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Someone else on discord wanted me to do Noragami, so here’s this one! I’ve only actually seen the anime so far though! I’m planning on reading the manga eventually though, since a third season seems unlikely at this point :(


someone on discord wanted me to do Fairy Tail for this thing, haha. I haven’t seen it in a while and I admittedly only really consume Nalu fanfiction for it, but here it is!

more sketchdump stuff sorry for the possible spam i’m trying to consolidate lol

— Well, hello there.Kasimir possessed by ZhudunI mean, I could just give the group the Dark Gift and

— Well, hello there.

Kasimir possessed by Zhudun

I mean, I couldjust give the group the Dark Gift and let them go, BUT WHY DO THIS WHEN YOU CAN HAVE A 2-HOUR SESSION WITH CHTHONIC 3-IN-1 DUMBASS

TFW you are 3 different personalities, but you kinda are a one whole… Thing?

Imagine existing with 2 idiots, but both of them are you. HeThey were having this sort of conversations all the time. They also almost killed Kasimir, like, 4 times being over-excited because of THE FEELS of living body.

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Nyx <3

Here’s the finished product!! Nyx belongs to @sleepyeule !! <3

This was fun practice yet my back suffered a lot from it so I’m going to lay down for the next few hours haha

Some animation WIPS ;-)

These are always good and fun practice for me :-)

First one is about Boris and Kamal’s story and second is Dream sitting on a ledge :-)


My new puppet man oc!! I absolutely adore him and I really enjoyed making him

Say hello to Philip everyone!! :-]

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“I’m No Good For You! This Side Ain’t Built For 2!”

Another one! This design is so nice… I’ll draw Wegg sometime soon as well! :-)

Character - Mr. Neighbor belongs to @yugsly!!

Mr. Neighbor!

Mr. Neighbor belongs to @yugsly !! I wanted to draw him for the first time in a while to see how I’ve improved! It looks a lot better than what I did last time I drew him haha! Anyways hope ya enjoy!

“Where’s My Lily?”

Something for my Flower Shop AU!

“Kamal’s gone! Where did he go?”