Jesus fucking christ this shit gets old, Trump supporters are fucking idiots

The Getty Images Instagram Grant, run in collaboration with Instagram, supports visual artists using

The Getty Images Instagram Grant, run in collaboration with Instagram, supports visual artists using Instagram to tell important stories about communities underrepresented by mainstream media. 

 2015 grant recipient Dmitry Markov (@dcim.ru), resides in Pskov, Russia, and volunteers for multiple children’s charities. He received a grant for his Instagram portfolio that documents social issues close to his heart and features powerful portraits of the people he encounters everyday in places like railway stations and street markets. 

“I started an Instagram account, using only my phone to document what I see not only in the charities I volunteer with, but in my everyday life in Pskov. Instagram has enabled me to share my photographs instantly, exposing under-told stories and exposing situations others, including city administrations, often turn a blind eye to.” [email protected] 

The Getty Images Instagram Grant is accepting applications until April 12. All entrants must complete the online application at gtty.im/grants to be considered, and this year we’re encouraging visual artists to submit Instagram portfolios of a range of mediums including digital art, photography and video footage.

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The best aestheticThe best aestheticThe best aestheticThe best aesthetic

The best aesthetic

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A look into a changing world.A look into a changing world.

A look into a changing world.

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From Gosha’s first runway.From Gosha’s first runway.From Gosha’s first runway.

From Gosha’s first runway.

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Picture of Russian fashion designer, Gosha Rubchinskiy, wearing a Burzum shirt.

Picture of Russian fashion designer, Gosha Rubchinskiy, wearing a Burzum shirt.

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Damn, I wish Gosha did more stuff like this. Black Metal terrorist aesthetic going on.

Damn, I wish Gosha did more stuff like this. Black Metal terrorist aesthetic going on.

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Can’t wait to get my hands on that adidas.

Can’t wait to get my hands on that adidas.

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Photographer: Sergey Prokudin-GorskyYear: 1915Location: Kyappesel’ga, RussiaDescription: Austro-Hung

Photographer:Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky


Location:Kyappesel’ga, Russia

Description:Austro-Hungarian war captives pose with their Russian camp guards for a photograph in front of their wooden barrack at a prisoner of war camp in Kyappesel’ga, Russia. The prisoners are flanked on the left by two Russian soldiers, one of whom is shouldering a rifle, and on the right by a gendarme in a black uniform.

Source:Library of Congress/World Digital Library

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Zelenskyy also accused Russia of committing genocide in Ukraine, calling it “the elimination of the whole nation.”

This American is thoroughly sick of reading about what Putin will and will not accept. I would much rather hear about Zelenskyy. Putin be damned.


KAL in The Economist


Слава Україні!

My dear kittens and puppies, it might be my last post. But I do hope it’s not and I’ll come back to all of you. The situation right now is difficult. There’s no way now for me or my family to leave the country. My brother Victor was working in UK when the war started, we have no opportunity for now to meet or help each other. Bridges are ruined, Russia is firing by civil evacuating cars, trains, hospitals, houses, people. Yes. Everything’s burning. But we won’t give up! In my city already formed defense among militaries and civils. I’m staying with them. I never wanted war. I never wanted to kill Russians or anybody, I never wanted to make anyone suffer. But I will defense my home.

Thank to all of you! For your support, care, prays, thoughts about us. We had good time here in our safe Sims place. It was the best time. And let’s pray to meet up again.


Россияне! Если вы ещё фоловите мой блог, моя убедительная просьба - НЕ ВЕРЬТЕ Путину, НЕ ВЕРЬТЕ своему СМИ. Они вам лгут! Когда вы боролись за weddingsforeussia вы просили западных симмеров верить вам, тем людям, которые живут в России и лучше знают законы своей страны. Я прошу вас о том же, верьте нам, украинцам. Тем людям, которые прямо сейчас под обстрелом российских оккупантов. Именно так, оккупантов! Нет и никогда не было в Украине никаких фашистов против русского населения! Верьте мне! Я здесь родился и вырос, я - украинец. Я постоянно общался с русскими симмерами, я поддерживал их когда ЕА собиралась не выпускать на территории РФ последний набор. Я никогда не имел ненависти против какой-либо нации, расы, веры И я не один. Я отражаю настроение всей страны. Я повторяю, все, что вы видели, слышали или знали о “фашистах в Украине” это жирный и наглый фейк! Все, что вы видите по своим СМИ про войну России против Украины - ложь! Я не желаю Северной Кореи для России и я надеюсь у вас, русских, будет достаточно смелости и силы победить тоталитаризм!


Українці,@its-adrienpastel, якщо ти живий (Боже, я дуже сподіваюся що ти живий!) це наша земля. Я розумію, ніхто з нас не був готовий до збройного конфлікту. Я ніколи в житті не бачив та не тримав реальної зброї. Але такі часи, ми маємо допомоги тим супер-людям що зараз стримують натиск ворога. Ми не можемо бігти, тож нам залишається лише одне - битися та допомогати бійцям! Чим можна. Якщо дуже страшно - то не заважати нашим захисникам працювати, чекати та молитися у бомбосховищах, домівках. Я залишаюсь у Кривому Розі. Якщо почнуться відкриті бої я зроблю все можливе аби Україна вистояла. Боже, нехай вона вистоїть! Бо іншої нема.

З любов'ю до вас всіх, кошенятки та цуцики,

Ваш полтергейст,


Passing along Ohla’s message for Putin   BBC Reporter Lewis Goodall: “Are you here with your family?

Passing along Ohla’s message for Putin  

BBC Reporter Lewis Goodall: “Are you here with your family?”

Ohla: “No. it’s only me. I left my family in Ukraine because they were like, ‘at least we have to save someone’.”

Goodall: “How old are you?”

Ohla: "I’m 19″

Goodall: “You must be so worried about them”

Ohla: “Yes, it’s actually tragic. I couldn’t sleep for 3 days… I was in constant panic because my friends from Kyiv are protecting Kyiv right now in the volunteer army.

Goodall:What do you think of Vladimir Putin, when you think of think?“

Ohla:"If I see him right now, I will kill him with my own hands. Because this person killed a lot of my friends, my family, my fellow citizens.”

#IStandWithUkraine  ✊ #RussiansGoHome

#EndTheWar #PutinsWar #WarCrimes#CrimesAgainstHumanity  

Watch@lewis_goodall’s complete segment.

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Hate to be that person, but WW3 trend on TikTok is not funny at all, especially your stupid POVs. Because no, Jessica from Chicago, you won’t have to hide in the basement to avoid being nuked and no, Kyle from LA, you won’t get drafted to the front lines. 

You again missed the whole point and managed to make this situation all about yourself, so I’m going to assure your stupid ass - this war is not going to affect you in any way, but you know who it’s going to affect? Actual people from Ukraine, who are going to lose their lives and be displaced from their homes, just like for the past 8 years. 

So congratulations on your stupidity, because it’s not about “I need a way to cope ”, it’s about you celebrating and making fun of other people’s death.

A quick message for all my ex-cult peeps and PIMOs :

This is not the end of the world, I know the media is acting like it and I know how whatever cult / religion you’ve come from or are currently in will be influencing this shocking event for their own gain, but its not the end.

This is not some precursor to a deity committing mass genocide, this is not a divine judgement, this is not a sign from above telling you to come back to the cult.

These are the actions of a mortal human, this is an attack by someone of our own species, this is not the first time it has happened and I doubt it will be the last.

So take 5 minutes to breathe and calm yourself, if you need to, stay off social media or avoid posts concerning the Ukraine + russian conflict, put yourself first and look after your mental health.

If you are in Ukraine, I know words are meaningless especially online but I hope you see this from a safe place, I hope you have enough to get by and I hope you aren’t in any physical pain. If you’re grieving or are scared out of your mind, I’m sorry for your loss and for what you’re going through, I wish I could hug you and support you as much as possible in person.

mapsontheweb:Map showing different languages spoken in Russia.


Map showing different languages spoken in Russia.

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