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*Percy does something stupid*

Reyna: I assume you realise this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated in my camp

Percy: would there be another type of idiocy that you would be more comfortable with?




reyna is the epitome of that ‘six feet tall and super strong’ tiktok trend

and nico is the ‘five foot three and super gay’ :)

Studies the day the teacher announces the test:Annabeth

Studies somewhere in the time given: Hazel, Jason, Frank, Reyna

Studies the night before:Piper

Studies the hour before:Nico

Tries to study [but can’t]: Leo, Percy

Doesn’t study: mE beCaUSe I wAS tOo BuSy rEaDiNG PJO ANd HOO BOOKS

Leo: Hey Reyna, we both single and well I don’t wanna turn 40 being single, so let’s make a pact

Reyna: Okay if we are still single before we turn 40 -

Leo: We’ll marry each other


Reyna: I was gonna say we’ll kill each other but okay


Why replace Reyna with Will when talking about the seven + Nico and Reyna. Why can’t we just have both??????

One of my biggest pet peeves in this whole fandom is when people just… replace Reyna with him.

Like, why is this so common??? Why not just make his the 10th character??? I don’t understand why people do this???


If I said “I’m back” I should post something.

Yeahhhh… I know that

Sooo…. ummmm…. Here we are again…. PJO characters live in my heart rent-free…

Can you guess all of them?

Guys just imagine Reyna and Octavian aggressively singing This School is Mine from AVPSY to each other


You know nothing of my life

All I am is what I do

I cannot let you win

You snobbish, evil brat

Surrender now

Before I come for you


You will all bow down to me

Your reign is at an end

You are the not the Praetor you think

You are nothing but a fool

I see you now

You never were my friend


At last the lines are drawn into the sand

At last I know exactly where I stand

You may think that I am on the decline

But tonight this camp is mine!

Yes tonight this camp is mine!

Frank: *holds the door open for Hazel* After you.

Hazel: No, after you.

Frank: I insist, after you.

Reyna: *pushes past both of them* After me.

The seven as uni majors

Leo- mechanical engineering

Piper- psychology

Hazel- English Lit

Frank- Zoology

Percy- Aquatic studies (marine biology)

Jason- History

Annabeth- Law

my favourite pseudo adoptive sibling duo :)

octavian: water is absolutely not wet. end of discussion.

reyna: is “water” slang for “any woman within a five mile radius” now?

Frank: Ugh, my lips hurt.

Hazel:*kisses Frank’s chapped lips* There, I made it better!

Frank:*unable to form coherent sentences*

Will:*see’s how sweet Hazel and Frank are being* Nico, my lips hurt.

Nico:*steps on Will’s foot*

Will: Auch!

Nico: Well, now you’re not thinking about your hurting lips.

Samirah: Okay, we’re at the window, what do you want?

Magnus: A falafel.

: There’s no falafel on the menu.

: I want a falafel.

: Magnus, we’re at KFC.

: Quiero una falafel.

: The number of people in this car is about to go down to quiero uno if you don’t shut the hell up.