circumcisedperfection:Got to love cut AussiesThis Aussie’s obvious circumcised cock is superbly


Got to love cut Aussies

This Aussie’s obvious circumcised cock is superbly on display in his tight grey undies. And he’s holding a massive dildo??

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pintsizebro:FOLLOW ME: pintsizebro.tumblr.comHigh and tight with a fren


FOLLOW ME: pintsizebro.tumblr.com

High and tight with a fren

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leatherbondagelove:Duct tape. So simple, so effective.


Duct tape. So simple, so effective.

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1gayson:just the way i like them


just the way i like them

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leoer:bonermakers: Look at the eyes of the boy being kissed. You just KNOW he’d give in to absolut


bonermakers: Look at the eyes of the boy being kissed. You just KNOW he’d give in to absolutely anything.

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silencingthedrums:All he wanted was approval, affection, touch.  Thor had been distant lately, occ


All he wanted was approval, affection, touch.  Thor had been distant lately, occupied with war-games and women, with drink and mischief and all the trappings of young manhood.  Loki, too, had found amusement in these things, but not so much as his rather more straightforward brother.

No, there was something else Loki craved, more and more as each day passed - and he would not find it in the arms of concubines or the depths of the drinking horn.

Thor often returned to their still-shared bedroom much later than Loki.  At first, Loki would wait up for him, occupying himself with books until Thor stumbled back in, drunk and full of youthful ego.  Now, Loki feigned sleep so as not to hear his brother carry on, and they’d grown ever more distant from one another.  No more was Loki allowed to creep into his brother’s bed, finding security from nightmares in Thor’s solid, reassuring form.

This night, he was determined to change all of that.

As usual, Thor returned late, but this time Loki was waiting for him - and in Thor’s own bed, too.  He’d stretched out on the rumpled sheets and animal skins, bare save for his underwear, his fingers trailing up and down his lean stomach and down along the crease leading to his groin.  He was half-hard, and it showed through the thin material of his shorts.

Thor stumbled in, drunk as usual, and at first he didn’t know what to make of his brother on the bed.  He laughed, puzzled, and leaned on the post at the foot of the bed, reaching with one hand to unbutton his cloak.

“Brother, you’d better move.  I don’t know how much longer I can keep my feet.”

Loki arched, cat-like, and the motion drew Thor’s eyes to his brother’s lean hips.  Thor breathed out a sound of startled confusion, tongue against his teeth, and Loki watched naked want skitter across his brother’s mead-hazed eyes.

“Then come down here with me,” he murmured, extending a hand and catching Thor’s fingers between his.

“What are you- Loki, this isn’t right,” Thor slurred, pulling back, though his eyes remained fixed to his brother’s body. 

Loki sat up and swung his legs out off the bed, then prowled closer to Thor, pursuing his slow retreat until he’d pressed his lean body up against his brother’s.  He sucked in a gasp when his cock met the tell-tale bulge beneath the soft leather of Thor’s pants and twined his arms around his brother’s broad shoulders, warming further at the solidness of him.

“Does it have to be?” he murmured, rocking his hips ever so slightly against Thor’s.

His brother’s answer came as a sudden, hungry assault of lips and teeth and tongue, and Loki’s heated moan against his brother’s hot mouth carried a note of smug self-satisfaction.

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derekisme:inviting …


inviting …

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scantilycladboys:He’s a Free Bitch Baby!


He’s a Free Bitch Baby!

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