Hi gang,

There’s over 6,000 of you now. How many are pornbots, I don’t know, but I know a bunch are real actual people.

I’ve been running this place since 2012. I’m glad my inane commentary on socks and dumb hats and terrible wallpaper has brought joy to you. This blog has been with me through college, grad school, the demise of a 7 year relationship, and the start of a new one (hi sweetie!). It has brought me friends and kept me company.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to TNV. I would like to think that because this is a collection of historical interest providing commentary, analysis, and education to the adult public, that we would escape the purge buuuut…well. In my real life I’m a librarian and I know too much about how corporations use algorithms to have any real hope.

As a librarian I am also incandescent with rage about this act of censorship. Despite its iffy usability, the artistic, fandom, and sex work communities on tumblr managed to flourish. The fact they are just going to shut down anything perceived by an algorithm to be adult content despite being an app explicitly for adults is frankly an injustice. But corporations have never cared about justice or people, so…I’m angry as hell, but I’m not surprised.

Anyway. Due to the nature of this content, I can’t move it to instagram, facebook, or twitter. I’m most likely going to back it up to a Wordpress. I’ll let you all know when it’s up.

I will be here as long as they let me. My personal tumblr (and my Archive Of Our Own handle) is @elzebrook, so follow me there for updates if this one gets axed. It’s largely fan content and animal pictures.

I try to keep my other social media streams separate from this one, but I do have a twitter and an insta and if you want them, feel free to message me–with the understanding that I may not give them to you because I am a capricious kind of elf.


Wordpress is tightening its surveillance of tumblr imports because of the massive influx of NSFW content from this hellsite, so TNV cannot find a home there. Still working on options. Maybe Pillowfort?

Twitter doesn’t work because this website is literally pornographic and Twitter doesn’t allow porn. Also Twitter is a trashfire.

Does anyone have a Pillowfort and can tell me about it? Thanks y’all!