Love my new subwoofer. ❤️ Sounds amazing!

Woke up this morning with so much thought. It’s like the universe is like wake up, you are an herbalist, you gotta start on your journey. I can’t sleep now because I’m getting too many instructions. They say 4 am is when you receive the most prana, so I guess this makes sense.

Boring lonely nights…just trying to kill time

Boring lonely nights…just trying to kill time

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Guys are always telling you about how much they wanna fill you up…and then just leave you empty


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Kei x Yaku

First Love Again

Abbott Elementary 

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Cutie Pie

Not Me (depending on how it ends this week)

Oh! Boarding House

Cherry Blossoms after Winter

You’re My Sky

My Ride

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To My Star


Be Loved in House

Word of Honor


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the Untamed (as always)


Safe House S03 (still on ep 1, lol)

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raising Dion



girl from nowhere

extra curricular

all of us are dead

handsome siblings

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the Untamed (this one obv. LIVES here)

tale of Nokdu

miraculous ladybug

card captor sakura

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Oh yes bitch

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My very 1st series on wattpad give it a read its dope. ;)Island Desire - The Ice Breaker (on Wattpad

My very 1st series on wattpad give it a read its dope. ;)

Island Desire - The Ice Breaker (on Wattpad) https://my.w.tt/G76xbbgYA4 Dana takes a vacation to Trinidad & Tobago once she arrives. She gets into some pretty steamy situations.

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