Audio drama featuring an f/f bandit chief/princess romance.

Summary:  Through an unlikely series of events, bandit chief Wei Zisong finds herself engaged to Chu Feichen, the emperor’s eldest daughter. Through an even more unlikely series of events, they fall in love.

me, without fail, every time i see a drawing of two girls with blonde and black/brown hair: omg it’s us!!! darling look it’s literally us!! ussss i can’t believe they actually drew us irl that’s crazy look love it’s us<3333

my s/o, absolutely done with my bullshit: yes, yes it’s us

On a warm evening, let’s sit on the hood of the car and watch the sun set and the stars begin to appear, while the radio plays music softly in the background

Happy trans day of visibility

And to all trans wlw and nblw, your identity is valid and I welcome and support you in this sapphic space.

Stay safe and continue being beautifully you

Tumblr is out here recommending my own blog to me under ‘Top lesbian yearning blogs’. *staring into the distance* have I just reached a new level of lesbian?

Currently in the mood for soft domesticity like cooking together, drinking tea/coffee in comfortable silence, making the bed while she’s in the shower, kissing her before going to work…

The straights on my twitter cannot be serious

“little details” I don’t know if I should laugh or cry they’re really oblivious huh

watercolored-braids:‘fros and braided lesbians


‘fros and braided lesbians

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petalya:The Other Love Story - dir: Roopa Raopetalya:The Other Love Story - dir: Roopa Rao


The Other Love Story - dir: Roopa Rao

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