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(hey hey. this is one of my submissions for @wasicskosgirl​ and her 800 follower celebration! congrats on your milestone, lovely! i wrote this in one sitting, which i rarely ever do, but the idea was immediate and persistent so this happened. i just made some final edits, and it was a lot of fun to do and i hope you all enjoy it!)

Word Count:~1750 

Summary: You have a question for Nathan. He wants reasons. You have a secret weapon.

Warnings: Some language. Innuendo. Smooches. Nathan Bateman. No actual plot, just a thing. Hopefully decently proofread. Superheroes.

with the prompt - “Don’t give me that puppy dog face. How am I supposed to say no to that?”


“This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”

Nathan Bateman glares at you over his glasses. Or, he would if he bothered to actually turn his attention away from the monitors in front of him, which, of course, he does not.

On the other side of the room, you’re stretched out on the bed, on your stomach with your legs bent up and ankles crossed behind you, lazily flipping through a magazine.

For once it’s not a technical journal; you’d finally put your foot down a few months ago, told Nathan you’d had enough of the esoteric mumbo-jumbo he kept all over the house, and after a few pleas and a little please, he’d caved. He might make a case that, until now, these celebrity gossip rags were a worse idea, but he can’t bring himself to do it. As a thank you, you always make sure to hand him his favorite one when you’re done with it.

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Nathan Bateman x Reader

Words: 950

Summary:When your mother has an accident it was no question that you’d go to take care of her. During your time away, Nathan realizes a couple of things he rather not admit.

Nathan got out of the shower, water dripping down his toned back, he let out a sigh.

He was annoyed.

Annoyed with himself and with you.

You had to leave to go back home to your parents. Of course, Nathan couldn’t leave his work behind, so he stayed while you left.

This was two days ago and Nathan already missed you.

The day you left, he was relieved, he often told you how much you annoyed him, how much he wanted to be alone, so it felt like a blessing.

Then, on the third day, everything came down crumbling.

He woke up and realized you were not there, he went downstairs and you weren’t in the kitchen either. You weren’t there to make him breakfast, to annoy him with your terrible jokes, he was just like he used to be, alone.

Nathan was so used to having you there with him. For the last five years, you only left for vacations, but even then, he was with you.

Out of instinct, he yelled for you, “Y/N! Do you know where I put my phone?!” but no answer came.

He missed you, and he was too proud to admit it.

He wanted to call you, text you, anything. He wanted to hear your voice, see your smile.

Fuck, he MISSED you.

And he hated it.

He never wanted to get so attached to anyone. Which is why he had robots. But now, now he had you, now he had someone to miss.

And he hated it.

He hated that he loved you.

Then his phone started ringing. After a good few seconds, he finally found it, and he saw your name across the screen, he immediately picked it up.

“Nate! Hii.” he heard your voice, you were smiling, he could tell.

“Hi.” was all he could say.

“Hi, how are you? I hope you ate and slept well, I did leave you food in the fridge.”

Oh. He didn’t see that.


“Good, look so, Mum fell and twisted her ankle, but since dad has to work I will have to stay a bit longer than I anticipated. So, I guess you’ll get the peace and quiet you wanted.”

“Everything’s perfect…How long will you stay?” he asked although he was rather afraid of the answer.

“About a…month.” Nathan nearly chocked. “But it should be fine, you can get more work done with me gone, just like you said.”

He lied, of course he lied, why did you believe him?

“Yeah. I’ll be able to.” No, he won’t.

“Great, just don’t forget to sleep and eat normally please, I have to go now, okay, text me and I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you.”

“Okay, bye.”

You smiled and put your phone away, this was normal Nathan behaviour, little did you know just how much he missed you.

He couldn't even get one project done.

He couldn't focus. He had way too many emotions in him.

He was lonely, angry, and horny.

Oh, just how horny he was. He was seriously contemplating turning his old machine back on, but he knew you’d leave him if he did. And he would not even dare to do anything that would make you leave him.

He sat in his favourite chair with a beer in hand.

A week passed, then another, and he started to become worse and worse.

Even if you called him almost every day, it wasn’t enough for him.

He missed you too much.

So, he did what he thought to be the second most logical thing after drinking his sorrow away and packed a bag.

“Mum? Would you like something to drink?” you yelled from the kitchen to your mother. Even after two weeks, her ankle started to get a lot better but you decided to stay for Nathan’s sake. He needed the time alone, even if you missed him so much.

“I’m good, Honey, thank you.” she replied from her room. “Did you speak with Nathan today?”

“Not yet, I’ll call him after lunch.”

Then there was a knock on the front door, you dried your hands and headed to see just who it was.

“Nathan?" you were shocked to see your boyfriend in the door. "Wh-”

You wanted to ask why or how was he there but he was quicker as he captured your lips in a kiss. You didn’t even have time to fully process what was happening.

When he pulled back from the kiss, he pulled you in for a hug.

“I missed you too.” you said, smiling. You knew he would never admit it, but his actions spoke louder.

“Who is it Y/N?” asked your mum as she peaked out of her room. “Oh. Sorry.” she said after seeing you two in the doorway, you tried to pull back, but Nathan didn’t let you, he still wanted to hold you, just a bit longer.

Once the two of you finally headed inside, you noticed that Nathan looked tired.

Truth was he found out that he just cannot sleep now without you. He ate the food you left for him, but that wasn’t enough for him to feel better.

He needed you.

So, once he trimmed his beard, shaved his head off and slept, he looked like the man you left behind in that lonely house.

After that even, Nathan never, ever wanted to be separated from you. Maybe just for a couple of days.

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Human Touch Part Nine

Part One|Part Two|Part Three|Part Four|Part Five|Part Six|Part Seven |Part Eight

  • word count: 1.6k
  • rating:M for smut, dirty talk, mentions of daddy kink, phone sex, sexual situations (pls don’t read unless ur 18+!)
  • summary:Nathan leaves for a business trip and you stay at home, but he finds ways to take care of you even when he’s gone. 

a/n:thank you all so much for reading this series! let me know what yall think! thank you to @punkpascaland@sergeantkane as always!! and to @aellynera for yelling at me to post on time!! there’s only one more part after this! if you’ve read all these i really appreciate you!! 


For the first time since the wedding, Nathan has left the compound. He has a business meeting with the board of Bluebook. He’s preparing to launch his latest tech. The smart home device he’s been working on, Etta. You’d have gone with him, but you wanted to let him work. He wanted your company, but he also knew he’d be working, and you’d spend a lot of time alone.

He texts you though, especially during the board meetings. Begging you for a nude selfie.

“Kitten, I already saw that one,” he’d text back. He wants you to take a new one. You play along, but that’s when you get an idea.

You send him a text: Sugar daddy wanted.

He’s quick to write back: Sugar daddy acquired.

You can’t help but giggle when you see his response. You’re curled up in bed, wearing one of his shirts. Because of the time difference, it’s bedtime for you but the afternoon for him.

Text: I’m so bored daddy.

Reply: You need someone to take care of you Kitten?

Text: Please?

Reply: There’s a box in the closet baby, go get it.

You push back the blankets as you step out of the bed with piqued curiosity. You open the closet to see a box the size of a shoebox. Your name is written on the top in Nathan’s all caps handwriting. With the box in hand, you go back over to the bed to see a new text from Nathan telling you not to open it until he gets back to his hotel room.

You want to open it now, but you know he’ll know somehow if you did. So, you slide under the blankets again and drift off. You might as well nap before he’s done with his meeting.

Your phone rings a few hours later, and it’s a facetime call. Happily, you answer to see your husband’s face.

“Hey kitten,” he smiles. He’s leaning back against the headboard of his bed. His shirt is off, and he looks damp from a fresh shower.

“Hi baby,” you smile and turn on a bedside lamp.

“Did I wake you?” he frowns slightly.

“Yes, but it’s ok, I miss you!”

“I miss you kitten,” he rubs his hand over his head. “This shit is so boring.”

You laugh. “How’s it going though?”

“Fine.” He pauses and looks down over the rim of his glasses. “Did you open the box?”

“No,” you smile, holding it up. “You told me not to!”

“Good girl. Open it,” he nods.

Inside the small box are a few objects. The first thing you notice right away is a dildo. You hold it up and he quirks a proud brow.

“You’re gonna use that in a minute kitten,” he tells you, and you can’t see where his hand goes, but he’s starting to lazily stroke his cock.

“Is this the one we made?” you laugh at the memory.

“Oh yeah it is,” he smirks, and lets out a soft whine. He’s thinking about it too.

He’d called you down to his lab one afternoon, he’d been in there all day and you’d not heard from him. So, when he called you it was a surprise, you thought he was going to use you as a guinea pig for his smart home device he’s testing named Etta. He’s getting close to finishing her, and you agreed to help him with the trials. But this wasn’t it.

You walked in the lab, pushed on the glass door, it was cool under your fingertips. Inside the room however, it was quite warm. Warmer than normal. Nathan stood in the middle of the room, hand on his hard cock, pumping himself slowly.

“Nathan?” you laughed and flushed despite coming in here and seeing weirder things. And you’ve done crazier things with him before.

“Good you’re here,” he said.

“What are you doing?”

“Making a mold of my dick. Here,” he tapped the table, indicating for you to hop up on it. “Strip. Let’s go let’s go,” he taps the table quicker.

“Ok ok!” you scoffed a little, but you figured he had a reason. “Why do I need to be naked for you to make a mold of your-“

“I need to stay hard while the mold is on me kitten.” He reached for a tube filled with a solution. Once you were naked, he positioned himself inside the tube. He let out a soft gasp at the change of temperature and focused in on you. “Ok, go.” He nodded his head at you.

“Pardon?” you started to step off the counter when he winced again.

“Touch yourself baby, please.”

You wanted to gloat, but you didn’t want to ruin his project. But then, you thought maybe some gloating might turn him on a little.

You were shy the first and second time he asked you to touch yourself in front of him, but by now you’d gotten quite good at putting on a show for your husband. He moaned watching your fingers move.

“How long do you have to stay hard for?”

“Five minutes. But it’s not so easy when this thing is fuckin’ cold.”

You kept going. And you were seconds away from coming when Nathan’s timer went off. He gently pulled himself out of it and reached for you.

“Oh no, you are not touching me until that stuff is off you.”

He promptly ignored you and shoved your hand away. He knelt on the ground and buried his face in between your legs. His moans and beard added to your pleasure, and you came when you heard him groan deeply. He came untouched, his cum dripped onto the floor and down his length.

You’d not seen the dildo until now that it’s in your hands.

“Fuck, I wish I was there to push it into you,” Nathan sighs. “But since you can’t have the real me-“

You smile and set the dildo on the bed next to you. You continue going through the box. Inside there’s a bottle of lube, some new lingerie, and a small scrap of paper. It has information about picking up something tomorrow.

“Make sure you’re awake, you can’t miss this delivery,” he tells you over the phone. “Now, please baby. Can I see you?”

You pull off your shirt, and he groans.

“Fuck look at you. Do they miss me?”

You purse your lips together, wanting to roll your eyes at his joke, but yes- yes you miss him touching your tits. So, so badly.

“I’m not going to dignify that with an answer,” you grin.

“So that’s a yes then. Ok, baby, touch ‘em. Please, fuck.”

His hand slides up and down his cock in full view of you while you touch your chest for him. You do everything he asks, but you start to tell him what to do as well.

Soon you’ve got the dildo ready and he moans louder than you when you slide it in. It’s strange to feel it, because you know it’s not him, but you can tell it was made from him. It fills you just the same.

“How’s it feel baby?”

“Thick,” you moan, clenching around it. “But I miss your warmth,” you tell him honestly. And you do, you miss his heat, not just physically, but the passion. It’s there now, only virtual.

“Remember when we used to have phone sex when you still lived at home? And start moving that that kitten.”

You moan doing as he asks and tell him yes you remember.

“I tried to hide my posters of you from you,” you laugh then moan again.

“Posters? Plural? Oh fuck!”

“Are you about to come from that?” you can’t help but giggle.

“Fuck, you were so cute when you were all shy and crushing on me.”

That pulled a moan from you.

“You like that kitten? Remember when you were so shy? Fuck, you let me take your virginity baby.”

You want to watch him, but you throw your head back, squeezing your eyes shut.

“Look at me kitten,” he demands, and you open your eyes. “Come. Now,” his voice drops, and you can’t help but relax and let your body release. He watches you in delight squeeze around the gift he made you. It sends him over, and it’s your turn to delight in the pleasure look on his face, and his cum on his tight stomach.

“I miss you,” you gasp, catching your breath.

“Fuck, me too baby. But that was sexy as fuck,” he grins, and you nod in agreement. “Now, go back to sleep baby. Don’t forget about that delivery tomorrow.”

You set an alarm as soon as you get off the phone with him. When you’ve cleaned up and curled back in bed, you smile wondering what on earth he could have sent you.

The next morning you wake and get dressed to see about the delivery. You make the small walk to the field where the helicopter comes with your weekly deliveries of food and whatever else the two of you need.

The pilot hands you a box, and it says not to open until you get back to the compound.

But you can hear what’s inside before you do.

You gasp softly and walk quickly back to the compound and open the box as soon as you step inside, and the door is closed behind you.

Inside is a little black kitten. He has on a little blue collar, and the name tag says “Prometheus.” He’s a little jumpy from being flown in, but before you know it, he’s happy and exploring around his new home.

You pick him up and cuddle him and give him a kiss on his little head. With him in your arms, you look in side the box again. There’s a towel and another note.

All it says is “a kitten for my kitten.”

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Human Touch Part Eight

Part One|Part Two|Part Three|Part Four|Part Five|Part Six |Part Seven

  • word count: 3.4k
  • rating:M for smut, dirty talk, hurt/comfort (pls don’t read unless ur 18+!)
  • summary:You and Nathan go on a camping trip in your backyard.

a/n:thank you all so much for reading this series! let me know what yall think! thank you to @punkpascal​​ and @sergeantkane​​​ as always!!

Nathan bolts upright in his sleep. His gasp for air wakes you. He’s up and out of the bed before you can ask him what’s wrong. His feet carry him fast across the floor into the bathroom. He doesn’t even close the door all the way before he’s turning on the shower and stepping inside.

You can’t help but worry, so you quietly get up and walk into the bathroom.

“Nathan?” no answer.

You turn the corner and see him sitting on the shower floor. He didn’t even fully undress. His boxers are sticking to his wet thighs. He’s covering his head with his arms.

“Nathan?” you touch the top of his head and he looks up at you. His eyes red from crying. “What’s going on? The dream again?”

He nods.

He struggles to turn his mind of, with you at his side it helps. But it’s not a permanent solution. Sometimes, most times it’s good. That mind of his needs to be working. But there’s a negative side. Nightmares plague his mind. Not often, but often enough it’s troubling to him.

His most frequent one involves you dying at the hand of his AI. Him stuck behind a glass door watching as you fall, covered in your own blood.

“Ok baby, stand up.” You reach for his arm and ‘pull’ him up. There’s no way you can pull him, but he stands up with you. You peel off his shorts, and you take off your sleep shirt. You shove him under the spray and grab his beard wash. You lather it up good and dig your fingers into his beard. He sighs heavily, he’s beginning to relax.

“You had to strip me naked to wash my beard?” he quips.

“There he is,” you grin and kiss his shoulder. “Let’s go for a walk tomorrow ok? Get some fresh air.”

“Yeah,” he nods. “I have those fucked dreams when I overwork.”

“I know,” you nod gently. “Fresh air will do you good. Get out of the house for the day.”

The next morning Nathan is up bright and early. He wakes you up with kisses before the sun’s come up.

“Rise and shine!” he bounces off the bed and throws a pair of your jeans on the bed.

“Someone’s in a good mood,” your eyes creak open and you snort out a soft laugh. “Do you need to go for a walk, boy?” you tease.

“Stop,” he shakes his head. “Maybe I’ll reconsider my plans of taking you up against a tree.”

“No please! Anything but that!” you giggle and throw the blankets back.

While you get dressed, he talks. He’s packed backpacks for you both, and he throws you a piece of fruit for breakfast.

“It might be chilly this morning, so take one of my jackets,” he looks at you softly. You have plenty of jackets, but he likes seeing you in his. “Pick your favorite,” he tells you and you walk right over to his closet and grab the one you always grab. It’s the warmest. It’s also his favorite so it smells like him.

“Ready?” he asks while you pull on his jacket.

“Ready,” you loop your arm with his and you step out the back door together.

He’s better at hiking than you are. If he could he’d sprint up the cliffs and see if he could beat his time. But he likes walking with you. It’s slower, but he can appreciate the view. It’s a gorgeous day.

“Are you just talking about my ass?”

“Maybe,” he grabs a handful causing you to squeal. “It really is a beautiful day.”

“It’s a little chilly for my taste though,” you shiver when a gust of wind blows. You shove your hands in the jacket pockets and you feel a small velvety box. “Nathan?” you pull it out. You stand frozen in the middle of the trail, he’s a few steps ahead of you when he turns.

“Open it.”

You click the box open to find a beautiful diamond ring.

“What’s this for?” you gasp softly.

“Well, you – kitten,” he smiles softly. “Will you marry me?” he comes closer taking the ring out of the box.


He puts the ring on your finger and kisses your fingertips. “I’m gonna need an answer kitten.”

“We’re married you goofball! We have been for like three weeks now!” you laugh.

“I know, but I wanted you to have this. I completely forget to take it with me when we got married.”

“How long have you had this?”

His eyes get a little wide and he clears his throat. You swear he’s blushing. His cheeks are pink from the wind, but that’s not it.

“Like a week….after…”

“After what?”

“We met,” he bites his lip, his face is really red now and it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.

“Nathan,” your throat feels tight and you put your hand on his chest. His heart is thudding rapidly under your palm. “You secret romantic.”

“I knew what I wanted,” he shrugs. “So, that’s a yes?”

You shake your head laughing, but you give him a resounding yes.

“Good, I was scared there for a minute,” he leans in to kiss your lips. Then again. Then one more time.

“What about you?”

“What about me?” he cocks his head.

“You need a ring!”

“I was going to make one.” He takes your hand in his and you start walking again. He tells you about the plan he has for his ring, and why he didn’t make yours. How he would have spent too long on the details and it was easier to buy one than to agonize over it. You smile listening to him ramble. He’s excited.

“Well, I love it,” you tell him, outstretching your hand to look at it. When you reached back for him, you took a wrong step and your foot slips between to rocks. “Nathan, my foot! It’s stuck! I think I twisted my ankle!!” you scream louder than you mean to, but the pain and sudden falling scared you.

He whips around and reaches for you, “Ok, whoa, hold still for a second. Let me help you out.” He’s very calm, he doesn’t panic. His hands steadies your teetering body as checks you’re alright.

“I can’t move it!” you start to panic.

“Hey, whoa,” he gently cups your face. “Stay with me, I need you to stay calm. It’s gonna be ok. Let me help you.”

“Ok ok,” you lean into his touch. “It really hurts,” you hiss out in pain. “Sorry I ruined this hike.”

“Don’t worry about it, ok? I know it hurts, I’m gonna help,” he brushes your cheek. “It’s gonna be ok.” He kneels then to check your ankle his hands steady on your leg. “Put your hands on my shoulder- keep your balance.”

He carefully moves one of the rocks aside, and you cry out when your ankle is free.

“I know, baby,” he rubs his thumb gently over your swollen ankle. It’s dirty and there’s a scrape from the rock when you slipped in.

“What now?” you wince.

“Let’s see if you can put weight on it first. If not, I’ll carry you back.”

“You are not carrying me down this mountain Nathan Bateman,” you grunt trying to steady yourself. His hands are on you, keeping you steady. You have your hurt foot up; it hurts too much to step on it. “I- I don’t think I can put weight on it.”

“It’s ok, baby. Let’s get you home, ok?” he wraps his arm around your waist and holds your hand with his other. “Walk with me ok? One step at a time.”

He walks in tandem with you for the rest of hike down. His hands are strong in guiding you, making sure not to let you slip. You squeeze his arm tight when it gets slippery, but he never lets you fall.

“Did you just flex your arm?”

“Maybe,” his eyes flick over to yours and he looks forward quickly. “I coulda carried you, ya know.”


“Have a little faith, baby, I know you’ve checked me out when I lift,” he smirks. And yeah, he could carry you. But his arms would have fatigued from the length of the journey. You kiss his cheek; it means everything he cares enough to even think about that.

“You like when I check you out,” you bury your face in his shoulder.

“You know I do.” Smirk. “Gets me hot.”

“Ok focus up baby, don’t get hard out here when you can’t do anything about it,” you giggle.

“Hey, I’m trying to distract you,” he chuckles softly. “I can function with my cock a little hard, I’m not a teenager.”

“distract away then. If you think you can make it,” you tease him.

“I was looking forward to you letting me fuck you up against the tree at the top. Or at least let me finger fuck you. Shit, I’m addicted to your pussy.”

“That was what I wanted too, but then I slipped and well, here we are,” you groan softly. “Now I’m thinking about your fingers.”

“I’ll give you my fingers when we get home and get some ice on that ankle, how does that sound? If you’re feeling up for it,” he teases back.

Walking with him is nice, despite the pain in your ankle. He keeps the mood light and makes corny jokes and promises of pleasure when you get home.

“My ankle is hurt not the rest of me!” you snort. “I’m not looking forward to the ankle wrap. It’s really hurting.”

“I know, but it’ll help you heal baby. Will you let me at least carry you through the front door? Since we’re officially married now?”

“Nathan!” you laugh but you let him. He holds you for one second and then sets you down- just enough to cross over the front step.

“Alright, let’s get you taken care of yeah?”

You can’t help but cling to his jacket sleeve a little too tight. He turns when he feels your tug.

“I know, baby. It’s gonna be ok. You could put a little weight on it, so I don’t think it’s broken, it just needs to rest a little bit. I’ll get you some painkillers and then we’ll get that ankle wrapped.” He kisses your forehead, and he wraps his arms around you again to help you walk through the house.

“I’m sorry I’m being such a baby. Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

“It’s ok, cuz you’re my baby,” he chuckles softly. “I’m always gonna take care of you, baby. It’s part of the husband package.”

“I like the husband package,” you laugh, but the moment the words come out of your mouth you laugh for a different reason. “Don’t say it, I know you’re thinking it. Don’t say it!”

“I know you like my package,” he pumps his eyebrows. “I’m sorry! You can’t just set me up like that and expect me not to say it!” he laughs out loud. You like when he laughs, he’s freer. More relaxed. You’d been worried you ruined the day by falling, but he doesn’t seem bothered at all.

“Ok,” you take a deep breath. You’re sitting on the edge of the bed. He’s carefully taken your shoes and socks off, and slowly peeled down your jeans. He was extra careful about your ankle. “I’m ready,” you tell him.

With warm water he cleans the dirt off and disinfects the scrape. You recoil but he’s stronger than you.

“I know kitten.” He kisses your knee and your shin before he starts wrapping your ankle. “Let me know if it’s too tight?”

You watch him as he wraps you up. His smooth fingertips brush your skin. It’s calming. He’s entirely focused on wrapping your ankle and you can’t help but smile at the way his brow creases in concentration.

Having him take care of you, and the image of him kneeling in front of your spread legs is getting you hot for him. The moment he’s done, you grab his hand.

“Nathan?” You put his hand between your legs, and he starts to rub you through your underwear. “I need you here.”

“Fuck, you went from concerned to horny so fast…”

“You’ve taken such good care of me and you mentioned fingerfucking- oh-“ you throw your head back on a sigh as his fingers press a little harder. He slides your panties down your legs and spread you open for him.

“I’ll definitely give you my fingers, baby. Still ok?” he looks up at you after he pulled your panties off your legs.

“I just can’t move my foot.”

“Try and sit still, let daddy work. Where do you need my mouth and fingers, baby? I wanna hear you say it.”

“I want your fingers in me.”

“Where kitten? In your mouth?” he slips two fingers in your mouth and you moan around him. He leans down and presses a gentle kiss to your clit, and you gasp around his fingers. “Fuck, I love the way you taste.”

“Wait,” you moan and pull his hand away. “Put my leg over your shoulder, it’s hard not to move it.”

He kisses your thigh as he lifts your thigh over his shoulder. He’s gentle not to aggravate your hurt ankle. But this position is much more comfortable.


“Yes,” you giggle, “please keep going.”

“Eager?” he teases and slips his fingers now into your heat. His mouth closes around your clit and he sucks hard while his fingers curl in deep. “Feel better baby?”

Your moan is your answer, and he smiles.

“Fuck, you taste amazing.”

“How many times have you eaten me out and you still say that?”

“Because it’s true,” he moans licking your heat. He moves his fingers so he can get a better taste, and he puts his fingers back in your mouth. He chokes out a groan when you suck on his fingers, his dick aching with need from feeling you.

“Right there!” you gasp around his fingers, and he repeats the motion with his lips. His beard tickles your thighs, and he chuckles softly when you hit your high.

“Feel better kitten?” he asks when he pulls off you. He gently lowers your leg and kisses your knee again. He unzips his pants, and you watch him pump his cock with his wet fingers.

“You need me baby?” you sit up, but he presses his hand to your chest. He gently pushes you back down.

“Let me take care of you? Yeah?” he stands to lower his pants and he lines himself up with your entrance. He stays standing while you lay on your back. His hands grab your thighs, and he pushes in slowly. You both groan as he slides in all the way. His hand stays on your injured leg, so you won’t move it, but he lets you wrap your other leg around him. His free thumb presses onto your sensitive clit and he doesn’t stop touching you until you’re pulsing around him. He knows how to drag it out, and he has the endurance to do so, but right now he wants to come fast and hard. So that’s what he does.

He moans louder than you when hits his high.

“Nathan, you came so hard,” you giggle watching him. “You’re turned on by the wedding ring, aren’t you?”

“Fuck,” his cock jumps again inside you. Your laugh mixes with a moan.

“You are full of surprises,” you sit up and press a kiss to his shoulder.

“And you’re full of me,” he hums. He kisses the top of your head before he pulls out. “You want me to draw you a bath baby girl?”

“I’d love that,” you sigh.

“I’ve got something I need to work on, so I’ll let you bathe in peace yeah?”

“You better not- Nathan! You need an off day!”

“It’s not what you think woman!” he kisses your cheek. He adjusts himself in his pants and leaves to start you a bath. He helps you in the tub, and he disappears to work on his secret project.

You soak for a long while, it feels amazing and soothes your aches. He wanders back in a little while later just in time to help you out, so you won’t fall.

“I have a surprise for you,” he says grabbing a towel and wrapping it tight around you. He sets down a stack of clothes for you, which includes some fresh underwear, some sweatpants, and one of his shirts.

“What have you been up to?”

“Get dressed and you’ll see,” he smiles. He helps you step into your clothes and it pricks at your heart how gentle he is.

Once you’re ready, he guides you down the hall to one of the rooms in the house that’s not being used for anything currently. He covers your eyes with his hands and when he moves them, you see there’s a tent set up on the floor with sleeping bags. There’s a little lantern on the floor illuminating the space, and you see a package of marshmallows and chocolate for s’mores. It was your original plan before you slipped and fell.

“Nathan!” you gasp looking at all of it.

“I thought I’d bring the campsite to you,” he smiles and motions for you to come sit on one of the sleeping bags.

He walks over to a laptop he has set up and you start to scold him, but he pouts.

“Just one thing, let me do just one thing!” he laughs and punches in a quick code. The ceiling then lights up with stars and a soft hue of Aurora Borealis. “I wanted to do this on the deck, but it’s raining. Guess it ended up better we were here after all.”

“It’s perfect,” you smile.

“Now,” he sits down next to you. “How do you want your marshmallows?”

“How are you cooking them??”

He flicks out a lighter and holds it under a marshmallow he has ready on a wire coat hanger.


“How do you want your marshmallow?” he’s rotating the stick over the lighter.

“Like you.”

“Like me?”

“Golden brown and gooey on the inside.”

He closes his eyes and clicks off the lighter. He sighs and looks at you with a cocked brow for a solid 20 seconds.

“I fuckin’ hate how adorable that was even though that was a terrible joke babe. One Nathan marshmallow coming right up-“

“So, you don’t deny it.”

“Deny what?” he asks while he starts cooking the marshmallow.

“That you’re gooey on the inside.”

“I am perfectly golden brown,” he grins, “but yeah ok I’m gooey for you. Only you though.”

He makes your s’more and hands it to you while he starts on his own.

“I like mine burnt to a crisp,” he states, sticking his tongue in the corner of his mouth while he burns the marshmallow.

“Please don’t burn the house down,” you tell him while you bite into the sweet treat.

“There’s a sprinkler system, it’s fine.”

He makes his s’more and eats it happily. You watch him devour it and you can’t help but laugh at him.

“Good?” you giggle.

“I haven’t had one of these in forever,” he says shoving his hand in the bag to get another marshmallow out.

Before he starts to cook it, you lean up and kiss his cheek. He turns to look at you, his eyes soft.

“Thank you for taking care of me today. And for all this,” you cuddle into him.

“It’s what I’m supposed to do,” he says. “That reminds me-“ he reaches into his sweats pocket and pulls out a little ring. “Made this too,” he hands it to you.

“What’s it made of?” You ask holding it in your palm. It’s silver.

“A leftover piece from one of the AI. A reminder.” He holds his hand out to you, telling you to slide the ring on his finger. He kisses your lips; his kisses taste sweet. There’s chocolate in the corner of his mouth.

“I love you,” you tell him when you pull apart. “Even though you have marshmallow stuck on your beard.”

“I love you,” he replies, “even though you made a really lame joke,” he winks.

You curl back into him as he starts again on his next s’more. Besides from your twisted ankle, this night couldn’t be more perfect.

This time he just pops the marshmallow in his mouth. His mouth is full, but he still asks, “So round two in the tent?”

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Human Touch Part Seven

Part One|Part Two|Part Three|Part Four|Part Five |Part Six

  • word count: 4.5k
  • rating:M for smut, dirty talk, slight mentions of violence and cheating (pls don’t read unless ur 18+!)
  • summary:You go see Nathan after his accident, and an old flame rekindles. 

a/n:thank you all so much for reading this series! let me know what yall think! thank you to @punkpascal​ and @sergeantkane​​ as always!!

You call the hospital, pleading with them to give you information if he’s ok. But all you hear is a loud click. This is the only time that Nathan’s fame bothers you. It makes you sick to think that people want to know if he’s ok for their gossip mags. You feel guilt, and that gnawing raw feeling deep in your gut that only he gave you.

For the next few weeks, you keep tabs on him. Your wedding is in less than a month, and you’ve spent more time stalking the internet for info on your ex than you have with your own wedding. But all the work is being done for you. Jack seems to be more involved in it than you.

All you can think about is Nathan. You suppose that’s a bad thing, right before your wedding. But you want to know he’s alright. He could have died thinking you hate him. And while you did for some time, you don’t anymore. If you’re being totally honest you kind of hated him even when you were together. He drove you insane sometimes, but you miss that.

As soon as you get the word Nathan has been sent home, you call your cousin up.

“Aren’t you getting married in a week?”

Yes, yes you are. But you need to see him. You tell her that you need to get a way for just a day or two, that the stress of the wedding is too much. She agrees to let you come up, and you plan to fly back to the states together.

It’s been so long since you got lost and showed up soaking wet at Nathan’s door. This time, you dress for the occasion. Your best little black dress. Sleek heels. You do your hair, makeup, and wear the perfume that used to drive him wild. You’re not entirely sure why you do this, but deep down you know. You just won’t admit it. You want him to admit he fucked up. You want him to want you back.

So, when you knock on his door, you yourself feel a little thrill. But the nerves hit. You haven’t spoken to him in at least two years, and neither of you got closure from the situation. You’re about to reopen a wound that’s barely healed.

Or maybe not – he’s not answering the door.

You start to bang on it, you know he’s home. The lights are on.

“Nathan! Open up!”

When the door finally opens, you’re greeted with Nathan, his face one of surprise, but it quickly turns to a scowl.

”I know I am the last person you want to see right now but-“

“What? What do you want?” he cuts you off. You think of all the things you want to tell him. To ask him. You want to apologize; you want him to apologize. You want to know if he’s ok. But that’s not what comes out.

“Ok I know things ended badly, but I’m getting married next week and-“ you grab him and kiss him deeply. Your tongue delves into his mouth, and he quickly deepens the kiss himself. “I need you.” You tell him, you’re breathless.

“You’re gonna regret this, baby,” he grabs your ass and pulls you to him, and somehow manages to close the door behind you both.

“Make me regret it,” you moan into him. Damn, you’ve missed this. This is the raw passion you’ve been missing. His strong arms hold you tight and he backs you into a wall. His hands are on your dress, already quick to hike it up over your hips.

With the quirk of a brow, he looks at you when he sees you’re without underwear. Ok, maybe this is what you wanted.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ ruin you, baby.” He sucks on your neck as he wraps your legs around his waist. His teeth almost hurt, but it’s a good pain, you wouldn’t trade it for anything. “You shouldn’t even be near here. Near me.”

“Please, I’m begging you,” you whine. You didn’t mean to sound this desperate but now that his hands and mouth are on you it just comes out. You claw at his shirt, wanting him to take it off. You need his skin on yours. He pulls back to tug it off, and in the process, he rips your dress open. This frees your bare chest, and he grabs your tits with a fiery aggression. He squeezes them and bites on your shoulder.

His chest is heaving, and the truth spills out.

“I missed you so fuckin’ much, you know that? No one takes my cock quite as well as you do.”

You hate that he’s right, and it only makes you wetter for him.

“No one gives it like you do,” you tell him, moaning trying to get him to push himself inside. You’re desperate, aching.

“Damn right.” He lightly smacks your clit, and you cry out. “I’m the only one who fucks this pussy right.”

“Please!” you buck your hips trying to urge him on. “I need you!”

He finally gives you what you want and thrusts into you hard. He fills you so well, and you choke out a gasp. He’s so proud of himself, he can’t let this moment slip by.

“Oh, you always take me so well kitten,” he grunts shifting his position and hitting you deeper. “This is my pussy, isn’t it? You love it when I fuck this tight pussy? Say it.”

“Nathan!” you dig your nails into his back, and he buries his face into your neck.

“Say it.”

“I love it when you fuck this tight pussy!” you scream as he rubs his thumb over your clit. He’s giving it hard, but you need it. You need all of him. And he fuckin’ knows it.

“Yeah, I can tell how much you love it,” he growls. “You love having my big cock inside you, don’t you? I bet your little fuck toy fiancé can’t fill you nearly as well as I do, does he?”

“No,” you gasp, “only you. I belong to you.”

“Good girl, fuck!” his head falls on your shoulder, he rubs your clit harder to match his heavy thrusts. “I want you to come for me and show me just how good you can be. Okay kitten?”

You whine and claw at him, “I’m so close, please! Let me come!”

“Do it. Come all over my fucking cock.”

With the sound of his voice and the press of his thumb, you find your release. It’s white hot and intense, and your lower back cramps from the intensity of your squeezing around him. You gasp for air and grunt while he still pushes into you. He’s chasing his high and you want him to hit it.

“FUCK! Fuck, can I come inside you?” his voice is full of need, he’s not above begging to fill you up.

“Do it,” you say back to him. “I want all of you.” And that’s the truth.

“Fuck, fuck. That’s it. Oohhh. Oh shit, you take my cum so well,” he chuckles and kisses your cheek. Your bodies still but your chests heave together.

“He doesn’t - not like this.” In fact, he’s never given you such pleasure. It’s only ever about him.

“Poor baby, you’ve been neglected, haven’t you?” He smirks kissing you again. “Your thin dick fiancé can’t take care of you properly, hmm?”

“Nathan you wouldn’t believe, he- he just doesn’t- You know exactly what to do to get me soaked,” you sigh and flutter around him when he pulls out.

“I know you. More than just sexually.”

You nod, he truly does.

“Fuck we made a mess,” he grins and sets you down on the floor. Your knees tremble and your dress is torn around your waist. Nathan’s slick is sliding down your thighs. “Come on,” he hands you his shirt off the floor, and he pulls your torn-to-shreds dress off your body.

You follow him down the familiar maze of his home into your bedroom. You sit down on the bed and he disappears into the bathroom. He returns with a rag to clean you up, and when he’s finished, he lays down beside you. He curls up close to you and kisses your neck before he gets settled.

It’s quiet for a while. You just hold each other in silence. It’s nice. A still moment with him is what you’ve been missing.

He breaks the silence with a sigh, then comes the question you’ve been waiting for.

”Do… do you love him?”

Tears well up in your eyes, and you feel your chest tighten. Nathan’s calm, but you know he’s dying for an answer.

“I- I don’t know anymore. I started dating him after we broke up because well, he wasn’t you. And now that’s- that’s the problem. He’s safe.  But he’s boring. And he only cares about himself.”

It’s as if you’re just now realizing what you’ve known all along.

“Don’t marry him.” It’s not a plea, it’s not a demand. It’s a casual statement. But when he buries his face in your neck that tells you how he really feels. “I know we didn’t part on the best of terms, but… fuck, I’ve missed you.”

“Really? I- I mean I know we just angry fucked – But I thought you would never wanna see me again. Especially after what I did to you. We both did stupid things.”

“Baby I missed you the whole time. Didn’t you know? I was angry and scared because I was in love with you and it just seemed better to let you go then to end up hurting you.” He sighs pulling you in closer, his lips press softly into your skin. “But then cuz I was an asshole I hurt you and pushed you out.”

“I know, I think I always knew.”

“And he’s cheating on you anyways.”


“Oh shit, that’s right. You never saw the texts. I told you everything.”

You sit up and look down at him laying in the bed. He’s so gorgeous, it’s as if you’ve forgotten. You’re still that girl with a crush on him.

“I ignored the texts cuz I was mad at you over the AI. He’s really cheating on me?”

“I know,” he smiles sadly. “I’m onto new tech now though. Smart Home Devices. But yeah, shit baby, I’m sorry I had to be the one to tell you. I stalked him online,” he clears his throat. “You know-“

“Cuz you were jealous,” you giggle and lean down to kiss the grey spot on his head.

“Ok, yeah fuck it I was. I wanted to see who I lost you to. But then it was pretty obvious he was cheating, and I tried to let you know, but you never answered.”

“I’m sorry about that, by the way. For not answering.”

“I’m sorry I did all that behind your back.”

“It’s just- if I had been here,” you start to sniffle. You look down at the scar on his chest, and it makes your heart pound. “What if something had happened, and I never got to tell you…” you wipe your tears on your sleeve. “Are you okay?” You reach out and touch the scar on his chest. His skin chills from your touch, but he’s still, he lets you touch him.

“I’m not okay without you. But yeah, I’m fine. Couple scars.”

“And what did you mean earlier? When you said you were in love with me? Was? Does this mean you aren’t in love with me anymore? What am I even doing here? I don’t know what to do anymore. Everyone has been making decisions for me. No one cares about what I want.”

“Hey, easy kitten.” That familiar nickname. “No, I… I’m still in love with you.” He sits up to cup your face, forcing you to look at him. “I want you to choose. if you want to stay… I want to be better for you. But I want you to make the choice yourself.”

“Nathan, I- the fact that you want me to choose is making me want to stay.”

“Then stay,” he strokes your cheek with his thumb. “But only if it’s what you think is best for you.”

“You’re what’s best for me, no one has cared for me like you do. And no one gets under my skin like you do either,” you lean up to kiss his lips. “Listen to me right now Nathan. If I do this, if I call off that wedding, you have to promise me right now some changes will be made around here. For both of us.”

“I promise. I swear. Name it and it’s done.”

“I’m not telling you to stop drinking, but go easy ok? You scare me sometimes when you overdo it.”

“Done. Truth be told, if I have you, I won’t really need to drink. Being with you… it quiets my mind. What else?”

“I wanna be the only one. If you need to, I don’t know, fuck one of the AI’s for some science thing that’s fine, just tell me about it and don’t lie to me. But if it’s for you to blow off steam? Come get me. Ok?”

“You’re the only pussy I want, I promise. And I’m done with them. Could never get them wet and warm like you,” he winks and pulls you into his arms. “You’re all I need.”

“And last thing….I need you to help me think of a way to tell my family and my fiancé this whole thing is off,” you wince at the thought. Either way you’re breaking it off with Jack because he’s cheating but bringing Nathan back after having just slept with him means you cheated too. “Because I technically cheated on him with you,” you say aloud.

“Nah, kitten. You decided it was over with him the moment you came out here. Fuck having cold feet, you were done.”

“You’re right,” you sigh, you couldn’t admit it to yourself, but he sees right through you. He always has.

“I know,” he grins.

“Ugh you ass,” you shove his chest.

“Ow, my scar!” he flops back dramatically on the bed. You play along and kiss all over his face.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here.”

“I’m not. What if you had gotten hurt? I’d never forgive myself. I was already a damn mess after you left.”

You can’t curl into him any closer, but it doesn’t stop you from trying. His warmth is so comforting. The smell of his soap on his skin. The expensive beard oil. You’ve missed rubbing that into his beard. Everything about being close to him reminds you that this is right, this is what you want. He is who you want.

“What about the wedding? It’s next week,” you sigh. The thought fills you with dread having to cancel everything.

“What if you went through with it? And then I come in and crash the wedding,” he chuckles. “Always wanted to crash a wedding.”

“Wait, that’s not a bad idea,” you giggle.

“We can do anything you want, baby. Hell, I’ll crash your wedding and be your groom if you want.”

“Did you- did you just say what I thought you said?” you sit up to look at him, you want to read the expression on his face. His eyes are serious, but there’s a slight smile on his lips, he nibbles on his lip.

“If you wanted. I know we’ve never talked about that, but… I’d like to. I wouldn’t mind getting hitched,” he shrugs, but you know he means it.

“I thought you didn’t believe in marriage,” you feel tears welling up in your eyes. This changes everything.

“People assume that,” he chuckles sitting up, his hands rub your thighs. “I’m not opposed. And if it would make you happy, then why the hell not?”

“I want that more than anything!” you lean forward to kiss him, and he leans back pulling you with him. His thumb strokes your back while you kiss his cheeks and lips.

“Then let’s get married. I wanna make you Mrs. Bateman,” he hums kissing you and he squeezes your hip.

“You’re gonna hate Jack,” you laugh realizing they’ll have to meet at some point.

“He’ll hate me when he realizes I’m stealing his fiancé.”

“I can’t believe I was going to marry him. I felt like I had to. I was mad at you, and I thought that would be my way to get back at you by saying yes, even though I felt pressured. I don’t know what made me come back here to you, but I’ll spend the rest of my life glad I did.”

“You came back because I’m irresistible,” he gives you a playful look. “I’m glad you came. I’m so glad you’re back. I want you to make your own decisions, so… I really hope you don’t feel like you have to marry me.”

“No, I want to. I want to marry you. I want you in my life. You respect me enough to make my own decisions. And you know where my g-spot is.”

He snorts out a laugh, “Ahhh, yes, my primary function as your future husband. Honestly wouldn’t mind if you just used me like a glorified sex toy. That’d probably be hot.”

You smile and kiss him again. You can’t seem to stop, and you don’t want to. He wraps his arms around you and your legs tangle between the sheets. He pushes into you slowly, your bodies mold together and it’s everything you could want.

“I can’t wait to crash your wedding,” he muses. You laugh imaging the chaos.

“You can’t wait to make a scene, can you?”

“Kitten, I am the scene.”

“What am I getting myself into?” you laugh.

You fall asleep in his arms that night and leaving his warmth the next morning is one of the hardest things you do.

“It’s just a few more days kitten,” he reassures you. And you know that but having him and then leaving is worse than you could have imagined.

Now you have to go back and pretend you’re excited to marry Jack. The excitement part is easy, you are excited about getting married, just not to Jack. You almost feel guilty, living this lie. But then you remember Jack has been cheating on you this entire time.

You went back and read the texts Nathan sent you on your flight home. Some of them broke your heart. Some of them were genuinely funny and he was trying to make you laugh. Anger burned in you when you found the texts about Jack. It was plain as day and you felt stupid, you’d missed it. You know all these women and it makes so much sense. There’d be nights when he was gone and had no excuse to be out of the house.

You don’t blame Nathan for fucking one of his AI’s. He was stressed and overwhelmed with love for you he panicked. Sure, it was a dick move, and he wasn’t thinking straight. But he knew it was wrong and apologized for it. Over and over. He’d tell you later that after you left, he couldn’t get off like he could when he was with you. The AI fucking was over, and after one almost killed him, he gave it up.

But Jack is flat out cheating on you and has been lying about it for years. He had the nerve to propose to you while he had women on the side. You feel so stupid.

You’re out of it during the rehearsal dinner. You pay attention to nothing during the actual rehearsal. Nathan is going to be there tomorrow and break it all up. You feel those butterflies thinking about him coming to save you.

He’s nervous. He’s barely talked to you, but you know why. This is a big change for him, but one he’s ready to embrace. He’s not one to back down from a challenge.

You wake up the day of your wedding with a text from Nathan. All it says is “good morning.”

If there was any doubt he wouldn’t show up, this blew them all away. He’ll be there.

You just don’t know when.

It changes everything. When you put on your dress, all your bridesmaids and family comment on how you’re glowing and radiant. You got this dress with Nathan in mind, you can’t wait for him to see you in it.

There’s a tremble in your step as you’re escorted down the aisle. No one knows the secret you’re hiding.

It’s at this moment you start to get anxious. You don’t know when he’ll interrupt. What if he backs out and you have to leave Jack in the middle of the ceremony?

Jack takes your hands; your heartbeat is rapid and sweat is on your palms. This isn’t the man you want, and it’s taking all of your willpower to not turn and look for Nathan.

The minister opens his mouth to speak when you hear a loud “STOP.”

Everyone else turns with shock to see Nathan at the end of the aisle, but you- you’re beaming, and tears fall down your cheeks.

His expression is soft, his eyes look like they’re about to spill over with tears. You’ve never seen him look so handsome. His beard is trimmed, he’s in tight grey slacks and a crisp white dress shirt. The sleeves are rolled up on his forearms, and you want to eat him alive he looks so good.

You waste no time running down the aisle to him. His arms open ready to catch you in a hug when you leap for him. He chuckles when your bodies touch- the air knocked out of him.

“Hey gorgeous,” he kisses your cheek. “You ready?” he asks stroking your cheek softly.

You nod and he takes your hand.

“Don’t look back.”

You take his hand; he squeezes it tight and you walk out front where a sleek black car is waiting for you. It takes you into town to the justice of the peace. The two of you thought this was simpler – and more appropriate than crashing a wedding and taking it over for your own. And as much as Nathan likes to make a scene, a smaller ceremony is more his speed.

“You look beautiful,” he tells you as you walk inside. He can’t take his eyes off you.

“Just don’t rip this one in half,” you snort out a laugh taking his arm.

“Baby, I’ll buy you a new one,” he pretends to pout.

When you reach the office, you gasp to see a handful of your immediate family standing there waiting for you.

“How did you-“ you gape looking around at them all.

“Called your family ahead of time,” Nathan shrugs. “Consider it one of my many wedding gifts to you baby.”

You marry him there in that little office. His warm hands cup your cheeks when he pulls you in for a kiss. He cries. It’s exactly the kind of wedding you pictured with him. No mess. No fuss.

But you take full advantage of the reception. Everyone else is there and is happy to welcome you. You’re glad for it because you finally get some good quality pictures of you and Nathan together.

He indulges you in all the little wedding reception traditions. He feeds you a bite of cake, and maybe kisses you a little too dirty for that crowd, but you can’t be bothered to care.

The best surprise of the night is when he pulls you on the dancefloor. His arms wrapped tight around you as you sway together.

“Where do you want to go on our honeymoon?” he asks you. “Anywhere you want to go. Name it.”

“Anywhere there’s a bed,” you giggle. You lay your head on his shoulder and breathe deeply. This is where you’re meant to be.

Your dance ends when the DJ starts to play a funky disco song. And it’s all Nathan can do not to start dancing right away. You burst out laughing and let him go. He dances all around you while tears of laughter stream down your face. A little crowd has gathered around watching him and he doesn’t even see them, only you.

He takes a bow when that song ends, and you can’t remember the last time you’ve laughed that hard.

The moment turns when a very drunk Jack walks in.

“Oh no,” you grab Nathan’s arm. He pushes you behind him when Jack makes his way towards the two of you. His speech is slurred, and his hair is a mess.

“So, this is who you left me for?” he looks Nathan up and down. Nathan’s jaw is ticked in anger, but he doesn’t want to waste his time on him.

“You were cheating on me, anyway, why do you care?” you shake your head. You’re still so angry at him.

“So? Didn’t you say he was too?” he jabbed a finger onto Nathan’s chest. He brushed him off and breathed out his nose like an angry bull ready to charge.

“It was a mistake dude, and I regret it every fuckin’ day.”

“Did she tell you? She called me Nathan in bed? How I had to live with the reminder of you?”

“Oh, so cheating makes it better?” Nathan’s blood pressure was beginning to rise.

“Well, I needed to get pussy from somewhere, since she wasn’t putting out-“ Jack could barely finish his sentence before Nathan’s fist collided with his nose – breaking it.

Jack leaned back holding his bloody nose as Nathan grabbed him by his shirt collar.

“Don’t you ever insult my wife like that again.”

Jack wanted to swing back and attempted. But Nathan caught his fist, and punched Jack in the stomach. Shame more than anything else sent Jack on his way.

Nathan turned to you to apologize for making a scene, but you’ve never been so attracted to him as you have in this moment. Your new husband just defended your honor.

“Take me home,” you wrap your arms around him.

“You wanna join the-mile-high club? Or can we go fuck in your childhood bedroom since your house isn’t far from here? Do you have any posters of me on your wall?”

You shake your head with a laugh and playfully smack his arm. You pull away from him and greet a family member, and Nathan chases after you.

“That’s not an answer. Babe! Do you have one?”

“Would it make a difference if I said yes?” you grin turning back to him. You loop your hands around his neck, and he puts his hands on your hips.

“Fuck. Fuck, it would make a huge fuckin’ difference. Can we spend the honeymoon in your room?”

“So, you can look at a poster of yourself while you have sex with your new wife?” your smile gets bigger and bigger.

“Fuck. What picture is it?”


“Just kidding,” he smiles kissing your lips. “I booked us a nice hotel for our first night.”

“No posters in there,” you giggle.

“I’ll buy one,” he kisses you deeper. “Do you really have one of me in your room-“

He’ll find out soon enough, but you’re not going to tell him that you don’t just have one – but two.


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Human Touch Part Six

Part One|Part Two|Part Three|Part Four |Part Five

  • word count: 1.2k
  • rating:T for sexual references, some angst
  • summary:You see something you weren’t supposed to and things get heated. 

a/n:thank you all so much for reading this series! let me know what yall think! thank you to @punkpascal​ and @sergeantkane​​ as always!!


“So, are you coming with me or not?” You ask Nathan from your bed. He’s in the bathroom brushing his teeth, the door is open so he can hear you. “My mom is dying to know if you’re coming.”

You’re going home for the holidays, and you want to bring Nathan with you. Especially now that you’ve been together for almost a year. You miss your family, and you want to introduce him to them.

“I don’t know,” he spits in the sink and leans against the doorway. “What if they love me more than you? I don’t want to hurt your feelings,” he slowly starts to smile, and you throw a pillow at him, which he catches.

“Are you worried they won’t like you?”

“Oh, I know they won’t like me,” he laughs. “I don’t need their approval, but I know you do.”

“Is that what’s been bothering you?” you reach for him as he sits down on the bed. “Something is bothering you. Makes me nervous.”

“Nothing to worry about, okay? Now you get some sleep,” he presses a kiss to your forehead.

“Where are you going?”

“Burning the midnight oil. Got a new idea, I need to work out the kinks.”

“Don’t stay up too late ok? And please decide. What if I say yes that you can fuck me in my childhood bedroom?”

“Fuck really? Then count me in as a yes!” he throws you a wink. He taps the doorframe with his hand before he leaves for his lab.

Since you can tell you’re going to be alone tonight, you get out of bed and make your way to the kitchen. You grab a snack (some chocolate- you made Nathan get you some when new freight came in) and go into your bedroom. Not the one you share with Nathan, but yours. The one he gave you.

Each room in the house is temperature regulated, some of which are for Nathan’s projects. His bedroom is a few degrees colder. He runs hot and if he’s too warm he gets drowsy. And he’s a little shit and turns it down colder so you’ll curl into him and your nipples poke through your shirt. But your room, your room he has a little warmer. If you’re ever in there it’s because you’re sleeping without him, and most times those are occasions like this when he’s working into the night.

You take your chocolate and curl into your bed, enjoying the warmth already. You’re not quite sleepy yet, so you pick up the TV remote and decide to watch some “Nathan TV” as you call it. His lab is on one of the channels, and you flick it over to watch what he’s doing.

What you see shocks you.

Nathan has another woman pinned up against the wall. He’s naked and so is she. You can hear his groans and you watch as he thrusts hard into her. You turn it off in horror before you can see anything else. Your mind starts racing, your blood runs cold. Surely, he didn’t bring another woman into the house without you knowing. Right?

You sit trying to catch your breath. The chocolate is half eaten and now melting in your hand. You scream and launch the chocolate bar at the TV and swing the bedroom door open. You storm down the hallway towards Nathan’s lab.

The door is closed, but it’s not locked. You shove it open and you find a very naked Nathan writing something down, he’s leaning over the tall tables in the lab. Normally you’d have delighted in seeing his ass, but not right now.

“Who is she? Where is she?” you start crying as soon as you open your mouth.

“Who?” Nathan turns, his expression quizzical and it makes your blood boil.

“You know who. I saw you on the TV.”

“You sure that wasn’t some footage of our greatest hits?” he smirks, “I like to play those sometimes.”

“Nathan, you ass. Her hair is a different color than mine! I thought you were better than this.”

“I hate to break it to you, but I have had other lovers here. Like I said, old footage.” He shrugs and goes back to making notes.

“Ok, then why are you naked?”

“What’s with the interrogation? Fuck. Sometimes I like to work naked. And yeah, okay I fucked a robot. Happy?”

You’ve had arguments before. Every relationship has disagreements. Most of your arguments with Nathan are small, easily resolved. Most revolve around habits he has due to being alone for years. Either you interfere with a train of thought, or he works too much and leaves no time for you. But those are worked around.

But this, this one feels different. You feel betrayed, and he’s acting so cold.

“A robot? So now you have to lie to me?”

“It’s not a lie.” His voice is dry, he very intentionally does not look up from his notes.

“Right, I forgot, you don’t mince words. And I guess that answers that then. I’ll go home alone.” You reach for the door, unable to look at him before he whips around.

“No, it doesn’t, don’t walk away!”

But you do. You don’t want to hear it. Robot or not – it still hurts. He picked them over you. You saw the woman, she had curves in all the right places you didn’t.

Why did she have to look so perfect if this was for science? And why is he so defensive? Are you not good enough?

You hoped this day would never come. But it hurts too much to stay. You call your cousin and it’s not long before she picks you up.

You fly home for the holidays, and you don’t fly back. Nathan texts you and calls you multiple times a day, but you ignore them. It hurts too much to talk to him. And you don’t trust yourself with him. With one word he could have you crawling back and you’re angry.

You’ll grow to regret ignoring him, but after some time the texts and calls stop. The last you hear from him is a few months later when boxes of your stuff arrive at your front door.

Months pass. A year or two goes by and you thought you moved on. You’re engaged now to a man named Jack. He’s kind, but honestly boring. You thought that’s what you needed, but there’s no passion in your life anymore. But he’s safe, and after what happened with Nathan, it’s more your family’s decision than it is your own.

Your life is simple. You live with Jack on his ranch, with little reminders of Nathan out there.

Until one day, you see a news story.

“Bluebook CEO, Nathan Bateman, survives a near fatal AI accident.”

You gasp seeing the story, causing your fiancé to look at you with question. You grab your phone and search all news stories related to him. From what you can gather, one of his AI’s stabbed him. Twice.

Tears well up in your eyes. What if you had been there, you could have stopped it. And you feel bad for him, this wasn’t how he would have wanted to show his AI masterpiece to the world.

“That’s not about your asshole ex is it?” Jack asks with a snort.

“Yes, it is actually,” you shake your head and continue to read. You look for where he’s recovering, you want to see him.


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Human Touch Part Five

Part One|Part Two|Part Three |Part Four

  • word count: 1.6k
  • rating:T for sexual references, one mention of daddy kink, drunk Nathan
  • summary:You tell Nathan you love him and his reaction isn’t what you expected. 

a/n:thank you all so much for reading this series! let me know what yall think! thank you to @punkpascaland@sergeantkane​ as always!!


It’s rare for you to wake up in the mornings and Nathan be beside you. He’s almost always up early and working, picking up from where he left off the night before. He works hard, and you’re not entirely sure what he’s working on. Just lots of code and then he’ll disappear into his lab for hours at a time.

So, when you wake up next to him, you can’t help but smile. You curl into him, his body warm in the chilled room. He stirs from your movement and you whisper an apology. His eyes peel open and there’s a soft grin on his face.

“G’morning,” he says, rubbing his eyes.

“Good morning,” you smile and lean up to kiss his cheek. He smiles into the kiss, but his eyes have closed again. He’s still very sleepy.

He’s so cute like this, so relaxed. It makes your heart hurt how much you love him.

And it slips out.

“I love you, Nathan,” you whisper. His once sleep heavy eyes open. You say it again with him looking at you, a little louder this time. But he heard you the first. He sits up and reaches for his glasses. He mumbles something and disappears into his computer room and closes the door behind him.

And it stings.

Every question now comes into your mind. Does he not love you back? Does he love you but just didn’t say it? Did you say it too fast? Was it the wrong time? Is he not interested in love? What if he breaks up with you?

You stay in bed for longer than you should letting these thoughts repeat over and over in your head.

What if he’s not capable of love?

You sit up and shake your head, as if trying to shake the thoughts out of your mind. You decide something to eat will help for a moment at least. But when you make your way to the kitchen and take a bite of something, your stomach lurches.

You go sit out in the living room with a glass of water. You curl up on the couch and you feel cold. It’s not cold in the room, but cold from memories. What if they mean nothing now?

You need something to distract yourself. There’s a book on the coffee table. It’s always there. The cover has fallen off from being read so many times. The actual title of the book is lost on you because it’s been blocked out by a black marker. The book is full of notes, you can tell it’s Nathan’s handwriting. Blue ink in tight capital letters are etched across the pages. You start reading but soon you just start to read Nathan’s notes.

It’s somehow a diary of his mind mixed with quotes he likes from whatever book this is.

Near the book in the middle, you see a note he’s written at the bottom. It says, “I love her, but I can’t tell her.” When did he write this? Is it about you? You’ve seen him write in this book before. Did he ever think you’d pick it up? It’s always on this table in plain sight.

You get the feeling you weren’t supposed to see this, and you put it down.

A shower, that’s a good idea. Clear your head. You’re doing your best to avoid Nathan. You’re too embarrassed and scared of what he might say.

You decide to shower in ‘your’ room. The room that has all your stuff in it, but you never sleep in. You shower, and then decide for a nap.

But you can’t sleep.

You reach for the remote and turn the TV on. Which is something you’ve never really done. The TV channels are all camera feeds throughout the house. And you gasp to find this discovery. You land on the channel of Nathan in his lab. He’s leaning against the counter and he’s drinking heavily. There are several empty bottles scattered around him.

You can’t help but feel guilty.

He downs the contents of one of the bottles, and he drops it on the table. You watch in horror as the glass shatters. He slams his hand down on the table, and you quickly see red. You won’t watch this anymore.

You weave your way through this maze of a house and bang on his lab door. Surprisingly, it opens, and you run inside. Nathan, in a drunken stupor, is holding onto his hand, not sure of what to do it seems.

“Come on,” you grab his arm and drag him away from the shards. You take him to a bathroom. You close the toilet lid and make him sit down. You reach for a first aid kit under the sink and start to clean off his hand.

“Ow! Damn it!” he yells when you run his hand under water from the sink.

“Nathan,” you scold him, “Let me do this.”

You know he’s still drunk because he starts to ramble. He’s spouting off poetry and slurring the lines.

  Now folds the lily all her sweetness up,

And slips into the bosom of the lake.

So, fold thyself, my dearest, thou, and slip

Into my bosom and be lost in me.

You hold his gaze for a moment, and he sighs heavily. You know what’s on his lips. You can tell by the look on his face what he wants to say, but he can’t find the words.


He breaks. His voice falters and he nods, “I do, I love you.”

Your throat feels tight and tears well up in your eyes. You can’t help but let out a small giggle, of course him telling you he loves you couldn’t be normal. He’s drunk off his ass sitting in the bathroom while you pull a glass shard out of his hand.

Luckily, it was only the one piece. And when his hand is wrapped and cleaned, you make him go to bed.

He’s out like a light and lightly snoring the second he hits the pillow. You kiss the top of his head and leave him to sleep. You return to the living room, feeling giddy with your new information. You grab the blue inked book again and find the page where he’d written that he loves you. You smooth your hand over the ink. Something about touching the words makes them sink in deeper, he’s written them on your heart.

You must have fallen asleep because you jolt awake when you hear his voice. He’s drinking one of his green health shakes and has a towel around his shoulders.

“Hi,” you greet him and sit up with a yawn. The book is still in your hands.

“Hey,” he chuckles softly and sits down opposite you. He takes a drink before setting down the glass on the coffee table. “I’m sorry about earlier. That you had to clean up my mess.”

“That’s what you do isn’t it? Help out the one you love?”

His eyes hold yours for a moment, his lip twitches. He reaches up to scratch his beard, and he rubs the top of his head.

“Did you mean it?” you ask him, suddenly worried now it was only a drunk confession and not one he meant to slip out. “That you love me back?”

“Of course, I meant it,” he leans forward and takes the book from your hands. He sees what page you’re on and he taps the words with his finger. “See?”

“When did you write this?”

“Don’t remember.”  A lie.

“When did you write it? Nathan!” You laugh, you know his tells.

“Look, shit, I wrote it like two days after I met you. But I thought it was just a high from the fucking. But it wasn’t. You came into my mind and never left. You know, I’ve started a sticky note wall for you now.”

Your heart hammers in your chest, and you feel the tears back in your eyes.

“Can I read them?”

“Maybe,” he chuckles, ears tinged pink again. “I mean maybe, cuz my handwriting it shit.”

You share a laugh for a moment before it falls into a comfortable silence. You stand and curl into his lap and he sighs with content wrapping his arms around you.

“How’s your hand?”

“Stings a little, but it’s fine. It’s my head that’s fuckin’ killing me. I got so shitfaced. I didn’t know how to tell you.”

“I knew, or well I hoped. But I wanted to know.”

“Crazy as it sounds, I’ve never done this. Not like this.”

“The day drinking clued me in,” you smile. And he groans a little, touching his head.

“I used to drink all night to turn off my mind before you came here.”

“So, I’m your alcohol?” you tease and snuggle into him deeper.

“Bustin’ my balls tonight damn,” he kisses the top of your head. “You’re my source of calm.”

“What is this book anyway?” you ask flipping it over, still trying to find out what it is.

“Oh, it’s 1984.”

“And you’re Big Brother, right? Or maybe….Big Daddy?”

“Oh, fuck I like that,” he purrs. You can feel him writhe under you. He’s getting turned on.

“Wait, hold on,” you laugh, “can I eat first?”

“If I can eat your pussy under the table.”

“Works for me,” you smile and kiss his lips. “I love you. I love you.”

“I love you,” he sighs, still tasting the words on his tongue. He decides it’s a good taste.

Before you get up to eat (and be eaten) you pick up the blue pen next to the book on the table. Nathan watches you write “I love you” next to his confession. You lightly blow on the ink, so it dries before you close the book. A new chapter of your lives has begun with three simple words.


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Human Touch Part Four

Part One|Part Two |Part Three

  • word count: 1.5k
  • rating:M/E for sexual themes, smut (pls only read if youre 18+), tw daddy kink 
  • summary:Nathan finds you looking up a sex question and he’s more than happy to answer….

a/n:thank you all so much for reading this series! let me know what yall think! thank you to @punkpascaland@sergeantkane


It’s late and the screen from your laptop is the only light in the room. Nathan is in the next room working on his computers. You know any minute he’ll join you for bed. You keep checking the door as you read article after article.

“How to give an amazing blowjob.”

Really you just need to know how to give one period. Nathan ate you out the other day, several times in fact. And you want to get on your knees for him. But that insecurity plagues your mind. You’ve never given head before. He’s had to teach you everything; which you both enjoy. He’s turned on by it, and so are you. But this one feels different. You want to be able to please him like he deserves.

You’re flustered reading all these articles. Some are simple and tame, while others get right down to the gory details and that makes you nervous. What if you’re not good? What if- oh shit he’s coming.

You slam your laptop closed the second he walks in the door.

“That’s not suspicious at all,” he chuckles flopping down on the bed with a sigh. He takes off his glasses and sets them on the bedside table with a clatter. “What were you looking at?” he hums and curls into you, kissing your arm.

“Porn,” you lie. And it’s a bad lie.

“Ooh see anything you wanna try?” he sits up and reaches for your laptop, but you pull it from him.

“Wait-, it wasn’t porn ok?”

You hear him sigh in the dark, and he turns on the nightstand lamp. He blinks at you in the changing light and puts his glasses back on.

“What was it? You’re obviously upset.”

“Promise you won’t laugh?”

“Scouts honor.”

“You were a boy scout?” you smile. He rolls his eyes and sighs; he wants to know what you’re hiding from him. He can’t handle secrets kept from him.

“What were you looking at?”

You’re too shy to even say it, so you open your laptop to show him the Bluebook search screen with dozens of blow job articles.

“I’ve never given one,” you whisper meekly.

“Come on,” he stands up and beckons you with his hands.

“Where are we going?” you ask him as he grabs your hand and pulls you down the hall. The automatic light turns on in the living room, but he turns it down to a dim light. He pulls off his shirt and sits down on the couch.

“Let me teach you. No better person to learn then from the one you’ll be giving them to.”

“What if I’m not-“

“Baby, I’m a really good teacher,” his lips curl into a smirk.

You let out a shaky sigh and kneel in front of his spread legs. Immediately you reach for the waistband of his shorts.

“Wait,” he stops you. “You’re not gonna kiss me first?” He’s got that smug smile on, he’s a little too eager about getting blown. It’s been a while.

You smile back and crawl into his lap to kiss him. He lulls his head back against the couch and you feel his body relax.

“You want him to relax,” he says, “and you want to be relaxed. Set the tone a little. Make him want it. Make him want you. And I fuckin’ want you, but-“ he shrugs “I like to be teased,” he gives you a playful grin.

So, tease him you do. You kiss his lips for a few more moments, then drift down to his neck and chest. His abs tighten when you place kisses on his stomach, and his body jerks up when you grab his shorts to pull them down.

He reaches for his dick, hard and resting on his stomach – but you smack his hand away.

“Good girl,” he praises, “you’re learning.” But he winces, he needs your touch.

“Use your words,” you pout your lip messing with him. He’s so turned on by you that it hurts.

“Okay, just- the tip.”

You reach for him and he moans. You squeeze him like he showed you, and you see his tip leaking with his desire. You lick your lips and put your mouth around the tip of him. His moan is strangled, this is a pleasure he’s been long without.

“Use your tongue, lips- take me as deep as you- FUCK,” his chest heaves as you take him as deep as you can. You just guess at first, but then his moans tell you what you need to know. He moans every time you move your tongue. He’s white knuckling the couch cushions and you’ve barely done anything. But to him that’s all he needs, a good warm mouth.

But it’s not just any mouth.

It’s yours. And that doubles the pleasure for him when he looks down to see you on your knees taking him deep.

“Touch-“ he grabs your hands and guides you with his hand over yours. He shows you how to squeeze what you can’t fit in your mouth, and how he likes his balls touched. You do everything he shows you but multiply it. He’s groaning under you and it fills you with pride and desire.

His hand grabs a hold of your head and keeps you in the place. You’re wet now from the intensity of the moment.

One good suck and squeeze of his balls and he shouts that he’s about to come. He tries to pull you off him, but you stay as he comes in your mouth.

Tears are in your eyes and you choke a little on him and he’s gone limp on the couch.

“You good kitten?” he sighs sitting up. “Fuck, come here,” he pulls you up into his lap and he wipes the tears from your eyes. “Did I go too hard?”

“Not at all,” you curl into him, “my eyes just watered,” you laugh. “Did I do okay though?” You’re too shy to look at him. Even though you just had him in your mouth, and he felt good- you don’t know how good.

“Kitten,” he strokes your cheek making you look at him. “You were unreal,” he smirks. “Did you not hear me moaning?” he chuckles and kisses your forehead. “Fuckin’ perfect.”

“I guess I did have a good teacher,” you giggle.

“See what happens when you listen to me?”

You sit in his lap for a moment, but then you gasp when his hand snakes between your legs and teases you through your clothes.

“You wanna come baby?”

You nod and he grips your hips.

“You gotta do what I say, you hear me?” he’s testing the waters. Seeing how bossy he can get with you. It only makes you wetter for him. He guides you to stand up and he pulls his shorts back up, and he yanks yours down. He leaves your underwear on you and pulls you down to straddle his thigh.

“You’re gonna ride baby, and you can’t come until I say.”

Your eyes widen, but he knows it’s a good sign.

One hand is on your hip, the other reaches around to grab your ass. He guides your body, molds you to ride his sturdy thigh. The friction from your underwear and the warmth from his skin is delicious. There’s a slight scrape from his leg hair on your thighs and you’re quivering.

“I can feel how wet you are kitten,” his grip is tighter, the friction has you close. “Tell me when you’re close baby. Gonna try something.”

“Please!” you whine, “I’m almost there, almost-“

“Ok kitten, I’m gonna countdown for you. Yeah? Gonna do what I say?”

“Yes daddy-“ the term slips out, but you moan. His brow shoots up. A new level unlocked.

“You gonna come for me? Kitten? Let daddymake you feel good?” He whispers right in your ear, and he feels your thighs squeeze around his. You choke out a gasp and rub yourself faster on his thigh, not caring how desperate you look.

“I’m gonna count down from 5. You come when I get to 1. Got it?” He waits for you to acknowledge, then he starts to count.

“Five.” He tightens the muscle in his thigh, causing you to clench.

“Four.” He digs your body in deep to his skin.

“Three.” He presses his thumb to your clit and moves.

“Two.” He pushes your panties aside, so your heat is directly touching his skin. Your slick touches his warm thigh, and you gasp.

“One. Come. Now.” He commands, and you’re close but not yet.

His hand lightly smacks your ass, and you yelp. The movement slid your clit along his leg and that toppled you over the edge.

“Oh fuck, good girl,” he chuckles. He picks up the pace of helping your body rub along his. You shudder and collapse onto his chest and he’s proud. “Feelin good baby? You did so good. I can’t wait to watch this one back.”

“What?” you sit up looking at him.

“Oh yeah,” he shrugs, “I have cameras all over this place.” He points behind you to the wall and you see one of them. “We put on a good show, I think. Though you were the star.”

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Human Touch Part Three

a nathan bateman x f!reader series

Part One |Part Two

  • word count: 1.7k
  • rating:M/E for sexual themes, smut (pls only read if youre 18+)
  • summary:Nathan offers to teach you to box, but he ends up showing you something else instead…

a/n:sorry im late getting this one out! make sure you read part one and part two!! thank you again to @punkpascaland@sergeantkane! let me know what yall think!


Nathan took you back to your cousin’s after a few more days spent tangled in the sheets. He fucked you a couple times at your cousin’s place just for good measure. It was a bittersweet goodbye, you had to go back home. But there was a promise you’d come back, stay longer with him.

You dated virtually for a few months. It worked out because he was up all hours working and could text you. He’s surprisingly good at multitasking. The sexting and the phone sex were nice, but you both missed each other’s touch. Something about him made you ache to be back in his arms.

He surprised you with plane tickets one day, and you flew out to him. You spent a week this time. But the goodbye was even harder.

An intimacy had grown. Your lives begin to merge.

But there was an air about him that was different. He was happier than he’d ever remember being, but also scared out of his mind. There were hours that would go by when you wouldn’t see him. He’d be working, but mostly he was trying to collect his thoughts. You were such a damn distraction. Every moment spent with you felt like the air in his lungs would leave him, he’d never be able to breathe again with you taking the air from him. His heart thuds in his chest and he swears he’s having a heart attack. But it’s just you, it’s you.

He still can’t believe you’re real.

One afternoon you walked in on him pleasuring himself. Fully naked, flat on his back on his bed. Big hand pumping his dick. Moans echoing in the room. He didn’t see you or notice you until his end. He came with a loud groan and he moaned your name.

When he sat up, he saw you, there was a moment of panic in his eyes, but then it turned to a smirk.

“Enjoy the show?”

“Why didn’t you….come get me?” you flush. He looked away from your gaze, a heat rises in his face and the tips of his ears turn pink.

“I still can’t believe you’re real.” He rubs the back of his neck.

“How long have you been so alone?” your heart hurts and you go over to him and kiss the top of his head.

These are the things that plague him. He’s been so alone for so long; he’s trying to adjust to life with you in his home. The heat in his bed. Someone else showering. Your clothes in the closet. Your shampoo in the shower. Little traces of you.

He’s also not used to having to talk to anyone. He’ll spend hours or days even deep in his work. Barely remembering to eat.

You ate alone one evening, so you wandered into his lab to check on him. When you asked him why he wasn’t with you he snapped at you like a scared wounded animal.

“We don’t have to spend every second together,” he’d said. But as soon as he said it, he was full of regret. He never wanted to see that upset look in your eyes again.

“Well, I only see you if we have sex!” Which wasn’t true, but it’s what it felt like. You’re only here for a week, you wanted to make the most of it.

You walked out of his lab leaving him alone. You saw the look on his face, and he looked defeated. Hurt. Angry. At himself, not at you.

Later you went back into apologize, only to find him asleep at his desk. His face smushed against the keyboard. Several lines of letters were being typed by his cheek on the screen.

“Nathan,” you whisper and gently touch his shoulder. He bolts upright and groans a silent “fuck” when he sees all the letters typed out.

“You need to rest, come with me right now,” you tell him. He doesn’t disagree and he follows you to his bed. You lay down first, on you back with pillows propped behind you. “Come here,” you beckon. And with a happy sigh he lays down, resting his head on your stomach just under your breasts. He breathes deeply as you scratch his back and softly rub his fuzzy head.

“I’m sorry,” you say first. “I’m a little nervous about this.”

“I’m sorry,” he replies. “I’m nervous as shit. I’m not used to having another person around. Especially not someone so-“ his throat tightens. How can he tell you that he loves you already? “What if I’m not good enough for you? I don’t want to hurt you. But- I’ve been trying to think of ways to ask you.”

“Ask me what?” you stroke his beard gently.

“Move out here with me,” he’d whispered into your skin.

“I’d love to,” you whispered back. “And we’ll figure this out. But you are good enough. My only,” you smile and kiss him softly.

He paid for everything. He hired movers to get your things. He paid for any expenses and every ticket. Your parents were a little surprised you were dropping everything to stay with someone they’d never even met, but they’d also never seen you happier in your life.

Nathan enjoyed helping you unpack. He analyzed everything you owned. And he liked making a space for all your things. He rifled through your record collection with keen interest, and all your underwear.

It felt so domestic being with him, and you knew it was the right decision. You’d been worried about being homesick, but that feeling never came. He was your home. You had everything you needed and could possibly want.

You kept in contact with all your friends, you’d video chat with them. There were things you missed, but you settled into life with Nathan with ease.

The newest part for you was sharing space with someone. He’d not done that in some time either. He’s not used to someone curling up against him in the middle of the night. He runs hot, but he can’t push you away. He’ll just turn down the AC.

This morning, the bed is empty. Which isn’t uncommon. He keeps weird hours. You pull on his Henley and some warm pajama pants and wander through the house looking for him.

You find him outside on the deck, he’s practicing his boxing this morning. His fists collide with the punching bag and you can hear him grunt with effort. Unashamedly you watch his tight ass bounce as he hops around on the balls of his feet.

You make your presence known by opening the sliding door to the deck. He sees you with a smile, but he keeps going. He might be showing off just a little for you, but you don’t mind. The newness of the relationship has him doing things of the sort.

“Are you going to teach me how to box?” you ask sitting on one of the deck chairs nearby.

“Well get over here and I’ll teach you,” he grins, his shoulders heave as he breathes deeply.

He holds your hands in his, showing you how to make a fist. His touch is warm, his eyes flicker with desire. He’s sweaty and his kisses are salty.

“Hold your hands like this-“ he tells you. He stands behind you and guides your arms on how to throw a proper punch without hurting yourself. He slots himself behind you, and you can feel him through his thin gym shorts.


“Hmm?” he hums in your ear and kisses your cheek.

“What are you doing?”

“I thought I was showing you how to box? What did you think I was doing?” He hums again and ruts his hips against your ass.

“It’s this shirt isn’t it?” you lean back against his chest and wrap your arms around his neck. He kisses your neck and his beard brushes along your skin.

“Yeah, you look so fuckin’ good in my shirt. Hold still,” he tells you and slips his hand down your pants. He wraps his other arm around you to keep you still while he rubs tight circles on your clit. “You know, kitten, I haven’t eaten you out yet. Would you let me?”

“Outside?” you moan while his fingers move. He chuckles in your ear.

“No one’s out here. Please baby, let me taste you.”

“You really want to?”

His fingers move faster, and you buck against his hand. You’re so close, chasing it when he pulls his hand away. He brings his fingers up to his lips and groans in your ear.

“You taste so good, I want more.”

“Please- let me finish. Use your mouth.”

“Attagirl,” he winks and squeezes your ass. “If you’re not ready though, say so. It’s not like I haven’t seen you.” He smirks.

“Where do you want me?”

He points to one of the tables. You sit down on it and lay back. He kneels in front of you and pulls your pants and panties down your legs. He spreads your thighs and puts them over his shoulders while he dives in.

His eyes close in pleasure while his tongue laps at your folds and sensitive bundle of nerves. He sucks and kisses and grazes his teeth. His beard scrapes your thighs, and you scream out in the open air.

“That’s it baby,” he moans against your heat. “Fuck, you have the best tasting pussy.”

“Nathan!” you whine his name, and he goes in harder. Sucking and eating you alive.

“You’re sweeter than the watermelon we had the other night,” he purrs into your heat. He doesn’t stop until you’re coming all over his tongue. Your sweet essence he could drown in. You’re real. Warm, wet, and real. He burns with need after tasting you. He’d keep going if he weren’t so hard in his shorts.

He pushes his shorts down and leans over you, kissing you deeply.

“Can I?” he asks, there’s a pleading tone in his voice. You practically beg him to push inside, you wrap your legs around him and pull him towards you. He sinks in with a sigh. The table scrapes on the deck as he thrusts into you.

“So much for teaching me boxing,” you gasp out a moan when he spills inside of you.

“Next time,” he chuckles, falling on top of you. “I’ve had my workout for the day.”


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Human Touch Part Two

a nathan bateman x f!reader series

Part One 

  • word count: 2.9k
  • rating:M/E for sexual themes, smut (pls only read if youre 18+)
  • summary:You send Nathan accidental nudes and that turns into something else…

a/n:thank you so much for the response from part one!! be sure to read that one before this one!! and as always thank you to @punkpascaland@sergeantkane for making this moodboard for me! let me know what yall think!


That morning when you wake up there’s a stack of paper, your phone, and a breakfast tray on the table in your room. You didn’t even hear Kyoko come in. You can only assume Nathan is working, and you don’t want to bother him this early.

You still can’t believe last night was even real. Even when you wake up it takes you a moment to remember where you are.

With a stretch and a sigh, you climb out of bed. You reach for your phone immediately and see a text from Nathan on the home screen. He put his number in your phone and you flush at the mere thought of having a text relationship with him.

The text from him says that he is working, but you’re welcome to come ask him any questions you may have about the thesis. That’s what’s on the table. It’s a heavy stack of paper. The text also tells you that you don’t have to read the entire thing, but enough to see if any of it makes sense.

You’ll read in a moment, first you want to eat some of that breakfast. It’s an assortment of fruit and oatmeal. There’s also some toast and a glass of milk, water, and orange juice. It’s all so good and you’re happy to eat something so fresh.

You also notice nearby is a stack of your clothes from yesterday, they’ve been washed and dried. You get up to pull on your underwear only, you like feeling Nathan’s shirt on your skin.

Once you’ve finished eating, you reach for the papers. You begin to thumb through them and it’s almost impossible to read. Hardly any of it makes sense to you, and you don’t know if you should feel dumb that he thinks you could read it, or dumb that he’s so smart to write something of this scale.

A text alert causes you to jump while you’re deep in this thesis. It’s from your cousin.

‘Where are you?’

‘You’ll never guess! I’m a Nathan Bateman’s!’

You text back and forth for a while. You catch her up on all that’s happened in the last few hours. You stop texting her to take a couple selfies showing her where you are. You playfully take a couple nudes; you lift his shirt and take some aesthetic looking photos of yourself.

You send one of the normal selfies to her. But then joke that you took nudes.

‘You should send them to him!’ she teased back.

You’re about to send her another photo when Nathan texts you and ask how it’s going. But you don’t register it’s from him and before you know if you’ve sent him one of your nudes.

You drop your phone in a panic and burst out the door. You have no idea where he even is, but you bolt down the hall to find him. You remember him pointing out his work area on the tour last night.

You turn the corner quickly and see him sitting quietly at his desk. There are several screens in front of him, and behind that is a wall covered in sticky notes.

He glances up at you, but you can’t tell if he saw it or not. His expression is blank. He seems confused now that you’ve sprinted into his office.

“Something wrong?”

“Please tell me you didn’t look at them.”

A slow smirk appears on his face. He saw it.

“So… who was that meant for if not me?” he scoots back in his chair to look at you better.

“Look, I was sending it to my friend to uh, hype me up. And I accidentally sent it to you.” Your heart is pounding in your chest. From the running, but also the thought of him seeing the photo. Ok yes, he saw you naked yesterday, but not like THIS. “Did you look at it?”

“Of course, I looked,” he shrugs and licks his lips. “And I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to. But I kinda get the feeling you wanna hear my thoughts,” his smirk is plastered to his face.

“Just tell me, you’re dying to say something. You have been since you saw me last night,” you blush hard.

“You’re fuckin’ gorgeous and I’d kill to touch your tits,” he states without so much as blinking. “But hey, it’s fine,” another shrug. “We can forget about this. No harm done.” He rolls back up to his screens.

“Wait,” you speak up, and he turns to face you again. You sigh heavily before you speak again, “ok so the picture was for you, sort of. I wanted to send it to you whenever I got the guts to make a move. So, I sent them to my friend to get her opinion, but I sent it to you instead by mistake.”

He sits quietly, his mouth quirks up in a soft smile.

“Is that you making the first move?” he asks referring to the ‘conversation’ last night.

You nod, biting your lip.

“Alright then,” he stands and cracks his neck.

“Right now?”

“Why not? You got somewhere you’d rather be?”

“I suppose now is the time I tell you that I’m, uh…. virgin,” you look down at your feet.

His expression softens and he takes a few steps forward. He puts a warm hand on your neck, just under your jaw and ear, “I’ve got you, okay? We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready, but if you are… I’ll take good care of you. I promise.”

He lowers his hand to your hip, and it all comes spilling out. “I want this. I want you. You’ll just have to show me how.” You blink at him, “you really liked my tits?”

He brushes his thumb along your hip, his skin burns through the fabric of his shirt.

“I wouldn’t waste my breath on it if I didn’t,” he leans closer to you. His body heat warms you in an entirely different way than last night. “Is my room ok?” he whispers. All you can do is nod, but you smile. He does too and grabs your hand.

“I can’t believe that one picture of me did all this,” you lean into his shoulder as you walk over to his bedroom.

“Yeah? Well, you have some pretty powerful tits,” he chuckles. “Right in here,” his hand moves to your lower back pointing you towards his room.

“Look,” you start to talk while he sits down on the bed. He’s watching your every move. You know he knows you’re nervous. “I know this is probably going to be meaningless sex to you, but it’s not to me ok?”

“Kitten,” he frowns, “this is not meaningless to me. I told you last night, you’re exactly my fuckin’ type and I’d be a dumbass if I let you go. I mean if you want to leave, Kyoko will show you the door.”

“Oh. Really?”

“Really. I wanna get to know you. Every bit of you.”

“So, we’re starting with sex first,” you bite your lip, and he shrugs.

“What better way to get acquainted?”

“We haven’t even kissed yet…”

“You have to come closer if you want me to touch you, kitten.”

Each step closer to him makes your knees shake. You come to stand in between his spread legs and his hands grab your lower back. He pulls you onto his lap and goes right for your lips. His tongue slips between your lips and you moan. You grind yourself down on him and feel him harden between your legs and you gasp.

“Sure, you’ve never done this before?” he murmurs into your neck. “I got you,” he reminds you.

“Don’t say you won’t bite unless I want you to. Because I do. I do want you to,” you whine a little.


He nibbles under your ear gently and you squeak. He squeezes you tighter and chuckles, his grip is tight.

“We need to get you out of those clothes,” he repeats his phrase from last night. This time it’s even scarier, but more exciting. He tugs on the hem of your shirt asking permission, which you give. He peels off the shirt revealing your bare chest underneath.

You wriggle under his gaze as his eyes rake over your body. You can feel him growing harder still beneath you.

“Please say something,” you whisper.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I wanna…,” he clears his throat, “can I touch you, baby?”

You nod and his thumbs brush against your nipples first. His touch is soft, he traces all around your breasts with his fingers. Then he palms your breasts and squeezes. He bounces them, feeling the weight in his strong hands.

“Kitten,” he mouths at your neck. “I haven’t seen an actual person in months, and I haven’t touched a woman in well over a year. You’re gonna kill me.”

“In a good way I hope?” you moan a little. “Because you’re killing me.”

“Good?” he asks squeezing a little harder. “Fuck… fucking perfect. You seriously have the best tits I’ve ever seen, baby.”

When he lowers his head to your nipple, that’s when you really cry out. He hums happily and sucks harder. You buck your hips and he only seems to encourage it. He likes you wanting him. And he needs you, you can feel his need.

His beard brushes against your soft flesh and you shudder. He files that away with a quirk of his eyebrow.

“Nathan-“ you whine. “Please.”

“Please what kitten? Use your words baby.”

“Lay me down?” you writhe again in his lap.

“Good girl.” He pats your ass and stands with your legs wrapped around him. He lays you down, then spreads his body on top of yours. He kisses your lips over and over. He thrusts himself onto your thigh and groans into your cheek. “Are you real?” he sighs happily with a soft groan.

“I keep asking myself that,” you laugh.

He chuckles deep in his chest and sits up, pulling off his shirt. You reach for him right away and he shivers under your hands.

“You feel so good,” you tell him, tracing his skin. He’s toned, but still has a softness to him. It’s perfect. And he’s warm, so warm.

He moves down between your legs, giving you another look asking for permission. You hesitate this time, and he waits patiently for you to nod. He doesn’t budge until you do.

His fingers dance along the hem of your panties and he slides them down. He whistles softly when he sees you’re wet and needy for him.

“All that for me, kitten?” he looks up at you. He leans up to kiss your lips and he murmurs against you again. “You ever use that vibrator and think about me? Want me to go get it? Let me make your fantasies real kitten.”

You can only blink at him and you open your mouth trying to speak.

“Baby, I can’t make your dreams come true if you don’t open that pretty mouth,” he chuckles. “Where do you want me? C’mon. It’s just me, no need to be shy.”

“But- you’re you!” you laugh. “Just, please, touch me.” You grab his hand and guide him to touch between your legs. “I want you here.”

“Good girl,” he praises again and kisses your hip. He slips a finger inside with ease and he delights in that. His thumb brushes your clit and when you shiver, he smirks. He knows he’s on the right track with you. “Can I add another?” he asks.

“Please!” you cry, and he obliges. The second finger is a pinch, but a welcome one. His thumb presses harder on your clit and rubs in tight circles.

“Feel good?” he asks though he knows the answer. He can read your body like all the code he works on. You clench around him, and he continues his touch. His fingers curl deep inside and you let out a loud moan. “There it is,” he hums and kisses your thigh. “You’re doing so good, kitten.”

You moan his name when you find your release, and he works you through it. His voice is soft but commanding and full of praises.

“You did so good baby. So, so good. Ready for more?”

“Please,” you buck your hips up. “Can I touch you?”

He climbs off the bed to pull off his shorts, his hard dick springs free. He pumps himself a few times and sits down next to you on the bed.

“Have you ever touched one before?” he asks, there’s no jest in his tone but he really, really is turned on that his dick is going to be the first one you’ve touched. And he wants to hear you say it.

“No,” you reach for him and he puts your hand on him.

“The tip is the most sensitive part,” he breathes, your hand already feeling good. “Fuck, yeah just like that.”

“You’re…big. Are you going to fit?”

He wants to moan, but he holds back. He’s so turned on from your shyness.

“I’ll fit kitten,” he chuckles warmly. “Fuck, squeeze harder-“

You squeeze him and enjoy the warmth and weight of him in your hand. He looks perfect, just like you imagined he would.

“Yes,” you whisper.

“Yes what?” he chokes out a gasp and pushes you off him.

“Yes, I used my vibrator and thought about you.”

“Thought so,” he winks and positions himself between your legs. “You ready for me? I’ll go slow.”

“Wait-“ you stop him before he does anything else. He pauses, he’s about to ask if you want to stop when you gently pull off his glasses. You get a better look at his soft brown eyes, and he seems almost shy when you look at him. He clears this throat. He reaches for your hands; he pins your wrists above your head and kisses you deeply while he pushes inside slowly. You moan together and he checks your face for any pain or apprehension. Your eyes are closed, and your mouth is open, and he hums kissing your cheeks.

“You with me kitten?”

“Push in more,” you gasp, and he chuckles darkly doing as you ask. He shudders, your warmth feels so good to him. He buries his face in your neck and tells you so.

“You have the best pussy,” he grunts as he pushes in all the way.

“You better not just be saying that” you gasp.

“Kitten, are you ever going to believe me when I say I don’t mince words? I mean what I fuckin’ say,” he purrs. He’s straining, he wants to move so badly. “Please, kitten- tell me how you feel. Use those words baby.”

“It’s good, it’s so good. Tight. But, oh shit, please- move.”

“Yes ma’am.”

He lets go of your hands and he starts to move. You grab his head and hold on for dear life while he snaps his hips into yours. You know he’s still holding back and if you told him to, he’d unleash his full power on you.

You wrap your legs around him, and while the feeling of him is new and foreign it feels good. There’s a dull ache, but it’s wonderful. Wonderful because it’s him.

“Nathan,” you moan, “let go. Manhandle me. Fuck me hard.”

He makes a strangled sound between a gasp and a laugh and starts to push into you hard. He holds your body close to his and he sits up, pushing deep into you. His face buries into your tits and he moans, he fucking moans into your skin.

You reach between your bodies to touch yourself, but he shoves your hand away. He rubs you tight until you’re clenching around him. You’re both covered in sweat and breathing heavily when he nears his end.

“Fuck, fuck. Where do you want me to come? Tell me now,” he growls. His thrusts are sloppy, his dick jumps inside you and he squeezes you tight.

“In me,” you moan, and no sooner did the words leave your lips did he spill himself inside of you.

“Holy fucking shit,” he sighs with a soft laugh. He cradles your head and lays you back down. He pulls out with a shudder as he kisses your forehead. “Fuck that was amazing. You were amazing.”

“I feel amazing,” you look up at him. Your body is humming.

“Can I run you a bath?”

“Will you join me?”

“Well, that was the plan…”

You shove his chest playfully. “Your thesis sucks by the way.”

“Ouch!” he puts his hand over his heart.

“I didn’t understand any of it!”

“I didn’t think you would. Really it was just an excuse for you to stay a little longer.”



“Well why didn’t you just say so?” you smile warmly.

“Cuz I’m a dumbass when it comes to women.” He gives you a genuine smile.  “And I didn’t want to scare you anymore than you already were last night. I wanted you to want to come to me on your own terms. And I knew that if you didn’t understand the thesis that meant you really are here for me. And not my secrets.”

“So why did you give me the money?”

“Wanted to.”

“What am I going to do with you?” you laugh.

“Hopefully, a lot,” he nips at your chin.

“Nathan!” You shake your head laughing, but inside you feel it. That pull. You’re already falling for him and he is too. “I think I’m going to tell my cousin I’m going to stay-“


“Yes,” you laugh. “Maybe I will.”

“We’ll get your things tomorrow. I want to meet my future cousin-in-law.”


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Human Touch Part One

a nathan bateman x f!reader fic~

  • word count:3.3k
  • rating: T - nudity (non sexual), mentions of masturbation
  • summary: After a wrong turn on a hike, you find yourself on Nathan’s property and joining him for dinner. 

a/n: ahhh this is part 1 of 10 of this series! i cannot wait to share it all with you!! remember these will be posted at 9 CST. check here for the schedule so you won’t miss one!! thank you to @punkpascal for encouraging this and listening to me yell nonstop! and thank you to @sergeantkane for your support and for making the moodboards for this series!! 


You only agree to this because of the view. Not for any other reasons. No. No. Certainly not.

Your cousin owns a timeshare in Norway for her work. And she invites you to come up for a few weeks. You’re in desperate need to get out. She won’t even be there half the time, which is even better. You love your cousin but you’re ready for some quiet. Some space. The fresh air. And you’ve seen photographs, the mountains outside her door look beautiful.

Those are enough reasons for anyone to go.

But it’s when you find out who her ‘neighbor’ is that has you chomping at the bit to go.

The term neighbor is a loose term, the neighbor in question lives two hours in a different direction. It’s a secluded private area. But it still gives you some strange hope you might see him.

“I’ve only seen him once,” you remember your cousin telling you. She wasn’t that impressed, but you – you’re dying to see him.

Nathan Bateman, the multi-billionaire CEO, and creator of Bluebook. He’s a celebrity crush of yours. Half the reason you have a Bluebook phone in your pocket is because of him.

There’s something about him. You’ve followed his career quietly, but more than anything you think he’s handsome. Gorgeous even.

He’s a hot topic for gossip since he remains in seclusion, working on his mysterious projects. To be that close to him sends a thrill down your spine. And he’s all you can think about on the plane ride over.

Your cousin picks you up at the airport and you spend the next few days hanging out with her and relaxing. She leaves on the third day and you spend most of it reading that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

As you sit near the window, you can’t help but admire the mountains. The lush greens of the field at the foot of it, the rich white snow. The crisp air feels good to you, even if it gives you chills.

You decide that you want to go hiking. Your cousin mentioned there are several easy trails and you think you can figure them out.

You get to packing that night. You shove your backpack with things you think you’ll need. You don’t plan on being gone long, so just some essentials for the hike.

The next morning is a lovely one, that mountain air is crisp, and it fills your lungs. You feel rejuvenated. The trails are easy to follow and you walk for hours. You stop to rest every so often and keep hydrated and eat.

You have every intention of turning back when it begins to rain. Hard. Within minutes you’re soaked to the bone. It’s freezing and if you don’t get warm you worry you’ll get sick. You try not to panic, but the rain is coming down so hard you can’t see the trail.

Somehow you take a turn and find yourself going down a decline. Maybe you’re near the trails edge.

The rain continues to pour, but through it you see lights of what looks like a house. Shivering, you make the long walk to this place. It’s your port in the storm.

It’s not your cousin’s house, and you don’t remember seeing this one on the way in. You bang loudly on the front door, hoping someone will hear you over the rain. The house looks huge.

“Hello?” you bang on the door; you feel tears welling up in your eyes. You’re so cold. “Is anyone home?”

After a few moments, the door is opened. And you’re not sure who is more surprised. You or the one and only Nathan Bateman standing across from you.

“It’s you,” you gasp, shivering violently from the cold. “Nathan!”

He blinks, his eyebrow ticks up in bewilderment.

“How the hell did you even get out here? Are you okay? Yeah, come in. Shit, you’re freezing. Umm… yeah. That’s me.”

He opens the door wider so you can come inside. The warmth hits you like a wave, and it almost hurts. You haven’t stopped shaking. And now you’re trembling for any entirely different reason.

“I was hiking, and it started raining and I got lost and…” your teeth are chattering. And Nathan looks confused but concerned.

“This is a hell of a way to get introduced, but-“ he pauses for a beat. “We need to get you out of those clothes. You’re gonna get sick.”

You follow him in this maze of a house, and he takes you to a large open bathroom. He turns on the shower and you take a step towards it, but he stops you.

“This is for the steam, you need to get warm slower, you’ll go into shock.”

You’ve heard about this, and you know he’s right. One of the best ways to prevent hypothermia is warming the body through skin to skin contact and body heat.

“Look, shit, I know this isn’t ideal,” he snorts, “but you need to get naked. I won’t look.” He smiles softly and you feel sick. Maybe it’s the hypothermia.

You turn your back to him and begin to awkwardly peel off your clothes. You’ve never felt so embarrassed in your life. He’s turned the opposite direction and isn’t saying anything. You almost wish he would.

“Ok,” you tell him. You’ve turned back around with your arms covering your chest. He’s taken off his shirt, and he’s quick to wrap you up tight in his arms before you can think too much.

His bare chest is warm. His arms squeeze you tight and he rubs your back. His beard tickles your ear, and you feel all of him all at once. It’s making your head spin. Is this? Is this how you’re meeting him?

“I’m Nathan,” he chuckles softly, “but it seems you already knew that.”

You tell him your name, and he chuckles again. “Interesting meeting huh? Story to tell the grandkids.”

That gets a soft laugh from you, and you can feel him physically relax. The awkward tension has been cut.

“You’re feeling warmer now, less shivering.” He states this as if you don’t know, but it’s impossible not to shudder while naked in his arms. He seems to pick up on this, because of the look he gives you when your bodies pull apart. “You okay?” he looks at you, his eyebrow up again.

Tears well up in your eyes and you can see a look of slight panic cross his face.

“No,” he whispers, “No, hey sweetheart, it’s ok. No need to be embarrassed ok? Do you need me to call someone for you?”

“There’s no one to call,” you sniffle out. “I’m staying with my cousin at her place, but she’s out of town.”

“Do you- you wanna stay here tonight? Get warm? We can figure out shit tomorrow.”

“I’m not an inconvenience, am I?”

“Not even a little. You’re the first person I’ve seen in… months. And… it’s way too cold out there. You’re safer here. Just as long as you’re not a serial killer or somethin’… you can stay.” He gives you a little smile, and hands you a towel to wrap yourself in.

”Definitely not a serial killer. I killed a spider last week and I screamed.”

He chuckles while he dries off his chest and pulls his Henley back on.

“Is it just you in this house?” you ask trying to keep the subject off your nudity.

“Yeah, just me. It’s… yeah, it’s a little lonely. But it’s the ideal working environment. No distractions. No noise. But sometimes, it’s too quiet. Listen, hey we can talk later. You should get in the shower, get warmed up ok? Don’t turn the water up too hot alright? I’ll have my housekeeper set aside some dry clothes for you.”

He exits quietly closing the door behind you with a soft click. Once he’s gone, you drop the towel and step into the warm spray of the nicest shower you’ve ever seen.

You try to process what just happened, and you decide this must be a sign or a dream.

At one point there’s a soft knock on the door and you briefly see a woman set a stack of clothes on the counter. She exits as quickly as she arrived.

You wonder why he’d said he’d not seen another person in months when there she was.

After you dry off, you reach for the stack of dry clothes which you assume are his. There’s a soft pair of sweatpants and a warm Henley that looks like the one he was wearing. They smell fresh and clean, and you pull them on eager to not be naked in this house anymore.

You step out of the bathroom and no sooner do you step foot into the hall do you see his face.

“You don’t have any kind of electronic device on you, do you? Like your phone? Just until you leave, for security purposes. It’s just a precaution.”

“You scared me!” you laugh and touch your chest. “And I do, in my backpack. Which I don’t remember where-“

“It’s in the dining room, I’ll show you.”

Once again you follow Nathan through this maze. Your backpack is sitting on the table just as he said. The fabric is soaked, and you have little hope anything is dry on the inside. There’s a neatly folded towel next to the backpack and you spread it out to take out the contents of said pack.

Your phone is in there, and it looks dead. Soaked from the water.

“I can fix that,” he tells you and extends his hand for the phone. You hand it to him, and he pockets it.

After your phone is out, you dump the backpack onto the towel and all your stuff spills out. A clean shirt, a small first aid kit, a phone charger (just in case), and to your horror – a forgotten vibrator that had been stuffed in the bottom of your pack.

You look up at him with fear in your eyes, but he’s got that eyebrow up again.

“Carrying the essentials huh?”


“I have so many questions about why you’re hiking with a vibrator, but you look way too embarrassed to answer them honestly. You can keep that for yourself.”

You quickly shove it and the rest of your things back into your soaked backpack.

“So, you’re just… in the middle of the wilderness, alone, with a phone and a vibrator. And no one to call. And you’re sure you’re not a serial killer?” he winks playfully.

“I swear I forgot that was in there!”

“Hey, sorry. I am the last person who’s gonna judge you for somethin’ like that. And you’re not the only person here with a vibrator,” he winks again.

“You sure you’re not a serial killer?” you flush.

“Would it make a difference if I said no?” he can’t help the grin on his face. “Kyoko, my housekeeper, is done with dinner. Would you like to eat with me?” He picks up the damp towel from the table.

“That would be nice, thank you. You’re a good host.”

“I’ll admit, I don’t get a lot of visitors. Or… any visitors, really. But against my better judgement, I’m not gonna let you freeze to death outside. And you seem… relatively harmless,” he smiles again fiddling with the towel in his hands.

The woman you saw earlier sets plates of food down on the table, and Nathan hands her the towel.

“This looks amazing, I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality.”

“I’m glad you’re feeling better. You kinda looked like a wet cat when you got here. No offense,” he bites his lip and glances over at you.

“None taken,” you laugh.

“Do you drink?” he glances at you when he sees you reach for an empty glass.

“I’m not much of a drinker, but I like the occasional wine!”

He chuckles fondly, “We can definitely do wine. I have a Chateau Lafite 1787 and a Cheval Blanc 1947 that are begging to be opened. And… from the look on your face, you have no clue what that means. Kyoko, grab the Cheval.”

“I admit I don’t know! But I can tell you do. You seem to know a lot about a lot of things. Including saving someone from hypothermia,” you almost grimace at the memory.

”That’s why they pay me the big bucks,” he chuckles taking a generous sip of his freshly poured wine. “Damn… this is the good shit.”

You watch him drink and it’s beginning to hit you. This is really him; this is the Nathan that you have his social media accounts on notifications. This is the Nathan that you’ve watched random tech videos you have no interest in but wanted to hear his voice. And now you’re sitting across from him, at his table, watching him drink wine.

“You definitely seem to enjoy the finer things in life, don’t you? And yes, this is good, especially with the meal. I’m not used to this much luxury. I feel like I don’t belong here,” you bite your lip. He’s a genius. Famous and sexy as hell and you’re just-

“Well, you get used to a certain way of living when you’re… me,” he chuckles.

“This wine probably costs more than I make in a month,” you laugh taking another sip. “I don’t know what I’d do if I even had a million dollars.”



“I can wire your bank tomorrow.”

“Wait, you can’t be serious.”

“As a heart attack,” he shrugs. “Pocket change. Consider it a get well soon present. So, what’s home like for you?” He changes the subject so abruptly, but you go along with it, but it’s hard to keep up.

Suddenly you feel like spilling your whole life out to this man. That you’re stuck. You live at home because you can’t make ends meet and nothing seems to stick. You’re looking for something, but you don’t know what it is.

“I live in a small town. It’s cozy. Simple. But sometimes it feels too small. That’s why I wanted to get away. See something new. I realize how I’ve not experienced much in my life. I want excitement. I want- well I want to move away. That’s what I want.”

He takes another sip of his wine and you can’t help but stare at his delicious beard.

“I specialize in exciting, honey. You stumbled into the right place,” he grins, another soft chuckle escapes his lips.

“I think I did, though it sounds like you know something I don’t know.”

His brow raises as he smirks devilishly, “there’s a lot you don’t know, kitten. There’s a lot I can show you. I didn’t come out here just to be alone.”

Your stomach drops and you feel your face heat. He’s called you two pet names back-to-back. His eyes are fixed on you, watching every move on your face. He’s calculating, tucking everything away into his memory.

“K-kitten?” you find your words, but you sputter on your wine. “Did you just call me kitten?”

His smirk only seems to grow. The confidence is oozing out of him and it’s thick in the air.

“You liked that, didn’t you? Your pupils are dilated.” He causally sips his wine as if he didn’t just ruin your whole life with a short sentence.

He’s rendered you speechless, the very air in your lungs is gone. And there’s a feeling low in your belly. A pang of arousal and need and thrill hits you all at once.

“I-“ your words are lost again, but he speaks up for you.

“Look, kitten,” he punctuates the word, he’s teasing you now. “You obviously did. Can we just skip to the part where we have the conversation?”

“The conversation?”

“Y’know. The one where I tell you I’m not just interested in you because you’re the first person that’s come around here, like… ever, but because you’re beautiful and interesting and genuinely fun to be around. And that you need to make the first move if you want this as much as I do because I’m not some rich asshole who’s trying to take advantage of the fact that you’re completely vulnerable right now. That conversation.” He sips his wine again, and you feel like you might pass out or jump across the table into his lap. You’re too frozen to do either.

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“Honey,” he sighs setting down his wine glass and folding his hands together resting his elbows on the table. “I don’t mince words. And let me put it to you clearly. You’re exactly my fuckin’ type.”

“Is this really happening?”

“Only if you want it to baby. But I’m as real as it gets. And I couldn’t have made a more perfect woman if I tried, and I have.” He mumbles the last part into his wine glass, it’s so quiet you almost don’t hear it.

“Look Nathan, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m in love with you.”

Both his eyebrows raise in question and a smile grin spreads across his face.

“No, I mean,” you bury your face in your hands, “I mean I have a crush on you, you’re kind of… my celebrity crush,” you wince a little and peek out from behind your hands. “My cousin really does own a timeshare and I really did want to get away, but I came because I thought you would be nearby. I didn’t actually think I’d be having dinner with you after you saw me naked.”

“So, that explains the vibrator then,” he scratches his chin, pretending he’s lost in thought. He’s messing with you but when he sees your obvious distress he leans back in his chair. You think he’s about to apologize when you get up and walk down the hall and pick a random room that’s open.

You sit down on a couch and look up to see a Jackson Pollack painting on the wall. Lights are angled at it, it’s the focal point of the room.

A few moments later you hear a soft knock on the doorframe.

Nathan walks in and leans against the desk under the painting, he’s facing you. His arms are crossed, but he doesn’t look angry.

“Look, I wanna talk to you about earlier. I know I come on….strong. And it’s a shitty excuse but you’re the first real woman I’ve seen in months that isn’t my housekeeper and what I said before about you being my type? Shit. I scared you, didn’t I?”

“It’s just overwhelming,” you flush. “My celeb crush saw me naked today and wants to have sex with me. Not to mention you offered me a MILLION dollars without batting an eye!”

“Okay, okay. How can I put you at ease about this? We obviously have a connection. And you might as well stay until I can fix your phone.”

“What about the money?”

“I could put you to work. I’m writing a thesis. And I need to make sure it’s readable to someone who may not understand all this,” he moves his hands around in the air.

“Is that worth a million dollars?”

“It would be to me; I need help on this.”

“Okay,” you nod. “I’ll do it.”

“Really?” he smiles, he seems so excited. “Great. I’ll take you to a room you can stay in. Let me give you a tour of the place.”

Your tour ends with the bedroom. He tells you goodnight and disappears down the hall. You shimmy out of the sweatpants but leave on the Henley and slide into the bed. The sheets are soft, silky. There’s a thick warm blanket on top and you snuggle deep under the covers.

You’re thinking about your day, what a crazy day it’s been. You try not to linger on the naked part, but you think more about his skin. The warmth. The touch of his beard. His obvious desire for you at dinner. You wonder what he’s doing right now. You wonder if he’s thinking about you as much as you are thinking about him. Maybe you have some charge left in the vibrator….


if this looks familiar….it’s because w/ permission from @sergeantkane, i wrote a fic based on my thread w/ her on @thatortheschlong!! 


next part will come on thursday feb 18th!


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