#magnetic resonance imaging

The sex bias in my field hits me the most when I realise that out of the 10 women that share the same two supervisors as I, only two of us want to continue in research (industry or university).

Everyone else wants to be clinicians and are using master degrees and PhDs as stepping stones for med school and clinical psychology.

I leave for a major conference on Tuesday and for once between my lab and the one I collaborate the most with, I am not the only woman. But we are still just 2 women for 7 men, not counting graduated male lab members that will join the group once the conference starts.

I never really noticed it until now because my research focus has psychological components and my back ground is in psychology, the cohort in my undergrad was predominantly women and I always worked with the female professors. But in my new department I only know one female professor. 1 for an entire department, it’s eye opening and depressing. I hope more is done at the university to increase the ratio between men and women.