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I- I haven’t uploaded this yet??????????????????anyways evil/eyepatch! Morty is one of my faves sooo

I- I haven’t uploaded this yet??????????????????

anyways evil/eyepatch! Morty is one of my faves sooooo,,,

I’m great at descriptions haha no I’m not

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Hey folks! Technically it’s early AM Friday EST, but no matter–for those learning OpenToonz, enjoy these latest tutorials!

I’ve also linked the previous collection for newcomers, and here’s the playlist of individual sections if that’s more your speed.

I’m traveling for New Years, so I’ll be back with more in 2019–see you then!


I hope everyone has a perfect new year!….more Reikuri drawings coming up! Please follow me if you enjoy Reikuri art! Also follow my instagram @cindayma_anime

Proscenium/Set design concepts for the upcoming production of SpongeBob the Musical at my school

Rainy season

Tbh I draw this like few days ago because it was raining hard that time and I was feeling pretty down even now but raining ease me down

Zine preview for @dr-protag-zine

I did a sticker and 2 piece for the zine please check it out!

Pre order at here

Thank you for having me on the zine! (≡^∇^≡)っ