Last Sketch of Copic Marker before the movie come out. My bet Damian or Constatainw will die and make big sacrifice.

Three week left before Apokolips War. Titus better get more screen time after this lol

Three week left before Apokolips War.

 Titus better get more screen time after this lol

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Happy Valentine’s day

I’m so late for robrae week this year !!

I wanted to do more art but I’ve been so busy these last few months you would think being in quarantine a person would have more time.

Anyways, I’ve had this idea in my head for a while - teen Raven having a crush on Nightwing (who wouldn’t) and getting flustered every time they interact?


I forgot I did this ha ha

For Robrae week!!

I really liked the prompts this year but I’m going to be so busy this month so I decided to just make my favourite theme (kissing of course).

I can’t wait to see everyone’s entries! This really is one of the best times of the year!!


Some Raven studies uwu

onefiercefox: Something I love about these two is how tactile their relationship enables both of the


Something I love about these two is how tactile their relationship enables both of them to be. Raven pretty much hates physical contact when it isn’t on her terms or when she isn’t inviting someone in, but so far Robin is the only person who can touch her this often and her be all right with it. He’s also the only one of her friends who she doesn’t fuss about opening her door or entering her room, because he has only been shown doing this one time each, and under a particular circumstance. 1. When she was under attack from Malchior he kicked her door down to get to her, and 2. when everyone was investigating the Mark of Scath and he manually opened her door, only after announcing himself. He understands her, is not afraid of her, respects her privacy and therefore, Raven knows if he puts his hand on her, he means no harm and never intends to invade her personal space. For the most part, him touching her comes from a place of protectiveness and comfort. He is also the one to ask if she’s okay most often, frequently checking on her out of care as opposed to being nosy.

I’m not here to bash BBRae, but in the panel above where Raven’s hood is up and Robin is helping her off the ground, it should be noted that Beast Boy had literally just touched her momentsbeforehand,caringly, and she still snapped at him, saying “Don’t touch me.” But when Robin offers to help her up, she accepts. Again, not meant to bash, but it is interesting and even a little funny (funny only because she literally just rejected contact and then took help from someone else lol).

Even when they first met (as shown in a panel from the episode “Go!”), Robin placed a hand on her shoulder reassuringly, and she didn’t take offense. 

There are plenty of instances with the other Titans, such as Cyborg and yes, even Beast Boy where she doesn’t protest their contact, and she clearly loves all her friends dearly. But Robin and Raven have a very tender and intimate relationship built on trust, mutual understanding, and gentleness that is seen both in comics and in the show.

[Please do not use this as fuel to hate on Beast Boy, Starfire, or the pairings of them with the Birds. This is not meant to belittle anyone or anything else, it’s simply to glorify these two characters the way they are. There is very little on them, so appreciate what you get and leave everyone else alone. If i see ya doin’ otherwise, I will tear you a new one. Peace <3 ]

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I haven’t seen a lot of robrae content so here we are



robin & raven | fortress

I don’t think anyone has ever loved
anyone the way I loved you

that robrae edit on TikTok got 32,000 likes omgggg, I love that so many people still ship it in 2022




robrae | ruin the friendship


Chapter 3 - and so i have value ? - M. J. (Spider-Man)

Bat- Jet - from Gotham to Bluvhaven to wherever Jason was to Titans Tower

“I have never known a betrayal as profound as what you’ve experienced. But I do know that being victimised is CORROSIVE.” Raven said gently “Sometimes talking about it… it can help. So, you ever wanna talk about it, with someone who knows the story in its entirety, I’m a strong thought away”

Jason had continued to look at the ocean, so vast and unending. It made Jason feel so small and inconsequential. Warm sand slipping through his fingers, like the time he lost. His lost childhood. It flew away, with the wind.

Raven a steady presence by his side. A supporting presence, unobtrusive. Jason could just about hear Raven’s calm breathing over the roar of the ocean, surrounding them. Its salty muggy wind assaulting their skin, pulling their clothes. Inclosing them and isolating them form the world, with a wall of sound and smell of fish and birds.

Seguir leyendo

Quick someone post a Damirae one shot here or on a03. I feel like it has been a few days since the last one.


Raven When she sees Damian for the first time in nearly 2 years.

Reblogging again because I can’t help myself.

Attention Damirae Artists and well any artists out there. DC is giving you the chance to submit your artwork. So if you’re a fan of the ship and want to see it get noticed more you can submit your artwork to them and it can be shown off!

https://portfolio.dcfandome.com (here is the link to submit your art!)


So according to Grace Randolph a Raven movie is in development now. She also mentions having the film also star Damian Wayne as her lead co Star. So maybe we might be getting more Damirae soon. So keep the support for the ship going. It’s working.

I should also mention that this still might not happen but there’s always a chance it will. So keep the support for the ship going as I feel we have not seen the last of Damian and Raven.

Alright shippers. If you’re wondering about Damirae and their future at DC this is a good chance to ask about them at the DCFanDome event. Just fill out the questionnaire at this link below. Pick the category comic book and animation writers and ask the question:

“After the flash goes back to reset the timeline at the end of Justice League Dark Apokolips War. What happens to Raven and Damian? Do they stay together or will we never see them together again?”

Just something along those lines. I think if they’re more aware of the support for the ship then we will see more of it. Just saying. Anyways, just doing what I can to show some support.


Hey I wanted to bring this to the Damirae shippers attentions. DC is giving creators a chance to showcase your artwork. If you’re a Damirae shippers here is a chance for you to showcase some artwork and support for the ship and it could be showcased.


Going through the fan art gallery for DC Fandome and I come across some @niahti Damirae art.

Well if you’re a big Damian Wayne fan like I am. You may have heard about what happened in the new Teen Titans Annual #2. DC decided to destroy years of character development and have him renounce his role as Robin. It was a terrible decision and both fans of Damian and even non fans thing the way they’re going about this was terrible. They shit all over his development and are trying to turn him into a villain. Just about everyone hates this direction especially if you’re a Damian fan like me.

The panel where he tears off the R was horrible. It is a complete slap in the face to the great character work in Robin Son of Batman.

The writers and editorial completely disregarded all the hard work done with his character and just took a massive crap all over it. I really hated this decision by DC because it’s a real hopeless one that makes it seem like people are incapable of changing for the better. It’s a big fuck you to all of that and it makes me sad. Sad to see my favorite dc character ruined like this. I’ve had enough. I think that DC will have to respond to fan voices. So I’m officially starting the hashtag #SaveDamianWayne in order to try and let them know my displeasure with what they have done to this character. I don’t know if it will make a difference or not. But, at some point they will have to notice this hashtag. So I would appreciate it if everyone of you would go to various social media platforms. Platforms like DCs twitter account, Instagram, and even Facebook and post the hashtag #SaveDamianWayne to let them know that this isn’t right and is all around a terrible decision. Anyways, I really appreciate everyone for reading this. I hope that DC listens to us and we can help to fix this mess. I don’t want all those years of character development to go to waste. I don’t want damian a villain or even an anti hero. I want him to grow up to be a hero. Not what DC is trying to do now.


Raven was shocked when Dick and Kory announced their engagement and as well for their relationship, yes everyone else was in shocked too but they were happy for the couple… meanwhile Raven wasn’t.

For years she was in love with her leader. He was there for her when she was in her darkest days. The feeling she was growing for him soon to be strong. Now just by him looking at her made the girl blush. How couldn’t she not notice those two together? Ah! Yes.. she’s was busy thinking about having him all to herself. Her mind was playing her. That’s what would made her rage or more less cry.

But meanwhile she was only standing still. Not even a blink to say the least.

“Raven?..are u in there?” Dick asked.


“Yea? Sorry..um congrats?” She let’s out a small smile.

Dick laugh’s making her heart crushing even more. “Thank u..uh? Sorry I didn’t told u about this. Even though you were the first person I wanted tell. I know it’s a lot to process” He explain.


“Hey don’t worry about it I’ll be fine… trust me.” She gave him a warm smile. Trying her best not to shed a tear. “Okay Rae. I trust u with all my heart.” He pulls her for a unexpected hug. That’s what ended her.

“Honey! We should announce our engagement to others” Kory had a huge smile on her face. Dick pull Raven away, not even bother to look at her. (Which thank God because she’s was already in tears.) They walk to the balcony and fly out. Sharing a kiss along the way.

The rest of Titans left as well celebrating too. Leaving Raven to be alone. She stands out in the balcony now having a breakdown. That’s what she’s was a afraid of..crying over a guy that was never her’s. It hurted more than hell. She wanted to stopped it but her own feeling wasn’t letting her.

' , ' ..

' .

She had to let him go. But didn’t want to, it wasn’t fair Kory always gets what’s she’s wanted. Like Dick for example. But then again.. she’s did deserves it.

Raven was heading back to her apartment still having tears coming down. She needed to meditate and a break. While she was heading home, she’s spot Dick’s young brother Tim.


She’s begin to walk faster even considered to use her power to avoid him. She wasn’t paying attention when she’s actually bumped into him.

“Raven?” Tim asked.


Raven look down “oh..sorry Timmy"she immediately wiped her tears and look at him. "I wasn’t looking where I was heading.” She said.

Tim knew something was up. “Are you alright..you look like you were crying?.” He said it softly.


“Oh! No! Don’t worry!” She let’s out a small laugh trying to act normal. But Tim wasn’t buying it. And shakes his head in disapproval.

“Raven I can see it in your eyes. You don’t have to explain it. Because your eyes already express it.”

He looks into her eyes, seeing sadness and broken. Raven wanted to pull away but her eyes stay stuck to his. For a moment the whole world stop. But yet..felt nice? like that. But she took a deep breath to let the world continue moving on.

“I-I’ just need to take a break from being a superhero and take that moment for myself.” Raven said. Tim nodded. “ Of course you do..you deserve it. You are the most hardworking person I ever met”.

She couldn’t help but to pull him into a kiss. She wasn’t herself. She need a distraction especially when Dick and Kory are flying around the sky.

Tim was surprised from her actions, but he pull away. “A-are you drunk?” He asked her. She couldn’t handle the tears anymore.

“No.."she shakes her head. "I’m just tired.” She looks down, avoiding his face.

“Raven what’s going on?” He lifted her head up. She closes her eyes and see more tears coming down. Tim uses his thumb to wipe them away softly.

“I thought…I thought Dick was into me..” she open her eyes. Tim didn’t say anything. She expected the worst. “I didn’t know he was into Kory. I should have knew that!.. I’m so stupid to think he even like me.”

“Your not stupid, far from that. The one who stupid is Dick for not seeing you like the way I see you.”

Raven stop herself from talking and was trying to process in what he had said. “Wait..what?” She asked softly. Tim didn’t wanted her to know his feeling for her. “Raven I’ve liked you since day one.” He confess.

Raven was now quiet.




( ) .

, .

“ … . , , , , , ” .


“ ?” . .

“ .. ”

“.. ?” . .

“ , .” .


“.... .”

' . . “' , ' .”


“ ?”

. .

“ ?”

“ ! ?… ?”

“ ' . . , ' ?.”

“ ?, ?”


“ … ' .”



Ever since Tim meet Raven, back when he was with the Titans. He had a crush on her. But at that time she was with beast boy. And he respected that. She was young and so was he.

{4 }

Raven had recently turn seventeen, she didn’t really wanted to celebrate it. The Titans respected that but they did wish her well and alongside with some simple gifts.

It was a rainy day and she couldn’t do anything about it. Raven was in her room like she always does. It wasn’t that she hated the world or anything. She simply felt comfortable in her own world. Her own room. Unless if she had to save the out world.

Meanwhile Tim was on the move to find a gift for Raven. (While in his robin outfit because he was on a mission). He didn’t really know what to get her.

A new book? Headphones? Tea? Jewelry? Shoes? Clothes? Money?

This girl was impossible. But he didn’t wanted give up. Not after all what she’s done for him. He sighs and lays on a abandoned parking lot. Not caring the water on his face. And starts to think.

' .

That’s for sure. If he could, he would gave her the world. Treat her like a goddess that she already is. To protect that who dares is to hurt her. Give love that she truly deserve.

But then reality hit him with a big thunder sound. Making him stopped thinking. He was only nineteen, and still learning. But then it hit him. He ran to a garden shop.

Raven was reading a book. Gifted by victor. She heard knock on her door. She pray it wasn’t Garfield. As she open her door, she didn’t expect to see Tim at her door with water dripping everywhere.

“what are you doing here?” As she pulls him in her room and notice he was holding something behind him. But gave him a hoodie and some sweatpants.

“wait? Are those two mine?” Tim asked. Realizing he been looking for those two for months now.

“You didn’t answer my question.” Raven didn’t wanted to confirm or deny that answer. “First can you turn around…so I can change.” He asked her with his cheeks turning into pink a bit.

“o-oh! Yea!.. sorry, I’m going to turn around now” she stopped talking and face the wall. She too was blushing. But then imagine him without a shirt. Does he has a four pack? Or more? Will his eyes still stand out without a shirt? What would it feel like to to-

“okay youu can turn around now” he cut off the conversation that she was having with her mind. She turns back to face him. Raven smiles and tilted her head to the side.


He thought to himself. Hoping she wasn’t listening. He smile back and pulled out what he had behind his back… A lil plant.

She wasn’t really a plant type. But when she saw it, something change in her. In a way she couldn’t explain. But she did knew it was beautiful feeling. She held the plant in her hand. And looked at Tim “ what kind of plant is this?” She asked.

He smirk “your going have to wait and see.” Making her have a pouty face. “Why? "Because…” He walks closer to her and puts his hand underneath her’s. “it took me a while to get to know it. To watch it bloom beautifully, to let me enter in it’s life.” He started into her eyes.

Raven was taking a moment to let those words run through her. Replying in her mind for later. She felt a tear coming out of her. Tim immediately wiped it away. “Happy birthday.”

She look down at the plant and back at him. “thank you” she whispered. They stay still holding hands while with the lil plants in between them.

“ your welcome.”

Raven walks into the tower with Rose walking beside her. “You know?..it’s kinda weird that you started to go out now.” Rose said. Raven shrugged as she trying to make an excuse “I.. I just want to know what’s it’s like to be civilian for once” Raven explain.

“well that great u shou-.. oh!” Rose stopped herself from her sentence. Like if she was surprised to see someone. Raven looks up to see her teammates talking to their leader and her dear ex, Tim Drake. Everyone started to go slients as the two birds stare at each other.

' .

“Oh..no.” Rose whispered. Raven wanted to walk away but was quickly grabbed by waist. Thinking it was rose, but only to realize it was Tim. “ Hey! let go of her” Rose told him, With hate in her eyes. Like if she knew what happened but Tim looks into Raven eyes with a plead.

Raven told him through his mind. He sighs softly and looks at Rose. “We just need to talk.. trust me.” He said and didn’t let Rose or anyone response for a second. As he took Raven to an other room far away from everyone

“look I’m sorr-”

“Your not. So don’t say it” He closed his eyes not wanting to see her. “It’s no fair for you to leave me in the dark and you into the sun.”

“Tim I-I..it’s not like that”

“Then what?! Raven! Please tell me!” He holds her hand. Feelings his emotion all around her.

“Because I was afraid! Okay! Everything we had was in the dark! our relationship was in secret. Our love was so hidden that everyone thought we hated each other. You look like..you were happy with Stephanie. And I kept forgetting I was actually yours.” She started to cry, she rather cry to not let her anger out.

“I wasn’t with her. But yet you don’t look afraid. From the way i see it you look happy and started to leave the tower from now on. Since we broke up.” He stated as he sat down. She shakes her head and wipe a tear away.

“No that’s where your wrong Tim. Every time I go to my room all I feel is you all around me. To the bed I sleep on… I feel you still holding me. From the rooftop where we confess our love, to the passion for each other I still hear your voice. The sexual tension when we had our training session together. HELL! I can’t even go to Gotham without making sure that your there.” She sat down in a chair next to him.

“I’ve never been in a relationship before..not like you have. So I wanted us to be in a secret have the moment to ourselves. But everyone assume that we dislike each other, I was afraid that you were going to leave me and to forget what we had in the darkness. Like it never happened, to move one.” Then it hit her.

she sighs while laying her head down and whispered “But now thinking about it. I was actually the one to leave. But not because I wanted to be someone’s else Tim, because I was just afraid of you hurting me before you actually did. So Yeah..I left and I am so sorry” she finished. While looking down to her hands

It was dead slient after that. She didn’t know if she wanted look up to see if he had left or not.

“I was never going to hurt you Raven. I could never do that in the first place.” He whispered.

“Remember I was the one who also agree to keep our relationship private too. I didn’t wanted you to feel uncomfortable, I made sure you were okay. Made sure no one would hurt you, not even by me especially. Everytime when I leave for Gotham I’ll tell Conner to wach out for you. Made sure nothing happens to you wh I’ll while I’m gone. Because I care for you. And when I do leave.. I would take your perfume so I can have you close to me. Not Stephanie.”

Raven laugh softly “That’s explain a lot why I’m missing some.” As she looks back at him to see him smiling back at her. “And I’ll buy you more”

Raven couldn’t help the feeling but to hug him while sitting in his lap taking him by surprise. “I don’t care about the perfume.. I just want you back, please..you were my happiness in the dark and now I want you to help me in the light too” she lay her head in his neck. Not wanting to let go.

Tim couldn’t help but to hugs her tight “I still love you Raven..of course I’ll guide you to the light but you gotta trust me.” He pull away from the hug. But made sure she was still in his lap. As held her face starring at those gorgeous eyes that he couldn’t get rid of.

“I love you Tim Drake and I promise to trust you” she whispered. “good now give me a kiss cause I’ve missed you” Raven giggle and gave him a kiss.



Nightwing was on top of a rooftop waiting for Red Robin to come over. “You know I can hear you right?” He turns to face Red Robin. “damn really?” He smile and puts his hands of his hip. Nightwing smirk, knowing what’s going to happen. He grab his weapon pointed at him. “Hey! What’s going on?” Red Robin asked. Nightwing turn his taser on. Scaring him evening more and started to walk backwards.

“Admit it.”

“What?.” Red asked him.

“Admit u like Raven.” He walk closer to him.

.. .

Tim though to himself.

“Hey!..it’s just a misunderstanding” Tim puts his hands up in surrender. Making Dick chuckles “Yea like you lie to Bruce and I, so you can just see her. Or the other time where she’s out in patrol and u "randomly” pop out. No wait!.. when she’s at YOUR APARTMENT! Or you in HER ROOM". He finished his sentence by giving Tim a death stare.

Tim laughs at his brother reaction, knowing that he was going to admit what’s been going to happen between him and Dick teammate.

He smirks and puts his hands back to his hips. Looking up at him, making Dick kinda confused. “Yea your right. I like ur teammate. Raven. We do have our moments together. Oh! And here” Tim hands over something to Dick.

Dick looks at it. And it was a pregnancy test.

' .

Dick didn’t bother to use his weapon against his own bother. He shocked him. Tim yelled at of the pain and was already on the ground. “ Your lucky Jason hasn’t shot you…yet.” Dick said.

! ?

Dick looks at the test to see it was negative. He looks back at Tim, who had a grinned in his face while still in pain. He shocks him once more. “You idiot!..you almost gave me a heart attack!” He yelled at him.

“But she’s not pregnant though” Tim replied. “Yea and your supposed to be the smart one here! But noo..you two were secretly dating and having sex while being under age!” He said.

“I know I’m sorry! But this time we’re being safe now, even since that happened. And I’m telling Bruce about our relationship” Tim explained. Dick shakes his head and throw his staff at him.

“ow!” Tim groans.

“No wonder she’s was under stress and all because of your stupid hormones!” Dick said. “I know I take full responsibility. But please don’t yelled at her or anything..she just got back to herself…and I don’t want to see get hurt again.” Tim pleaded.


He sighed softly and nodded. “You are going to have a very long talk with Bruce, you know that right?” He asked him.

Tim nodded and sighs softly “I rather prefer to hang out with the demon Spawn instead having a talk with him.” “Oh oh oh! trust me it’s going to be worst… we’re taking about Raven not Stephanie.” Dick said.

“We’re not ready to have a highly intelligent demon coming after us” he teased him.

“But our child would be cute” Tim argued back. Earning a smack on the back of his head.

It was already late Dick got back to the tower and went to the main room. And saw Raven on the couch holding a tea mug.

“Why are u up?” Dick asked as he sat next to her. She shrugged and sip some of her tea. “I felt like I needed to relax and chill out here for a bit.” she replied.

Dick smiled at her and nodded. “Do you need anything else?” He asked her. Raven shakes her head. “Thanks but I’m fine.” She leans her head on the couch a bit. “how’s Tim?” She asked him.

Dick smile and remember what happened back there. “He going to have a long talk with Bruce and probably be busy for a while” he said.

“So..you know now? Huh?”

She felt afraid a bit. About both of her relationship and the pregnancy test. He looks at her and nodded. “it’s alright rae..it’s just… it was a surprise that the two of u are… together.” He said. “sooo.. I’m not going to be punish?” She asked.

“No..just be careful and take it easy, okay? Tim is good guy, but both of u are still young and both superhero’s. It’s going to be hectic having a baby around here. And doing other things while at it, I’m not ready to be call uncle yet” he joked, making Raven laugh and wiping the tears away. “Yea we will take it safe now ” she smiled.

“Good. Now let me give you hug” he said. Raven move closer to her and gave him a hug. “I’m glad your okay now” he said as he felt her nodded. “Tim told me that your getting back to yourself ” “Yea school, the team and thinking I was pregnant plus hiding our relationship. I though was going to loose control” she confessed.

“But you didn’t and I’m glad…how about we head to bed now?” He asked her. She yawn in respond.

“Oh make sure your window and door is locked.” “Why?”

“In cause Tim is trying to sneak out off the conversation he’s having right now.”