#incorrect toa quotes


it will never not be funny to imagine a 16 old emotional, awkward and acne covered boy aka apollo as lester calling himself the father of a bunch of kids that are OLDER than him and giving them tearly proud dad smooches

Kayla: whenever Will asks me to make iced tea i make it really sweet so he gets stuck in an endless cycle of adding water in it and going to the bathroom

Riordanverse Characters as things I have done/said: Part 4

Lester/Apollo: Corn is fascinating…

Lester/Apollo: Observe

Lester/Apollo: *squishes corn*

Lester/Apollo: Fascinating

Meg:What if I ordered you to kill yourself?


Meg:Well yeah? Like, why are YOU the main character all of a sudden?✋

Jason:You either finish your homework and pass all of your classes, or you drop out of highschool and end up being a worker at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Piper: So if I don’t do my work, we can go get McDonald’s?


Piper, tossing him car keys: You’re driving.

Jason: What are you gonna do? Kill me, you dickhead?

Caligula: Yeah, pretty much.

Jason: Oh shit… well just get it over with.

You stare at Jim longingly as he talks with Claire about something. Your mentor a Redeemed Angor rolls his eye as he carves something.

Redeemed Angor: … Tell him.

You choke in response as Angor continues carving.

Magic Reader: I can’t.

Redeemed Angor: Humans confuse me.

Magic Reader: Look Claire and him are kind of courting if I get in the way of that I’ll ruin everything and they’ll hate me.

Angor goes silent as he looks at you. Humming he shrugs.

Redeemed Angor: Kill her.

You: A n g o r!

Redeemed Angor chuckles as you smack his arm ignoring how the other Trollhunter children look at him confused.

piper: mostly girls have been giving me compliments on my outfit today, and honestly? i’m not even mad about it.

meg: serious shit is going on rn but i’m still gonna be a pain in the arse

apollo: how was I supposed to know my actions have consequences?


meg, hands apollo a burger: here you go, a dish made for the gods.

apollo, takes a bite and spits it out: MEG THIS IS TERRIBLE YOU SAID IT WAS MADE FOR THE GODS???

meg: It was! I made it for you and you’re a god!


apollo: thank you meg, this is lovely.