Oh, the things she whispered in her ear, so erotic, so arousing, so exciting, she started to leak.

No-one avoided the cheerleaders initiation ceremony. Only the strongest survived unscathed and, once you’d passed the first test of being fucked by each of them in turn, you were the first port of call for any of the girls who were feeling horny, for a whole twelve months.

“That’s the one… send him that.”

“Girls! What do you think you’re…… Oh my God, Anna, stop it this instant!”

“Really Miss…. you want us to stop? Even when I do this?”
“And I do this?”

“Oh Jesus yes, Kirsty, you mustn’t… I mustn’t, dear God…. no, no…. this isn’t right… oh help, you minxes, you’ll get me fired.”

“Then drive us back to Kirsty’s Miss, her parents are away. No one will see…. and we won’t tell a soul Miss.”