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 “How it started…”“…how its going” HAPPY BELATED ACTIVATION  “How it started…”“…how its going” HAPPY BELATED ACTIVATION

“How it started…”

“…how its going”


You came a long way ever since I fell for you over a year ago

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Daddy: so are you into vore


katalpa: ❤️❤️❤️ ⚠Please do not reprint without permission or unauthorized use.



⚠Please do not reprint without permission or unauthorized use.

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Some oc sketches-Detroit Become Human AU (my oc Lev, his ex and @pheeamms‘ oc Benny) + Jae, my skateSome oc sketches-Detroit Become Human AU (my oc Lev, his ex and @pheeamms‘ oc Benny) + Jae, my skateSome oc sketches-Detroit Become Human AU (my oc Lev, his ex and @pheeamms‘ oc Benny) + Jae, my skateSome oc sketches-Detroit Become Human AU (my oc Lev, his ex and @pheeamms‘ oc Benny) + Jae, my skateSome oc sketches-Detroit Become Human AU (my oc Lev, his ex and @pheeamms‘ oc Benny) + Jae, my skate

Some oc sketches

-Detroit Become Human AU (my oc Lev, his ex and @pheeamms‘ oc Benny) + Jae, my skater OC

-My oc Ilya with pink hair + One of @pheeamms‘ ocs + Megumi and Sayaka ( @utak0‘s bnha oc)
- Kokori (my Wadanohara oc) and Charlotte

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A “good” renegade android is a dead renegade android.source

A “good” renegade android is a dead renegade android.


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Connor x OC

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Connor x OC short comic fanfic part 2

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Connor x OC short fanfic comics part 1

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Connor x OC



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“DPD Christmas Party”

Connor x Morgan (OC)

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“I’m sacred…”

Connor x Reader

Author’s note: This is actually a part of a DBH comics fanfic that I wanted to do but too lazy to even start. Haha. But I had a dream of this scene a few nights ago, which inspired me to make the artwork. Then I decided to make a very short Connor x Reader fic because I’m not sure if I will ever do the comics. Haha. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Pairing: Connor x Reader

Word count:2015

Warnings: Swearing, blood, injuries, mentions of murder

I do apologise for the bad grammar and wrong spelling. (If you found any.) English isn’t my language.

Others: Y/N = your name & L/N = last name (your last name)


You’ve been a detective for a few years now, but you were new at DPD. You used to work at the Lansing Police Department Central Station as a homicide detective. But ever since the android revolution happened and New Jerico was created, the demand for android homicide detective increased. And as one of the best at Lansing, your boss decided to transfer you at Detroit to become one. You were not excited about your new work because you weren’t familiar with android cases. But you couldn’t take the offer down either because it was a step up to your previous position, and their offer was generous. 

At first, you thought things would be difficult because of the new work and environment. But then, you met Lt. Hank Anderson and his android (now deviant) partner Connor. And they helped you to adjust, guiding you every step of the way, making your work easier than it should be.

Ever since you started working there, you’ve gone pretty close with the two; Especially Hank since you both shared a passion for alcohol and pets. Connor, on the other hand, had showed a particular interest in you. You thought it was just a neutral, curious interest. But as you spend more time with him, you couldn’t help but think that the android detective might actually have developed feelings for you. After all, he is deviant.

You didn’t think anything of it when you first notice his actions towards you. But as time progress, it had become more obvious that you couldn’t deny nor ignore it anymore, even though they were just small things, like: He would constantly check if you were alright or if you need anything. He’d offer you coffee every morning, let you borrow his coat when you’re cold. Sometimes, he would even stay late with you at the station and help you with your paperworks, then walk you home. And whenever you would eat lunch with him and Hank, or during your free time, he would ask you about your interests, hobbies, family and other personal things. 

But despite all this, you stayed neutral with him. You liked him, yes. But your priority was your career. You had so much you wanted to accomplish in life, and having a relationship with someone is far from your mind.


6 months later…

You were assigned a case with Hank and Connor about an android having a murder spree around the city. It was, so far, the most difficult case you handled over the years since it was unfamiliar and different from the previous ones you’ve cracked. The three of you spent days of investigating and studying the case until you finally got the lead. However, when you got to the killer’s location, you weren’t expecting a group of android to greet you with violence.

There were 3 androids hiding in a room of an old apartment building; an AF200, CX100 and a HK400. All seemed to have been infected with a virus. Their eyes have turned red, “like the Terminator” as Hank referenced. And all seemed to have been programmed to kill anyone or anything they see.

After fighting back when they attacked, you, Hank and Connor had split up chasing each android as they ran through different paths. Hank was chasing the CX100 through an alleyway beside the old building where you found them. Connor chased the AF200 through the rooftop of the same building. While you chased the HK400 with a car through the busy streets of Detroit.

The HK400 had jumped onto a motorcycle and drove away, therefore, you jumped into one of the police cars parked nearby and chased after him.

It was already nighttime and it was pouring hard making it difficult for you to spot the android. You honked repeatedly as the other cars kept blocking your way. But as soon as they made a path for you, you floored through the road, ignoring how damped the ground was.

“Detective L/N!” You heared Connor’s voice suddenly exclaimed through your radio.

“Connor! Where are you?” You replied.

“I took Hank’s car. The AF200 jumped on a truck and it’s heading its way to the main road. I’m on its tail. Where are you?”

“I’m heading towards the main road too. The HK400 jumped on the motorcyle He’s heading towards the river. Where’s Hank?”

“He caught the CX100. He’s with the others.”

“Good. Meet me at the other side. Let’s corner th- OH SHIT!”

“Detective L/N?!”


You were too focused on trying to catch up to the side of the HK400 that you were caught off guard when it suddenly took a right turn. A huge bus filled with passengers suddenly appeared to your view blocking your way. You steered the wheel as hard as you could to avoid it, making your car skid through the road. But the ground was too wet that it made your car flip upside down and slide until it hit the railings separating the road from the river.

You blacked out for a few seconds as your car flipped and hit the ground hard. But as soon as it stopped, you got your consciousness back immediately. Luckily, you were wearing your seatbelt and there’s an airbag that prevented you from dying from the crash. Unfortunately, it didn’t prevent the severe pain you felt all over you body.

You felt like someone had just beat you up and left you on a ditch somewhere. You tried to move, to detach yourself from the chair. But a sudden sharp pain pierced through your side. When you checked where it was coming from, you saw a large shard of glass had made its way through your left side.

“Shit.” You tried to grab it, to pull it out, but you were in severe pain. You’ve lost all your energy and adrenaline to endure more.

“Detective L/N!” Soon, you heard Connor’s voice coming from your radio. You felt some sudden relief wash over you because you knew Connor would help as soon as he can.

“Connor.” You croaked as you searched around for your radio.

“Are you there?” You heard his voice once again, and finally spotted the radio a few inches outside your car. 

You tried to reach it through the broken window, but it was too far and it made your side ache even more. Your only choice was to unbuckle your seatbelt to reach it, but it was stuck.

Ofcourse. You thought.

You were looking around for something long enough and solid to reach it. But when you thought the situation couldn’t get any worse, a loud honk from an approaching truck to your right had caught your attention.

“Oh, FU-”

The truck hit your car, pushing you further to the river. The railings easily broke, making you fall on the river.


The pain was excruciating. You wished you had just blacked out. You wished you had just died. But you were alive… and suffering.

Despite the exhaustion and the pain, you tried to pull the seatbelt off of you. But you still couldn’t. And as you sank deeper underwater, you struggled to hold in your breath. You felt your limbs getting numb from the freezing water that you couldn’t move them anymore. Soon, your reflex forced you to inhale as your body begged for air.

Water entered your nose, then your mouth, and finally your lungs. You screamed at the top of your lungs as you felt like you were burning from the inside and out.

And then… nothingness…


After you had been cut off from Connor’s radio, he couldn’t help but feel… anxious. He couldn’t take his mind off of the fact that you might be in danger. Therefore, he continued to try and contact you while he was still chasing the android.

“Detective L/N!”

No answer.

“Are you there?”

Still no answer. This made Connor’s stress level increase to 75%.

He used the GPS on his system to track down your car. It didn’t take long before he found you. You weren’t that far from where they were heading. But soon, he realized that the truck he was chasing was heading exactly towards your direction. He tried to speed up to catch up to the truck, but it was already too late. The truck had hit your car hard that it fell straight into the river.


The truck took a quick turn and sped off, but Connor ignored it. He didn’t care about catching the android anymore. You had become his main priority. Therefore, he quickly jumped out of Hank’s car and dove straight into the river.

He found you at the very bottom, still attached to the driver’s chair. You were unconscious and your mouth was agape. Connor quickly broke the seatbelt that had held you in and grabbed your body. He immediately swam up, and as soon as you both hit the surface, he carried you to the side of the road and gently placed you down on the ground.

He tried to scan you for pulse, but he wasn’t getting anything, which made his stress level go up to 90%.

He began performing CPR, pressing his hands on your chest repeatedly until he gets a reaction. He tried this several times but you weren’t responding. This time, his stress level increased to 99%, and the LED on his head was already burning red.

But he didn’t give up. He continued this process, until finally, you coughed out the water that you had consumed.


The pain all over your body, inside and out, came back as you vomited on the ground.


You looked up and saw Connor looking at you worriedly. His LED was flickering back to back from yellow to red, red to yellow. 


You tried to sit up but that familiar sharp pain on your side prevented you. As you looked down, you noticed that the large shard of glass have been removed from your side, and a large wound was left open as it continuously bleed.

Connor noticed this as well and immediately removed his tie. He proceeded to wrap it around your waist as a makeshift tourniquet to prevent you from bleeding out. As he secured the tie tightly, you grabbed onto his arm, wincing in pain.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered. “I have already called for the ambulance. They’ll be here any minute.” He informed you as he helped you sit up.

“Thank you.” You replied, your voice hoarse from all the water that had entered you lungs. “Where are the androids?” You curiously asked, because even after almost dying, you were still on the job.

“They got away.” Connor replied as he looked down on your wounds worriedly.

You noticed that his LED have turned red again, and you knew what that meant.

He’s stressed.

You placed your hand on his chin and gently pushed it up so he could meet eyes with you. “Hey, I’m fine. You saved me.” You tried to assured him despite your decaying energy, because you knew that if his stress level reached a 100%, he will self destruct. And you really didn’t want that.

“You were dead.” Connor replied. His voice sounded hurt, and it hurt you… seeing him hurt.

“But I’m alive.” You smiled, trying to cheer him up.

Without a warning, he unexpectedly pulled you in his arms. He wrapped his arms tightly around your body as if you were his lifeline. He burried his face on your shoulders, and began to cry.

You were caught off guard by his actions, but even more so when he began to cry. You weren’t aware that androids could cry. You didn’t even think it was possible, even with deviants. But there he was…


Finally, you held him back. But you were unsure of what to say or do. It was the first time this happened to you. And it was the first time you saw Connor like this.

“I’m scared.” He sobbed. “I don’t want to lose you.”

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Suck Suck~ XDSuck Suck~ XD

Suck Suck~ XD

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Oh my RobotSo cute Connor !Oh my RobotSo cute Connor !Oh my RobotSo cute Connor !Oh my RobotSo cute Connor !

Oh my Robot
So cute Connor !

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 From : Detroit Become Human Character : Connor From : Detroit Become Human Character : Connor

From : Detroit Become Human Character : Connor

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