Okay 21st century Blackadder is as follows:

Blackadder is a middling youtuber whose cousin is “PrinceGeorge” an idiot with 20 million subs.

Baldrick is Blackadder’s discord mod for his server that has seven people in it who all hate Blackadder and are there to troll him.

Every episode Blackadder does a new stunt to try and get to the mystical 100k subscribers.

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“SpeakBeasty” Episode 152: “Never Enough Kissing”

In this episode of SpeakBeasty, hosts Ann, Amy, Geoff, and Shannen dive into the complicated arc that is Jacob and Queenie’s relationship

Starting with the very first film, our hosts walk us through each of the scenes the couple shares. We touch on all the significant moments and milestones, those of love and those of turmoil. Our analysis of this relationship takes a look at the importance of looking past surface attraction and the importance of choice and free will.

We discuss how Queenie and Jacob’s relationship is used to pull the story of the entire series forward and what we think could happen in a potential next film now that their love story seems to have been resolved. 

Speaking of resolved… did their ending live up to our expectations? Our hosts discuss how they wanted more conflict and higher stakes for the couple in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore and how the series could have benefitted from drawing out Queenie’s realization that she had made a mistake going with Grindelwald. 

This week’s podcast question is “What is your favorite Queenie and Jacob scene?” Send us your thoughts and theories at [email protected], or reach out to us on Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram!

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Little Tree

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Now She is sleeping still and I woke up already. Thinking to fuck her while She is still asleep… It will be the best alarm clock for her ;) ass or mouth?


Arriving home you found your neighbor sitting there in a sexy blue and black outfit “Erm whats going on Mrs Robinson why are you dressed like that?” She smiled and cupped her breast “Well Billy your mom and I had a heart to heart chat about what she say yesterday when she walked into your room unexpected when you were Jacking off. She said she heard you calling out my name as you shot load after load of that delicious jizz all over your tummy and chest. So she thought it might help both of us if you took out those sexual frustrations on my pussy. Don’t worry we have all weekend as she’s spending the weekend with your aunt Becca and hubby thinks I have gone with her and we will only be back late monday. So come over and have a drink with me or we can just take the bottle and glasses upstairs with us.”

witchesversuspatriarchy: Reclaiming my time too


Reclaiming my time too

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Two surprise catches while drifting worms for panfishTwo surprise catches while drifting worms for panfish

Two surprise catches while drifting worms for panfish

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Sometimes I think about how I went from not wanting to text in homeroom Freshman year of high school (due to the fear of getting in trouble) to nonchalantly drinking alcohol in homeroom Senior year with one of my best friends.




My phone did a COMPLETELY random total factory reset. I cannot access Discord at all because stupid me thought 2fa was a brilliant idea for a nerd which has no computer or tablet, just a phone. With the reset, my 2fa codes etc are completely gone and erased. I have contacted discord about this and there is nothing they can do for 2fa issues EVEN THOUGH I CAN TELL THEM AN ENTIRE HISTORY OF MY ACCOUNT!!!

I am very upset. there are many people on discord i have no other contact with otherwise. losing my account means losing them altogether. It means conversations, pictures, groups, rp threads, everything.

I am trying to get ahold of Google tech support to see of they can resolve this issue for me since it is primarily on google authentification app thats the issue.

If i cant get this fixed, idk what I’ll do.


Google tech support is terrible and non-existent. The peopld working the phones have their hands completely tied by Google if you have anything more of an issue than an easily searchable fix on their support forum. They were not allowed to take my name, my number, or my email address to assist in following up. They were not allowed to transfer phone calls to a higher management. They could not transfer between departments.

I genuinely feel bad for the worker because he tried everything in his power- he wasnt even supposed to stay on the phone as long as he did, nor was he supposed to help me on a step by step basis. He even put me on hold to go ask his colleagues for their input. Wonderful worker, went above and beyond…. and yet his hands were completely tied by google.

Imagine that: a tech company, whose entire market is tech and software development and services…. with zero human resources, zero tech support. finding the phone number was almost impossible, too. They fully expect their users to be able to find amything and everything through their support pages, and yet their support pages are only for the most basic of issues that essentially read as being completely tech illiterate. This might have flown 10 or 20 years ago when the world was still adjusting to the new age of internet and computer technology. But in a world that is completely ran by rhe internet and technology, computers and smart phones and applications, you would think they would recognize that the majority of humans with tech issues are having issues beyond the basics and need an actual conversation with a human being that has access to resources and, ideally, to the developers themselves if the situation is dire.

The fact that the Google Authenticator app is an app that has almost no assistance whatsoever on their forum, no catergory for the app itself, is very telling. I would imagine that something as serious as the security of someone’s data, that other apps heavily rely upon would have 24/7 assistance available, even if that means out sourcing to workers in other countries. Because data security is incredibly sensitive and important and there should be at LEAST a backend way to recover things if things really go to pot…. like it did for me.

Google provides a lot of excellent services, dont get me wrong, but if a tech company wont provide assistance, its a bad tech company. Indie devs are more accessible, are paid way less, over worked and sleep deprived and they STILL make it a point to help their product users- be it to fix a glitch or to restore an account- anything. A multi-billion dollar tech company giant that is incredibly wealthy with an abundance of workers should not have these issues. Customer service should be EXPECTED, not some ‘luxury’.

Mutuals and non are ENCOURAGED to reblog this. Make this issue known. This is unacceptable on googles part.

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Nirvana First Performance: Redmond, Washington 1987 In Tony Poukkula’s basement.

Nirvana First Performance: Redmond, Washington 1987 In Tony Poukkula’s basement.

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