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I think… a Micronutrient that I’m lacking with Carmen is that I feel like the writers swung a bit too dignified with her. Like, in other Carmens (and even in the pilot of CS19!) you can tellthat there’s levity to her character. She doesn’t just do things because she’s mysterious and has a Dark Past, she does things because she wants to watch people react! She loves doing weird things and watching people scramble to stop her. She literally faked her own death in WOEICS just to see what people would do about it.

Yes, she’s intelligent and she’s put together, but ….the woman is literally out there creating Intricate Themed Heists. She’s not crazy, but there’s definitely a subtle chaos to her. She is incredibly intelligent and she has too much time on her hands and this is what she chooses to do with it.

And that’s fun!! That’s interesting! And I feel like the show did have that spark of Carmen loving to prank people and mess around in the pilot, but after that I feel like that aspect of personality just died on the vine. And while I can completely accept that that’s just the Trauma, I think it would have been so much more organic to see her get on Zack and Ivy’s wavelength every now and then where she loosens up and plays around, rather than have her always be perturbed with something serious 24/7. Like, I’m trying my best to think of a moment where she does something just because she liked doing it or thought it was funny and I’m not sure if I can really think of any :/