Octavian: I feel like slapping the biggest idiot in this camp

Percy: Octavian, self-abuse is nOT FUNNY

Octavian, for a Vizi Auditore audio book cover. © 2021 Antonia Alksnis| Links in bio |

Octavian, for a Vizi Auditore audio book cover.

© 2021 Antonia Alksnis

| Links in bio |

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Guys just imagine Reyna and Octavian aggressively singing This School is Mine from AVPSY to each other


You know nothing of my life

All I am is what I do

I cannot let you win

You snobbish, evil brat

Surrender now

Before I come for you


You will all bow down to me

Your reign is at an end

You are the not the Praetor you think

You are nothing but a fool

I see you now

You never were my friend


At last the lines are drawn into the sand

At last I know exactly where I stand

You may think that I am on the decline

But tonight this camp is mine!

Yes tonight this camp is mine!


Local Latin teacher “woobifies” Octavian


Localis praeceptor Linguae Latinae Octavianum “miserandificat”

octavian: water is absolutely not wet. end of discussion.

reyna: is “water” slang for “any woman within a five mile radius” now?

The fact that Octavian holds the position AugurofCampJupiter despite not practicing Augurywill never stop being funny to me.

He’s a pseudo Haruspex btw

annabeth: basically, you can make a rule, and then someone else can veto that rule!

percy: well, my first rule would be that no one can veto my rules :)

annabeth: that’s called tyranny, and it’s generally frowned upon


percy: you can protect me, right? I mean you ate and killed a bunch of people.

octavian: they were children, percy,weak little children , one conk on the head was all it took.

percy: damit, can’t believe i’m friends with a cowardly cannibal.

Octavian - Party Here 

Octavian-Party Here 

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 Virgil Abloh (September 30, 1980 -  November 28, 2021) Virgil Abloh, Founder of the Off-White fashi

Virgil Abloh (September 30, 1980 -  November 28, 2021)

Virgil Abloh, Founder of the Off-White fashion label and Louis Vuitton’s artistic director has died from cancer aged 41.

The fashion maverick redefined the idea of the modern fashion designer, adding DJ, artist and furniture designer to his creative arsenal. 

After training as an architect, he started designing clothes in 2012. His first design, a screenprint on a Ralph Lauren rugby shirt, set the tone for his future work: a postmodern art stunt cum fashion piece. 

Collaborating with everyone from Nike to Ikea, Perrier and Mercedes-Benz, he took fashion into arenas where it had not gone before, cross-pollinating it with other fields.

He was also a hugely visible figure in rap, designing the album covers for Kanye West and Jay-Z’s joint album Watch the Throne, as well as West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy among others and covers for Pop Smoke, Westside Gunn, Octavian, Lil Uzi Vert, A$ap Rocky…

Virgil was diagnosed with cardiac angiosarcoma - a rare, aggressive form of cancer - in 2019, but did not make the diagnosis public.

“You gave the world so much, in so little time.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us.”

Our heartfelt condolences to Shannon, Grey & Lowe

Rest in Power, Virgil.

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The Romans and Friends as College Majors

Caesar: Political Science

Cleopatra: Medicine

Brutus: English

Cassius: Philosophy

Antony: Kinesiology (he’s a student athlete and got paid to be there)

Cicero: Law

Octavian: Psychology

Crassus: Business

Pompey: General Studies

Apart from Cleopatra, who would probably be double majoring in linguistics and history, these are largely accurate. 


The Romans and Friends on Karaoke Nights

Caesar: Is the only one sober. Only sings bc the others beg him to. Does “All of Me” and is surprisingly good with the high notes

Pompey: Performs “Crocodile Rock.” Throws up into someone else’s hat that he thinks is his. Did not come in a hat.

Cleopatra: Nails “Hello”, has the others crying

Brutus: is very shy and only gets up to sing when he’s sufficiently inebriated and Cassius goads him into performing. Surprises everyone with how impeccably he sings Jeff Buckley’s cover of “Hallelujah”

Antony: Drunk off his ass, sings mostly hit classics like “Mr. Brightside”, “What’s my Age Again”, and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” bc he has a *type* for music and it’s all 2000s nostalgia

Octavia: Sings “Love Story” and “White Horse” by Taylor Swift while mildly tipsy, trips slightly on the stage but goes on singing

Cassius: Will only sing Fallout Boy. Gets really into his performance of “Centuries” but passes out afterwards and asks for more shots the moment he wakes up

Octavian: Sings “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish while making unnerving eye contact with Antony

Cicero: gets too drunk and throws up in bathroom without ever singing, cries about his divorce when Cleopatra sings “Hello”

These are hilarious!