselves in trying times? What’s their go-to self care? What’s their comfort food? Where’s their safe space?
  • What are they doing with themselves as they’re suppressing emotion? Lip biting, fist clenching, and avoiding eye contact are common methods of coping with strong emotions.
From left to right #s 1-6. Who would you like as inspiration for a future Whitewash High verse charaFrom left to right #s 1-6. Who would you like as inspiration for a future Whitewash High verse charaFrom left to right #s 1-6. Who would you like as inspiration for a future Whitewash High verse charaFrom left to right #s 1-6. Who would you like as inspiration for a future Whitewash High verse charaFrom left to right #s 1-6. Who would you like as inspiration for a future Whitewash High verse charaFrom left to right #s 1-6. Who would you like as inspiration for a future Whitewash High verse chara

From left to right #s 1-6. Who would you like as inspiration for a future Whitewash High verse character? 

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The question I get the most is how I write characters that feel like real people. 

Generally when I’m designing a human being, I deconstruct them into 7 major categories:

1. Primary Drive
2. Fear: Major and Secondary
3. Physical Desires
4. Style of self expression
5. How they express affection
6. What controls them (what they are weak for)
7. What part of them will change.

1. Primary Drive: This is generally related to the plot. What are their plot related goals? How are they pulling the plot forward? how do they make decisions? What do they think they’re doing and how do they justify doing it.

2. Fear: First, what is their deep fear? Abandonment? being consumed by power? etc. Second: tiny fears. Spiders. someone licking their neck. Small things that bother them. At least 4.

3.Physical desires. How they feel about touch. What is their perceived sexual/romantic orientation. Do their physical desires match up with their psychological desires.

4. Style of self expression: How they talk. Are they shy? Do they like to joke around and if so, how? Are they anxious or confident internally and how do they express that externally. What do words mean to them? More or less than actions? Does their socioeconomic background affect the way they present themselves socially? 

5. How they express affection: Do they express affection through actions or words. Is expressing affection easy for them or not. How quickly do they open up to someone they like. Does their affection match up with their physical desires. how does the way they show their friends that they love them differ from how they show a potential love interest that they love them. is affection something they struggle with?

6. What controls them (what they are weak for): what are they almost entirely helpless against. What is something that influences them regardless of their own moral code. What– if driven to the end of the wire— would they rejectsacrificing. What/who would they cut off their own finger for.  What would they kill for, if pushed. What makes them want to curl up and never go outside again from pain. What makes them sink to their knees from weakness or relief. What would make them weep tears of joy regardless where they were and who they were in front of. 

7.WHAT PART OF THEM WILL CHANGE: people develop over time. At least two of the above six categories will be altered by the storyline–either to an extreme or whittled down to nothing. When a person experiences trauma, their primary fear may change, or how they express affection may change, etc. By the time your book is over, they should have developed. And its important to decide which parts of them will be the ones that slowly get altered so you can work on monitoring it as you write. making it congruent with the plot instead of just a reaction to the plot. 

That’s it.

But most of all, you have to treat this like you’re developing a human being. Not a “character” a living breathing person. When you talk, you use their voice. If you want them to say something and it doesn’t seem like (based on the seven characteristics above) that they would say it, what would they say instead?

If they must do something that’s forced by the plot, that they wouldn’t do based on their seven options, they can still do the thing, but how would they feel internally about doing it?

How do their seven characteristics meet/ meld with someone else’s seven and how will they change each other?

Once you can come up with all the answers to all of these questions, you begin to know your character like you’d know one of your friends. When you can place them in any AU and know how they would react.

They start to breathe.

This is an excellent resource (that I will now be using) for not only writing original character but fanfiction, too. Getting the characters right is always a little tricky especially if it’s something you haven’t experienced/written yet or if it’s just a tough character to work with and write properly.

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the suffering never ends

This is the real process

Resources for you!

Character Ideas:

Character Design Ideas:

Naming Help:

Creating Background/backstory:

Character Interactions and putting your character into your world/story:

Bonus art masterlist!

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How I create my characters

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I’ve been getting questions on how to create characters recently, because apparently lots of y’all don’t know where and how to start creating a new character. I don’t think this post will help everybody, since everyone has different methods on creating characters (eg. some come up with names first, others come up with appearance first), but in this post I’ll be sharing my character creation process. I hope it will help! <3

1. An iconic line

This is a less well-known method to start creating a character, but for some reason it’s always how I do (and it always works lmao). It’s hard to create a character from scratch, so instead, I think about an iconic line that the character could say, which is usually related to my wip’s theme or mood. I came up with this line for an oc :

“I’ve been trying so damn hard to make everyone smile, but I get it now. The world would be happier without me, wouldn’t it?”

Justfrom this single line, I already know lots of things about this character :

• They always put the happiness of others before their own.

• They’ve probably been told that they need to have a positive effect on others in order to have the right to live.

• They’ve been trying to please others, but end up worsening things.

• They’re determined and desperate.

• …They probably had a corruption arc and won’t get a happy ending :“D

• The moment when they say this line is their breaking point

See? Just from two sentences, I already have an idea of their personality and backstory. Sometimes, I even get an idea for their appearance too. This is way easier than not knowing what to do first to create a character from scratch.

2. Appearance

Lots of people come up with character names before their appearance, but I always need to generate their appearance first, because otherwise, I can’t visualize or imagine them. I usually play around with picrew.me (an avatar generator website) to generate their potential appearance. I don’t spend too much time on this stage tho, because I’ll end up changing their appearance again after figuring out more details about my wip (that’s why I said potentialappearance).

3. Personality & backstory

After having a rough idea of how they look like, I’ll imagine them in various scenes in my wip and come up with their personality. If there are already other existing ocs in the wip, I always be careful to not repeat too much aspects from the other characters, so each character will be unique.

Then,asking why the character has a specific personality will create their backstory. For instance, if a character has trust issues, ask why. Maybe they’ve been betrayed by a loved one before? Or they live in a dangerous world where everyone double crosses people to survive?

4. Name

After I know their appearance, personality, and depth, that’s when I decide a name for the character which fit their vibes or has symbolism. For example, my character Bayu’s name is symbolic because it means "wind”, reflecting how he’s a thief who moves as fast as the wind.

Sometimes, I don’t immediately search for a permanent name if I’m out of ideas. I’ll just choose a random placeholder name that fits their vibes, and remember to come up with their real name later.

5. Character arc

After knowing all the general information about the character, I’ll begin plotting out their character arc - their development throughout the book/series and whether it’s a positive or negative character arc. This stage is the hardest for me, because I need to figure out its starting, breaking, and ending point, and also the factors and people involved in the arc. I have a post series about both redemption and corruption arcs, you can check my masterlist to find them!


For a lot of writers, creating a character is a huge process. Some can find themselves halfway through writing their novel and find that they don’t know their character. And if the writer doesn’t, bad news, the readers won’t either. So what do you do? (Video version here.)

  1. Make a character profile. Questions spark development and add personality to your character. Pull a list like this one offline and get going! Answer them as if your character is in an interview and is being 100% honest. This will be hard for some of them.
  2. Start with a base. This may sound like cheating, but if you do it right, your character will be completely different by the end. Base them off of an archetype, a person, or bits and pieces of both. Once you have a base, you can build your character from Frankenstein’s-monster-esque to novel ready. 
  3. Imagine they’re real. If they were right next to you, what would they be doing? If they went through your day how would they react differently? How would they respond to current events? Curl up into a ball and cry? Flee the country?
  4. Find your connection. For me, this step is huge. My characters are like locked houses that I can only study from the outside looking in. That is until I find a connection and the door clicks open. This connection is generally raw, like depression, loss, love, or hardship. Make pain your gain.
  5. Take quizzes/tests for your character. There are stupid ones like everything by Buzzfeed(love ya Buzzfeed) or you can take the Myers Briggs Personality Test. You can spend days reading up on the results and they are very revealing. Many times the information looks very similar to your existing character notes.

Watch the video version here.

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  1. While other children played in the forest, I preferred the company old books; reading of myths, dragons, and great treasures for mighty explorers like me to find!
  2. I wish to see my ideals realized and celebrated for what they mean about me.
  3. I feel it my destiny to lead the Realms into a more heroic age!
  4. I know my legacy is tied to the dark powers and beasts that be. I know among those butchering broods are people who I share blood with, and I fear I may not be able to harm them if they revealed themselves to me.
  5. I believe in a better tomorrow for the Realms I live in, and I must make the future that I wish to see.
  6. We have been fighting a losing battle for years, I will be the change that is needed.
  7. I want to be seen as generous, I want to be feted and celebrated for my charity.
  8. I’m in this for wealth and status, to live a life otherwise undreamed of.
  9. I wish to be stoic, to weather the storms this fate will surely bring.
  10. I wish to be known as just, a fair caster of judgment second only to the Gods.
  11. I have seen the cruelties of wayward mortals and the tyranny of those who lead them. I will liberate this world and lead by example.
  12. I want to be known as honest, never an oath-breaker, never a deceiver.
  13. I wish to be viewed as righteous, such that none ever dare doubt me.
  14. I wish only to be able to live a humble life when this is all over.
  15. I want to be safe, to finally and truly be safe. I want to cease my worries.
  16. I demand to find some respect amongst my tutors and work-mates, and hope my mighty deeds may contribute.
  17. I want to know what it like to achieve my ambitions, to accomplish my dreams.
  18. I want a family. A real one, a true one. One that knows my value.
  19. I want my enemies to burn and die. I want them to know they were wrong to cross me.
  20. Without leaders willing to do what they must, every person in the Realms will be lost to strife. I will do what others won’t.
  1. You marched with an army and took part in a battle that ended with few survivors on your side. An arrow would have pierced your heart if it had not been for your amulet. Now you serve the god who spared your life.
  2. You grew up under the cover of the forest. You climbed the trees, and felt the wind whisper among the leaves.
  3. Ever since you were a child, you’ve been drawn to the fruits of the forests, to flowers, herbs, and lakes. You learned everything you could from herbalists and alchemists; the scent of every flower, and which plants nurtured life – or ended it.
  4. You heard many stories of valiant warriors. You knew tyranny was till in the world today, and so took up your spear and set out on your grand quest to restore justice to the land.
  5. You grew up without a real family or home. Instead, you sought out other youths who had run away or been cast out. You were called ghost children, and lived by stealing and performing odd jobs.
  6. The figure in your dreams was horrifying. The things it demanded of you unspeakable. You thought you were losing your mind, until you dreamt the gnarled tree, and the treasure buried beneath. When the next request was the life of a local merchant, you knew at what price you could be bought.
  7. You learned early on that you were talented with weapons. Soon, you were taken on by a warrior who taught you the mysteries of battle. You trained hard and long, and in time you became your master’s equal.
  8. As a child, you learned to navigate in the darkness, deep below the earth. It was in the presence of the rock and the cold that you felt most at home.
  9. As a child you learned that you were bigger and stronger than others. You had to work harder, be more responsible, and fight the hardest. Some idolized you, others despised you.
  10. Terror stalked the fields and footpaths, striking at night and leaving only bloody entrails as evidence. You alone were brave enough to follow the monster to the cave where it laired. No weapons had harmed it before, but you were undeterred, for you knew to kill it with fire.
  11. You have never met your mother or father, never had a family. Since you were little you’ve had to care for yourself. It has hardened you and made you strong, but a feeling of rootlessness gnaws within you.
  12. You were apprenticed to a druid, and learned everything you could of the holy mysteries, of rituals and sorcery. Your master is long dead, but you still remember their words.
  13. You have always been on the run from something. Never felt safe, and never had a lasting home. You have travelled from village to village, but have never been able to sleep with your back to the door.
  14. As a child you learned to live in tune with nature. The hunt is your task, and even if you learned to kill, you also learned to honour the value of the life of every animal.
  15. As a child you befriended a wise woman in the nearby forests. Soon you became her apprentice, and learned all about the history of your people, of ancient feats of heroism, and bloody wars.
  16. You worked on a farm performing menial, laborious chores. You know everything about grains, cattle, and crops. But deep inside, you longed for something else.
  17. You have never felt at home among your people, always keeping to yourself. You grew up in the shadow of your comrades. You saw things they didn’t see, did things they never imagined.
  18. You were starving and flea-ridden when the priest took you in. In recompense you learned the ways of your god, how to shelter the needy, and give charity. There were some who wanted the downtrodden to remain lowly, and for those you had only the charity of your blade.
  19. You were taught as a child that livestock are the source of life. As an apprentice, you wandered the plains, guarding your herd. You spent your nights under starry skies, dreaming of adventure.
  20. You served a proud warrior. Carried their weapons and gear, took care of their horse, and learned everything you could. You dreamed of making a name for yourself, and of one day being your own master.
  21. You were always perceptive, always curious. It soon came to the attention of your local militia, and you were handpicked to learn the duties of a scout. Many long days where spent hiding, watching the many dangers of the wilderness.
  22. As a child, you sat by the fire, eyes like saucers, and listened to the legends of your people being told by your elders. In your mind, you travelled through time and space, and relived the fantastic stories. You made sure that you learned all you could from your elders, and it didn’t take long before you became one of the storytellers yourself!
  23. Something happened that forced you to run for your life. Maybe you rubbed the wrong person the wrong way, maybe you were accused of something you hadn’t done.
  24. You performed a pilgrimage that lead you across many dangerous climates. You reached your destination after many hardships, but you will never forget your perilous journey.
  25. You took it upon yourself to protect a forest against the evil and violence of strangers. You lived in the cover of proud trees, one with the beings of the forest.
  26. A learned figure took you under their wing and set you to studying the elder’s writings. The days were long, the learning hard, but in the end, you found that knowledge was the key to a better understanding.
  27. A wise druid took you under their wing and taught you for a long period. It was an intense time, but also educational. Maybe your master is still alive somewhere…
  28. You have always felt more kinship with animals than humans, and it is only on the back of your horse, with the wind whipping your face, that you feel truly free. Together you are one entity, riding as one across the everlasting expanses.
  29. You sought the beauty of nature, away from the violent conflicts of civilisation. When you finally returned to the land, you did so with a newfound knowledge and strength.
  30. You were always skilled with your fingers, and learned to master a craft early on. You expressed yourself through the objects you created. But they also made you long to see the works of the real masters.
  31. You performed a magical experiment that failed catastrophically. Maybe someone was seriously injured, maybe you were banished from your home.
  32. You found a strange artefact during your travels from town to town. You became obsessed with its history and the thought that it might hold magical powers.
  33. You spent almost all of your childhood in the kitchen. Among the scents of soups, stews, and brews. You learned the secrets of spices and the joy of a well-cooked meal.
  34. You were enlisted in a company of soldiers. You spent a long time in the field where you assisted with your magical or martial expertise. You saw comrades killed, but you managed to make it out with just an ugly scar or two.
  35. You sought out a secluded location to immerse yourself in the study of magic. You lived off nature and your books and scrolls were your only companions.
  36. You took employment with a local lord and served as his arcane advisor. Maybe the lord had a hidden agenda, maybe you got into a conflict with higher ranking advisors. You learned much about people in positions of power.
  37. You grew up on the road, in the forest, and on the plains. You have never been able to settle in one place. Your restless legs won’t let you.
  38. You worked as an entertainer, using your knowledge of magic to perform illusions and tricks. Maybe you worked at a run down inn, maybe you were employed at a lord’s court.
  39. You learned as a child that the ownership of objects is nothing but a fleeting thought. You have always had a talent for acquiring things that aren’t yours. It’s like they just… appear.
  40. You planned and successfully performed a heist. Maybe it was against a rich peddler, maybe against a local lord.
  41. Guilty or not, you were caught and thrown in jail. You had to spend a long time in the darkness but never gave up. Finally, the chance to escape emerged, and you took it.
  42. You disappeared into the woods and joined a band of robbers that lived off peddlers and caravans who stumbled into their path. Life in the forest was carefree and good for as long as it lasted, but in the end, the robbers were ousted from the woods.
  43. You earned a living as a competitive rider, and travelled from village to village, castle to castle and competed against other riders. As long as you were winning you had a good life, but when you started losing, it was time to move on.
  44. Your talent drew the attention of a local lord and he offered you a place as an entertainer at his court. Your time in the castle was filled with wine, delicious food, and clinking silver. But also insidious intrigue, assassinations, and jealousy.
  45. A ballad or story that you wrote became immensely popular in the surrounding area. To this day, you hear local minstrels performing your piece.
  46. The hunt was everything. You tracked the beast over land, water, and mountain. At times, the roles were reversed, maybe at times you were the prey?
  47. A nobleman noticed your skills and hired you as his forester and hunter. You lived a good life, half of the time in comfort in the lord’s castle, the rest of the time hunting in the woods.
  48. You realized early on that you had a natural talent for archery, and set out to become even better. When you visited a large village or castle, you participated in a competition and won.
  49. You learned your talents as a guide to those who paid the best. You led caravans of peddlers, troops of soldiers, and curious adventurers. You learned the art of traversing the wilderness and living off of it.
  50. You commanded a squad of soldiers. Your comrades looked up to you and would die for you. But something happened, maybe you were betrayed, maybe defeated in an ambush. Your comrades fell or fled, but you survived.
  1. You hatched from a giant egg.
  2. Your material body was created by a collected amount of unconscious psychic energy.
  3. Your mind and body are at a constant risk of being taken over by a bloodthirsty creature summoned from another dimension.
  4. You were frozen in a glacier until your reawakening.
  5. You were crafted as a magical being, artificially created by a lost civilization.
  6. You come from another world.
  7. You unknowingly participated in an illegal magical project.
  8. You used to live in the sun.
  9. You’re merely another poor creature that was momentarily sucked into a different dimension.
  10. You were artificially created by otherworldly invaders as their attempt at a perfect imitation of the native race, albeit defective in some places.
  11. You were born in a ritual involving the severed fingers of a ancient and powerful Spellcaster.
  12. You were captured on another planet and brought here for experimentation, but manage to escape relatively unharmed.
  13. You somehow stepped out of the weave of time and fate, when you stepped back in, hundred of years had passed, and you were met with a strange parallel world.
  14. Your bizarre corporeal being is the living incarnation of a every person driven by anger and wild frustrations.
  15. You were brewed into being when an open bottle of wine went bad.
  16. You were the cherished painting of a wizard, falling into this existence one day.
  17. You were born underwater.
  18. You were born in complete darkness underground.
  19. You were born in mid-air.
  20. You’re the image of a wizard a beholder encountered and dreamed up. The magics the wizard used twisted into what the sorcerer uses today.
  21. An arcane experiment gone awry caused a sage’s thoughts to be brought into reality. Your birth was but one of the bi-products.
  22. One of your parents didn’t keep you at a safe distance from their experiments, the lingering magic still has a hold on you.
  23. During a particularly cold winter’s night, you crawled forth, fully emerged, from the family fireplace.
  24. As a young child, you were asked to hold something just real quick in the middle of a spell while the parent/teacher/etc stepped out.
  25. You were sentenced to death for your crimes, little did they know, you merely played dead, seemingly surviving the magical execution.
  26. You wake up from a blackout night after a feywild party. You left the party with more than you showed up with.
  27. You got your powers from a mysterious piece of technology you found while studying the desert.
  28. You volunteered for a strange experiment involving a sample from an unusual plant.
  29. During a grand feast, your food and drinks were contaminated with an exotic alchemical mineral.
  30. A strange magical creature crashed between worlds and ended up at your feet.
  31. As a child, you created imaginary playmates that you felt truly spoke to and heard you.
  32. You were given a potion that was supposed to cure you, it was more than you bargained for.
  33. You were always terrified of being alone, and so began establishing links with strange and otherworldly creatures.
  34. You were bullied throughout your life, and so made deals with outsiders to gain enough strength to fight against these oppressive forces.

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  1. True Love. I fear true love, of being in the presence of a purity of emotional honesty that I will never know.
  2. Famine.I have seen those who die by starvation, a death of indignity. I know how easily I too could suffer such a fate. It puts a sick feeling in my gut, one that is not easily remedied.
  3. Deep Water. I fear the dark abyss of the Sea, the uncertainty of what lurks in those endless depths, and the writhing creatures beneath the waves that may seek to steal my soul.
  4. The Wilderness. I fear the dark of the woods, for I have learned and made known of what dark things dwell within such places.
  5. Cowardice.I fear being revealed a coward, that in some act of horror I will do what it is only natural and be forever shamed.
  6. The Afterlife. I fear that upon my demise, however good or righteous it might be, that I will still be cast into the cruel and cold hands of an eternally alone and dark afterlife.
  7. Loss of Control. I fear loss of my self, loss of my being; my face, my ego. I worked so hard to be notably myself, and to have this marred and invalidated, to look upon myself and not see me…that terrifies me deeply.
  8. Undeath.I’ve witnessed the terrors of undeath, of spectres and skeletons, and so I fear my corpse may not stay motionless forever…
  1. You touched a strange rune-covered stone and was engulfed by its glowing energies.
  2. You were bitten by a strange creature that then disappeared into the wilderness.
  3. You hugged a tree that was attuned to a place of great power.
  4. You ate a immortal insect that still sits in your stomach.
  5. You accidentally transported yourself to the Astral Plane after consuming a strange magical substance.
  6. You spoke to a phantasmal being while you slept.
  7. You accidentally entered the ceremonial chambers of a lost temple.
  8. Your ancestor claimed to be a powerful medicine man, but in fact worked with otherworldly magics to heal others.
  9. Your skin became fused with a strange alloy metal dust, which was actually the ground up scales of a metallic dragon!
  10. You found an ancient idol of unknown origins buried in an old field.
  11. You took part in an arcane military experiment to develop a humanoid war machine.
  12. You were exposed the strange energies of a glowing meteorite.
  13. You breathed the magical spores of a prehistoric mould recovered from an amber chunk.
  14. You fell ill from a mysterious illness that rode to earth on the surface of an alien space capsule.
  15. You discovered a cave filled with giant crystals that released pulsating, glowing energies.
  16. You were stung by several transmuted wasps that had been warped with a new form of magic.
  17. Your father or mother was secretly an inter-dimensional traveller.
  18. You were born of a failed cloning experiment and escaped the grounds before being destroyed.
  19. Your grand-father was a performer who made some dark deals to gain fame and fortune.
  20. You survived a magical explosion!
  21. You were exposed to wild cosmic powers while picking through the remains of fallen space junk.
  22. You accidentally breathed in the dust of a King’s tomb while exploring a ruined structure.
  23. Your body was transformed after breathing in a toxic alchemical smog.
  24. You consumed some unknown fruit found deep in a savage jungle.
  25. You came into contact with a strange sludge flowing out of a flooded ditch near an old alchemist’s shop.
  26. You participated in a strange experiment involving man-made magical fields.
  27. You performed a magical ritual found in a strange, dusty old book.
  28. You drank the waters of a mystical fountain.
  29. You had a strange, almost allergic reaction to an experimental magical potion.
  30. You consumed a strange tasting herbal tea while visiting an cackling old fortune teller.
  31. You great grand-mother was the high priestess of a savage tribe.
  32. You were taught ancient secrets of mind over matter by an elderly mage.
  33. You survived a fall into a vat containing a strange new alchemical substance.
  34. You were struck by lightning while visiting a historical site during a brewing storm.
  35. You were bitten by a lizard while visiting a series of old magically ruined towns located far away from any modern civilization.
  36. You were exposed to a previously unknown mineral ore during a mining accident.
  37. You were kidnapped by strange creatures and forced to participate in bizarre experiments.
  38. Your latent magical powers activated when you were accidentally electrocuted.
  39. You snorted a bizarre looking ash while getting high on street drugs at a dive bar.
  40. You consumed a bizarre tasting elixir purchased from an old alchemist’s shop.
  41. You fell into a bizarre, dream-filled trance when visiting an old medieval tower.
  42. You rode in a boat that was in engulfed with strange energies from a magical sea storm.
  43. You survived the accidental release of a magical modified disease.
  44. You purchased a mysterious ancient war mask from a back alley antique store.
  45. You survived being struck by a falling crystalline meteor, with a shard still buried in your back.
  46. You were once an Imp, but a strange surge of magic during your “Promotion” trapped your Soul in a Mortal Humanoid body.
  47. You were once part of an illegal gambling ring, winning a Wizard’s Spellbook in a Game of Chance. Sometimes you find yourself writing in that old Wizard’s hand-writing.
  48. You were grievously wounded by a powerful Dragon, but not before landing a blow on the creature. Your bloods mingled and some of its powers were shunted into you!
  49. Your Soul wandered the depths of the Shadowfell, before arriving at the Fortress of Memories, where pity was taken upon you and you were reincarnated as a second chance at life.
  50. You worked at an old clock tower. One day time seemed to stop for just a moment while you stood before the gears, but then it ticked along once more…
  1. Aberrant Mind: You’ve forgotten how to speak with words, preferring to use your magic to speak beyond the known senses.
  2. Clockwork Soul: You sometimes emit a ticking sound without you realising.
  3. Draconic Bloodline: Your shadow often takes on a more draconic appearance, with draconic wings and curling spines, though never when you look.
  4. Divine Soul: You have an irrational fear of the dark and the light, as both are equally dangerous.
  5. Shadow Magic: When you sleep, your dreams are intercut with memories of a prior life that your Soul once lived.
  6. Storm Magic: You give people harmless but sometimes annoying static shocks.
  7. Wild Magic: The veins around your mouth and eyes have a dim glow of ever-shifting colours.
  1. The love of your young life died in your arms during a raider attack.
  2. You bravely fought off several bandits as a young teenager.
  3. You went into a series of ancient ruins on a dare and almost died — a family member or loved one saved you.
  4. You went on a hunt with your village and landed the killing blow on a great beast.
  5. While resting under a tree, a spirit appeared and talked to you.
  6. Your village was ransacked by a group of strangers and most of the villagers were taken.
  7. The Local Nobility took everything you had as “Tax”.
  8. You used your powers to bully those in your village; eventually they rose up against you and you were exiled.
  9. You came across a demon in your youth and battled it in a test of wills. Somehow you survived, but at what cost?
  10. You were a loner and shunned in your village. Only a friendly ally stood by your side and eventually died defending your honour.
  11. You have used your powers many times to protect your fellow villagers. The village considers you a hero.
  12. You unknowingly entered the borders of a mysterious country or realm. Their peoples immediately arrested you.
  13. You battled another great and powerful creature in your youth and won, but part of their consciousness somehow lingers within you.
  14. Your family abandoned you in the wastes and local timberlands, but somehow you survived.
  15. As a child you lost your temper and “accidentally” set fire to several of the houses in the village.
  16. You travelled with a Ruin-Robber for a few years. The two of you discovered many interesting ancient ruins and trinkets during your travels.
  17. Your seven sisters and five brothers were transformed into statues by a powerful mage after you angered them.
  18. One of your loved ones was a brilliant mind and wrote any helpful stupendous articles and tomes on magic. Eventually they wronged a powerful mage and was killed in front of you.
  19. You messed with one of your people’s priceless artefacts and broke it. You have been exiled by your people for your crimes.
  20. You joined an order of worshippers who believed they had a higher and more powerful calling. You found them far too extreme and have since left, however they still desire you to return to their fold.
  21. You became possessed by a vile spirit and killed several innocent people. You have been attempting to atone ever since.
  22. You used your powers to pull the life force out of a group of rampaging raiders. Even though you saved your fellow townsfolk, they are deathly afraid of you.
  23. For a brief time you ruled over a small village of people, before being pushed out by a another.
  24. You were forced by an influential person to use your powers to cause much harm to many people.
  25. By using calm judgment and consulting with the spirits you were able to quell a feud between families that had been going on for generations.
  26. You fell in a crevice and nearly died!
  27. You became lost in your environment and called out for aid. A spirit heard your pleas and guided you out. Sometimes the spirit still comes to visit you.
  28. After falling into a mud puddle, you slept for centuries. You killed the person that woke you and hid their body.
  29. You fought off kidnappers who were attempting to take your loved ones.
  30. While on a hunt you came across the lair of a dragon. It emerged, talked to you, and let you leave.
  31. You won a championship fighting contest in your youth and are considered a celebrity in your tribe.
  32. You were chased out of your village after causing too much trouble with your childish pranks.
  33. You were imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit.
  1. You thirst for knowledge and wisdom.
  2. You’re searching for something specific; A place, person, god, thing, etc.
  3. You wish to one day rule a kingdom of your own.
  4. This adventure was a quest given to you by a mentor, church, king, family member, etc.
  5. You simply want to help the helpless.
  6. This adventure is a part of your rite of passage into adulthood.
  7. You’re adventure just for the fun of it!
  8. The glory and fame of it all has enticed you to stay in the adventuring business.
  9. The world needs a hero, and you’re willing to give it a try!
  10. You’re escaping from something, someone, a purpose, a calling, etc.
  11. You’re obsessed with danger, mystery and the unknown.
  12. You drift from town to town, with no real home and making money no matter the danger.
  13. You were dragged along on this adventure to keep someone you care about safe.
  14. You were forced into adventuring by the will of circumstance.
  15. You were indentured as a servant to your traveling mentor, learning their ways as you adventure together.
  16. You were sentenced by the law or religious beliefs to adventure and prove your worth.
  17. You really like to kill things and take their stuff.
  18. You adventure to take out your frustration on creatures you’re sure deserve it.
  19. You adventure to gain money and support those that supported you in your youth.
  20. You adventure in the hopes of gaining new allies and friends after years of lonely wandering.
  1. You stole something valuable from the wrong person, at the wrong time. You were hunted and had to run for your life.
  2. A rival saw you as a thorn in his side. For a period, your fates were intertwined in the most troublesome ways: love, money, and work. In the end, it was too much. You were challenged to a duel, and you were injured. Maybe your rival is still out there somewhere.
  3. A strange group of odd peoples seek my doom for what I am and what I represent.
  4. A Mage of immense power believes that if my head is on a spiky pole, it will increase their position in the Realms.
  5. I was discredited for an act of heroism I performed. Someone else stole claim for my deeds. I’d rather no one know of this, it is still a stinging wound.
  6. A servant of some otherworldly being seeks to bring me low, to force me to undergo changes that fit their unknowable and grand design.
  7. A blood-seeking vampire has, on more than one occasion, sought me out.
  8. A warlord from times long past still desires I die in combat to them.
  9. A cruel necromancer is known to make living corpses of their enemies, and how I’ve remained alive despite this enmity is a vile riddle I try not to think on.
  10. I awoke one night to an assassin sitting upon my chest with a jagged dagger at the ready. I beat them back easily, but every time I go to sleep, I dread their re-arrival.
  11. A clan of savage men, women and even children all seek my head for their own glory.
  12. A famed and untraceable killer is very notable for screaming my name while they butcher other innocent beings.
  1. My valiant defence of a wealthy patron was rewarded with a title and a promise that they will always protect my bloodline, and I theirs.
  2. It is in the forests that I feel most safe, for I know that its creatures will always protect me.
  3. You sought out an association of thieves and became a part of the community. Together, you planned heists, and carried out dangerous missions.
  4. You lived amongst a gang of thieves from a nearby settlement. They were greedy but they knew their place, never taking more than was truly necessary for both sides to thrive.
  5. I tricked a fast-talking swindler into handing over some of their precious coin. At first they were furious, but then they were impressed.
  6. I worked with a savvy merchant for years, they always seemed to know what it is I need, and sometimes more than happy to provide.
  7. Among my greatest allies is a master artisan, well skilled in their craft and worthy of respect.
  8. I’ve made alliances with an agent of the higher powers, who thinks me a worthy ally rather than some mere asset.
  9. My most loyal and true friend is a simple and lowly pickpocket, who amuses me and is often good for local gossip.
  10. A powerful ally I have found in an old lover, now inhabiting a position of power and who always claims to be past our failed romance.
  11. I have found a good friend in my former master, who may not be the most kind but is still of great value to me.
  12. One of my oldest but strangest friends is an old man and his dreaded white raven. He offers counsel, and strangely so.
  13. Though a fair-weather friend, a mighty ally I have found in a group of local hunters, skilled in tracking dreaded beasts.
  14. I’ve aligned myself in the past with a tactician who will surely prove useful in any coming conflict.

I had countless technical difficulties during this speed paint that I’m dreading editing the video. BUT I like how she turned out. UNFORTUNATELY the quality ain’t the best cause just as I finished Krita crashed and all my work was gone. Luckily I had the recording of the image so that was there. But it ate at the quality a bit. Oh well. It turned out nicely anyways I’ll make the speed paint of this picture later.

Unfortunately my screen recorder crashed so no speed paint of this. BUUUT I have it done! Tsuki Ootori is my favorite of my OCs so far. I used two shading styles cause idk which one I liked better but here she is.

tolstoyevskywrites: Important ideas to consider when creating characters who are black and indigenoutolstoyevskywrites: Important ideas to consider when creating characters who are black and indigenoutolstoyevskywrites: Important ideas to consider when creating characters who are black and indigenoutolstoyevskywrites: Important ideas to consider when creating characters who are black and indigenoutolstoyevskywrites: Important ideas to consider when creating characters who are black and indigenoutolstoyevskywrites: Important ideas to consider when creating characters who are black and indigenoutolstoyevskywrites: Important ideas to consider when creating characters who are black and indigenou


Important ideas to consider when creating characters who are black and indigenous people of color. (x)

This is so important

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Hello! I’d like to share with you a character work game! I call it “Six Secrets” and honestly it’s a work in progress but I’m sharing it anyway

List six secrets that your character has.

  • 1 is an open secret
  • 2 is a secret the people close to your character know
  • 3is a secret that your character wouldn’t really care about getting out
  • 4 is a secret exactly one person knows anything about
  • 5 is a secret no one knows about but they sort of want to come out/to tell someone
  • 6 is a secret no one knows and they desperately don’t want anyone to know about.

You can also decide who knows and how

The secrets don’t have to have anything to do with your actual plot! The secrets can have super low or super high stakes! It doesn’t matter! But you will absolutely have a better idea of your character’s intentions and state of mind, and you may wind up coming up with some new plot points/obstacles to play with