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It’s raining man.Acrylic painting on canvas (100x40 cm).Also it’s available for sell on my Etsy now

It’s raining man.

Acrylic painting on canvas (100x40 cm).

Also it’s available for sell on my Etsy now :  https://www.etsy.com/shop/AFstore

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Goub’s formerly fit physique compared to now

Damn this guy’s gotten soft. Right when he vocally stopped caring about being skinny is when he got fat - and now he’s on his way to doubling in size


Update - no longer the slim stud he used to be. Looks like he’s gotten fatter too.

This guy started his relationship thin & handsome, but over the years he’s really grown!


I love the difference between these photos, 2-3 years apart.

Handsome guy who started letting himself go and decided not to give a damn. The new belly looks good!

Major bulk

Vibe: that tall stocky guy who just gets bigger and bigger. I love how huge he looks next to the other guy at the end.

Thin to THICK! He started gaining after beginning his job at a buffet, so maybe the weight gain was inevitable?

Formerly active hair stylist falls off his gym routine and gets fat.

(Part 2)

Formerly focused on his gym routine, this guy became really involved with his business as a hair stylist, and has gained a lot of weight since then.

Part 1 (Submission)

Who else loves it when a man’s thighs and lower body get fat & juicy like this?

Ex military beer belly! In pic 3 he comments, “Am I really that chubby in real life?” Lol

Here’s an incredible transformation from thin man to superchub; his massive jiggling belly is everything! Weight gain heaven.

Timeline, based on all 10 attachments-

1 & 2 - 18/19yo

3 & 4 - 20yo, at this point he mentions he can’t believe there was a time when he wasn’t obese. Crazy to see how much he gains from here!

5 - 23yo. 6 - 24yo

7-10 - 27yo (now)

Between 2017 and now this guy has really changed. He’s supposedly gained nearly 90lbs this year! Who knows where things will go from here..


Getting fat has made this guy go from looking “boyish” to “manly”! You can definitely tell he started carrying the extra weight in his legs first, before everything else caught up.

Now he’s a fat, married bear. (Submission)

I like how beefy he looks nowadays, definitely becoming chunky!


A lot less clothes, and a lot more belly