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I wanted to join in and draw Walker Scobell as our official Percy Jackson for the Disney adaption!


Logan and Chris welcoming Walker to the I-got-cast-as-Percy-Jackson-club

Leo Valdez What nickname do you think suits him most?Commission for @fruitloof

Leo Valdez What nickname do you think suits him most?

Commission for @fruitloof

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Aquaman got nothing on Percy Jackson amirite? Commission for @fruitloof

Aquaman got nothing on Percy Jackson amirite?

Commission for @fruitloof

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The zine is now ready for pre order!

Get a fan made magazine filled with 90+ pages of amazing artwork, quizzes and interviews of the pjo characters!

You can find all this amazing merch right here

This was such a fun project to work on, and with such amazing people! Definitely a highlight of being in the fandom! <333

Seriously go check it out ;)

Special shoutout to @mochosum for making this all possible <3333

Also the animated Leo is available as Instagram giphys that you can use in your story :)


When all you wanted was a 2am burger with your cousins and you end up in the center of a roast sesh instead smh

Sticker number 2, submitted by @/perkabeth4ever

This was so much fun to draw <3

Buy the stciker here~

People on Instagram voted for them to be released as a bundle but I don’t wanna do that lol.

Plus the Lost trio sticker is taking a while to get done, it wouldn’t be taking this long if someone *glares at Leo* wasn’t that hard to draw but alas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, the Solaneglo sticker idea was submitted by dualquii on Instagram

Thanks for the suggestions, and for the follower count on Instagram lol, there are quite a few more of them than when this was announced so for those confused I made stickers to celebrate based on their suggestions.

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Up next is Nico, Percy, and Thalia ;)

All you gotta do is trust me~Shipuary day 2: album cover I gotta say I didn’t really have a plan for

All you gotta do is trust me~

Shipuary day 2: album cover 

I gotta say I didn’t really have a plan for this one, but I did know I wanted to make something jasabeth related and I think it turned out well overall ʕ•̫͡•ʔ 

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A little sneak peek at what I’m working on for the Percy Jackson Zine ;) if you want more informatio

A little sneak peek at what I’m working on for the Percy Jackson Zine ;) 

if you want more information about it you can click here or ask me :)

( I don’t bite (*´▽`*) ) 


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“My dreams are made of sand and sea, so it’s no coincidence that so is he.”

Shipuary day 1: Painting

First day of shipuary with a little Perachel.

2022 vs 2018. I can’t believe we’re going to get to see them grow up together again on screen

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The ghost king !

And Yes. Solangelo Agaiiiiinnn.


in the months between the end of the war against Gea ( The Blood of Olympus) and the returning of Apollo ( the Hidden Oracle), there were pretty calm days in camp half-blood and I’ve imagined how Nico and Will’s relationship was before they become a real couple.

you know, that “fantastic” period when you like someone and don’t know if he has the same feelings! :D

di angelo

Rare footage of Nico di Angelo smiling ♥

Another sketch of the spooky boy himself, Nico di Angelo ♥

Another sketch of the spooky boy himself, Nico di Angelo ♥

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Six Fanarts challenge I did on Instagram from the suggestions they gave me there!!! ❤️❤️

demigods out in the city ️


So@starlinks​ commissioned me to draw a scene from their fanfiction (you can find it here) which explores pjo’s world from Annabeth’s pov in a god!Percy AU and it’s the most fun I’ve had in a while. 

Her eighth birthday was spent on the run but it was the best birthday she had ever had. She had a family, and it wasn’t just an illusion of one.

They’d spent the night before in an abandoned elementary school somewhere in suburban New Jersey. It was a good spot to set up camp, and Thalia and Luke were thinking of converting it as their latest safe house.

It wasn’t a terribly wealthy neighborhood, but they had managed to sneak in some cold soggy tuna sandwiches and canned clam chowder from a supermarket after dark. Thalia heated it up with the school’s (surprisingly functional after a zap of electricity) microwave in a teacher’s lounge.

It was the most delicious thing Annabeth’s had in a month.

To her pleasant surprise, Luke and Thalia had also managed to grab a sheet cake (how?!) along with some colored candles.

Annabeth remembered that Thalia was laughing and swiping colored icing on Luke’s cheeks as she attempted to spell out Annabeth’s name on the cake. It ended up being horribly misspelled, but Annabeth couldn’t care less. In the meantime, Luke blew up balloons to decorate the classroom for her “birthday party.” He drew a multi-layered birthday cake on the blackboard, telling Annabeth that it’s the cake he and Thalia will bake her the next year, for her ninth birthday.

Afterall, they were nearly there, a few weeks away from a safe haven for people like them.

“Are we going to be a family forever?” She asked.

“Yes,” Thalia said, “Yes we are.”

Annabeth wished for the same thing before blowing out all the candles on her cake.

Luke took a picture of that moment, then, with a Polaroid camera they found in one of the classrooms. Annabeth kept the photo by her side for years. Since the Second Titan War, it’s been tucked away in a dusted box underneath her desk on Olympus, labeled “memories – do not open.”