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KoreAmandAudrey Magazineteamed up to get acquainted with the cast of Wong Fu Productions’ debut feature film,Everything Before Us. The film is set in a modern day world where the Department of Emotional Integrity (DEI) monitors and grades all romantic relationship.

In the film, Ki Hong Lee plays Jay, a teacher’s assistant who guides Hayley through her freshman year in college and gives her relationship and academic advice.

Full name: Ki Hong Lee
Age: 21 and over
Where you were born: Seoul, South Korea
Where you were raised: Seoul, Auckland, Los Angeles, Berkeley

About the Film

1. Describe your character in three words.

2. What is the most crucial part of being in a romantic relationship?
“Love is all you need” – Beatles

3. What would your real-life relationship score be, and why?
I hope it would be in the 90’s. But I haven’t checked in a while — hope I’m not a victim of EI score theft.

4. Any bloopers or memorable episodes on set?
Brandon Soo Hoo is a real life ninja. He is so fast and agile. I learned the hard way.

5. What is your opinion of Wong Fu as film directors?
Same as my opinion of pizza — Cannot live without ‘em.

About Ki Hong

1. What always makes you laugh?
My wife.

2. Your go-to comfort food?
Not so much comfort but an obsession — PIZZA

3. Currently on “repeat” on your ipod?
I lost my ipod

4. A guilty pleasure you don’t feel guilty about?
Eating pizza every day

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