tumblr user probablylilhal, or “Halex” is in a critical condition. if you read down his blog he has downed an entire pill bottle. If anyone or any friends of his knows his location, or can call the authorities, that is needed right now.
if you cannot do those things, just send messages of comfort to him, your support is helpful.

If you are part of the SCP fandom you need to see this. This is important info.


y’all really have to stop implying all non-binary people are afab in your posts. you need to stop implying that all non-binary people with flat chests are viewed as “androgynous” and not just afab people. y’all need to start including amab trans people in your politics, especially transfeminine nb people.


A follower of mine asked me what are some realistic goals when you’re learning languages but before giving you 100 examples, i want to mention that you can have daily, weekly, monthly or/and yearly goals. If you get easily distracted and need motivation, set goals for each category; however, if you can focus and be motivated for a longer period of time, you might not need daily or/and weekly goals.

Also, the numbers/minutes/hours are an example, you can change them according to your time, resources, motivation etc.

Daily goals

  1. Read 1 article in your target language.
  2. Learn 10 words.
  3. Learn 1 poem in your target language.
  4. Learn a song  in your target language.
  5. Watch a movie.
  6. Read 1 page from a book in your target language.
  7. Sing 1 song in your target language.
  8. Talk with a native for 10 minutes.
  9. Learn 2 idioms.
  10. Translate 1 song.
  11. Translate 1 poem.
  12. Write 1 short text about anything.
  13. Watch 1 episode from your favourite show dubbed/subbed.
  14. Get 50points on duolingo.
  15. Make a vocab list.
  16. Learn 1 new grammatical concept.
  17. Think in your target language for 10 minutes
  18. Read to a podcast for 15 minutes.
  19. Learn 1 tongue twister.
  20. Spend 15 minutes on WordBrewery.
  21. Play on Babadum for 15 minutes.
  22. Use Clozemaster for 15 minutes.
  23. Listen to an audio book for 10 minutes.
  24. Revise your notes for 20 minutes.
  25. Learn 1 vocab list.


  1. Read 10 articles in your target language.
  2. Read 2 books for children.
  3. Learn 5 poems.
  4. Learn 3 songs.
  5. Watch 3 movies.
  6. Learn 10 grammatical concepts.
  7. Talk for 2 hours in your target language.
  8. Learn 5 vocab lists.
  9. Learn 100 new words.
  10. Finish 8 lessons on duolingo. (i mean the entire bullet/dot/set of mini-lessons)
  11. Watch 10 episodes from your favourite show  in your target language subbed/dubbed.
  12. Learn 30 idioms.
  13. Write 3 A4 pages about anything.
  14. Translate 5 songs.
  15. Learn 3 vocab lists.
  16. Revise with the help of some tests online for 2 hours.
  17. Change your phone settings to be in your target language.
  18. Make a summary for the books you’ve read.
  19. Read 10 pages from a complex book in your target language. 
  20. Make 5 vocab lists.
  21. Write a motivation text of 10 lines for your in your target language about why you enjoy learning languages.
  22. Think for 2 hours in your target language.
  23. Translate 3 pages from a book in your native language.
  24. Translate 3 pages from a book in your target language.
  25. Discover 10 new songs in your target language.


  1. Learn 350 new words.
  2. Read 1 advanced book in your target language.
  3. Finish a grammar book.
  4. Finish 10 stories for kids.
  5. Learn 80 idioms.
  6. Learn 20 vocab lists.
  7. Finish 35 lessons on duolingo. (the bullets/dots/set of mini lessons)
  8. Make 20 vocab lists.
  9. Watch 10 movies in your target language subbed/dubbed.
  10. Translate 10 songs.
  11. Learn 10 poems.
  12. Learn 5 songs.
  13. Talk to natives for 10 hours. 
  14. Write summaries for every chapter/article you’ve read.
  15. Watch 15 youtube videos in your target language .
  16. Make a story of 5 minutes while looking at a random picture on google.
  17. Understand a song (that you don’t know) without checking the lyrics too often.
  18. Read 20 articles.
  19. Make a dish while reading the recipe in your target language
  20. Revise for 20 hours.
  21. Keep a journal with your daily progress and at the end of the month, read how many things you achieved.
  22. Read to a podcast for 24 hours.
  23. Think in your target language for 24 hours.
  24. Play babadum/wordbrewery/clozemaster for 10 hours.


  1. Be mistaken for a native.
  2. Know 50 poems.
  3. Be able to sing most Disney songs in your target language.
  4. Watch movies without subs.
  5. Learn 10.000 words.
  6. Read 10 advanced books.
  7. Finish duolingo/whatever course you use.
  8. Be able to think in your target language effortlessly.
  9. Master irregular verbs.
  10. Have at least 5 native friends that talk to you in your target language.
  11. Be proud you didn’t give up.
  12. Study a bit daily.
  13. Finish 3 grammar books/workbooks/books for advanced learners.
  14. Have a decent accent.
  15. Be able to read without translating anything.
  16. Watch more movies in your target language than your native one/English.
  17. Have favourite youtubers that are native of your target language.
  18. Keep a diary and read how your year has been.
  19. Be able to talk about advanced stuff.
  20. Have very detailed descriptions.
  21. Know the most popular songs in your target language.
  22. Read mostly in your target language.
  23. Know several new recipes that cooked only in the country where your target language is spoken.
  24. Being able to say that you’re bilingual/multilingual/a polyglot.
  25. Learn your next language through the one that you mastered already.


You: Call Korekiyo ‘Kiyo’ for short

Me, an intellectual: k O r K i



my advice for a haunting? real solid 100% foolproof Ghost Advice™? every time something creepy happens, turn in the direction of whatever it was, pause a moment, then slowly lick ur lips and say “…do that again” in ur most seductive voice. the ghost will feel very awkward and leave immediately. 

then fuck the ghost you cowards


*sad lonely teens in Italy*



Some Fun World Building Tips!

Disclaimer: Your plot/story comes first. Don’t add a bunch of flaunty details for the sake of ‘World Building’ if it doesn’t add to your story or takes it off course, It’s not worth it. These are just some things I’ve tried in different, separate stories that were fun exercises for me as a creator.

1.) Language!

This is the most useful if you have multiple countries in a fantasy world that interact with each other in some form or fashion. Most countries have a different national language, and then different dialects of that language. Therefore, if you have two characters from Country A and Country B that speak different languages and live a decent distance apart, they’re probably going to have different speaking structures and slang. For instance, maybe Character A always says ‘Oh my God’ and maybe Character B always says “My Gods!” Incorporating little details like that will make your story more real and believable without requiring writing out another language. 

Also, language is based on history, religion, and culture. If Country A and Country B have different religions, they’re going to swear differently. It’s more interesting if you don’t just substitute their god’s name into a generic phrase that is the same across all languages.

2.) Food!

Food is SUPER cultural and SUPER fun to play with while world building. What is considered “travel food” in the country? What do they drink out of? What’s a popular type of alcohol? What’s the traditional ‘comfort food’? Desserts? What do you offer guests when they come over to your house? This is also dependent on the terrain. If the country has a lot of swamp and bogs, they’re not going to have an endless supply of grains. If it’s mostly a prairie, they’re not going to have oranges. Do a little research on what type of foods could be grown in the environment your country is in, then figure out what foods can be made from these plants. 

This is really easy to incorporate into fantasy worlds by just mentioning for half a sentence what food the characters are eating, and it tells the reader a lot about the environment and culture of this country. 

3.) Education!

This one only works if you have younger characters who are attending school or receiving lessons. If you have the right environment for it, it’s really fun to mess around with. Ask yourself questions: what would my character study at this age in this environment? History? Math? Language? Art? Music? Philosophy? Magic? Combat? Religion? 

While your character is learning about the history of one or multiple countries, you can easily expand your reader’s depth of the world through short descriptions. You can explore the linguistics of a country’s language and develop time periods. I have one WIP where the main character is having to read multiple classical novels and plays, but she also reads modern fantasy. Having a history helps deepen the believability of a world. If you’re exploring art, music, or philosophy, make sure to mention famous artists, musicians, and philosophers that your character either despises or looks up to. Magic is fun too. What type of magic is your character learning? How do they practice it? How is it viewed by the majority? Combat depends on culture; different groups of people fight differently and use different weapons. Religion is fun to play with, and through an educational setting, it can be smoothly explained. 

Even picking just one or two of the above list (or even adding some more!) gives just a bit more depth to your story and solidifies your world!

4.) Popular Culture

Pop culture shapes our world soooo much it’s ridiculous. Having some version of it will make your world so believable. What is your world’s version of Taylor Swift or Pan!c at the Disco? What’s your world’s version of Fortnite dances? What are their ‘memes’, so-to-speak? Who do they make fun of? My high school of 300 people has inside jokes that make fun of our principal. Even if it’s a little jab at the president/king/dictator of a country, just add a little something extra that can help give a clear image of modern social culture.

5.) Media

How do the citizens of your country receive their news? Newspapers? Is there just a giant bulletin where the king posts news? What type of news do they receive? Politics? International? Economic? Environmental? Sports? Pop culture? Editorials? Feature stories? Do they receive news magically? If so, how? Do they have some form of radios or televisions? What issues are present in society? Is anyone doing anything about this?

This is fun because it’s a very real thing you can include that once again gives your story some believability. A large country needs some sort of communication, and through the media is one way to do that. In an absolute monarchy where news is completely controlled by the government, this can be used to show contrast if the king is indeed a bad king. Also, differences in mass communication between two countries (maybe one has a bulletin controlled completely by the king and another has a law protecting freedom of the press) can show differences between the two. Also, political cartoons are fun.


Study world history. Pay attention to differences between countries and mirror/combine elements of culture and history into your own original world. You learn the most from what has actually made it—the real thing!


This manual is part of a series of guides originated by @intpboard!


You have just selected an entirely new disease that will probably stay with you for the rest of your life. Good for you! Having an ISTP around with you 24/7 will make your life effortlessly hard to live, and more so with the near death experiences. But there are good points, because none of your enemies will bother you ever again! In fact, nobody ever will! As your guide, we’ll be droning through all the sorts of bullshit your ISTP will stir up, and guide you along for coping with them. Be careful though, they tend disappear in the first few stages, but after that, they’ll cling on to you like superglue (will probably do the same damage if you try to peel them off too). What are you waiting for? Get started right now!

Your ISTP will come with the following:

  • (10) or more books according to your ISTP’s hobbies and interests
  • (1) bag of salt (to ward them off if they get too heated)
  • (3) boxes of Kibble
  • (1) Bomb-making set (comes with a bomb shelter)
  • (10) Fire extinguishers (trust me, you’ll definitely need more)
  • (5) Black, (5) randomly-coloured shirts
  • (4) pairs of shorts
  • (2) pairs of jeans/pants
  • (1) charger and software downloader cable (2 in 1) +extra 
  • (2) boxes of assorted video games to your ISTP’s choosing
  • (1) ethernet cable
  • (1) Computer 
  • ***(1) Toolbox with assorted tools
  • Random sharp things they picked up from the forest
  • Optional: (1) or more musical instrument(s) with accompanying music scores


Your ISTP comes pre-programmed with the following traits;

Ti: Your ISTP is very sensitive to logical discrepancies and any kind of system, and will most likely respond by studying and mimicking it into their daily lives. They solve problems as if it were a puzzle, and are often good at troubleshooting. Your ISTP will be very quiet mainly because of this function, as they tend to have a rich inner world. You may allow free space for your ISTP to roam and explore, and you will not need to help develop this function, as their natural curiosity and drive for competency is enough for this function to grow.

Se: This trait is probably why you need the fire extinguishers. Se comes into action (as always) and helps the ISTP with dexterity and flow of movement. ISTPs are often observant, aware, physically capable and competent. Be sure to give your ISTP enough stimulation to keep them entertained and let their energy burn off, but not too much otherwise your ISTP will be rapidly drained and turned grouchy.

Ni: Ni, in all its confusing definitions, helps focus your ISTP. This takes time to nurture as the ISTP realises that not all the shit they do will result in a minor scrape or cut. However, most ISTPs develop this quite early due to Ti, and as such, this trait helps them zoom out and interpret the small details they picked up with Se. By helping the ISTP zoom out and summarise, they can better understand the hidden meanings behind things and allow them to make more common sense decisions (most of the time). 

Fe: This helps your ISTP be more gentle and nice. Granted it’s definitely the last thing to show up, but if you nurture your bond with the ISTP and treat it with respect, it will slowly learn to reciprocate your feelings and chameleon to you and possibly other people accordingly.

Getting Started

  1. Plug your ISTP into their charger and software downloader cable
  2. Connect the cable to the computer
  3. Let your ISTP charge and download data for at least 24 hours
  4. Disconnect the charger
  5. Entice them with their bomb-making set*
  6. By this time, your ISTP would be roaming about with their unfinished bomb to try and find the last piece to make the bomb. By now, you should be prepared with a fire extinguisher.
  7. Throw the missing piece into the bomb shelter, and lock it.
  8. The bomb shelter will come with an unsolvable lock, hence you can start to interact with your ISTP as it tries to solve the door lock. Great, you’re good to go!
  9. At the event your ISTP manages to break in, call the police.

*By step 5, if your ISTP refuses to activate, hug it. Warning: The ISTP might see through your manoeuvre, and attempt to pickpocket the missing bomb piece. If so, spritz them with water and firmly say “no”. 


Chill Mode(default): By now, you should be familiarised with the ISTP stereotype of being the most chill of all the 16 MBTI types. They commonly display careless nonchalance and indifference, although internally they might either be screaming or silently contemplating about their problems. Is literally the emoji when in this mode.

Badass Mode (default): Is probably one of the epic things ISTPs do. This is when your ISTP’s hard work and perseverance pays off with badassery and mastery of any particular skill they’ve attained. 

Problem-solving Mode (default): This is less visible than the previous two modes, nonetheless the ISTP will show it often once you get to know them. It is often shown through their curiosity and is mainly Ti and Ni when they silently sit there and think, and then experiment with Se. It is most often displayed when learning a new skill, be it academics, instrumental or physical.

Joker Mode: This mode will appear once the ISTP starts to acknowledge your presence and that you’ll be bugging them for quite a while. This will be the first stage of friendship most of the time, with the ISTP silently judging your comebacks. With more sensitive ISTPs, they’ll start to learn your joke style.

Manic Explosive Mode: Probably something you wouldn’t want to see under your bed (no shit). May be prone to temper tantrums if you start asking too many questions or you continue answering dumbly at the wrong time. The ISTP is most likely under too much pressure and stimulation- basically it’s overheating. To cool them down, offer an ice pack and do nothing else, as the ISTP will probably refuse your help but there’s a 99% chance they’ll take the ice pack (I dunno why but they just do). In the rare case when your ISTP unit goes too far and gets too emotional, sprinkle some salt and they’ll calm down after backing into a corner.

Sad Bunny Mode: The cutest mode. Some ISTPs might not ever show this but when they show this vulnerable side it means they trust you. The frequency of this mode is mostly dependent on the amount of stress they’ve built up internally. Some might rant while some will sit in silence, but your ISTP will most likely pick themselves up and move on after a while, and sometimes ending on an optimistic and cheerful note (rarest but cutest part).

Relationships with Other Units

NF:Tolerable but may come off as overbearing from a distance due to emotional commitment. Might take an interest in your ISTP unit.

NT:Clicks well and is respected by your ISTP unit. However, be sure to supervise as the combination of ideas and action might not always go well.

SJ:Generally respected for this unit’s tendency to be dutiful and hardworking. Might not click due to risk of having your ISTP unit’s freedom breached.

SP:Most relatable and happy with. MUST supervise and even then you might not be able to prevent a few explosions from happening.


Generally likes energy drinks and drugs sugar, however you might need to clear their table and put down a bowl of greens for them from time to time. Might know how to cook well but should generally be avoided due to the risk of being experimented on.


Most ISTPs will have an acceptable hygiene with regular, daily showering. However, when under stress or loop, it might be necessary to remind them and even help them from time to time (Except showering. Do not shower your ISTP unless specified).


Will probably sleep late and wake up late due to their night owl tendency. If it aggravates to a dangerous lack of sleep, turn off all electrical appliances and nicely ask them to sleep. If too much sleep is the problem, offer them a new puzzle to solve, and they’ll most likely spring back to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my ISTP unit talk?
During the early stages of getting to know someone, your ISTP unit would rather detach and observe your behaviour than say anything worth noting. You could try encouraging your ISTP unit, but if they do not get the habit at first, roll with it patiently and you will get results once your ISTP unit is comfortable.

Why won’t my ISTP unit commit to anything?
This is deemed as unhealthy even for your ISTP unit, and is most likely due to being in a loop or grip. One of the common reasons is that the ISTP feels that there is a breach to their freedom, hence they withdraw from commitment. To solve this problem, offer them more space as this type needs more privacy and freedom than other types. Task your ISTP with something to do and help them stick to it. This will help get your ISTP unit’s mind off things. 

Is it normal for my ISTP unit to be emotional?
Even if your ISTP unit leads with Ti, they are still human, therefore they still need to show emotion and receive affirmation even if they deny that they do. With Introverted Thinking and iNtuition, it is common that your ISTP has a rich internal world, which might lead to constant pessimism and outbursts of inferior Fe if your ISTP unit starts off as unhealthy. Try coaxing your ISTP to vent either by talking to you or by doing something that will help take their mind off things.

How do I bond with my ISTP unit?
It depends on your ISTP unit’s interests and hobbies. Once they are comfortable enough working on their hobbies around you, take an interest and appreciate what they have achieved so far. You could encourage them or just generally start talking to them. After that, you can try doing activities with them such as going outdoors to theme parks or walks in the forest. Remember that your ISTP unit primarily bonds by doing activities that interest them with people, hence try to offer as much variety as possible.

Great! You’re ready to get started! Have fun with your ISTP unit!


Ways to Have Fun in Fandom

1. Focus on creating your own content. Even if it doesn’t get a lot of traction right away, it will get seen by some people and they will enjoy it.

2. Compliment and support other artists if you like their stuff. Don’t be clingy or fantasize interacting with other popular content creators, just support them like you would an artist or a writer in real life.

3. Be generally polite to your online peers and be careful with being obsessive. Understand that everyone has personal boundaries and they all vary from user to user.

4. Spread your interests out to keep from getting creatively burnt out on something if you want to focus on it long term.

5. Write down all the ideas for content you’d like to create and pick the top three you you want to do most. You’re not going to have time or energy to make everything all at once, it’s ok if you miss other ideas.

6. Try to finish projects but don’t feel guilty about posting small sketches or writing in small chunks or works in progress.

7. Don’t feel bad about stopping production of content if you’re sick of it and want to move into anything else. Fandom usually isn’t something you do for profit, and in the grand scheme of things, notes and reblogs won’t count for much.

8. If something stops being fun, enjoy what you did and move on. It’ll still be there if you ever want to go back to it.

9. Try to stay casually in contact with people you’ve interacted with, explain why your leaving or taking a break from the fandom, and support their works if you’re still on good terms with them. Even if you do leave their fandom, it’ll show good sportsmanship.

10. Take breaks from tumblr and share work over multiple platforms. Twitter, instagram, and Facebook are all good ways to get tranction for your content, even if Tumblr is the go-to for fandom interactions.






so can we start hunting down white liberals now or what

The full picture is even more heart breaking after you open the uncropped version. Just a heads-up, it’s rough

Nah let’s post it. Let’s feel it. Don’t look away.

I notice alot of my followers on here skipping these posts just to mess with my lgbt ones, suspiciously the white popular ones.

Heres a not so friendly reminder, as an lgbt metis person, i dont give a single fuck what your blog is themed or if this is too painful for you to look at. Reblog this post. Reblog this post with the sources of the 751 children who were found.

Your compliance and silence as well as the compliance and silence of your ancestors is what allowed these schools to open and kill first nations children. The children of MY people.

Dont follow me if you cant reblog this post or the one with sources to your political blog or your most popular blog. Add trigger warnings if you must but if your political blog is only focused on the harms you personally face like being lgbt then you need to see some bigger pictures and stop being afraid of angering your racist mutural or actually saying some shit about racism. If you can reblog some antifa graphics or add blm to your bio to be a surface level ally, you can reblog some sources on the genocide first nations people faced and still face today.

They were CHILDREN.

They were murdered in cold blood.


important !! please read and reblog !!

it’s unfair of us to have platforms and not use it to speak up for palestinians. i have resources provided below for how you can educate yourself on the ethnic cleansing that is happening in israel right now and how you can help.

educate yourself

  • thread on what is occurring in sheikh jarrah, another thread
  • thread of infographics about misconceptions regarding israel and palestine
  • tw bombing video of al aqsa mosque being bombed
  • tw violence, tw bombing, tw shootingvideo of palestinians in al aqsa mosque
  • tweet explaining importance of al aqsa
  • awebsite where you can learn more about palestine
  • avideo breaking down the history of the israeli oppressing palestinians
  • video of palestinian explaining the importance of spreading awareness
  • tw violencevideo of 16 yo palestinian boy being forcefully evicted from his home by israeli solders
  • tiktok of palestinian speaking about what is going on in her country. please see the links in her bio for more information— tiktok will not let me copy and paste her linktree

free ways to help if you cannot donate

  • do NOT sign petitions !! they are not accounted for in the middle east and do nothing.
  • simply go to this website and click
  • watch this video to donate, it’s 3 hours long but just playing it in the background can help
  • watch this video to donate, it’s 1 hour long but just playing it in the background can help
  • if you are from the U.K., follow these instructions to call local MPs into action
  • if you are from the U.S., text RESIST to 50409 to urge congress to help palestine
  • thread of dua’as muslims can make to pray for palestinians
  • boycott israeli products

donate— it is better to donate directly to people rather than organizations, but i do have a few organizations listed.

i’ll add more links as i continue to find reliable sources and proper donations. please dm me other resources and i can add them to this list. free palestine until it’s backwards, pray for palestinians who do not know whether they will be safe in their own country.

last but not least, if you are staying silent about this, or if you are a zionist, unfollow me immediately. i don’t need you on my tumblr.









Hey did you know I keep a google drive folder with linguistics and language books  that I try to update regularly 


I have restructured the folders to make them easier to use and managed to add almost all languages requested and then some

Please let me know any further suggestions

….holy shit. You found the holy grail.

….. is this a DIFFERENT person keeping gigabytes worth of language books on google drive? Holy crap.

This. This here. Is why I love Tumblr.❤️❤️❤️

Update from OP:

UPDATE because apparently not everyone has seen this yet the new and improved version of this is a MEGA folder: https://mega.nz/folder/kQBXHKwA#-osWRLNCXAsd62ln8wKa8w

Holy shit. OP you are a wonderful human being.

goldenxtongued:kropotkindersurprise: June 2019 - Protesters in Hong Kong use traffic cones to contgoldenxtongued:kropotkindersurprise: June 2019 - Protesters in Hong Kong use traffic cones to contgoldenxtongued:kropotkindersurprise: June 2019 - Protesters in Hong Kong use traffic cones to cont



June 2019 - Protesters in Hong Kong use traffic cones to contain the gas from tear gas grenades, then drown them in water. [video]

reblogging for uh. pure scientific purposes

Post link
plantboy-lester: !!!THIS IS URGENT!!! The FCC is NOT taking the “resist” texts into consideration an


The FCC is NOT taking the “resist” texts into consideration anymore! CALL 202-418-1000 (aka the FCC) and say your name, state and that you oppose the repeal of net neutrality! This is our only hope!! Share this please

In case you didn’t know ⬆️

You can’t be passive about this guys, this is important.

Post link


lebanon carrd here

please try to spread these around as much as you can, either by reblogging or sending this carrd around


thinking about how frustrating it is that some people will weaponise every new piece of good queer rep against previous pieces of rep to paint them as not enough or no longer valuable instead of appreciating each positive piece of rep as a necessary stepping stone to the next




Of fucking course

What sick bastard doesn’t

“You’d be surprised”, said Xaldien, who just lost four followers and received a lovely “men can’t be raped” anon shortly after reblogging this the first time.

Yowch, disgusting.

A victim is a victim, what happened shouldn’t have no matter if you’re male or female