#octavian hoo


octavian: water is absolutely not wet. end of discussion.

reyna: is “water” slang for “any woman within a five mile radius” now?

i swear octavian from heroes of olympus is literally kanye west as a blonde skinny roman demigod…octavian has def spammed on insta pics of jason and percy with a diss in the caption, all caps


Jason: Wow, Annabeth really hates us, Tavi.

Octavian: Yes. Perhaps she’s homophobic.

Jason: …We’re not gay??? Octavian??

Octavian, to whom that was news: ..We’re- we’re not?

Octavian: why can’t we just love each other for fucks sake? Go on picnics and hold hands. Overthrow the government. Watch the rat movie that… makes food. Rata-toot-toot.