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Mummy-Wrapped Damsels – Chanel, Part 2Author’s Note: As you may recall from the first episode of thi

Mummy-Wrapped Damsels – Chanel, Part 2

Author’s Note:As you may recall from the first episode of this storyline, pretty Chanel by happy circumstance fell right into our clutches. My two cohorts, Erin & Belle and I had just opened up a bondage studio in an outlet mall. I had contracted with my business associate, Rebekah, to shoot a mummy-wrap set, using her patented bondage tape. We were awaiting the model, and in walked Chanel. We naturally thought the pretty girl was our damsel. It wasn’t until we had her fully wrapped from her shoulders down to her ankles that we found she was not a model. The cutie had evidently gotten turned around trying to find a weight loss place (as if she needed it) where you could shed a pound or two using a wrap method (a bit different from our ‘wrap method’). While Erin & Belle argued about how to proceed, our little ‘guest’ tried hopping her way out the door. Fortunately, I grabbed her just in time & placed my hand firmly over her mouth to keep her quiet. I took Chanel over to where Erin was measuring out strips of tape to apply over our captive’s mouth. Then, after sealing her mouth nice & tight, we could continue the photoshoot without interruption. And, I also had some interesting plans for Chanel afterward, but let’s have Chanel continue the story. Take it away, Chanel!

Chanel:Thanks, Horseguy! Well, I do feel a bit silly letting myself get wrapped up like this. I mean, when Erin & Belle started taping my arms & hands tightly to my sides, I should have known this was not a weight loss procedure! I was sort of glad Horseguy grabbed me before I could hop outside the studio. I would have had some explaining to do, like why did you let yourself willingly get all wrapped up! So, since this whole situation was at least partially my fault, I decided to cooperate with my three captors. I let Horseguy easily take me over to where Erin was measuring out strips of wide tape. Hmmmm. The perfect size to go over my big mouth! And I wasn’t going anywhere! Not only was I totally wrapped up, but Horseguy had me in a secure grip, his left arm holding my waist & his right hand enveloping my lower face from my nose down to my chin. He wasn’t smothering me, but he sure was keeping me veryquiet!

When Erin hovered in front of me with a wide piece of tape with Belle in the background grinning, I gave Horseguy a concerned look through my handgag. Horseguy whispered soothingly, “It’s all right, Chanel. Erin is just going to tape your mouth shut. That way, we can take some more sexy photos. You know, gorgeous, you’re working your way to a nice paycheck.” I forgot about that! I was getting paid for this!

When Horseguy removed his hand from my face, I had to put in my two bits, though. I said, real sassy-like, “You know, technically you guys have kidnapped me.” Belle piped in, “But, wait, Chanel, you said earlier, while we were wrapping you, that you needed your mouth taped shut.” “OMG! Belle, you’re right. I am so busted!” I sighed & leaned my head toward Erin so she could gag me more easily. “I guess the best thing to do is to shut me up, Erin. Every time I open my mouth I get in trouble it seems!” Erin laughed & firmly placed the first piece of tape over my mouth. Instead of just slapping on more tape, though, she softly placed both of her hands flat over my taped mouth and very slowly and very sensually smoothed over my gag. I can say for a fact that Erin’s beautiful hands made me surrender to the world of bondage. And the tape over my mouth actually felt good – not too sticky, but definitely kept my lips sealed! Erin seemed to read my mind, as she carefully applied the second piece: “We use bondage tape, sweetie. It keeps you super quiet, but doesn’t hurt a bit when we remove it, which….” She gave a wink, “will not be anytime soon!”

While Erin was readying the third piece, I decided to test my gag. I made a helpless, little ‘mmmmph!” Horseguy, who was holding me, said “Erin, I think a certain someone needs more tape over her mouth.” I giggled through my tape gag, and leaned again toward Erin, almost begging for more tape. Erin obliged with two more pieces. I was really beginning to appreciate the professionalism of these three bondage artists. Sure, several girlfriends had taped my mouth before, but just one piece to shut me up for a while (like I said, I talk too much!). One girl, a pretty, tall lesbian, tied me up once. She tried to seduce me, but I was only 19 & I wasn’t ready. Kelly (I think that was her name) was very sweet. She untied me, gave me a hug & a kiss & told me, “I’ll check back with you in the near future, beautiful. I really want to get my hands on you, but I want you to accept my loving.” Well, here I was at 29, wrapped up tight & ready to accept love from my captor, Erin.

But wait, the other girl, Belle, came up to me, placed both her hands over my taped mouth & slowly smoothed over my gag, making it even tighter. Her bright blue eyes made me excited. She sweetly smiled at me as she said, “Gosh, Horseguy, I’m so glad you grabbed Chanel just in time… and, Erin, you were so right. We need to keep this cute damsel wrapped up for some more sexy photos. MMMMwah!” Belle gave me a nice kiss on my tape gag. “Mmmmph! Mmmmph!” I responded happily (Translation: “You are such a flirt, Belle!” – I must say the two girls were bringing out the Inner Lesbian in me!).

Not to be left out, Horseguy carefully placed his hand over my taped mouth. He brought my face close to his. “Now, Chanel,” he said, “You’ve been such a good girl so far. Can you stand by yourself while we finish the photoshoot?” I eagerly nodded. Horseguy smiled & softly stroked my hair. “I must say, Chanel,” he said, “I think you’re enjoying your bondage.” And I was! As I was standing board straight while Horseguy was retrieving his camera, I was enjoying so much the warmth & coziness of my wrapped body. And I loved the strips of tape sealing my mouth shut. All nice & quiet – for once!

I balanced myself pretty well on my bare feet, allowing Horseguy to take some scrumptious photos of me, just like the one above. Like a good, little damsel, I made sure to look directly into the camera. And, of course, I made sensual ‘mmmmmphs’ through my taped mouth. Horseguy was pleased. “Chanel, I wish I had my video camera here. But we’ll save that for a later time. I think these photos are going to be a hit.” Then Horseguy came up to me & lovingly parted my hair with his hands. “And you, my dear, will get a nice cut from the sales.” I made a happy ‘mmmmmph’ through my tape gag.

“Chanel, you’ve worked really hard, so let’s take a break. Erin & Belle, could you lay our little guest on that bench? I’m going to call Rebekah. I think we’ve found our next spokeswoman for her bondage tape.” He chuckled a bit. “Of course, the ‘spokeswoman’ won’t be speaking too much with her mouth firmly taped shut.” We all got a laugh out of that (well, I sort of giggled through my taped mouth).

Erin & Belle helped me hop over to the bench. It was so sweet the way they fussed over making me comfortable. In the meantime, Horseguy was making an interesting phone call – about me! We’ll let him tell you all about it in the exciting conclusion to this “Mummy Wrapped Damsels” story. Until then, I send you lots of love, dear readers – Chanel.

Author’s Note:

Thank you, Chanel. You’ll be glad to know your mummy-wrap adventure has not ended yet. Of course, we are, as always, indebted to the good folks at fm-Concepts for this sample photo of Chanel Rae taken from their now-defunct “Wrapped Up Tight” subscription site. I always love fully-wrapped damsels, don’t you? Just look at Chanel – a complete work of art. I don’t know about you, but I would love to carry this pretty art piece to my kidnap van. Don’t worry, Chanel, I’ll strap you down tight, so you’ll be perfectly safe!

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Mummy-Wrapped Damsels – Chanel, Part 1Author’s Note: I noticed that my “Mummy-Wrapped Damsels” categ

Mummy-Wrapped Damsels – Chanel, Part 1

Author’s Note:I noticed that my “Mummy-Wrapped Damsels” category so far features only one model, Alana, and I thought she could use some company. Fortunately, pretty Chanel Rae accidentally came into our studio, and we had a huge roll of bondage tape waiting for her! Remember Belle & Erin from “Have Damsel, Will Kidnap – Sarah?” Well, after their kidnap attempt of Sarah went awry, they came to Yours Truly, hoping they could hide out for a while. I took the girls in with the idea I would set them on the road to reform.

What hastened a fortunate turn of events was when our community officially became incorporated as DamselTown. It was a perfectly ripe time to open a bondage photo studio. I found a place in an outlet mall & put Belle & Erin to work running the shop. Remember Rebekah, the beautiful business owner from the first “Mummy-Wrapped Damsels” story with Alana? Rebekah was looking for new models to ‘wear’ her new line of bondage tape – in other words, pretty girls fully wrapped from their shoulders down to their ankles. I consulted those trusty kidnappers, Meg & Nicole, to see if any of their girls enrolled in Bondage Academy would be interested in this modelling job. Meg assured me she would send a fine candidate within a couple of days. So, when gorgeous Chanel walked in that afternoon, I thought….Well, let’s have Chanel pick up the story:

Chanel:Thanks, Horseguy! Well, it was just the other day I was checking out my figure in a full-length mirror. Not bad, but maybe I could lose a pound or two. I saw an ad in the Damsel-in-Distress Daily about a place in the outlet mall nearby that wrapped you up so you could lose some weight. That sounded easy to me! So, I wandered around the mall that afternoon. It’s new and kind of confusing with lots of twists & turns. Anyway, I thought I found the right entrance. The sign said “Studio – Please Knock.” So, I did! A tall, beautiful redhead opened the door and said with a sweet smile, “Well, hello there. We’ve been expecting you.” That sounded a bit funny. Why would they be expecting me? But I was eager to get the process started, so I asked, “Is there where I get wrapped up?”

The redhead pleasantly laughed, and gently took my hand, bringing me into the studio. “It certainly is the place where you’re going to be wrapped up, beautiful. Now, let’s get you situated, and you’ll be all nice & comfy before you know it. Oh, and I’m Erin by the way.”

A tall, beautiful brunette with startling blue eyes approached me. She had a huge roll of silver tape in her hand. “Hey, sweetie,” she said, “I’m Belle. Erin & I are going to wrap you up good & tight.” A handsome middle-aged guy was sitting in an office chair nearby. He gave a friendly wave. “Hey there,” he called out, “I’m Horseguy. What’s your name, dear?” “My name’s Chanel,” I replied, “My goodness, you three certainly known how to give a girl a great big welcome.”

“You are welcome, honey,” responded Belle, “Now, baby, a bit of logistics. What are you are wearing under that nice blouse & those tight jeans?” “Oh,” I replied, “I actually came prepared. I’m wearing some skin-tight long underwear.” To everyone’s pleasure, I took off my jeans & removed my blouse, revealing me in some nice light pink long underwear.

“Wonderful, sweetie!” exclaimed Belle. “You know, the tape we use is very special. It doesn’t painfully stick to the skin, but if you have light clothing, it makes things so much easier.” “Oh,” I replied jokingly, “You should probably put a couple of pieces over my mouth. Everyone says I talk too much!” “Don’t worry, gorgeous,” said Belle, “We’ll get to that! Now honey, look at Erin. See what she’s doing?” I noticed Erin was standing board straight with her arms and hands flat against her sides. “Be a good girl, sweetie and put those pretty little arms to your sides, just like Erin. It’s time to wrap you up!”

I did exactly as I was told, standing perfectly still, arms and hands flat against my sides. Erin came behind me & gently pinned my hair up. “Just a precaution, Chanel. We don’t want to get tape in that pretty hair of yours!” “Oh, you girls are so considerate,” I said. The pair stood at either side of me. They teamed up & started wrapping! Erin & Belle were thorough & efficient. Before I knew it, they were wrapping tape across my chest. Erin gave me a playful caress under my breast. I gave her a surprised look, but she just gave me that sweet smile & a wink. I couldn’t help but smile myself. I think these girls were flirting with me!

Pretty soon they had my whole upper body completely wrapped down to my hands at my sides. The girls took a break from wrapping & began smoothing over the tape. I kind of liked their pretty hands all over me! “How does your wrap feel so far, Chanel,” asked Belle. “Oh,” I replied, “It’s so comfy! But…” I struggled a little bit. “It’s soooooo secure!” In the meantime, Horseguy was standing behind gently unpinning my hair. “Oh, we’re going to make you good and secure, Chanel, because we don’t want you going anywhere.” I gave a little laugh. Surely, he was joking, right? (Turns out he wasn’t!) “My goodness, Chanel,” Horseguy said, “What pretty, soft hair you have.” “Thank you, Horseguy,” I replied with a shy smile.

“Girls,” Horseguy addressed Erin & Belle, “I think it’s time to finish wrapping up Chanel. I’ll hold her while you two complete the wrapping.” “Thanks, Horseguy,” replied Erin, “Let start the tape rolling again, Belle. We’ll have these pretty legs wrapped up before you can say the words ‘pretty damsel.’” Erin gave me a quick, loving look, blowing me an air kiss. I must say this all seemed an elaborate procedure to lose a couple of pounds! Before wrapping me further, Erin looked at my shoes. “Oh my goodness, Belle, let’s take off Chanel’s shoes.” She looked up at me again, smiling. “I really want to see those pretty feet.” After removing my shoes, the girls quickly wrapped the lower part of my body. I was now securely wrapped from my shoulders all the way down to my ankles.

Erin & Belle then stepped back to admire their handiwork, while Horseguy held me steady. “How does your wrap feel, Chanel?” asked Belle. “Oh, it is soooooo comfy, Belle!” I exclaimed, “It’s not hot at all! Just pleasantly warm. And I love the way my arms & hands are taped tightly to my sides. It makes me feel…” I shyly glanced down, “…kind of sexy!” Horseguy then stood in front of me, giving my shoulders a nice massage rub. He then said, “Chanel, I think we’ll start taking photos now.” “Oh….all right,” I replied. Hmmmm. That seemed so puzzling. Why did they want to take photos? Maybe it was some promotional thing. I decided to go along & smiled sweetly, while Horseguy shot some photos.

It was then Erin commented, “Great job with your model selection, Horseguy!” “Thanks,” he replied, “But I owe most of the credit to Meg at Bondage Academy. You are certainly a good ‘student,’ Chanel!” Now things were confusing! My smile turned into a frown (very well caught by Horseguy in the sexy photo above). “Oh, but I’m not a model,” I explained, “I thought this was the weight-loss place where they wrap you. Where am I?” Belle just shook her head: “Oh, sweetie, it looks like you made a wrong turn. We’re a bondage photo studio. We’re doing a mummy-wrap shoot & thought you were a model.” “Well,” I replied, “I apologize for the mistake, but I think you should go ahead & unwrap me now.”

It was then that Belle & Erin started bickering about me. Belle agreed with me that it was best to release me. But Erin was having none of that: “Look, Belle, we spent a lot of time wrapping this pretty girl up. I say let’s tape her mouth shut & take some more sexy photos.” Anyway, while they were arguing, I spied the entrance door somehow got partially open. Since I had no shoes on, I found I could easily hop toward the door on my bare feet. I was about to yell for help when all of a sudden….well I’ll let Horseguy take over the story.

Horseguy:Thanks, Chanel! Well, there go the girls arguing again. I just rolled my eyes, but caught some movement near the door. It was our gorgeous model trying to make a getaway! Even though Chanel was fully mummy-wrapped, she had managed to hop her way to the open door & she was about to yell for help. I had to act quickly! I ran over, and grabbed Chanel around the chest with my left arm. I then firmly clapped my right hand over her mouth before she could cry for help. With Chanel helpless in my grasp, Erin speedily came over & shut the door, locking it. I certainly didn’t want to hurt the sweet girl, but it would be sort of bad for business if wrapped-up Chanel was hopping around the outlet mall yelling for help.

Still keeping my hand tightly over her mouth, I brought Chanel’s face close to mine. “Now look, Chanel, I think the best thing to do right now is finish this photoshoot, don’t you?” Chanel looked wide-eyed & ‘mmmmph’d’ through her handgag. “And besides, sweetie,” I said more softly, “We’re going to pay you a nice fee, you know.” That seemed to calm the cute damsel down a bit. “Oh, look, Chanel,” I said, “It looks like Erin is preparing a nice surprise for you. Let’s have you hop over & check it out.” Chanel was evidently curious & cooperatively hopped over to Erin. Her eyes widened again, as she saw Erin was measuring out strips of tape that would fit perfectly over her mouth. She made a protesting ‘mmmmph’ through my hand. Belle came over & softly stroked her hair, which seemed to calm her a bit. “There, there, Chanel,” cooed Belle, “It’s a good thing Horseguy is keeping you quiet. We wouldn’t want to disturb the other business owners, would we?” Chanel meekly shook her head. “That’s right, baby. So, in just a jif we’ll have that talkative mouth of yours sealed shut & then we’ll take more sexy photos. Won’t that be nice?” Chanel gave a very submissive nod.  I then whispered in Chanel’s ear: “Chanel, be a good girl & stay still. I’m going to adjust my hand to make you even more quiet.” I then quickly moved my hand so now it covered Chanel’s lower face from her nose down to her chin. Her eyes widened a bit in alarm. But then she realized I wasn’t going to smother her, and she relaxed. I think she actually was enjoying her handgag!

Sweet Chanel & I patiently watched as Erin finished measuring out the strips of tape. Six in all. I could be on the wrong track, but I think Chanel was looking forward to having her mouth taped shut. There is just nothing more sexy than a damsel surrendering to her bondage!

Well, dear readers, Chanel will pick up the narrative in Part 2 of this exciting “Mummy-Wrapped Damsels” adventure. (She’ll have to hurry before her mouth is sealed shut). Stay tuned!

Author’s Note:The beautiful model is Chanel Rae, who did some nice work for the good folks at fm Concepts. This sample photo is taken from the now-defunct “Wrapped up Tight” site. Doesn’t she look adorable all tightly wrapped? Perfectly packaged for your kidnap van!


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