Why We Make Friends.


You always wondered how you managed to marry such a beautiful young girl. She is so much younger, but her tiny body was amazing even if she didn’t really let you touch her, especially after that first time. Sure, she laughed when you pulled your dick out, but she apologized afterward. 

It all made sense after your friend who introduced you two came over one day. He brought your new bride a gift and she was so happy. She told you to close your eyes, lay down, and took off your pants. You thought she was being really kinky, but actually she was making sure that you wouldn’t have that opportunity again. 

Making sure you didn’t peek, she sat on your chest, legs holding your arms down. You couldn’t help but open your eyes when you heard something unzip and discovered your pretty little young bride moving her mouth towards your friend’s huge black cock.

But down there and locked up you couldn’t do anything about it. She sucked it with such passion you had never seen in her before. Then they spent the next few hours with her riding all over his big dick, while he easily picked her up and threw her around your house. They fucked on the floor, in the kitchen, in your marriage bed, they even went out back for a while, making you worry what the neighbors would think if they looked out their window into your yard.

Then your previously sweet and innocent new wife told you he would be spending the night and you would be sleeping on the couch. The same couch they had been fucking on for hours. 

Eid MubarakTaqabbal Allahu Minna Wa'minkum #allah #muhammad #saw #india #indian #eid #eidgifts #ei

Eid Mubarak
Taqabbal Allahu Minna Wa'minkum

#allah #muhammad #saw #india #indian #eid #eidgifts #eidulfitr #eidday #eidmubarak2021 #eidmubarak #muslims #muslim #muslimah #brothers #sisters #mother #father #uncle #aunt #2021#picoftheday #bestfriend #friend #friday #jummahmubarak #jummah #day

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Submitted by @ronald.art (Instagram) 

Submitted by @ronald.art (Instagram) 

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When you have nice friends in Among Us and it’s just wholesome!

Comics made by @ohmygoles

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Anthony @anthony.varrecchia @kikodionisio_photography #throwback #friend #grey #saltandpepper #stron

Anthony @anthony.varrecchia @kikodionisio_photography #throwback #friend #grey #saltandpepper #strong
#newyork (hier: New York City, N.Y.)

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03-08-21 – Best Boy

Today marks one full year of sitting down and drawing something every day. I figured what would be better to draw than what I started this year long challenge in the first place. So here is a good an honest portrait of my best friend, Jesse.

I wish I had left more time in the day to work on this. Now after a year of building this habit, I hope to work on more detailed art projects that involve a little effort every day.

Thank you to everyone that has enjoyed and appreciated looking at the stuff I sketched over this last year ♥️


Ticci Gwenn (childhood part 1) XD

Babu Gwenn and her father Splendor :D

XD I don’t know if it will be canon or not, but I know Gwenn would be capable to fall like that for this reason

7v7 ah yeah Gwenn had long hair when she was younger

Puppet(s ?)

I always wanted to make Ticci Gwenn as Puppet, but I never had the ideas and the motivation to make her an original desing… but now she had one !! (She prefers Foxy but he already is taken ;-;)


@ticcigwenn & (Jack) @creepyargen


Happy Birthday late @creepyargen!!!

I’m really happy we are friends, I want to thank you for all these years of friendship we had you always where kind and patient with me even when I where… cringe XD so thank you again, and I whish you the best

(Estoy muy feliz de que seamos amigos, quiero agradecerte por todos estos años de amistad que tuvimos siempre fuiste amable y paciente conmigo, incluso cuando estaba cringe XD, así que gracias de nuevo, y deseo tu el mejor )


When we talked A couple of months ago N realized it was my birthday. She asked if I was going to do anything special. Since it was on a Wednesday I had no plans and no one else had planned anything for the weekend. She was surprised said she wanted to buy me lunch. I had a bunch of things going on so I pushed it out a few weeks. Last month we finally met for lunch. N lives 40 miles away and offered to meet in the middle. So we met at this place at 1 and she gives me this big full body hug. I was thoroughly enjoying it. I said that I don’t get these very often. She said it’s been a while for her too. 

So we sat outside and had lunch and talked. Next thing I know it’s 3. I asked if she wanted to go on a walk or something. She said sure. About a mile away there was a county park with a bunch of trails that neither one of us had been to before. There were some slight grades but over all the trails were pretty easy. I think we walked and talked for a while. When we got back it was 5. It had been a good day and I needed to get going. She told me her best friend’s husband likes to grab her boobs sometimes. I did some of that. I also fondled her ass as we were hugging goodbye. She didn’t stop me or say no. She wanted to do a walk again soon. So after a closed mouth kiss on the lips we planned to get together in a few weeks. 

So two Thursdays ago she sends me a text out of the blue asking if I want to go see a band with her Saturday evening. I said sure and I asked how much tickets were and she said $40. I said I’d pay her for mine since she bought it already. She said no and that it was her treat. Ok. 

So the plan was that I’d drive up to her place since she wasn’t far from the venue and we’d take an Uber there. I got to her place just before 5 figuring that would allow us to figure out where to get some food before the show. There was one place around the corner from the venue that she said was good. 

So the Uber dropped us off and unfortunately the restaurant was closed. So the only other option was to eat at the venue. There was already a line so we got in place. The doors would open at 7 and by now it was 6:40. 

Some guy our age walked up to us with his phone in his hand stopped and asked N “is this you?” He showed her the pic. Sure enough it was him and her at the last concert for the band we were seeing. Noel was a little embarrassed. She later told me that she was really drunk that night and I guess he got her to pose for a selfie with him. She said her problem is that she’s a little “too friendly” talking with people and that’s how she gets in trouble sometimes. Looking up at the line she recognized a few other people who saw the band at the last show too. 

So the doors opened and we went inside. The venue itself was an old theater that since the ‘60s had many legendary bands play. We walked down the hallway and dropped our jackets off at coat check and then went into the auditorium. She wanted to be right at the foot of the stage so she staked her claim. 

So now that we were there what to do about food? She said she’d hold our spot while I went to get the food. She went to grab a beer and when she came back I went for food. 

So at the end of the hallway where we’d come in was a sign that said “FOOD” with an arrow pointing to the stairs. I climbed the steep stairs and made my way into this large room with tables and chairs loosely assembled in the middle and barstools along the wall. At the front was where there orders were taken. All along the walls were hundreds of posters from all of the bands and acts from the ‘60s and ‘70s. As a fan of Rock N Roll, these walls were truly hallowed.

When I was next to be served I took a quick glance at the menu and realized I had no idea what N wanted. The cashier said the tables had QR codes for the menu. I wished I’d known this sooner. I let the folks that had had gathered behind me go while I scanned the code. I texted her the menu and waited to see what she was going to get. Finally she said the quesadillas. I got back in line and ordered the food. She suggested I eat my dinner up at the restaurant and bring her dish when I was finished. I ate my chicken tacos and headed downstairs. The place had filled up and the opening act was about to start. Perfect timing!

The opener was a guy who’s name I’d heard of but I didn’t recall who he played with. I didn’t know any of his songs until he played the last one. That one I did remember. It was kind of weird seeing a guy that once had long hair and dressed in spandex now wearing slacks and a sport coat with short hair. 

So N warned me that she might get out of hand when the band we came to see got on stage. When the band took the stage from the first note she was jumping up and down. As the guitarists and bass player made their way across the stage in front of us she’d hold out her hands. The rhythm guitarist tossed her a pick and she caught it. 

During the show she would sometimes put her arm around me and leaned her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her. Before long she was bouncing to the beat again. 

The bass player worked his way to our side of the stage again and she held out her hand and he tossed her a pick. Only this time she didn’t catch it. It disappeared on the floor behind her. She and others looked down at the floor trying to see where the pick was. Finally some guy behind us picked it up. She flew into a rage and tried to get the pick from him. He wasn’t having it. They had words and flipped each other off. I thought they were going to fight. I put my hand on her shoulder to try to bring her in. Finally some guy, possibly one for the venue staff intervened and separated them. She was pretty pissed about that guy getting “her” pick. I said if it hits the ground it’s fair game for anyone to grab. She calmed down and eventually apologized to him. All over a pick. 

So the rest of the show went fine and when it ended she grabbed my hand and went to go talk to some people she knew. Finally the staff started kicking us out so she grabbed my hand again and we made our way to coat check and headed outside. She called for another Uber and while we were waiting some guy stopped to talk to us about the show. Turns out he’s a guitar player and he showed us a video of him playing from a few years ago. 

By now our Uber had showed up and we headed back to her place. 

By the time we opened her door it was just after midnight. We talked about the show and sat shoulder to shoulder on the couch and shared the pics we took.

She went to get a beer and came back sat a couple of feet away and we continued to talk until 1:30. Then she shot me this weird look with expressive eyebrows. I had no idea where she was going with this so I played along and raised my eyebrows. Finally she said if I wanted to stay I could sleep in the guest bed. “No funny stuff”, she said. Without missing a beat she said she had eggs she could make for breakfast. I had sort of made plans with another friend and without knowing for sure if they were going to happen I decided that I would just go home. She gave me a hug and a kiss and walked me out. She asked me to text her when I got home.

In the hour it took me to drive home I thought about the evening. She made it very clear at the end that I was not going to be sleeping in the same bed with her. And though it didn’t come as a shock but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. 

I got home a little after 2:30. Maybe sleeping in her guest bed wouldn’t have been a bad idea. I texted “I’m home. Thanks for a fun evening”. I went straight to bed. 

The next morning when I got up I saw that she had returned my text a few minutes later. She said “thanks for the best fun I’ve had so far this year. Nite nite”.

I didn’t hear from her at all Sunday but Monday she asked if I wanted to see another band in October. I checked my calendar, seeing that was open I said sure. As it is we’re going to see a baseball game in June. She likes me as a friend. I have to decide if I can be happy with that.

I was looking through our past texts and since we started talking again last October there’s hardly been two weeks where we haven’t spoken to each other. Maybe in some way she feels sorry for me. Maybe that’s just in my head.  

Tara Testa in her wedding gown (she is Chris Evans best friend since child hood and she got maried t

Tara Testa in her wedding gown (she is Chris Evans best friend since child hood and she got maried today Sept. 1, 2012. Saturday. Congratulations, Tara)

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Janky Witchcraft

made a long distance candle for my friend who is Goin Thru It but I can’t get it to her in time.

Ultra Discount Version:

  • white candle
  • carve algiz rune (and friend’s name if you have space)
  • spread ground cinnamon around into the crevices)
  • this is the only fancy part: a few drops of orange essential oil and lavender essential oil

If you’ve got lots of tools: use a yellow or pink candle instead, and add sage, mint, and calendula to the herbs you dress the candle with. I used a tea light because that’s what I had on hand and I was impatient

One night, after an evening of heavy drinking, I stumbled clumsily into the house to find my older sister and her best friend passed out on the couch, as they had obviously been drinking themselves.

My sister lifted her head up and mumbled something that resembled that I should help her and her friend up to bed. I sighed and agreed.

I carried my sister up to her room, placed her in the bed, and went to grab her friend. I laid her carefully into the bed in the guest room, and as I started to leave the room I noticed that her skirt had risen up slightly to reveal her thin, white panties. As I imagined what she looked like underneath her panties I began to become more and more turned on by the second. Unable to help myself, I walked back to the bed and sat down next to her.

Just to make sure that she was actually sleeping, I shook her shoulders untill I was certain that she was out cold. I carefully ran my finger along her perfect, smooth thighs. I lifted her skirt all the way up and moved my hand closer along her inner thigh. Then, I nervously rubbed the outside of her pussy through the panties, and I could feel that it was warm and moist.

My whole body shuddering from excitement, I used my two index fingers to slowly pull down the underwear. I became fully erect by this point, as I gradually pulled them down to reveal her perfectly smooth pussy. I pulled the panties off over her ankles and tossed them aside, and simply stared at her perfect pussy and ass. I used one finger to run along her wet slit up and down.

As I glanced up along her body, I noticed that she had perfectly round, firm breasts. Over her shirt, I lightly ran my finger around her nipples. I slowly began to unbutton her shirt to reveal a very thin, pink bra. I removed the bra, to expose her round tits and cute pink nipples. By this point my pants were ready to burst open.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off, followed by my boxers. My extremely stiff dick was already pulsing from excitement. I began to stroke it, then an idea occured to me. I approached her face, and gently opened her mouth. I ran the head of my cock along her tongue, while I groaned from the pleasure. I stuck it into her mouth about as deep as I thought I could go without choking her. I slid it in and out of her mouth with a feeling of absolute exctacy. I climbed on top of her, faced the opposite direction with my dick still in her mouth, and with my tongue I gently parted her pussy lips. I proceeded in this 69, sliding my dick in and out of her mouth faster and faster while furiously licking her. Once I felt the urge to cum, I climbed off, and with a great moan I exploded all over her exposed chest. About four spurts of warm cum landed in a pool all over her tits. Fearing she might wake up and suspect why she was covered in cum, I grabbed her panties, wiped all the cum off with it, and but them back on her. Once all her clothes were back on, I smiled and left the room.

i know my friend has tumblr and i think she knows i have tumblr, but i’m still too scared to ask her blog name