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“Hey, here’s a thought. You give my husband one year probation, no jail time. And I’ll work up a dem

“Hey, here’s a thought. You give my husband one year probation, no jail time. And I’ll work up a demure smile for you. How’s this?”

- Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife Finale)

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This was supposed to be 2-3k and already over 4k, so at this stage is most likely a twoshot, but may turn into more, or might also just be a oneshot, depends how I go writing more.

Post series, pre 1 year later.

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Her mind ignited like a flame on a match, as if she was all at once alive again, and her eyes flew open to the sight of her family hovering over her carefully. Daisy felt her sister pull away before she saw it, as she took a few slow breaths, reminding her body that it wasn’t dead, and closed her eyes for a moment to get used to the pain, the pain of dying didn’t seem to go away with the death either.

Opening her eyes once again, she glanced around the concerned faces but made no move to sit up, unsure if she was able to just yet, even though she felt the urge jump up, to move. She felt simultaneously like she would never again feel this alive, but she also couldn’t shake the feeling of death away, both feelings so deep in her bones that it was almost all too much.

The ice cold feeling from freezing in space would have made her shiver, had it not been from the warmth that flowed through her veins, something she wasn’t quite sure if it was residual warmth from Kora’s powers, or from her body waking back up. Placing her hands flat beside her, she steadily pulled herself into a sitting position, ignoring the protests from the others at her moving, turning to face the exist, readying herself for whatever came next.

There was something humming under her skin, in her bones, something only she could feel, something left over from using her powers in such a way that she knew she would never be able to repeat, not without the same outcome of death. It was so strong and powerful, a high of such, that she almost felt like she could spend the rest of her life chasing and never quite reach, but also that it was a feeling that she wasn’t sure she ever wanted to feel again.

Her mind felt slower, delayed, as if it was still trying to catch up on everything, but her powers allowed her to feel what was happening around her before her mind could tell her. She felt the change in the plane as it started its decent, she felt Coulson and Kora leave her side to take a more secure seat and she felt the water rushing over the edge of the lighthouse’s hanger door as the past through.

Staying in her sitting position, she watched the hanger doors start to open, knowing the team would be ready and waiting for them on the other side, feeling as if she was about to see her family and loose her family all in one. She felt as Mack and May, came to join Coulson and Kora in the hanger bay, standing close by her side, eagerly awaiting the others as the door dropped and the air cleared to show the rest of their team.

Scanning the faces of the people she had wondered if she would ever see again, her gaze caught one in particular, the man that had kissed her only hours earlier, his concern for her quickly replaced by relief at seeing her alive. She felt him move to her, just as she felt Mack rush to greet Yo-Yo and May step towards Kora, who seemed unsure what to do now that the battle was done, directing her off of the plane.

Holding his gaze until he stopped in front of her, Daisy gave him a weak smile, cutting off his question for her wellbeing before he could ask. Daniel watched her closely for a moment, before extending out his hand towards her. Taking it slowly, she tentively pulled herself up, his other hand moving to her elbow in further assistance as she did, feeling as Coulson followed the rest in exiting the plane, everyone seeming to know she would be taken care of.

Standing fully, she kept a hold of his hand and felt as he moved his other to her back to steady her, she shifted slightly as she let herself lean on him, knowing he would happily share her weight. He pulled her closer into him, needing to feel her heartbeat, to know she was breathing and alive, and she understood, she needed to know the same thing, for herself and for him.

“You good?” he broke his silence, half whispering into her hair.

“Yeah,” she breathed out her second word since dying, her voice sounding surer than she felt as she kept most of her weight on him as they started down the hanger door.

She forgot about it all for a moment she saw her best friend round the corner with the family she could finally remember, the wide smile coming across her face, pushing aside the feeling of death and clinging to the feeling of life. The man at her side felt the change in her and looked up at the new arrivals, a smile gracing his features as he got them off the plane quicker.

“Alya, this is Aunty Daisy, she saved us all,” Jemma told the blonde child cheerfully, bringing her up close to introduce them properly.

“Hi,” Daisy felt the tears start to swell as she carefully reached a hand forward to greet the child that it turned out they were all fighting for, Alya grabbing her hand as she did and holding tightly, she hadn’t quite believed it when Fitz had told them, but seeing the little girl cemented the truth, “it’s so nice to finally meet you.”

“Hi,” the little girl beamed at her, excited to finally meet the person she had undoubtedly heard countless stories about, stretching her arms in request to held by her new friend instead.

“Sorry Alya , Aunty Daisy is a little sore,” her mother told her, a smile breaking through at the child’s pout in response, “how are you feeling?”

“Weird? I’m not too sure, it’s hard to explain,” Daisy answered honestly, her whole body felt in contradiction of itself, but dying and living were opposites after all.

“Yeah, that will pass,” Coulson spoke up, high fiving Alya as he came closer to inform them of his plans, “Mack, Yo-Yo and I are going to go finish up dealing with our new friends.”

“I would like to run a few tests if that’s okay? I know it’s probably the last thing you want, but I think you’ll like my new helper,” Jemma told her, her doctor tone mixing with her mum tone, as if it was always meant to be.

“Figured as much,” Daisy sighed, she had fully expected it, but she was well and truly over being the patient, “just let me change first, this suit feels too spacey, too death like.”

“Of course, take your time, Fitz is going over everything in control, so I’ll check in on him and then meet you in the med bay,” Jemma instructed, turning and leaving as quickly as she had come.

“You right to walk?” Daniel spoke up, not wanting to push her too quickly, while she had seemed to be managing okay so far, he was very aware that she had died not long ago.

“With help,” Daisy answered quietly, admitting it was easier than she had expected.

Nodding in response, he followed the pace she set as they made their way to her bunk, the dimly lit hallways lighting the way to the room that was both different and basically the same since the last time she had seen it, depending on the timeline. Helping her to sit on the edge of her bed, he stilled, suddenly unsure on if she needed help, and with the likely answer being yes, if he was crossing boundaries to help.

“Can you grab me a top and just some leggings?” she broke his train of thought, pointing to her duffle bag that someone had placed on a chair in the rooms corner, a thin smile at his obvious discomfort.

“Leggings?” he asked, the term unfamiliar as he set to his job, nonetheless.

“Like tights, but thicker, there should be a black pair near the top,” she explained, slowly undoing her gauntlets with a practised ease.

Collecting the items requested, he sat them beside her gaining a small smile in thanks as he watched her movements, he knew he should leave, that it wasn’t proper, but a larger part of him didn’t want to leave her side. She paused his concerns for a moment as she handed him the first gauntlet, a near domestic action that made him feel slightly more at ease.

“Did you want me to leave?” he voiced the question that he had been toying with, taking the second gauntlet from her, placing them both on the nearby dresser.

“It’s okay,” she started on undoing her belt, “I might, I might need some help.”

“Did you want me to get May or Simmons?” he asked politely, collecting the belt from her, and placing it with the rest, as if he had done it a million times before.

“I’m not bothered,” truthfully she wasn’t, she knew they were barely a thing, at least not something they had had a proper conversation over, but at the same time, she felt like they had been together for years, decades, or maybe just timelines, but they felt solid, real, realer than most things to her right now.

“Are you sure?” he pushed once more, he had gathered that her time was more open than his, but he needed to make sure she was thinking straight, that she was fully okay with him staying.

“I mean, it’s nothing you won’t see soon enough,” she grinned at him, chuckling at the stunned look on his face, a memory from the loops flickered to the forefront of her mind; things do faze him.

“I-I… It… If, okay,” he stumered over his words at her statement, sidestepping over it to accept her answer, as he leant down to take her boots off.

Going back to her task, she flinched as she went to pull the pants down, his hands reaching to help as he set aside any of his previous reservations to help with the issue at hand. Helping her into the clean pair of leggings, she held back a smirk at the way he tried not to stare and focus on only what he was doing, only what was proper.

She unzipped the top, letting him take over pushing it off her shoulders, he paused for a moment once it was off, at first she thought it was at the sight of her in only a bra, and from the fleeting desire in his eyes, she guessed that had been the start of it, but the concern overtook quick enough and she realised that he was noticing some of the newest injuries she had received.

“A part of me hoped that the injuries before dying would go with the whole dying part,” she told him, watching him trace a hand gently across her ribs, doing his own checks that she was okay.

“And the other part?” he asked, catching on to what she left out, as he reached beside her for the grey knit cardigan that he had gotten her earlier.

“It makes me know I’m alive,” she responded, slipping her arms through the top and pulling it on, the fresh clothes making her feel further away from death.

Sweeping her hair out from under her cardigan, in a way that felt so domestic to her that it brought a smile to her face, Daniel came to kneel in front of her, just taking her in for a moment before going to stand. Catching his hand as he did, she pulled him back towards her, staring at him for a moment, her turn to take him in, before tugging him closer, kissing him the moment he was in reach, a hand threading through his hair to pull him in deeper, she needed to feel alive, and the quick kisses from earlier just weren’t going to be enough for her right now.

“I’m glad you’re alive,” he whispered as they parted, his eyes on her as he grinned at her.

“I’m glad we both are,” she smirked back, playing with his collar, her hands dropping to his as she rose off the bed.

“Shoes?” he asked, chuckling at her shrug as he helped her walk back out into the hallway.


Entering the med bay, Daisy made her way to the stretcher, shifting her weight from Daniel to the bed, wanting to get the doctoring over and done with as quick as possible. The later getting side tackled by the mini Fitzsimmons, bringing a smile to her face that she realised was clocked by her best friend watching the whole scene.

“You said you were feeling weird? How so exactly?” Jemma asked, switching to doctor mode in an instant as she started tending to the wounds from too many battles ago and running her tests.

“I don’t know, I feel like I could run a marathon, but that I could barely walk to the kitchen, like I could sleep for a week but that I could never sleep again, that, that I’m alive but I’m not,” Daisy tried to explain, trying not to flinch.

“Although it is something that we have dealt with more than most, it is still pretty uncharted territory when dealing with,” Jemma paused, glancing across to her daughter spinning on the chair next to her, “with what we are dealing with.”

“But she’s okay?” Daniel asked, wanting confirmation from the only one in the room with a doctorate.

“So far everything is coming back within normal range, and your powers, any issues there that you’ve noticed?” Jemma continued on after scanning through some of the results on her tablet.

“I haven’t, I, I can feel them, they feel normal, I just, I’m not sure I’m ready to use them,” Daisy stated, placing her hands under her thighs to stop herself from fidgeting further.

“That’s not surprising,” Jemma gave her a tight smile, “there doesn’t seem to be any significant damage, aside from some bruising that will no doubt take a while to go down, but other than that, you should be healed soon enough, which is a miracle in itself.”

“It’s really over? We really won?” Daisy whispered, her voice nearly breaking at words, at the thought they might actually be true.

Her friend nodded, a tear escaping as they pulled each other in for a hug, holding tight the woman she considered her sister. Parting, the two wiped their tears away, grinning at the fact they had won and were alive, and for the most part, actually happy with the outcome, all of which, none of them had really been sure they would get.

“Ugh, I told myself no more tears today,” Jemma laughed, placing her used supplies in a biohazard bin as she started to clean up after herself.

“We saved the world, and met your daughter, it’s been a big day,” the other woman joked back, watching the girl in question with a fondness that made her feel even more alive than before.

“Speaking of Alya ,” Jemma turned to the child, “I promised you a Disney marathon tonight for being such a brave girl, now didn’t I?”

“Yes, that is exactly what we need,” Daisy responded enthusiastically nodding along with the little girl, “did you know Daniel hasn’t seen any of them?”

“Really?!” the girl shrieked, jumping up in surprise, eagerly waiting for her mother to finish.

“That’s not true, I’ve seen a couple,” Daniel fired back with a grin, moving to Daisy’s side to be ready when she decided to leave, his hand coming to her back in support.

“Really? Well, you haven’t seen most of them,” Daisy asked, honestly surprised that he had seen any of the very limited Disney movies that would have been out before they took him from his time.

“Frozen?” Alya asked her mother hopefully, the excitement on her face bringing them all a sense of joy.

“No, he wouldn’t have seen that one,” Jemma told her daughter, turning to the other adults with an apologetic look, “sorry, it’s her favourite, I could probably recite it word for word these days.”

“Frozen it is,” Daisy agreed, gaining her an excited squeal at her agreement, stepping down off the bed as they all headed towards the common room to set up the movie.

Daniel helped Daisy drop down on to the couch, before sitting down next to her, taking in the significantly more advanced TV across from them. She smiled at his look of awe as the movie started, tucking her legs up under herself, she settled into his side, ignoring the look she was sure her friend was sending her and focusing on the feeling of safe that she felt when she was with him.

“I’m going to give Fitz a hand and then make Alya some dinner, I’ll bring you two some too,” Jemma told the group after she placed the remote down and instructing her daughter to stay on the couch with her friends.

“God, you’re such a mum,” Daisy laughed, shaking her head, “but I couldn’t eat.”

“You need to build your strength back up,” Daniel bent his head slightly to tell her, concern edging his tone as he wrapped his arm around her carefully, more than happy to abide the new closeness that she seemed to be seeking.

“The thought of food makes me feel sick,” she wasn’t entirely sure she could keep anything down, even though she knew deep down she was hungry, even thinking about it made her feel worse.

“Honestly, that doesn’t surprise me with everything your bodies gone through but let me know tomorrow if you still feel sick,” Jemma stated sternly.

“Yes, mum,” Daisy joked in response, grinning at her friend.

“Just yell out if you have any issues with her,” Jemma told them as she left.

Curling into Daniel’s side even more, Daisy started the movie by watching his reactions to just how far movie making had come, until she got drawn into the movie itself. He had felt as her shift in focus turned into watching it half asleep, and then finally as she drifted off to sleep, and he pulled her closer. He wasn’t sure if she was still reeling from everything that had happened and still needed time to process before reassessing, but for now she seemed content with letting him help her, with letting him in, and he was happy to go along with her.


When Jemma returned, she smiled broadly at the sight in front of her, pulling out her phone to snap a quick photo of Sousa sitting in the middle of the couch, Daisy tucked into his side with his arm holding her close as she slept, and Alya on his other, watching the movie intently with him and explaining bit and pieces to him. The smell of the food in her hand exposed her actions as the last photo contained her daughter smiling straight at the camera.

“Here we go,” Jemma stated as she placed a plate on the coffee table and handed a second to the man on the couch, not wanting to disturb her friend.

“Thank-you,” Alya spoke politely to her mother, moving to sit on the edge of the couch so she could pick food off the plate on the coffee table.

“Thanks,” Daniel responded in kind as he took the plate from her.

“How long has she been out?” Jemma asked quietly, happy to see her friend resting.

“Since about 10 minutes into the movie,” he told her, knowingly watching as she turned to the movie to work out how far into it they were, “which by the way, is definitely a long way from what they used to be like.”

“Just wait until you see non kid movies,” she grinned at him, wondering if he understood fully what he might have signed up for, but also knowing that he would probably sign up for anything that kept him by Daisy’s side, “I’m sure Daisy will have a long list to show you.”

“Can we watch Frozen two after?” Alya questioned in a whisper, keeping as quiet as possible as not to wake Daisy.

“Only if Daniel doesn’t mind, I have to help your father with some things still for a little while,” Jemma informed her, turning to the man in question with an out, not waiting to force him into looking after her child, “I’ll just take her with me otherwise, but she seems to be enjoying herself.”

“It’s more than okay, it’s nice to be, to just be relaxed and not have to worry about the next attack,” he assured her, glancing at the woman asleep next to him, “though, guessing that feeling doesn’t last that long around here?”

“Normally, not so much, but it seems like we might have the choice now to choose that life instead,” Jemma answered absentmindedly, her mind trailing off at the topic, before giving them a quick goodbye and heading back to her husband.


The next time she returned, the second movie was nearly over and this time, her daughter was also asleep, curled into Daniel’s other side, as he watched the movie, looking more relaxed and content than she had ever seen him, although considering they had been in a mission the whole time she had known him, this didn’t surprise Jemma. Quickly taking another sneaky photo, she quietly made her way over to him, making sure to take the longer way so that she would enter his line of sight slowly as to not surprise him with her presence.

“Sorry I didn’t plan to be gone that long, Fitz told me another hour tops, but in hindsight, I should have guessed it would take longer,” she apologised, making her way towards her sleeping daughter.

“It’s fine, really,” he brushed her apology off with a smile, he would never have guessed a few weeks ago that this was how he would spend an evening, but he definitely wasn’t complaining.

Daisy woke with a jolt, gasping for breath as if she had forgotten how to breathe for a moment, like her body had forgotten it was still alive, the other two’s attention snapping to her instantly. Blinking rapidly to clear her surroundings as she dropped her legs and sat up fully, she felt as the man she had been half lying on rubbed his hand soothingly on her back.

“Are you okay?” Jemma’s level tone cut through her racing mind, as she felt her breathing start to even out.

“Yeah, yeah,” Daisy answered after a moment, focusing on the credits rolling on the TV in front of her.

“Do you need me to get you anything?” Jemma asked, gently picking up her daughter after receiving a shake of a head in response, before giving them both a quick goodnight as she left.

“More Disney movies?” Daisy questioned as she settled back into the couch with the remote in hand.

“You don’t want to sleep some more? Maybe in an actual bed?” Daniel turned slightly to take her in more fully, his worry rising when he saw she looked more tired than before.

“I’m good,” she responded, selecting a movie and placing the remote back on the coffee table.

“Daisy,” he said her name in a way that made her smile.

“Daniel,” she retorted, sighing before giving him a better answer, “I don’t think I could get back to sleep again.”

“Nightmare?” he asked, wrapping his arm back around her, drawing her close once again.

“No, actually,” she let out a humourless laugh, she actually would have probably preferred nightmares, “I, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, when I woke up, I felt like I wasn’t breathing. I think my body forgot that it was supposed to do that still.”

“Anything I can do to help?” he offered, choosing to not keep pushing the subject.

“Just this, just being, being here, with me,” she spoke quietly, as if admitting it scared her, not only because it was the truth, but also because a part of her was scared he wouldn’t stay, that he would leave her like everyone else, “it helps a lot.”

“Good, because I’m not going anywhere,” his words sounding like a promise that she wasn’t quite ready to comment on, instead she tilted her head up to give him a chaste kiss before turning her attention back to the TV.

It didn’t take long into the movie until she felt him start to drift off, his arm behind her slacking off and his head dipping against the back of the couch as he fell asleep. She was glad that he was finally getting some rest and not staying up worried about her, she had after all gotten some sleep earlier, whereas she was fairly certain he had not.

Just as the next movie in the queue started, she heard the footsteps of more people approaching, moving carefully to see who, she wasn’t surprised to find May and Kora coming to join her. The two newcomers moving to sit in the empty armchairs without any comment and Daisy was fairly certain that May had used her new talent to bring the three of them together, in a silent agreement to ignore that none could sleep. Glancing around the room, Daisy felt that for the first time in a while, that although this team was coming to an end, although they wouldn’t do another mission together, that maybe Mack was right, and it would be okay.