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penamor:Guys It’s his BACKstory penamor:Guys It’s his BACKstory



It’s his BACKstory

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I’ve been reading Vengeance Of The Moon Knight for the sake of some Choice Panels, but I found this in issue #7 (2010) and I’ve been losing it and needed to send it in



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the line “your worst sin is that you’ve betrayed and destroyed yourself for nothing” is so raw you’d think it’s from a destiel fanfic or even hetalia but it’s actually from dostoyevskys crime and punishment


clips that hit you over the head with a sledgehammer



i think what morbius needs is a third cinematic release. that will make it successful



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are you mad at me


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North Koreans believe they live in the best country in the world because they’re brainwashed by their government and the media.

But I know that can’t possibly be true. Because every American knows that America is the best country in the world.






I’m really into internet discourse but only pointless and stupid internet discourse like how many holes there are in a straw (it’s 2)

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m sorry but mathematically speaking this question has a single objectively correct answer, which is 1 hole. This can be very simply proven; a straw and a torus are homotopic, and a torus has one hole.

i odnt think thats true one of my friends is a taurus and hes fine with gay people

[ID: a response from richardsphere, “No, its an infinite amount of holes stacked on top of eachother. (sic)” End ID.]


I am not sorry






This time of year is always very nostalgic for me bc I used to be the Token Gentile at an office and every few months there’d be a Jewish holiday and my friend would be like “Hey, I need you to do Gentile things for us” and I’d be like hell yes dude. Gentile Things often meant I’d sign things in exchange for a few dollars on venmo but Pesach was a special time for me because it meant everyone gave me boxes of pasta, cereal, and other baked goods. The first time my friends were like “Hey for reasons we won’t bother getting into we’re going to give you all of our bread” I was like, it is a powerful responsibility but as an Ally I cannot refuse. Best time of the year, frankly

Reminds me of the year I spent in a house with a Muslim housemate, and he ate nothing during the day throughout Ramadan - then of course he would be hungry af and buy a fuckload of food as soon as he got off work in the evening. Around midnight, he’d realize he just couldn’t eat everything he’d bought on his own, and come knock at my door to ask if I felt like having dinner again.

I always felt like having dinner again. 

I misread that as ‘Tolkien Gentile’ and felt let-down by the post.

On the contrary, it feels very Tolkien for people with unfamiliar customs to show up and give you a bunch of their food with barely an explanation. Like a reverse of the opening of The Hobbit where the dwarves show up and eat all Bilbo’s seed cake, or something.

Shabbes Goy, son of Glóin


ao3 went down in the middle of the night and everyone went crazy in the down detector comments