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Jude: would you stop being so proud?

Cardan: I’m proud?! You didn’t even take my last name when we got married!

Jude: I use it for official things.

Cardan: letting me call you Mrs.Greenbriar in the bedroom isn’t official.

Jude: it’s officially hot

Jude Duarte from The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black, I almost gave up this fanart cause I didn’t like the colors but HEY never give up right? I ended up really liking the result, what do you think?

“If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse” - Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

I really, really despise all the posts where Jude casually beats on, threatens, or injures Cardan like it’s supposed to be funny or charming??

If it was the other way around, people would be proclaiming abuse from the roof tops. I hate the double standard.

Jude and Cardan have enough issues in canon, enough toxicity in their pasts, without people adding casual abuse thinking it’s funny.

Jude and Cardan “sharing” royal duties

I had fun coloring the outfits and referencing Art Nouveau designs for Jude’s dress. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything suffice for Cardan so I turned to iridescent fabrics instead

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The entire Jurdan ship is just what if “gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss/mansplain, man whore, manipulate” was the basic concept for a relationship dynamic and y'know what I can’t even be mad about it

I just read the excerpt of The Wicked King and I am hyperventilating omg

Gahh Holly don’t do this to me I can’t wait for this long

Also the cover looks finneee; I love it

a year after previous jurdan fanart (see it there!) i did another one 3:) and it took me forever for sure much longer than it should have

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