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Anyway, hurray for more agreement with my headcanon! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Tsupro doesn’t want to give the guy lines or explain why he only shows up for 2 seconds at a time then I am simply forced to come up with my own (sad-) explanations And also, you know, on top of everything else - Leo didn’t know that Astra had survived, so it’s entirely plausible that until Ultraman King rescued Astra & presumably told him, Astra might not have known that Leo had survived either… It’s a lot of trauma for one person, there, so yeah, like you said, anyone would have issues!

As for the horns - it’s unclear exactly HOW close L-77 Ultras are to M-78 Ultras biologically… Obviously it’s the same Ultra Spark radiation reaching out to L-77 that changed them, but there’s some notable differences evident in Leo (& presumably Astra) - like how very little silver is on his body (even red M-78 Ultras like Seven or Taro have a bit more!) and how his time limit on Earth is 2:40’’ rather than an even 3 minutes. (Which - rude, Tsupro. Just rude.) It’s also unclear whether maybe that’s more a personal thing, since we don’t exactly have other L-77 Ultras to compare to, buuuut…

Point is: Father of Ultra’s horns are canonically what he uses for ESP, so yeah, I’d totally say they’re sensory organs, and it’s totally reasonable to assume Leo’s and past-Astra’s horns would be/have been similar. (Maybe that’s part of why Leo is so very good at spotting aliens in disguise & other Ultras on sight?) Which, yeah, to have those just sawed off… Especially given that canonically Ultraman King had to do some serious reconstructive work, there’s no way that was done in any clean manner… Alien Magma suck.

… and now one of them is Taiga’s host’s friend/coworker! :V

Ah, the fun of different universes… (Part of me wants to see Leo react to that guy. The rest of me would rather he not have to find out and just be left in peace, lol.)


AN: Wow! So, after an overwhelming response and general amazingness from you guys I decided to go ahead and write a part 2 to my previous Connor RK800 x Reader story. I got a lot of requests for some fluff so I will do my best to make this a happier resolution. Warnings: Spoilers? Again, the timeline is going to diverge from the cannon to stretch the events of the game from a few days to a few weeks. Disclaimer: I don’t own Detroit: Become Human or it’s characters. I really hope I did this justice and that you enjoy  the story. Likes, Comments, & Reblogs are always very much appreciated! Word Count: 7k+ I don’t know what’s wrong with me I keep getting carried away.

Part 1

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The blaring of your alarm clock hit you like a tidal wave sending shudders of pain straight to your brain. Wave after wave of throbbing pain that was finally enough to get you to stretch your arm out and swipe at the damn clock. With another groan you turned over on your back and pulled the blankets fully over your head deciding that perhaps today was a good day to call in sick; you hadn’t taken a personal day in ages and you’re sure that even Captain Fowler would understand. You knew it was probably a childish move to try and run from your problems but after everything that had happened yesterday you weren’t feeling up to facing the world. You sank further into your bed as you replayed the events of yesterday over in your mind for what was probably the hundredth time.

       Having to face someone like Elijah Kamski again considering your history would have been enough but having your heart broken without even truly realizing it was without a doubt the worst pain you could have ever felt; and for heaven’s sake you had been shot before.  Not wanting to think about it anymore you threw your covers off you and turned toward your bathroom. You halted in front of your mirror noticing how swollen and red your eyes were but you could expect nothing less after spending half the night crying until you had nothing left. You turned away and started your shower hoping that it would help calm you down and clear your head. But it did a poor job as your mind kept jumping back to Connor. You hadn’t been in the shower for more than a minute before you felt tears starting to brim in your eyes. Damnit! Why did it hurt this much? He was right… Connor was right you we were in love with him before you even realized it. And the worst part was that you still felt something for the stupid android even after what happened yesterday. Sliding down the wall of your shower you let your tears overtake you again. This is the last time. After this I won’t shed another tear. That was the mantra you repeated to yourself as you let the water hit you.

       Eventually, the tears stopped, and you were able to pull yourself together enough to turn the shower off and dry yourself. You scurried into your room and put on some clean clothes before grabbing your phone from your nightstand. What caught your attention was how many missed calls you there were at least 10 from Hank and 5 from Connor. You didn’t even want to process the information or bother listening to the voicemails instead calling up Fowler to let him know you wouldn’t be in. You could tell that he was a little disappointed, but he gave you the okay. Promising that there would be a mountain of reports to fill out on your desk tomorrow. You didn’t argue, simply glad to have the day to yourself, you’d deal with the consequences tomorrow. You laid back down on your bed for a while just trying to even your breathing in an attempt to distract yourself.

       It worked for a while but then you grew restless and decided to make some coffee. You hadn’t even passed the threshold of your bedroom when you phone began vibrating in your hand. You looked at your caller ID and noticed that it was Hank. You also knew that you couldn’t dodge him for ever so you answered, “Hey, Hank.”

       The first thing you heard on the other line was a sigh, “Hey? That’s all you’re going to say to me? Jesus, Y/N, I’ve been trying to reach you since last night. What the hell happened and more importantly where are you? Your two hours late for work.”

       Had it really been two hours already? “You’re lecturing me on being late to work? You’re always late to work and anyway I already told Fowler that I was taking a personal day.”

       “What happened? You ran off yesterday and I was worried sick trying to get a hold of you. Connor told me you just ran off and then got into your car.”

       Just the mention of his name made you heart squeeze, “I was just upset about Elijah and his stupid tactics. As it turns out, I shouldn’t have joined you guys yesterday. It brought up a lot of unpleasant memories and I needed to get out of there.”

       A deep scoff reverberated through your ear, “Bullshit, Y/N. You’re tough as nails. I saw the way you faced down Kamski that wasn’t what made you run. Something happened with you and Connor.”

       Shit.“Nothing happened between us, Hank. If anything, I was just a little upset about how he shot that Chloe. That’s all…”

       “Enough, Y/N. If that were the case, then I wouldn’t be facing the problem I am right now. I mean I was upset about his choice too, but my anger didn’t affect him like this.”

       That was an interesting turn of phrase, “What are you talking about, Hank? What’s wrong with Connor, exactly?”

       Hank groaned, “I don’t know. Or rather nothing. He’s been staring off into space all day right before he mentioned that you wouldn’t answer his calls. He’s just sitting here looking like a kicked puppy. He’s been that way pretty much since I walked in.”

       You sighed, “I really don’t know what to tell you Hank. Maybe he’s just filling out some reports to Cyberlife? He usually gets that way whenever he’s checking in.”

       Hank sounded exhausted, “No this is different, Y/N. I’ve been his partner for weeks and he’s never acted like this. You were the last person he saw before he fell into this weird funk; it’s almost like he’s upset but I know he’d probably deny that with his programming.”

       You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose, “I don’t know Hank. Why don’t you try talking him and see what he says? I really need to go I’ve got the worst headache. We’ll talk soon, okay?” Without giving him a chance to respond you ended the call. Childish. That was so childish. Always running away from your problems.

       Walking over to your coffee machine you made yourself a cup and walked into your living room, turning on the TV as you went. This sight before you nearly caused you to drop your mug. No matter which channel you switched to you couldn’t escape the breaking news alerts. You watched as what look like hundreds of Androids marched down Market Street most of them were thrusting their fists into the air. You could barely hear it over the reporter but it sounded like they were chanting and in an instant the reporter was silenced and you heard it. In perfect unison you heard hundreds of voices swelling to form a single phrase. We are alive.

       Breathless, you watched as the androids continued to march into the middle of the square, chanting all the while. Then the cameras cut to dozens of armored cars flooding the streets and halting the impromptu march. Heavily armored S.W.A.T filed out and crouched behind riot shields with weapons poised to shoot. All you could hear through your television was a S.W.A.T leader telling the androids to disperse but you couldn’t hear their response. Suddenly, your stomach dropped as you heard a volley of gun shots go off and several of the androids dropped lifelessly to the floor. You wanted to scream but it would do little good. They weren’t hurting anyone they were just marching; they were peaceful. And then several minutes of gunshots and slaughtered androids later the march finally dispersed. You felt sick to your stomach as the news feed ended and you slumped down onto your sofa suddenly ashamed at the force that you belonged to. You couldn’t condone the slaughter of innocent lives from an institution that was sworn to protect.

       Your head dropped into your hands and you began shaking. How was this going to end? Clearly there was no regard for the lives of androids but some of them got away which you couldn’t tell if that inspired hope in you or terror. Either the androids would find a way to free themselves or the FBI, S.W.A.T, and whatever other force they could rally would destroy these androids. They could potentially plan to wipe the slate clean and it disgusted you.


^^^Software Stability^^^

       Thirium was pooling beneath the machine at his feet, Connor heard your distressed cry and watched you run out of the room. He didn’t quite understand why he wanted to follow after you but he held his ground. He had a mission to complete and he had come this far. The man standing in front of him gave a nonchalant sigh, “Test negative. You chose your investigation over the life of another android. Perhaps, you don’t feel any empathy after all.”

       The gun was taken from Connor’s grip as he heard Hanks distinct footfalls treading out of the room, “I’m a man of my word. Ask me one question and I’ll tell you all I know.”

       Processing all possibilities Connor’s attention snapped toward Kamski, “I need to know how deviancy spreads.”

       Connor heard the slow forceful intake of breath, “Well, all androids share data sets whenever they meet each other and if that data were corrupted it could spread like an epidemic. It should remain dormant until an emotional shock occurs like fear, anger…” Kamski smiled with a menacing glint in his eyes, “Or perhaps any human emotion really, they don’t all necessarily have to be troubling. And then the android becomes deviant. It probably all started with one processing error or maybe it was all just a spontaneous mutation. Who can say? It’s an interesting question Connor, but I doubt it will prove useful to your investigation.”

       He wasn’t wrong Kamski’s information was cryptic and as he turned to leave his thoughts fell upon you yet again but a firm grip on his forearm pulled him back, “A war is coming and soon you’ll have to choose a side. You’ll either defend your people or stand against your creators. I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes, Connor. Especially, when it comes to your choice and how it affects Y/N.”

       He turned quickly trying to process what Kamski was saying, “What do you mean how it affects Y/N? How would that affect Y/N? I’ll always chose the side of humanity; her side.”

       Kamski chuckled, “You haven’t noticed Y/N’s sympathetic heart at all or that display just a moment ago? She didn’t appreciate your choice when it came to taking another android’s life. Imagine how it’ll feel when your responsible for the death or subjugation of your own people.”

       Connor squared his shoulders, “She will see that what I’ve done is right. Once I’ve fulfilled my mission humanity will be better off.”

       “Are you certain? I’ve observed you two for no more than a few minutes together and there is certainly something there that perhaps you aren’t willing to admit. Then again, with your little display just now I think that you’ve proved you’re just a machine and not what she had hoped you could become.”

       Connor paused for a moment, “What am I not willing to admit?”

       “That you feel something, Connor. And so, does she. You feel something for Y/N that goes beyond your programming and you don’t know it yet. It probably terrifies you. Although, I can’t say that I blame you. Y/N is an extraordinary woman; brilliant, kind, and attractive. If there was ever a human to fall in love with then you chose well.”

       Connor slowly started to piece the information together, “Fall in love? That’s not possible. I’m not-“

       Another chuckle escaped Kamski, “You’re not what? Human? That’s obvious, Connor, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. You’ve spent enough time hunting deviants… you were programmed to do so. Surely, you’ve noticed that androids emulating human emotions is not impossible. So, it stands to reason that perhaps you have more in common with your prey than you think.”

       “No that isn’t possible. I’m an android, a machine, we aren’t capable of emotion. You said yourself that deviancy is just corrupted data, a virus, that lays dormant until the right moment. I check myself regularly for deviancy errors… it’s not possible.”

       “Trust me, Connor, anything is possible. However, if you’re certain that it isn’t, as you say, possible. Perhaps you should let Y/N know? It wouldn’t be fair to keep stringing her along thinking that there’s some hope for you two.”

       It was like someone had flipped a switch in his mind as Connor began to piece together your actions and behavior since he had met you all those weeks ago. He could feel his thirium pump pounding at the thought of you but that filled him with an uncertainty at the same time. He couldn’t let himself be corrupted if there was any possibility that what Kamski had said was true. He needed to find you and set things right before it was too late. He turned quickly on his heel and marched out the door, but stopped short at yet another invasive comment, “By the way, I always leave an emergency exit in my programs. You never know…”

       Connor’s head snapped up as he heard Hank slamming his phone back down. The motion brought him back to his current location; he was back in the present at the DPD. Lieutenant Anderson was rubbing his temples and Connor couldn’t stop his sudden inquiry, “Was that Y/N? That you were just speaking with?”

       Anderson only scoffed and side-eyed Connor, “Why do you care?”

       “I just want to make sure that Detective L/N is alright. She was upset last night and she won’t answer my phone calls so I cannot ask her myself. Is she alright?”

       “Careful Connor, you almost sound like you care.”

       That was a puzzling response, Connor turned his head to the side unwilling to let the matter go, “Of course I care. Y/N and I have been working together for weeks now. Her well-being is very important to me… As is yours Lieutenant.”

       Hank scoffed and swiveled his chair to face Connor, “You know I can’t figure you out. First it seems like you do genuinely care about people and then you go and pull shit like you did last night. I just can’t wrap my head around it. And I don’t think Y/N can either.”

       “I’m afraid I don’t understand, Lieutenant, last night I was just doing my job. I did what I had to in order to move the investigation forward. Kamski wasn’t going to give us any information unless I gave into his demands.”

       “I know but when it becomes a choice between right and wrong sometimes the investigation doesn’t have to take priority. And last night, with Kamski’s stupid test that was wrong. I should have listened to Y/N… she was right the whole fucking meeting was a mistake.”

       Connor stared back at Hank, unwavering, “Lieutenant, I was programmed to complete this mission it was the entire reason that my protype was designed. Perhaps all of these choices in letting those past deviants go have been the cause of the instabilities in my software.”

       Anderson’s head popped up, making direct eye contact, “Instabilities in your software instabilities? What the hell are you going on about?”

       Connor turned the phrasing over in his mind for a moment, “Those moments when I decided to let those deviants go instead of bringing them back to Cyberlife created a conflicting order in my direct programing. It set me further and further off my path. Sometimes it wasn’t always the cases that started causing these instabilities.”

       “What do you mean? What else started causing these ‘instabilities’ of yours?”

       Connor was at a loss for words for once, he just stared back at Hank for a moment, “I’m not certain how to explain it. As I spent more time around the DPD alongside you and Y/N other objectives became more important. I knew I should have followed what my programming dictated but it felt wrong. Soon the well-being of you and Y/N became a priority.”

       Something flashed in Hank’s eyes and the barest of smiles pulled at his lips, “Connor, back at Stratford Tower when that deviant almost got away… what was going through your mind?”

       “I simply calculated that there wasn’t a way to achieve an optimal outcome. So, I chose to neutralize the deviant instead.”

       There was a slightly wider grin now present, “Okay, but focus on Y/N. Why did you throw yourself on top of her? I had to practically pry you away from her even though you were severely injured.”

       Connor blinked a few times staring almost blankly ahead, “I calculated that Y/N was in the line of fire and her chance of survival was in danger so I acted and moved to shield her from any possible danger.”

       “Interesting. But tell me how do you feel when Y/N is around?”

       “Lieutenant, I’m an android I’m not capable of emotions-“

       Anderson held up a hand motioning Connor to stop, “Okay cut it out with that shit for a second and answer the question. When you’re around Y/N what happens to your- to your circuitry or whatever it is you’ve got. Does anything seem different when you’re around Y/N compared to when your around everyone else.”

       Connor opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it trying to process what his partner was saying, “I’m unsure. I find being around Y/N is pleasant. She is kind to me and treats me like a person rather than a machine. It’s not what I’m accustomed to. She’s funny which is also something I’m not use to; I’ve never experienced humor before. Y/N is also very patient and considerate. And sometimes when she’s around it feels like- it’s almost as if my chest gets tighter and the thirium pump in my chest works a little a faster.” Connor furrowed his brows, “I don’t know why but I worry for Y/N’s safety more often and I don’t enjoy when she puts herself in danger; although I know it’s her job to do so just as it is mine.”

       Hank was practically beaming as he chuckled, “Well I’ll be damned kid. It sounds to me like you’re in love. It all makes sense now… the way you’re always hovering near her and making googly eyes at her when she isn’t looking.”

       Connor shook his head violently, “No. That isn’t possible I’ve already spoken to Kamski and Y/N about this… it isn’t possible. I already told Y/N that I wasn’t capable of feeling and reciprocating love.”

       “Wait a minute, you talked to Kamski and Y/N about this? Shit, that’s probably why she didn’t come in today. Listen kid, I know you’re going to want to deny it and swear that you’re incapable of it but from what you’ve just told me… you’re in love. It’s not something to worry about. Love is rare and when it happens it’s one of the greatest things in the world. That is probably the cheesiest shit I’ve ever spouted off but it’s true. From what I’ve seen you two are happy around each other and that isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t have to mean that you’ve failed your mission or that your compromised.”

˅˅˅Software Instability˅˅˅

       Could that really be true? What if what he told you wasn’t the truth? What if he was becoming a deviant? “I don’t understand. How do I know for certain I’m in love?”

       Hank smiled, “It’s like I said you enjoy being around her or it’s more like you gravitate towards her. You put her safety above your own. And that quickening of your pump- or whatever- that’s what happens to humans when you’re around someone you love. Tell me this how do you feel when you’re not around Y/N like today? What’s been going on in your head now that she’s not here?”

       “I- I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right… it feels like something inside of me is missing and I just want to know that she’s alright. I can’t seem focus when she isn’t around and especially when I know that I’m the reason she’s so distressed. I enjoy being around her, seeing her smile, and even hearing her laugh.” The realization hit Connor hard and he felt the familiar tightness in his chest, “That’s love? I love her… I’m in love with, Y/N.”

       Hank sat back in his chair with a satisfied smirk, “Yeah, you are. And it sounds like you have some apologizing to do, kid. You’ve gotta tell her how you really feel about her. And don’t even get me started on the deviant thing. We don’t know if you’re a deviant or not so stop throwing that excuse around.”

       “How am I going to tell her? She won’t answer when I call her… not after everything that happened last night.”

       Hank reached over and patted Connor’s knee, “Don’t worry, kid, she’ll come around and you’ll get your chance to make things right with her.”


              It was suspiciously quiet around the office when you arrived at work the next morning which was odd considering what had happened yesterday with the Android march. You figured that the department would be absolutely buzzing with activity. The quietness was almost unnerving and the sight that awaited you didn’t help ease any of the tension that you were feeling. Amongst the sea of empty desks, you saw Hank and Connor talking rather quietly amongst themselves. You approached carefully, “Hank, what is going on? Where is everyone?”

              You saw Connor fly out of his chair awkwardly straightening his tie, “Y/N! You’re back! Are you alright I was worried when you didn’t show up yesterday.”

              Biting your lip a bit you didn’t even look over at Connor, instead focusing on Hank, “I’m fine Connor. What’s going on here?”

              Hank sighed heavily, “We got pulled off the deviant cases. Apparently, the FBI is taking over the investigation and they want to send Connor back to Cyberlife.”

              You whipped your head around toward Connor who gave you an almost sad smirk, “That’s impossible! You guys were on to something they can’t just pull back like that. There has to be some way to fight this.”

              Connor’s somewhat meek voice spoke up, “It isn’t up to us. With the android protests people are afraid that their androids will all turn on them. As for me, I’m Cyberlife’s property no doubt they’re going to deconstruct me to try and find out why I failed.”

              Your heart nearly stopped, as much as you were upset with him you still cared for Connor, “No, we’re not going to let that happen. You’re not being deconstructed like some science project. What are our options?”

              Hank cleared his throat, “Not much with the FBI taking over they’ll be taking all of the evidence and deviant cases from our archives.” Hank stopped for a minute, “Here comes Perkins. That prick.”

              Suddenly Connor piped up, “Wait, the evidence room. There’s gotta be a way for me to discern Jericho’s location. I’m so close to figuring this out and I just can’t let that go. I just need five minutes and I swear I can find what I need before Perkins takes the evidence out.”

              You looked over at Hank and he sighed, “The basement key is on my desk. Y/N, make sure he gets there quick because I can only distract them for so long.”

              As you watched Hank walk off towards Perkins you shoved the key into Connor’s and began walking, “Come on, we don’t have a lot of time.” Your steps were light and quick as you glided down the hall, “Connor, there are two security cameras up ahead disable them, so we’re not seen.”

              You received a short nod, “I’ve got them don’t worry.”

              In record time you reached the evidence room but a voice stopped you, one that made you roll your eyes, “Well if it isn’t the plastic prick and his little girlfriend. What are you doing over here? Didn’t you get the message? You’re off the case.”

                You quickly shot Connor a look before pushing him toward the door, “Do what you have to. I’ll take care of him.” You watched the skepticism in his eyes before he silently complied, “What do you want now, Reed?”

              Gavin sneered, “Hey where the hell is he going?”

              “He’s logging some evidence that he had from a previous case and then he’s going back to Cyberlife. So, don’t concern yourself with him. Just get back to whatever it is that you actually do here.”

              “Bullshit. I don’t trust the lump of plastic for a second. If he’s just logging evidence then he won’t mind an audience, will he?” You pushed yourself in front of the door blocking Gavin from entering, “Y/N, get the fuckout of my way.”

              There was no way in hell you were letting that jackass in, “Not a chance, Reed. I told you to move along.”

              You could see the unhinged anger in his eyes, as Gavin reached for his gun and pointed it at you, “This is your last warning, L/N. Get out of my way before I put you out of commission.” You didn’t let him get any further as you drove your knee as hard as you could into his groin. As you had expected he doubled over and you grabbed his wrist before driving your elbow down on his forearm. He immediately dropped the gun and you kicked it down the hall, “You’re going to regret that.”

              You laughed, “Oh, am I?”

He took a wild swing at you, but you were able to dodge it and duck under his arm before pivoting and landing a kick to his back; causing him to fall forward into a wall. He picked himself up and rushed you, but you were quicker; effortlessly moving out of the way. You gave two forceful uppercuts to his gut, hoping to slow him down but he kept coming. Taking a defensive stance you both circled each other. Eager to get this over with you threw a punch to his face but that opened you up to the punch to your cheek that had you groaning. He lunged and you barely dodged out of the way before kicking out at his shin and as you had hoped he stumbled forward letting you take another swing aimed at his nose. You heard the sickening crack, but you used his distraction to your advantage. Spinning around, you put all your momentum into a kick right in the center of his face. Reed hit the floor hard while you groaned at the throbbing pain in your jaw.

With significant effort you opened the evidence room door and dragged Gavin in along with you propping him up against the stairwell railing. Then began taking the steps two at a time, “Connor?” You heard his somewhat muffled voice call out to you and you ran down the remaining stairs, “Connor we have to go, now! Did you get what you needed?”

              He turned to you, “Yes! Y/N, this is it I’ve found it. I found Jericho.” His excitement was cut short when he saw your face, he ran over and gently grasped your face with both hands, “Y/N, what happened? You’re bleeding.”

              Your heart began beating painfully when he touched you with such tenderness, but you had to stop it by pulling his hands away and stepping back, “I’m fine. Reed and I got into a bit of an argument and he pulled his gun on me, so I defended myself.”

              You didn’t fail to notice that his LED began flashing red. A look of almost rage filled his eyes and his voice dropped to a growl, “Where is he?”

              You nodded toward the stairs, “Unconscious against the stair railing. Trust me I’m fine but we have to get you out of here and out of those clothes.” The confused puppy dog look that he now sported almost made you laugh, “What I mean is you can’t go out in public looking like that. If you’re going to find Jericho, then you’re going to have to blend in.”


              Connor was pacing almost nervously throughout your apartment when you came in through your door toting a few shopping bags, he looked at you and gave you a sheepish smile before quickly looking away. What was going on with him? You put the bags down on your coffee table and turned to him, “Okay, I wasn’t exactly sure what to get you considering I’ve only ever seen you in a suit. So, I got a couple things and thought you could pick whichever you liked best.” The Android simply nodded and gave his quiet thanks, it was clear that something was wrong and you were growing tired of his trite answers, “Connor, what’s going on? You’ve been quiet ever since we left the Department. You know you can tell me anything.”

              He looked up at you hesitantly and his LED slowly turned yellow, “Yes, there is something that I wished to discuss with you.” You nodded your head and waited patiently for him to continue, “I wanted to talk to you about what happened the other night when we visited Kamski.”

              It suddenly felt like your blood had turned to ice, you had already gone through this once and you weren’t looking forward to reliving it, “No, Connor, you don’t have to explain anything. We already talked about this. I know what I said was harsh and I’m sorry… but you don’t need to explain it again. I understand where we stand. So, you don’t need to worry-”

              Connor stepped forward and grasped your hand, “No, Y/N, that’s not what I wanted to say. I wanted to apologize to you…”

              “Like I said, Connor, you don’t need to be sorry. I promise I won’t let my feelings get in the way. I’m here for you as a friend and I will help you with your mission. I just need time and I promise I will get past what I’m feeling. Okay?”

              Surprisingly Connor grabbed you and pulled you into a tight embrace. What the hell? He nestled his head into the side of your neck and you felt his breath tickling you, “I’m so sorry, Y/N, but please don’t push me away. I don’t want you to get over your feelings for me.” You had to suppress a shiver as he continued to speak, his voice was barely audible, “I was wrong. I- I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

              Your heart was practically soaring inside your chest but a part of you felt like this could be some sort of cruel joke or dream. You pushed him back far enough that you could get a clear view of his face, “What did you just say?”

              It seemed impossible but his eyes held that tenderness that you swore you had seen before, “I love you, Y/N. Lieutenant Anderson helped me realize it yesterday… when you’re not around I feel almost empty like a part of me has been taken away. I hurt you and I never meant to. I can’t feel physical pain but when I thought about how much pain I had caused you; that was the closest I’ve come to actual pain.” You stared at Connor with your mouth hanging open, having trouble processing if what you were hearing was reality, “I know that I hurt you but can you forgive me, Y/N?”

              You blinked at him still not believing what you were hearing, you awkwardly babbled, “Connor, I’m not sure what to say…” You watched him tilt his head the slightest hint of a frown on his lips, this was everything that you had secretly wanted to hear him say but you were suddenly lost. Still you slid your hand down toward Connor’s chest and felt the elevated pounding against your palm, you nearly melted when you looked back into his eyes, “Of course I forgive you.”

              There was a certain joy in the smirk he gave you, he pulled you closer again until you were nearly flush against him, “Does that mean that I still have a chance?”

              You couldn’t help but laugh at Connor’s choice of words, it was so unlike him, “Do you still have a chance? Where did you learn that?”

              “Lieutenant Anderson mentioned the phrase a few times when he was teaching and helping me understand what I felt for you. It was a very interesting conversation.”

              You giggled softly, taking on a taunting tone, “I’m sure it was. What else did he teach you?” Before you could say anything more, Connor bent forward and pressed his lips to yours. You were shocked at first but you quickly melted into it, running your hands up and tangling one in his hair, the other was lazily draped on his shoulder. This kiss was all slow and tentative caresses, a dance of two hearts finally synchronizing after a long struggle. After a minute you pulled away to catch your breath and smiled as Connor gently nuzzled your nose, “Wow! I’m hoping Hank wasn’t the one that taught you that.”

              Connor laughed tenderly, “No, I did my own research in case you responded positively to my confession. There is surprisingly quite a lot to learn in regards to romance.”

              Your grin wouldn’t budge as you continued to tease him, “Well maybe you can show me more of what your research taught you, later. Right now, you have a very important case in front of you.” Pulling away you gently pushed the bags from earlier into Connor’s hands, “There’s a spare bathroom down the hall. I’ll be here when you get back.” He leaned down with your favorite smirk plastered on his lips, giving you another quick kiss before disappearing in the direction you pointed out.

              You walked into your own bedroom and slipped off your jacket that was hiding your shirt, slightly stained by blood from earlier. You dug through your closet before pulling out a warm black sweater and matching black jeans. After slipping your clothes on you grabbed your black peacoat and walked back out into your living room; lacing up a pair of well-worn boots as you waited for Connor. He appeared shortly after and the sight nearly took your breath away. You must have been blushing because Connor gave you a cheeky smirk, “Is this acceptable?”

              You coughed a little forcefully, “Yeah it’s great- I mean… it works. You look good and you’ll blend right in.”

              Connor’s gaze slipped down your figure as a frown took hold, “Y/N, why are you dressed like that?”

              “Because I’m coming with you, Connor. If you’re serious about finding Jericho then I’m coming with you.”

              His frown only seemed to deepen, “No, Y/N, I can’t allow that. This is highly dangerous and the chances of something going wrong or you getting injured are too high. I won’t let you do this. You’re too important to me.”

              You stood up and walked toward him, “Connor it’s because this mission of yours is too dangerous that I can’t let you do this alone. You’re too important to me, as well. Besides, this is your case and since your partner has been temporarily suspended; it looks like you’re stuck with me.”

              He scanned your face for a minute in total silence, “There isn’t a way that I can convince you otherwise is there?”

              You reached for his hand and laced your fingers together, “Nope. Not this time.”


              The journey to find Jericho was certainly an experience but you had to admit that it was incredibly well hidden. Though the route proved to be a little treacherous causing Connor to worry over you every few minutes. To which you had to remind him that you had passed the FBI’s physical fitness exam several times with flying colors and that a few risky jumps wouldn’t be a problem. You marveled at the fact that Jericho turned out to be a rather rusty decommissioned ship; it was massive but it had definitely seen better days. The two of you made it to the very top of the ship and Connor pulled out a gun before approaching the door.

              He turned toward you with a hesitant look, “I can sense the leader just inside. I’m meant to take him alive for questioning but if things go wrong I may not have a choice.”

              It almost seemed like he was seeking your approval on the plan, but you simply gripped his free hand, “Connor, I know that you’re going to make the right choice, whatever that might mean. Just come back to me in on piece, alright? I’ll be waiting in case you need back up.” He simply squeezed your hand before slipping in quietly through the door.

              You waited anxiously for a few minutes, hearing no sounds of a struggle which you took as a sign that things were going well. It wasn’t until you saw the faint glow of approaching lights that your heartrate began picking up. Without a second thought you burst through the door and noticed Connor and the android you now knew as Markus facing each other. The leader’s eyes snapped to you, “Who are you?”

              Panicked you cut him off, “That’s not important, right now. There’s a massive force headed this way if I had to guess it’s the FBI… you need to get your people out of here now.”

              Connor was at your side in an instant, “They’re going to attack Jericho. She’s right we have to get out of here, all of us.” Connor grabbed your hand and began pulling you through the ship. Just as you passed through the open door a massive helicopter zipped by turning on a dime back toward the main deck. Your heart was pounding as you ran through countless corridors hearing the occasional explosion and more frequent gunshots. As you followed along behind Connor and Markus they pulled to a halt in front of a female android.

              She skidded in front of Markus, “They’re coming in from all sides our people are trapped in the hull. They’re going to be slaughtered.”

              He tapped a finger to his temple and was silent for a moment before looking back up, “We have to blow up the ship. It’s the only way… they’ll be forced to evacuate and it’ll give our people time to escape.”

              “The explosives are all the way in the bottom of the ship. You’ll never make it out in time.”

              This time Connor spoke up and the genuine concern in his voice surprised you, “She’s right! They know who you are now. They’d do anything to get a hold of you.”

              “Just go and help the others. I’ll join up with you later.”

              You watched in awe as the android took off without a thought for his own safety. Consciously willing to put their lives and survival above his own. Another explosion went off in the distance and suddenly Connor was pulling you along through the maze of hallways once more. You gripped the gun that was holstered at your side and shot at the occasional soldier that threatened fleeing androids; never injuring anything serious only deterring them so that more of Markus’ people could make it to safety.  You were so focused on helping the androids escape and following Connor that you didn’t notice the small device land near your feet. All you felt was the force of the explosion throwing you backwards and your head collided with something behind you. The searing white hot pain was gone in an instant as your vision faded to black.


              The next thing you knew you were laying down on a stone floor and you felt a cooling sensation cradling your throbbing head; while a hand was holding one of your own. You tilted your head back and caught a glimpse of Connor who immediately noticed, “Y/N, you’re awake!”

              Your voice was a little raspy, “Connor, what happened?”

              Worry creased his otherwise perfect features, “A flash grenade went off near you and you hit your head. I had to carry you from Jericho.”

              You carefully pulled yourself up from Connor’s lap with his  help and noticed briefly that the synthetic skin was gone from his left hand. He must have been using its chill to soothe your aching head, “Where are we, now?”

              “We’re in a church with the remaining survivors of Jericho.” Suddenly Connor’s voice began to wobble, “You were unconscious for a while. I was almost believed that you weren’t going to wake up. I was scared.”

              You stretched your hand out and he leaned into your touch, “You were scared? Connor, are you a-“

              “A deviant? Yes, I couldn’t turn Markus in it didn’t feel right so I broke through my programming. But I’ve never felt scared before until I saw you just lying there. I thought you were gone.”

              You gingerly pulled him in for a kiss that he eagerly returned, “You didn’t lose me, Connor. I’m not going anywhere… not without you.”

*Here you go enjoy a screenshot. I tend to take quite a few when playing games for future uses in my stories. I have a bunch more for DBH for different scenes and characters.

Jean-Pierre was a successful businessman. He created his fortune through cunning investments and his family’s influence in the Union of Countries. Everyone that was somebody knew him and everyone that wanted to be somebody knew him as well. To be under his leadership was not only an honor but a challenge. He was the kind of man that wanted perfection and expected the very best of his employees. He was also a charming and elegant fifty-two years old man. He noticed Marie running towards them with his deep blue eyes and gestured his hand gently, waving to her.

“Ah, you must be Marie Madeleine!” - He stated with a friendly and gallant tone. There was a subtle accent to his English, one Marie would relate to - “Almost everybody is here. I already anticipated two of our members would be delayed, so why don’t we wait for them inside? I’m sure none of you have visited the Government Halls yet!” - The middle-aged man rubbed his forehead and laughed softly and with embarrassment - “But where are my manners? My name is Jean-Pierre Lyons. I’m sorry, I’ve spoken my name out so much today that I completely forgot I hadn’t introduced myself to you, Marie Madeleine. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Jean-Pierre stepped to the side of the great door and invited everyone inside with a smooth swing of his arm towards the interior. His formal attire gave him a chivalrous look. He was a knight of Present days. His words struck Marie like thunder. “Such a charmer.” - She thought, smiling. Marie was an admirer of Jean-Pierre’s work and, without any doubt, his looks as well. His body was slim and his face was long with an imposing chin. His appearance already revealed his character and personality, but it was already beyond Marie’s expectations.
The group entered the Government Halls. They were fascinated. For the first time, they were all witnessing a perfect replica of the Renaissance with their own eyes. Different paintings from various artists were copied onto the surface of the Halls’ interior walls, creating an artistical and cultural shock beyond anything seen before by the team. Marie was truly mesmerized.

“Don’t go letting your jaw fall off.” - Marie turned to where the voice came from. Her gaze set on a woman in her early thirties, a brunette with an accent Marie couldn’t quite place. - “The name’s Helena. I’ll be the team’s guide. Nice to meet you.”

Helena hailed from the Iberian peninsula. She had dark skin and short, spikey hair. A tomboy at heart, the Iberian was a former soldier and her fit body was one half of what revealed it. She was wearing a black tank top, camos and black boots. She had a scar on the left side of her chin that tracked down to the bottom edge of her throat, closing in on the collarbone. Her eyes were black, or perhaps dark brown.

“Oh… H-Hello! My name is Marie Madeleine! It’s nice to meet you too! Oh… I’m the doctor!”

Marie’s eagerness was reflected by Helena’s stoic expression. The latter ended up letting a small laugh, but it was more of a befriending gesture than an honest feeling.

“I know you’re a first timer.” - Said Helena - “Don’t worry, just stick to us.”

“Thank you!”

Past the entrance hall with all its splendor were the corridors of steel. The Government Halls were built to portray a sense of security inside of a structure that was timeless and beautiful. Of course, the main reason was to create a place where the Government officials could work in, but I believe you catch my drift (ending of Fourth Wall Breaking).

Jean-Pierre used a keycard on a device by a door and it slid open. Once again, the gentleman stepped to the side and invited everyone inside. The meeting room was crude and simple, with a long table and some chairs. Whatever electronics were usually there, noticing by the objects where one could place a projection device, had been removed. Jean-Pierre alread had everything he needed: several copies of a map and documents on top of the chairs.

“Take a seat please.” - Requested Jean-Pierre as he walked to the end of the table - “You will find a map and some papers on your chairs. Do take the time to read them. We are still waiting for two members, so might as well do something productive while we wait, don’t you agree?” - The charming man took a step to his right, being secretive with a towering man - “I must leave for a short time. However, Luc will stay here in case you need anything. He is my most loyal assistant, be sure he will be yours in this journey.”

Luc was nicknamed “The Tower” during his highschool years. He was nearly two meters tall and as thick as a lion. He wore a protective leather jumpsuit with shoulder pads and a breastplate and he and Helena wore similar boots. Luc was black, bald and had a very mean look in his eyes, as if they were constantly ablaze. He was donned with special military training and had learned much in terms of culture from Jean-Pierre. His sense of duty towards his employer was beyond anything the group would eventually witness.

In the documents was a review of the journey, means of transportation and supplies readied, as well as a blank sheet to add anything if a member thought the expedition needed something important that was missing. The map had annotations by Jean-Pierre himself, addressing access points and alternate routes. Something Helena would care about. Marie didn’t understand much beyond the medical supplies, but she tried to read everything anyway.

“Everything was so different from the shelter, especially the people! I still remember my first impression of Helena. She seemed kind but distant, sweet but cold…” - Marie begins crying, wiping her tears seconds after. - “But after what seemed an eternity of reading and rereading those documents, they finally arrived. The last two members of the expedition: Andrei and River.”- Marie Madeleine

This is not a real interactive gamePlated to Perfection: Part Two!Meet the last two members of the tThis is not a real interactive gamePlated to Perfection: Part Two!Meet the last two members of the tThis is not a real interactive gamePlated to Perfection: Part Two!Meet the last two members of the t

This is not a real interactive game

Plated to Perfection: Part Two!

Meet the last two members of the top eight! These seasoned chefs may prove to be some of your toughest competition yet! Meet the brash chef owner from Chennai, Sai and the underdog, silent chef from Wuhan, Meilin

Competitor Chef Bhasin

  • Name: Sai Bhasin

  • Gender: Man

  • Age: 28

  • Ethnicity: Indian

  • Specialty: Flavor

  • Competition Style: Trash Talk

Sai is the chef owner of his own restaurant in Los Angeles and easily made the top eight with his hot flavors and aromatic spices. He’s using the competition to both promote and win the prize for his small but popular restaurant. Be careful around him and show him no weakness or he will hurt your feelings; Sai’s tongue is as hot as his food

Competitor Chef Yang

  • Name: Meilin Yang
  • Gender: Woman
  • Age: 24
  • Ethnicity: Chinese
  • Specialty: Balanced
  • Competition Style: Professional
  • Extra: MC may potentially have a fling with her, is hard of hearing and has an interpreter

Perhaps the most controversial competitor of the season, Meilin was written off early by some viewers and competitors alike but her careful eye and lightning fast hands carried her to the top eight. She proved herself to be unflappable in the face of adversity and her food does all the talking for her. No one can distract her, no one can disrupt her flow and it looks like no one is going to get in her way

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This is not a real interactive gamePlated to Perfection: Part Two!Meet your rival’s sous chef! WhethThis is not a real interactive gamePlated to Perfection: Part Two!Meet your rival’s sous chef! WhethThis is not a real interactive gamePlated to Perfection: Part Two!Meet your rival’s sous chef! Wheth

This is not a real interactive game

Plated to Perfection: Part Two!

Meet your rival’s sous chef! Whether you choose to face off against Marie Esther or Hasan, Mateo will be there to support them

Rival Sous Chef Fernandez

  • Name: Mateo Fernandez
  • Gender: Man
  • Age: 23
  • Ethnicity: Spanish
  • Education: Culinary Arts Institution
  • Specialty: Opposite of Rival 
  • Competition Style: Same as Rival
  • Extra: MC may potentially have a fling with him, trans man

Mateo is charming, adaptable and very disciplined and he may just be the ace in the hole that can boost his chef to victory. Alongside Chef Demir, Mateo is as quick with his stinging retorts as he is with his knife. Together, he and his chef will say just about anything to shake you and the other competitors to the core

Alongside Chef St. Joseph, Mateo’s deep understanding of Spanish flavors flourishes as he helps to keep her eyes on the prize. Together, he and his chef may just tag team their way past you to the very top

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Request: “could u please continue w chase? thanks”  “Could you maybe write a second part to ‚ the chase‘? The first part is really nice!”

Pairing: Scott Reed x Reader

Warning(s): Scott POV, internal thoughts (a lot of them)

Word Count: 398

Gif: @a-fandom-imagine

A/N: I know, I know… Moving on… I kinda like this ScottxCoachsDaughter dynamic. Let me know how y’all feel.

I walked pass Coach Rick’s office and heard muffled arguments. I leaned in, curiosity getting the best of me, but I still couldn’t understand what was going on. I did, however, hear the march of footsteps heading toward the door. I shuffled in place before realizing that I should move. Out of the door came Y/N.

“Y/N, we aren’t finished here,” Coach Rick stated from the doorway of his office.

Y/N, who was clutching her book bag in one hand and a piece of paper in the other, turned to face him from her spot in the middle of the walkway. “No, dad, we aren’t. But I am not doing this here.”

Dad? Coach Rick is her dad?! No wonder she’s off limits, I never understood that rule…

As she walked off, I followed her quickly, hoping to catch up with her strides.

“Hey, Y/N,” I panted slightly. Damn, she walks so fast, but she looks so good when she’s angry. Once she noticed it was me, she smiled softly.

“Oh, what’s up, Scott?” That’s what is so amazing about her… She is always thinking about others, regardless of her own state of mind.

I gripped my bag strap. “You okay? You know, with what happened with Coach Rick?” I pointed toward his office. She sighed and rolled her eyes. “I didn’t know he was your dad.”

“Stepdad,” She corrected. “Yeah, I, uh… he found out that I’m failing math and he’s harping me about it.” She clicked her tongue. “And that sucks because now he won’t let me out of the house until I get that up.”

I nodded, internally panicking because I was planning on asking her to the winter formal. I don’t know what made me offer this, but I did.

“You know, I’m pretty alright in mathematics. I could tutor you during study hall.” I don’t know why I said that… I suck at math. But her face lit up.

“Are you serious?” She was almost shocked. “Oh, my God, Scottie, that would be amazing!” Y/N hugged me tightly. “You have no idea what this means to me.” Her hair smelled like sweet pea and honey. She pulled away. “Thank you, Scott. I owe you one.”

I smiled as she walked down the hall as the bell rang. Hell yeah, she owes me one, now I actually have to pay attention in math class.

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I woke just before day break, you are still sleeping, knowing full well that your people would be out looking for you shortly. I rise and go to break camp as to avoid any unwanted fight with our bow wielding kin. Looking at your naked body, breast heaving in your sleep. My Cock begins to stir, I remove my trousers and take my chances, with the time and lay back down on my back, I roll you over having you face between my legs, I slap my cock against your lips, with instinct you open your mouth, I slide my cock between your lips and slowly lift and lower your head, even in your unconscious state you are great at sucking my Orc cock.

I increase my tempo, faster I make you suck my cock, but I go too fast, too deep, I press my cock into your throat and you gag. When you open your eyes, you struggle with the intrusion in your mouth at first. Then you submit after I hold your head down and you swallow my cock after a few seconds of not being able to breath, you will do anything to get air into your lungs. I allow you to lift for air. When you do, you replace your mouth with your hand, stroking my rock hard bumpy member as you catch your breath. A moment passes, and you look around to gather your surroundings, never releasing my cock. You place your mouth back down, and slurp away, giving an excess of saliva, your head bobbing, my orgasm is rising my barbs expand and I hold your head in place as I skull fuck you, spraying my seed down your throat, you gag and force your head back, I release my grip allowing you to breath, I semen is not done and it sprays on your face, my white sticky cum splatters on your face with three full sprays, coating your Elf face.

About that time, I hear in the distant a scream which I can only assume is your name.
“We must go.” I say quietly.

“Let me go and I will explain everything to them. Most of my people know that I am a slut and will understand.” You reply

“No, I have more faith that you will tell the truth.” I say as I bind your hands and gag your mouth with what is left of your shirt.

I open the tent and wake the whelp, your companion is still sleeping fully dressed, I bind and gag her as well. The whelp puts out the fire as I stand you and your companion to the side. Your companion sees that you are naked and through her gag shows her concern. You just shake your head as her to not be bothered with it.

“What about the camp?” asks the whelp

“Use their bows and make it seems as they attacked.”

“They will know that these two didn’t attack us.”

“That isn’t the point they will know that someone did and give us a few more minutes.” I snap.

The whelp does as he is told, and me make our way west in the opposite direction of your people.

“Why is she naked?” asked the whelp.

“Because you can’t properly fuck someone unconscious properly with their garments on.” I say looking at your companion.

“I just…” starts the whelp.

“You just let your human blood take over.” I interrupt.

“You could have at least, given her some clothes to wear.”

“Listen human, I didn’t have time, between my cock being down her throat and her people around, I didn’t have time to take her to a wardrobe.” I snap.

“So, you actually, had your way with her, how is she able to walk?” inquired the whelp.

“It is part of my deluded blood, when some of our kind has deluded blood, we lose some of what makes us full Orc’s.” I say softly.

“Do you think that I have the same condition?” asked the whelp trying to hide his excitement.

“There are a number of ways to find out. All ways lead to someone potentially getting impaled, either you or someone else.” I snicker.

“What do you mean me?” asked the whelp offendedly.

“You are part human, everyone knows that humans are obsessed with self-pleasure, just stroke your cock until you get off and see if you lose your hand.” I laugh “Or test it out on the squealer.”

We stop at the mouth of a river that runs away from a road, so that we are out of sight for the most part.

“Drink and clean up.” I say as I untie and ungag you and your companion. “If you scream, I will cut you down here and now.”

Without a word, you both walk into the river. The whelp fills our traveling bladders. While you two are in the river, I overhear your idle chatters.

“When are we going to run?” Asked your companion.

“For now, we aren’t, I already tried to escape last night, and was caught quickly.” You respond.

“You were going to leave without me?” Your companion asked with betrayal in her voice.

“Yes, but I was going to get the guard and come back for you. It was the only way that I could, think of.”

“So, what happened?”

“I will tell you another time, but I will say that, I now only have one on my list now.” You say with a slight smile.

“TIME TO GO” I say loudly.

“Don’t you think we should get her some clothes?” Asked the whelp.

“Yes, let us just stop at the next town, with these two bound and gagged. Everyone will be ok with that.” I jest.

“I am just saying.”

“Fine if it bothers you that much.” I take off my shirt and hand it to you. “Put this on, you seem to be offending the whelp.”

The shirt swallows your small frame but covers all of you. With that I replace your bindings and gags. Careful not to walk to close to the road to avoid being spotted. We walk for hours before the whelp speaks.

“They need to eat”

“I am aware, but they will survive until we decide what to do with them.”

“What are we going, we are walking away from the stronghold.”

“I know, whelp.”

About that time, I hear a footstep that ruffles some leaves. In the shadow of a tree I see something hide behind some shrub.

“Reveal yourself!” I demand.

“AS YOU WISH!” say a group of bandits in unison.

“Give us your gold and your women, and you two shall not be harmed.” Says the assumed leader of the bandits.

“Come and get what you seek.” I respond as I raise my sword and shield.

“You are out manned, Orcs.” The leader spoke again.

“Five on two. It is you that is out manned.” Replied the whelp.

“Give us our bows and we will assist.” You mumble threw the gag.

“Us or them, Elf? I am not taking those chances.” I snarl.

The leader steps forward, a human by the looks of him, as are most of the bandits with him.

“They have no ranged attacks.” Says the whelp.

“I have noticed.” I respond.

“Please don’t make us cut you down.” says a young-looking bandit.

No other words are spoke. The leader of the bandit waves his hand and we are charger. The whelp and I have our backs to you and your companion. Two bandits come at both the whelp each. With out two on one disadvantage, we make quick work, sword swing and clash. With in minuets there is only the leader. Whom has made his way to you and your companion. He stands in front you proudly.

“At least I will take one life today.”  The bandit says as he raises his sword. Before he can begin to bring it down. I pierce through his throat from the back, my blade is staring you in the face. With the initial stab, blood sprays your face and I can see terror in your eyes. I remove my blade and more blood coats your face. The body falls to the ground.

“That was fun! Come here girl.” I exclaim. I check to make sure that you are not hurt.

“We need to go.” The whelp says.

“First I need something from the woman.” I retort as I push you to the ground on your knees just over the dead bandit leaders’ carcass. I remove the gag, your face still covered in blood.

“Thank you.” You say softly.

“You can thank me, with your mouth, not your words.” I reply as I push my trouser down my cock standing at attention.

Your hands still bound. You open your mouth and I furiously assault your mouth with my cock. Grabbing your head, I control the speed and I am quickly skull fucking you without regard, you just open your mouth as wide as possible. Your saliva stands off my cock and your bottom lip into a pool on the bandit leaders dead face. My orgasm rises, just before I relive myself, I pull out spraying your face again and again, multiple times my cum mixes with the blood on your face.

“That is a good look for you.” I say laughing. I pull my trousers up and lift you to your feet.

“Have you no regard for anything?” Ask the whelp, offendedly.

“We move, after you search the bodies.” I say not answering his question.

“Where are we going?” ask the whelp as we continue west.

“I am not sure, I just have something telling me that we need to keep heading in this direction to avoid be captured, by their people.”

“Why did you make her take your member in her mouth?” he asked.

“Because HER mouth was warm, and the excitement of the fight made me feel vigor.” I replied.

“Do you even know her name?”

“No, and I don’t really care.” I reply loud enough so that you hear me.

“Do you not care, about her as an individual?”

“I guess if I had to think about it, I would say yes, as long as she is some service to me.” Again, I speak loud enough that you are able to hear.

“We still need to eat.” Whines the whelp.

“What were you able to find in the bodies?” I inquire.

“Nothing of value, except for a bag of fruits they stashed behind some shrub.”

“Then we stop at the next clearing.” I say feeling peckish myself.

We reach a clearing before mid-day. We stop, and I untie you and your companion. I hand you a fruit and notice that your bindings have cut into your skin.

“Are you hurt?” I ask.

“You made it quite clear, at you don’t care about my wellbeing.”

“Fair enough, but I do care if you are able to grasp at my cock, when I wish it of you.”

“Hmm, I am fine, I moved to block the sword of that bandit.”

“Well at least you had instinct to protect yourself.” I tried to sound encouraging.

You press the fruit to your mouth, like an animal. I hand your companion a fruit and check her, she is fine.

“We eat, we rest, and we stay quiet. If you or your squealer, so much as make an unnecessary sound, and I will cut your tongues out.” I say quietly.

“What is your plan? We are days from the stronghold and we have barley enough provisions to sustain any more time out here.”

“I have no plans, I am not going back to the stronghold either.”


“I am done with that life, if I have to, survive off the fat of the land and dead backs of bandits, then so be it. If you choose to leave, take the women with you.”

“I will decide, by day break on the morrow.” Sighed the whelp

I look back at you and the squealer, both of you have your belly’s full and eyes shut and your face now clean.

“We will find a place to camp in this area.” I say to the whelp.

“What camp? We have nothing.”

“We will find something.” I snap. “You stay with them, I will return within the hour.”

“And if something is to happen.”

“Don’t let it happen.” I respond as I head north to the hill.

After a while I find a cave, that houses wolves, I clear them out, with quite a struggle, one of them gashes my arm with their teeth.

That takes care of shelter and food.” I think to myself.

Heading back, I set traps at the opening of the cave, and go to retrieve you and the others. When we get back to the cave. Everything is as it was, it has been no longer than half and hour since I was here killing the wolves, so the meat was still fresh. The whelp and I went to tending to it as you and your companion looked over the cave.

Night falls and we cook the meat and let the hides tan. This will be my new place to live, you are going back in the morning. Our time is up together, but I plan to make it memorable.

“What is the plan?” you ask as you bandage my arm.

“The plan is you go back in the morning, with the whelp, and I stay here.” I inform you

“That is it, you drag me away, have your way with me and then send me back?”

“Yes, and when you return to your people, you say that the whelp saved and returned you. If I don’t hear from him within the week, I will come for you and your people and I will skull fuck, every single decapitated head of your people.”

“That won’t be necessary. I will do as you ask.”

“You better had, now, strip.” I tell you as you finish bandaging my arm.

“That’s new, I didn’t have the option last night.”

I reach out and grab your throat.

“What makes you think you have an option.” I snarl, I rip my shirt clean from your body, leaving you naked.

Squeezing your throat harder until you gasp for air, I push you against the cold cave wall, I feel your skin dimple from the cold and the lack of oxygen. I reach down with my free hand and rub your slit. You are already dripping wet, your cunt open and waiting, I push two fingers inside of you, you widen your stance to accommodate the intrusion. A breathless gasp escapes your mouth, you fumble at my trousers reaching for my cock desperately. I pull you up by the throat until you are on the tips of your feet, eyes watering as you edge closer and closer to submitting your body to me.

When you get off on my finger, you gush, a fountain flows over my hand. You scream with very little air, then you go limp still conscious, just spent. I release your throat and remove my fingers from inside you. You fall strait to the ground, I care not to catch you. Lifting yourself up to your knees, a puddle forms underneath you as you continue to cum. I pull my cock out and shove it into your mouth, you reach for the base, I slap your hand away and fuck just your face, I put all of my force into assaulting your mouth, within a couple of mouth strokes, I am hitting the back of your throat with the tip of my cock, each thrust pushes your head back into the cave wall, your instinct is to push your head forward away from the pain, all the better for me.

You gag and spit as much as you can as my assault continues in your mouth. Eventually, I show you pity and grab your hair pulling you toward me and pushing deeper into you. I watch your throat expand with my cock buried inside you, no oxygen. Your eyes roll and just before you pass out, I pull back. You come back around quickly deep breaths you take, like you have been under water for too long, I waste no time and do the same thing again, watching for your eyes to roll then I retreat my member from trying to touch your lungs. Four more times I do this until I allow you to control the tempo. You reach for my cock sliding your hands over the bulges where my barbs should be if I was full Orc. Stroking and sucking you bring me to orgasm, as I cum I grab you again, and again I make my cock down the back of your throat until it shoots my seed deep into your belly.

Gasping you fall to the side, feeling accomplished that you didn’t drown or suffocate. I lower myself in between you legs and lap feverishly at your drenched snatch, drape your legs over shoulders I lift up standing, your body just dangles as you have no where to go, I stick my tongue deep into you as I bring one of my hands to your clit and rub with force, quickly start to scream in pleasure unable to control yourself, you thrash about. Eventually you lift yourself up into a sitting position on my shoulders you stabilize yourself against the wall and ride my face. Screaming loudly as you cum, again you drench me, this time it is my face. Your flood flows down my chest as you slump over my head. Unable to breath myself. I slam you down back first onto our make shift bed, you gasp deeply for air. I waste no time and slide my cock into you, now that it is as hard as I can ever remember it. Your legs stick up straight in the air, as I push into you. You have a look of relief, as if to say “Finally”, but no words come out, you take me all of me until I an embedded in you, hard and fast I fuck you. Pushing my cock into your rough skin inside of you. You squirm about as you accept my cock. I move you legs to either side of me and roll over allowing you to ride me, and you do. You lift on your knees and swing your breast just in front of my face. Up and down you move your lower half making your top half hit me in the face as you use your hands for support. The sound of us has no doubt filled the cave as well as the smell of our sex.

You get yourself closer and closer to getting off, now you have positioned yourself sitting on my cock and rocking back and forth, grinding your body against me, I can see my cock pressing the inside of your stomach, you reach down and rub your clit as you grind on my body. Licking my fingers, I reach up and roll your nipples in between my thumb and fingers. You lean back and release covering me again, which makes me bow to you being on top of me and let go myself cumming deep inside of you, based on your position and the depth of my cock, there is no need for my barbs, there is a good chance that you have received my seed and will carry. You collapse on top of me exhausted and are almost instantly asleep. As am I.

When I awake, day has not broke and my cock is twitching inside of you, you slowly start to wiggle your arse about and slowly you wake and start to fuck me. You keep it slow and quickly cum, not drenching like the previous night, but in a more intimate manner. You keep fucking me through your orgasm, bringing me to my own, again I cum deep inside of you. You kiss me and remove yourself from your straddle, laying beside me, you sleep again. I rise and check the rest of the cave everything is in order. I check on the whelp and the squealer, the are sleeping the whelps face in between your companion’s legs. No doubt he did all the work.

“Poor guy.” I say to myself

I step out of the cave and the day breaks, I start a fire and begin to cook and check the hides. Nothing exciting is going to happen today, except for you leaving with the whelp after breakfast.

“We leave.” Says the whelp.

“Be safe and if I don’t hear from you within the week, the slut knows what will happen.” I say loudly as you walk out of the cave with my shirt wrapped around you in the best possible manner as to cover all your body.

You come over and sit next to me.

“You know that you don’t have to do this, you can come back as well.” You inform me.

“I know but I choose a different path now.”

“How will I let you know everything is as it should be?” interjects the whelp.

“Find away, you know where I will be. Be safe all of you.” I say.

“Goodbye Orc.” You say sternly, there is pain in your voice.

“Goodbye, Elf.” I say as you walk away. Sitting at the cave, I suddenly rise to my feet, quickly I head in the direction that you left. Running after you.

“ELF!” I yell. You stop and turn around.

“What Orc.”

“What is your name.”

“Tell me yours first.”

“My name has no meaning anymore.” I respond, you look at me blankly then after a moment.

“Sophya.” You answer and turn away.

Genres and Warnings: Tragedy, romance, swearing

Request: It’s time for part two of Clarity! Yay! Part One 

Words: 1176

Summary: Their relationship was a complete disaster and tragedy. So why are they each other’s clarity?


Everything was black.

What was happening? All I saw was darkness. Normally, I enjoyed the color black, but not in this sense. Never, in this sense. This was altogether weird and I hated it. The worst part, I could still hear. Just barely out of the depths of whatever the hell this was, I could hear the things that surrounded me. It was weird, just flat out weird. I don’t know how I managed to get myself into this, but I did.

I tried moving. I tried lifting a finger, moving my foot, anything. But it seemed as if that receptor in my brain had quit on itself. I inwardly sighed because it seemed my speech had drowned out, also. I wanted to do something, anything, but, I couldn’t. Everything was on shut down. Then, I heard something.

“Don’t you fucking dare die on me, I swear to god.” A voice spoke in my ear.

It was theirs. The voice that I had spent months falling asleep to. The voice that had broken my heart, but at the same time, that I had heard hurt in, because of me. I wanted to reach out to them. Tell them I was okay. But, I couldn’t.

“Hold on for just a little longer. Please.” Their voice was filled with so much emotion. Literally every emotion you could possibly fathom.

Once again, I wanted to tell them I was okay. Tell them I could hear them and that I could sense their presence. I wanted, in that exact moment, to tell them that I was sorry. Sorry for every horrible thing that I had said to them when we decided to just give up, to give up on us. God, I wanted to go back in time and prevent that very moment. If that had never happened, none of this would’ve happened. We would still be falling asleep to each other’s voices and breathing patterns. Without that very moment in time, we would no doubt be wrapped in each other’s embrace, watching cheesy movies as we tried to keep the warmth between us.

I hated this. I hated this so fucking much. I wanted to touch them, to feel their warmth radiate off of them as we touched in any way possible. I wanted to talk to them, to tell them how sorry I was and to tell them how I had missed them too within those two, long, weeks. I wanted to tell them those three, life ending words that I was always too scared to say. Shit, if I had said those three words I probably wouldn’t be here-weprobably wouldn’t be here.

I heard new noises. The beep of a monitor, many voices conversing over many things, the rattling of metallic items against another metallic item. Then, it felt as if a small part of my brain started working and I could smell the smell of antiseptics, but, as fast as it came, the sense left and I was left with the sound of the monitor beeping and voices conversing in the near distance.

“Why can’t I come in?” I heard someone shout, just barely reaching my sense. It was them.

“I’m sorry, but you have to be in relation to the patient to enter the ICU.” I assumed to be a nurse spoke.

They hesitated before speaking again. “I’m their undocumented spouse..?”

Are you literally fucking with me? I thought, trying to telepathically tell them, but I’m not telepathic.

The nurse sighed. “You’re not related to them in any way shape or form are you?”

“No.” They sounded defeated and ready to give up.

The nurse sighed more heavily. “Fine. Go in, but if anyone asks, you’re distant cousins.”

“Thank you so, so much.” They rushed out.

I loved their voice so much. God, how I missed falling asleep to that sound. If someone were to ask me what my favorite sound was, I’d probably reply with their voice. It was a fucking symphony and I loved every single tone or octave that their voice could possibly reach or portray. But then again, maybe I didn’t. When they were hurt or sad, it seeped through their voice and if they said anything while they felt hurt, you were fucked because you would immediately try to make them feel better, even if it was your fault. And that’s where I had fucked up. I had let their voice get to me and it stung. I hadn’t tried to make them feel better because we were both past the point of no return at that moment when their voice had filled with hurt and sorrow.

“Please, please, please hang in there a bit more. I don’t want to lose you again, not permanently.” Their voice whispered in my ear, and I could hear the hurt and sorrow in their voice.

At that point in time, I wanted to go back to mere minutes or hours ago when they had asked me whether or not I wanted to go get coffee, and I wanted to say yes. Holy hell, I wanted to say yes. I wanted to erase my anger at them and say yes, I wanted to delete how harsh I had been to them in that point of time. I wanted to tell them that I missed them, too. I wanted to not try to force them out of my vision, but they were my clarity. They were why I only saw and felt clearly when we were together. They were my clarity and that was why I could only fall asleep with them, that was why I only felt clearly when I was with them. They were my clarity.

But my clarity was drifting away.

Suddenly, everything came rushing back to me and I struggled to open my eyes and to move. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Everything was fuzzy. Then, they were hovering above me, they’re beautiful face resting above mine and I felt their hands go to cradle my head. Then, my vision was clear.

“Oh my god. Please, please, please be okay. Don’t let go, baby, please.” They whispered like they were praying.

I looked into their eyes and I saw everything I felt be reflected in their eyes.

“Don’t let go. Keep looking at me. Please, baby, please.” They whispered.

I mustered a weak smile and wasted nearly all my energy saying the next few words. “I won’t let go.”

They smiled and rested their forehead against mine. “Please hang on for just a little longer. Please.”

I looked at their eyes as my vision started to go dark around the edges. “I’ll hang on.”

Tears began to creep their way out of their eyes as they stroked my cheekbones with their thumbs. “Hang on for just a little while longer. Don’t close your eyes. Look at me. Don’t let go, please, baby, please.”

I smiled up at them one more time, and, just before my vision went entirely black, I said, “I love you.”

Love or Leave Me [ Kylo Ren x Reader ] PART TWO

Summary: Kylo and you have a lot to discuss when he unexpectedly arrives as the representative of the First Order.

Warnings: None

A/N: A few people asked for a part two so here it is! I’ll be tagging those who wanted it below! I’m sorry for such a long wait, but I will be posting a part three as well! Let me know if you want to be apart of the tag list! <3 enjoy loves!




You stood there for what felt like forever, staring into his cold eyes that no longer shined as they did when he used to see you. They were now pained and dark bags were underneath. He looked like he no longer had consistent sleep, and how could he? He was now with the side that was planning to rule the galaxy.

“If I had known it was you, I would not have come to visit.”

The words struck you by surprise and for a moment, you wanted to snap back at him. How was he alive? You were told everyone was dead.

“How?” You whispered, trying to regain your composure. After all, this was still meant to be a formal meeting and you were to report discussions to the rest of the royal court.

“How did I survive?” He could easily read you, and for a split second you felt him inside your mind. The slight pain itched in your mind, but it was gone before you could process it entirely.

You nodded.

Ben looked down slightly before turning back to the tree. You slowly went to stand beside him, unsure if he would pull anything on you.

“I kept hearing things… like something was calling out to me. I chose to ignore it, but that plan did not last long after you were whisked away.”

You were not entirely understanding what he was saying… did your leaving effect his choices?

Ben continued to talk, not giving you time to respond. “I did not want the temple to burn or my uncle to… to be a coward and run away. Now they blame me for his absence when he was the one who turned on me.”

He clenched his fists and became angrier with the words he said, almost as if he was reliving the moment.

You seemed to act before thinking and reached out to grab Ben’s shaking hand. He flinched and quickly glanced down at you, noticing you were tense being so close to him.

Ben was unpredictable, you did not recognize the boy that was in front of you. He was no longer the twenty year old boy who occasionally gave you flowers or would keep simple conversations with you to pass the time. He was no longer the boy who helped you with training and encouraged you with every triumph and blunder. He was no longer the boy who kept his anger and pain inside and would enjoy the quietness that would help calm him.

And when you left the temple, he was no longer the boy you had grown feelings for.

Now he was no longer Ben, but rather Kylo Ren.

“While I do not know the extent of the circumstances, I do know that whatever happened in the past has led us both to these positions of power. I think we are both far too young to be making decisions and ruling out the fate of planets and the galaxy.” You spoke with such confidence and great manners. Fearing your voice would shake, it did not which impressed Ben to say the least.

He was the one to simply nod this time.

You dropped his hand and turned to the path that led to the beautiful, seasonal flowers. You began to walk down it and Ben was close behind, his long strides made it easy for him to keep pace besides you.

“Now, I do have to show you around and we have to discuss matters of what lies ahead.” You went straight into what the meeting was meant to be. While you wanted to confide in Ben for what you had lost and all the responsibilities you had gained, you knew now was not the time.

“I understand, Princess.” Ben was now more quiet than before, and it felt for a second you were back at the temple again, a lovesick teenager who wanted nothing more to hold the title of a Jedi and be the one to go home to Ben at night.

“I no longer hold that title.” You were a bit harsh when you corrected him, but you no longer were the Princess that he always wished would be the one he could hold in his arms at night.

“Apologies,” he said after a brief pause. “How have the troops been adjusting to the new artillery?”

“They are getting along fine. A bit of adjustment to such… advancements.” You knew your soldiers were not equipped enough beforehand as your planet was peaceful and seen as the middle ground for many debates and peace treaties. However, after the assassination of your family they knew they had to do whatever they could to keep you and the high officials of your planet safe.

“Very well…” Ben seemed at a lost of what to say. While he often was the more “intimidating, power” figure that would stand next to Snoke and General Hux, he was never the one to talk as a representative. “I, uh, know you must have other matters to attend to.”

You were confused and stopped in your tracks, “Well, you are the only meeting I have scheduled for today. I was to devote my time to you, Ben.”

Ben knew this was starting to become suspicious as to his true intention of Snoke sending him here. Whatever is was, a part of him felt as if he should not find out. However, the other side of him knew he would be yelled upon if he did not stay long enough.

“Everything is here is very clear to me.” Ben spoke like he was more confident than before. “I saw everything here upon my arrival. Your planet is as beautiful as you told me growing up… it makes me sorrowful that you had no other choice than to join my side when I know all you wanted was tranquility for your planet and to become a Jedi master.”

It was as if Ben had taken the words right out of your mind.

“That is only a dream of a young girl who was not burdened with such a high position.” You were starting to become impatient. Everything you had wished to be was taken from you in one day.

But seeing Ben in front of you, that made you feel as if there was a ghost of your dream reaching a hand out for you, the temptation of leaving this all behind…

“I understand that what we both wanted in life was not what came to be,” Ben knew that there was not much else to take away from the stakes at hand. “However, I do know that I will do whatever I can to make sure you, your people and your planet flourish. No harm will come your way. You have the First Order’s protection… and mine as well.”

He was now the one to grab your shaking hand. You peered into his deep, brown eyes and felt like there was a chance that your dream had already pulled you back into the temptation.

“And know now,” He said with a whisper as your bodies were very close together now, “My name is no longer Ben. Call me Kylo from now on.”

WIP Wednesday: Golden - A SilverHook Tale

Part Two {coming soon}

Because I could not leave it alone…

Read Part One here ♥️


“Bugger,” the key scraped against the lock, light and flighty as though it was teasing him. His tongue poked out the side of his mouth, concentrating harder as if sheer stubbornness would get him to her faster. 

His pocket buzzed, and he grunted at the interruption, closing one eye in an attempt at better aim. It took a handful more tries, curing under his breath while the silent anger of his cell phone thummed as if alive in the back pocket of his jeans. 

Rob would no doubt be looking for him, annoyed that he’d left, or perhaps worried as to where he had gotten to, disappearing out the back entrance, jacket abandoned in the booth, hailing a cab and returning to the apartment he hadn’t wanted to leave in the first place. 

“Ah ha,” he grinned, turning the knob quickly, the smell of cranberry candles- I don’t care if it’s not Christmas yet, babe, I’m burning it- hanging softly in the air. They had gone shopping, him smiling indulgently as she skipped around Bath & Body Works, thrusting bottles and jars into his face- smell this one!- asking which he preferred. When the dozens of overly scented products had started to smell the same, he had pulled her to him, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, her hands occupied holding three different soaps, and pressed a kiss to her mouth, tasting her smile under his lips. 


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Chapter Two: Tide Line

A Trick of the Light - A Captain Swan Tale

Emma & Killian have found their way back to their own time, but finding their home again will prove to be another adventure entirely…The Tale of a reunited family, an inescapable destiny and the marvels of indoor plumbing.

Thank you to the world’s best beta and most wonderful human ever @elizabeethan


“I can see three from here, lad,” Killian heckled, delighting in Henry’s frantic searching of the bookshelf, the small multicolored wrapped chocolates glittering in the morning sunlight. He had stayed up late, having plotted for weeks since learning of this pirate-approved holiday- it’s religious, babe, not pirateous- mapping out the perfect places to hide his grocery bag of loot- hiding treasure? That’s a pirate activity, Swan.

She had stolen a handful of eggs from his bag, and he tsked his tongue at her, setting a small egg on the ledge to ensure it would stay in place, before snatching it back and moving to the next location he had selected. “That’s not a word, Swan.” 

“It’s on Urban Dictionary,” she defended, cheeks bulging from the eggs she had popped into her mouth lest he try to retake them. His answer was a disgruntled grunt and the side look he shot her told her exactly what he thought of the dictionary he had never heard of. 

The morning was slightly less chaotic than Christmas, but the children vibrated with an energy echoing the sugar which awaited them, and Killian couldn’t help but feel swept along with their enthusiasm, heart skipping as he watched Henry kneel and point to the eggs he had hidden in plain view for Hope. 

The sight settled something, a small piece of his soul which still remained anchorless and drifting, calling out to the memory of a home they left behind. This was better, his heart whispered, warm and solid in his chest, this is far, far better. 

Hope vibrated with excitement, hoping like a bunny through the living room as Henry helped her find enough eggs to fill her small basket. She was sated for the time being, small fingers diligently unwrapping yet another foiled chocolate egg- she probably doesn’t need any more today, kid- attention entirely on her task as she ignored the dramatic hunt taking place in the next room, Killan’s laugh reverberating through the main floor- warmer…ah, no…. cooler now…. warmer- dressed in bunny pajamas Mary Margaret had brought the evening before, declaring she had informed the Easter Rabbit- it’s a bunny, Mom- that it was to stop by the loft on its way through town. 

They were heading to the loft for dinner, instructed to bring baskets for the eggs that the Rabbit would leave- rabbits are the same as bunnies, Emma- and the boardgame Henry was telling them about the weekend before. 


“Getting warmer.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re cheating,” Henry groused, dragging a chair from the kitchen over, the feet scraping angrily over the gleaming hardwood Killian insisted they keep polished with the floor attachment her mother had bought him for Christmas- aye, Swan, I do like this contraption- before hopping on the seat, cawing gleefully when he seized a caramel filled egg from the top shelf. 

“I would never,” Killian scoffed, hiding a smile behind the mug of coffee Emma had pressed into his palm, weary eyed and grumpy over the early morning- enjoy this for me, babe

“You do,” Henry surveyed the room from his new perch, leaping down and dragging the chair behind him to retrieve two candies from the window ledge. “All the time!” 

He found two more eggs before gloating that there could not possibly be any more left hidden, and he was more than prepared to move on to the kitchen. 

Killian’s response was to raise an eyebrow, push dramatically away from where he had been lounging on the sofa and swipe four eggs Henry had missed from the picture frame above the mantel- Hey! Wait!- smirking as he unwrapped and popped them into his mouth. “Now, the living room is clear,” he ruffled Henry’s hair and picked the chair up to return it to the kitchen. 


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I’m seriously embarrassed that it took so long for me to post the second part of my @neverlandnewyear fic, but finally, here we are: Part Two at last!! This will be the conclusion of this particular story, so hopefully you will feel I’ve wrapped it up with a bit of steam, and bit of a comeuppance for Neal, and a little fun for our pirate and princess too! 

In case anyone needs it after so long, I’ve included a link to Part One, to refresh your memories!  

Written for the CS Neverland New Year 22 Event 

Contains imagined missing moments or revisions from the end of episode 3x06 “Ariel” - after they’ve exited the Echo Caves.  The point-of-view switches between Killian and Emma at the section break, as it did in the first part - it picks up right where that one ended. This is the final part of this particular story.


You can also read in all on AO3, if you prefer.

“Fight for Me When it Matters”


part two: what kisses reveal

Killian didn’t stop moving - couldn’t stop moving - crashing and blundering more loudly and blindly than he usually allowed himself on this accursed island, (than was truly safe) the further he got from the crushing reunion he had left behind him. More important than the Lost Boys or island beasties he might alert with his movements was seeing that he was far removed from any in his band of heroes witnessing the disappointment and hurt searing across his face. Already, only scraps remained of the renewed hope Emma Swan had reignited in his heart, and he was scrambling to gather those last tatters around himself, as much as he would his heavy leather duster in a downpour.

But it was proving more difficult than he would like.

Finally, he came to an abrupt stop as the ground before him fell away sharply - a steep gorge marking the end of the pixies’ domain and lowering down into the borders of the tribal natives’ land. He had nearly forgotten the boundary in the years since his last venture through Neverland’s jungles. Thankfully, the trees and foliage had thinned enough near the rocky edge to warn him just in time. 

Staring down, chest heaving to regain his breath, Killian hung his head, admitting to himself that he had to stop before he tumbled into some unseen chasm or ran right into one of Tiger Lily and her band’s poison arrows. The dark green maze cut through by jagged rock outcrops and winding streams was not as he remembered either - thicker, deeper, and even more foreboding than it had been when he’d lived there long ago (though he would have reckoned that impossible before this return). The last thing he needed was to force the very people he was trying to gain some space from to come to his rescue. And he certainly couldn’t bear to appear any more pitiable to Swan than he must already. That dratted confession he’d made had only served to allow her to fall into the arms of her boy’s father. 

As his breathing slowly returned to normal, Killian pinched his eyes closed against that image replaying itself in his mind’s eye. He merely needed a moment to get himself under control, slide the veneer back into place, and pretend that all was as it should be. He might not be able to pass off his confession in the Caves as anything but the unvarnished truth - the bridge it had begun made doing otherwise impossible - but he could regain the insouciant charm, the cavalier, devil-may-care attitude he wielded so expertly and carry on as though it didn’t matter that much to him. True, Swan had somehow gotten past his defenses, wormed her way into his chest, and cracked his heart back open to feeling once more, but if he played it off as a passing fancy, brushed it aside, ‘out of sight, out of mind’, would any of them bother to look past what they thought they knew of the “scoundrel pirate” to see how false it would be?

With a weary sigh, Killian attempted to steel himself; his mind made up. Play this right and he might leave Neverland still in possession of a shred of his dignity. It wouldn’t be his first time hiding the hurt he bore, burying it to use as fuel to push him forward. He’d merely thought he might be able to stop doing so. One of these days, though after centuries one would think he had suffered enough, he would stop entertaining foolish hope.

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I love it when Emma puts Neal in his place!!!!! It just pisses me off when he thinks he’s entitled to something that he doesn’t deserve!!!! So thank you for that!!!!

And I love that Killian was trying to get away from the scene thinking he had lost all Hope only for Emma to come to him and show him how she feels and that he still has Hope!!!!!

Thank you for this amazing story!!!!! I will be going to re read again!!!!


A Trick of the Light - Chapter One: Back to Normal

*Stage Whispers* PART TWO IS HERE!

Part Two of The Ripple Effect: A Captain Swan Tale, continues with A Trick of the Light…

Emma & Killian have found their way back to their own time, but finding their home again will prove to be another adventure entirely…

The Tale of a reunited family, an unescapable destiny and the marvels of indoor plumbing.

Thank you to the world’s best beta and most wonderful human ever @elizabeethan


The motor whined in protest as Emma shoved the vacuum across the carpeted landing, annoyed with the confetti they were still finding- how is this possible? Are we producing it?- from the New Years Eve party her mother decided to throw in their new house. Christmas has been a complicated affair, and while he knew a key to surviving it would be to keep Emma content and comfortable on the sofa with her cranberry ginger ale- these are amazing, babe, you need to try one- and the mess contained as much as possible to the kitchen, it hadn’t been a smooth evening, and there had been more than one awkward silence. 

“Everytime you vacuum it smells like burning, love.” 

“That’s not my fault,” she snarled at the vacuum, malice taking over her face as she banged the poor contraption against the floor, a veiled threat bordering on a meltdown. 

Her emotions had been an erratic mess the last few weeks, far more so than they had been at home. He stopped, hand extended to take the vacuum from her grasp, the threat of tears clear on her face. No, he corrected himself, forcing his body to move once more. This was home. 

It had been a mantra of theirs since they had moved into the house, entirely unfurnished and so very much like their move to the cottage that they had both cried that first night, overwhelmed with longing and the old-new-wrongness of Storybrooke. It wasn’t the same. But it was home

“Have you cleaned it?” 

“It’s a vacuum, babe, you don’t clean it, you clean withit.” 

“That’s a no. So it will be full of your hair again?” 

She huffed and stomped down the stairs, and he counted to ten before the refrigerator door opened. 

He pulled the plug from the socket at the wall- it’s not a tripping hazard if you know you need to step over it, babe- coiling it quickly and hauling the small machine down the stairs. He had set up a small workshop in their garage, which had come in handy several times already. Henry had sat beside him holding a laptop steady as a video played on repeat- this is YouTube, and it’s awesome- to teach him how to repair whatever it was that had broken. 

“There is more of that juice you like in the garage, love,” he pressed a kiss against the top of her head, the smell of her shampoo, something floral and almost right, filling his chest, “I’ll go get it, aye?” She merely nodded, reaching into the fridge and pulling out a jar of fruit preserve- it’s called jam here, or jelly I guess, I don’t know if there is a difference- which she had happily produced from her shopping bag the day before. 

The garage was dark, the high ceiling with it’s exposed rafters reminding him of the barns he had spent the last three years working in, but the smell of animals was replaced by stale motor oil and he supposed, hoisting the vacuum up onto the workbench, there was something painfully poetic in that reality. 

Emma has asked him, voice quiet against his skin as he read to Hope one night from a brightly coloured book about a rainbow fish, if he thought Soarise noticed she was gone. His voice had caught in his throat and Hope pulled at the pages as he held the book, falling loose in his grasp. He nodded, not knowing which answer was best, but choosing honesty over anything else. 

A  slip of bright paper floated in the gentle breeze from the half open door, confetti from over a week ago, and he watched it as it settled in the corner, fluttering as if cornered and alive. A pinboard was hung on the wall in front of him, a leftover remnant from the last owner of the house, and he swiped the square of paper, bright blue like the sea, like the dress Emma wore for their wedding, like the bright clever eyes of their child, and pinned it to the cork. It may not have been the most successful of parties, but it had been theirs. 


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Confused? That’s okay! Read The Ripple Effect here to catch up!

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Human Touch Part Two

a nathan bateman x f!reader series

Part One 

  • word count: 2.9k
  • rating:M/E for sexual themes, smut (pls only read if youre 18+)
  • summary:You send Nathan accidental nudes and that turns into something else…

a/n:thank you so much for the response from part one!! be sure to read that one before this one!! and as always thank you to @punkpascaland@sergeantkane for making this moodboard for me! let me know what yall think!


That morning when you wake up there’s a stack of paper, your phone, and a breakfast tray on the table in your room. You didn’t even hear Kyoko come in. You can only assume Nathan is working, and you don’t want to bother him this early.

You still can’t believe last night was even real. Even when you wake up it takes you a moment to remember where you are.

With a stretch and a sigh, you climb out of bed. You reach for your phone immediately and see a text from Nathan on the home screen. He put his number in your phone and you flush at the mere thought of having a text relationship with him.

The text from him says that he is working, but you’re welcome to come ask him any questions you may have about the thesis. That’s what’s on the table. It’s a heavy stack of paper. The text also tells you that you don’t have to read the entire thing, but enough to see if any of it makes sense.

You’ll read in a moment, first you want to eat some of that breakfast. It’s an assortment of fruit and oatmeal. There’s also some toast and a glass of milk, water, and orange juice. It’s all so good and you’re happy to eat something so fresh.

You also notice nearby is a stack of your clothes from yesterday, they’ve been washed and dried. You get up to pull on your underwear only, you like feeling Nathan’s shirt on your skin.

Once you’ve finished eating, you reach for the papers. You begin to thumb through them and it’s almost impossible to read. Hardly any of it makes sense to you, and you don’t know if you should feel dumb that he thinks you could read it, or dumb that he’s so smart to write something of this scale.

A text alert causes you to jump while you’re deep in this thesis. It’s from your cousin.

‘Where are you?’

‘You’ll never guess! I’m a Nathan Bateman’s!’

You text back and forth for a while. You catch her up on all that’s happened in the last few hours. You stop texting her to take a couple selfies showing her where you are. You playfully take a couple nudes; you lift his shirt and take some aesthetic looking photos of yourself.

You send one of the normal selfies to her. But then joke that you took nudes.

‘You should send them to him!’ she teased back.

You’re about to send her another photo when Nathan texts you and ask how it’s going. But you don’t register it’s from him and before you know if you’ve sent him one of your nudes.

You drop your phone in a panic and burst out the door. You have no idea where he even is, but you bolt down the hall to find him. You remember him pointing out his work area on the tour last night.

You turn the corner quickly and see him sitting quietly at his desk. There are several screens in front of him, and behind that is a wall covered in sticky notes.

He glances up at you, but you can’t tell if he saw it or not. His expression is blank. He seems confused now that you’ve sprinted into his office.

“Something wrong?”

“Please tell me you didn’t look at them.”

A slow smirk appears on his face. He saw it.

“So… who was that meant for if not me?” he scoots back in his chair to look at you better.

“Look, I was sending it to my friend to uh, hype me up. And I accidentally sent it to you.” Your heart is pounding in your chest. From the running, but also the thought of him seeing the photo. Ok yes, he saw you naked yesterday, but not like THIS. “Did you look at it?”

“Of course, I looked,” he shrugs and licks his lips. “And I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to. But I kinda get the feeling you wanna hear my thoughts,” his smirk is plastered to his face.

“Just tell me, you’re dying to say something. You have been since you saw me last night,” you blush hard.

“You’re fuckin’ gorgeous and I’d kill to touch your tits,” he states without so much as blinking. “But hey, it’s fine,” another shrug. “We can forget about this. No harm done.” He rolls back up to his screens.

“Wait,” you speak up, and he turns to face you again. You sigh heavily before you speak again, “ok so the picture was for you, sort of. I wanted to send it to you whenever I got the guts to make a move. So, I sent them to my friend to get her opinion, but I sent it to you instead by mistake.”

He sits quietly, his mouth quirks up in a soft smile.

“Is that you making the first move?” he asks referring to the ‘conversation’ last night.

You nod, biting your lip.

“Alright then,” he stands and cracks his neck.

“Right now?”

“Why not? You got somewhere you’d rather be?”

“I suppose now is the time I tell you that I’m, uh…. virgin,” you look down at your feet.

His expression softens and he takes a few steps forward. He puts a warm hand on your neck, just under your jaw and ear, “I’ve got you, okay? We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready, but if you are… I’ll take good care of you. I promise.”

He lowers his hand to your hip, and it all comes spilling out. “I want this. I want you. You’ll just have to show me how.” You blink at him, “you really liked my tits?”

He brushes his thumb along your hip, his skin burns through the fabric of his shirt.

“I wouldn’t waste my breath on it if I didn’t,” he leans closer to you. His body heat warms you in an entirely different way than last night. “Is my room ok?” he whispers. All you can do is nod, but you smile. He does too and grabs your hand.

“I can’t believe that one picture of me did all this,” you lean into his shoulder as you walk over to his bedroom.

“Yeah? Well, you have some pretty powerful tits,” he chuckles. “Right in here,” his hand moves to your lower back pointing you towards his room.

“Look,” you start to talk while he sits down on the bed. He’s watching your every move. You know he knows you’re nervous. “I know this is probably going to be meaningless sex to you, but it’s not to me ok?”

“Kitten,” he frowns, “this is not meaningless to me. I told you last night, you’re exactly my fuckin’ type and I’d be a dumbass if I let you go. I mean if you want to leave, Kyoko will show you the door.”

“Oh. Really?”

“Really. I wanna get to know you. Every bit of you.”

“So, we’re starting with sex first,” you bite your lip, and he shrugs.

“What better way to get acquainted?”

“We haven’t even kissed yet…”

“You have to come closer if you want me to touch you, kitten.”

Each step closer to him makes your knees shake. You come to stand in between his spread legs and his hands grab your lower back. He pulls you onto his lap and goes right for your lips. His tongue slips between your lips and you moan. You grind yourself down on him and feel him harden between your legs and you gasp.

“Sure, you’ve never done this before?” he murmurs into your neck. “I got you,” he reminds you.

“Don’t say you won’t bite unless I want you to. Because I do. I do want you to,” you whine a little.


He nibbles under your ear gently and you squeak. He squeezes you tighter and chuckles, his grip is tight.

“We need to get you out of those clothes,” he repeats his phrase from last night. This time it’s even scarier, but more exciting. He tugs on the hem of your shirt asking permission, which you give. He peels off the shirt revealing your bare chest underneath.

You wriggle under his gaze as his eyes rake over your body. You can feel him growing harder still beneath you.

“Please say something,” you whisper.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I wanna…,” he clears his throat, “can I touch you, baby?”

You nod and his thumbs brush against your nipples first. His touch is soft, he traces all around your breasts with his fingers. Then he palms your breasts and squeezes. He bounces them, feeling the weight in his strong hands.

“Kitten,” he mouths at your neck. “I haven’t seen an actual person in months, and I haven’t touched a woman in well over a year. You’re gonna kill me.”

“In a good way I hope?” you moan a little. “Because you’re killing me.”

“Good?” he asks squeezing a little harder. “Fuck… fucking perfect. You seriously have the best tits I’ve ever seen, baby.”

When he lowers his head to your nipple, that’s when you really cry out. He hums happily and sucks harder. You buck your hips and he only seems to encourage it. He likes you wanting him. And he needs you, you can feel his need.

His beard brushes against your soft flesh and you shudder. He files that away with a quirk of his eyebrow.

“Nathan-“ you whine. “Please.”

“Please what kitten? Use your words baby.”

“Lay me down?” you writhe again in his lap.

“Good girl.” He pats your ass and stands with your legs wrapped around him. He lays you down, then spreads his body on top of yours. He kisses your lips over and over. He thrusts himself onto your thigh and groans into your cheek. “Are you real?” he sighs happily with a soft groan.

“I keep asking myself that,” you laugh.

He chuckles deep in his chest and sits up, pulling off his shirt. You reach for him right away and he shivers under your hands.

“You feel so good,” you tell him, tracing his skin. He’s toned, but still has a softness to him. It’s perfect. And he’s warm, so warm.

He moves down between your legs, giving you another look asking for permission. You hesitate this time, and he waits patiently for you to nod. He doesn’t budge until you do.

His fingers dance along the hem of your panties and he slides them down. He whistles softly when he sees you’re wet and needy for him.

“All that for me, kitten?” he looks up at you. He leans up to kiss your lips and he murmurs against you again. “You ever use that vibrator and think about me? Want me to go get it? Let me make your fantasies real kitten.”

You can only blink at him and you open your mouth trying to speak.

“Baby, I can’t make your dreams come true if you don’t open that pretty mouth,” he chuckles. “Where do you want me? C’mon. It’s just me, no need to be shy.”

“But- you’re you!” you laugh. “Just, please, touch me.” You grab his hand and guide him to touch between your legs. “I want you here.”

“Good girl,” he praises again and kisses your hip. He slips a finger inside with ease and he delights in that. His thumb brushes your clit and when you shiver, he smirks. He knows he’s on the right track with you. “Can I add another?” he asks.

“Please!” you cry, and he obliges. The second finger is a pinch, but a welcome one. His thumb presses harder on your clit and rubs in tight circles.

“Feel good?” he asks though he knows the answer. He can read your body like all the code he works on. You clench around him, and he continues his touch. His fingers curl deep inside and you let out a loud moan. “There it is,” he hums and kisses your thigh. “You’re doing so good, kitten.”

You moan his name when you find your release, and he works you through it. His voice is soft but commanding and full of praises.

“You did so good baby. So, so good. Ready for more?”

“Please,” you buck your hips up. “Can I touch you?”

He climbs off the bed to pull off his shorts, his hard dick springs free. He pumps himself a few times and sits down next to you on the bed.

“Have you ever touched one before?” he asks, there’s no jest in his tone but he really, really is turned on that his dick is going to be the first one you’ve touched. And he wants to hear you say it.

“No,” you reach for him and he puts your hand on him.

“The tip is the most sensitive part,” he breathes, your hand already feeling good. “Fuck, yeah just like that.”

“You’re…big. Are you going to fit?”

He wants to moan, but he holds back. He’s so turned on from your shyness.

“I’ll fit kitten,” he chuckles warmly. “Fuck, squeeze harder-“

You squeeze him and enjoy the warmth and weight of him in your hand. He looks perfect, just like you imagined he would.

“Yes,” you whisper.

“Yes what?” he chokes out a gasp and pushes you off him.

“Yes, I used my vibrator and thought about you.”

“Thought so,” he winks and positions himself between your legs. “You ready for me? I’ll go slow.”

“Wait-“ you stop him before he does anything else. He pauses, he’s about to ask if you want to stop when you gently pull off his glasses. You get a better look at his soft brown eyes, and he seems almost shy when you look at him. He clears this throat. He reaches for your hands; he pins your wrists above your head and kisses you deeply while he pushes inside slowly. You moan together and he checks your face for any pain or apprehension. Your eyes are closed, and your mouth is open, and he hums kissing your cheeks.

“You with me kitten?”

“Push in more,” you gasp, and he chuckles darkly doing as you ask. He shudders, your warmth feels so good to him. He buries his face in your neck and tells you so.

“You have the best pussy,” he grunts as he pushes in all the way.

“You better not just be saying that” you gasp.

“Kitten, are you ever going to believe me when I say I don’t mince words? I mean what I fuckin’ say,” he purrs. He’s straining, he wants to move so badly. “Please, kitten- tell me how you feel. Use those words baby.”

“It’s good, it’s so good. Tight. But, oh shit, please- move.”

“Yes ma’am.”

He lets go of your hands and he starts to move. You grab his head and hold on for dear life while he snaps his hips into yours. You know he’s still holding back and if you told him to, he’d unleash his full power on you.

You wrap your legs around him, and while the feeling of him is new and foreign it feels good. There’s a dull ache, but it’s wonderful. Wonderful because it’s him.

“Nathan,” you moan, “let go. Manhandle me. Fuck me hard.”

He makes a strangled sound between a gasp and a laugh and starts to push into you hard. He holds your body close to his and he sits up, pushing deep into you. His face buries into your tits and he moans, he fucking moans into your skin.

You reach between your bodies to touch yourself, but he shoves your hand away. He rubs you tight until you’re clenching around him. You’re both covered in sweat and breathing heavily when he nears his end.

“Fuck, fuck. Where do you want me to come? Tell me now,” he growls. His thrusts are sloppy, his dick jumps inside you and he squeezes you tight.

“In me,” you moan, and no sooner did the words leave your lips did he spill himself inside of you.

“Holy fucking shit,” he sighs with a soft laugh. He cradles your head and lays you back down. He pulls out with a shudder as he kisses your forehead. “Fuck that was amazing. You were amazing.”

“I feel amazing,” you look up at him. Your body is humming.

“Can I run you a bath?”

“Will you join me?”

“Well, that was the plan…”

You shove his chest playfully. “Your thesis sucks by the way.”

“Ouch!” he puts his hand over his heart.

“I didn’t understand any of it!”

“I didn’t think you would. Really it was just an excuse for you to stay a little longer.”



“Well why didn’t you just say so?” you smile warmly.

“Cuz I’m a dumbass when it comes to women.” He gives you a genuine smile.  “And I didn’t want to scare you anymore than you already were last night. I wanted you to want to come to me on your own terms. And I knew that if you didn’t understand the thesis that meant you really are here for me. And not my secrets.”

“So why did you give me the money?”

“Wanted to.”

“What am I going to do with you?” you laugh.

“Hopefully, a lot,” he nips at your chin.

“Nathan!” You shake your head laughing, but inside you feel it. That pull. You’re already falling for him and he is too. “I think I’m going to tell my cousin I’m going to stay-“


“Yes,” you laugh. “Maybe I will.”

“We’ll get your things tomorrow. I want to meet my future cousin-in-law.”


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 The Things I wish They would Say; “Are you okay?”(Things They Say, pt. 2 of 4)

TheThingsI wish Theywould Say;“Are you okay?”
(Things They Say, pt. 2 of 4)

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part one

word count: 2239

request?: no

description: after a pr relationship threatens his real one, he decides to come clean to the world about the real woman he loves

pairing: harry styles x female!reader

warnings: swearing, lil bit of angst

masterlist (one,two)


Finally going home was tough. You didn’t want to leave Harry, but you had already been gone for so long and you only had so much vacation time you could take at work.

You tried to make it work. Harry called as often as he could. He’d text you in the morning and at night at the very least, and you’d end up falling asleep on FaceTime together most nights.

It wasn’t the relationship you had ever pictured for yourself, but you were happy. You couldn’t see yourself being this happy with anyone else, even with all the hiccups.

What you didn’t know was that happiness was about to be challenged.

It was rare when Harry called midday, so when your phone rang around 1pm one day and Harry’s face and name appeared on the screen, you were pleasantly surprised.

“Hey honey,” you said when you answered. “To what do I owe the pleasure of an early call?”

Harry’s laugh sounded like music to your ears. “You make it seem like I don’t talk to you when the sun is up.”

“That’s not what I’m saying at all. Of course you text me in the mornings. It’s just the phone calls that are for the nighttime with you.”

“Okay, you got me there.”

“For real, what’s up? Is everything alright?”

“That depends on how you react to this news.”

Your heart started to pound in your chest. You weren’t sure if you wanted to hear what he had to say now.

“I just got out of a meeting with my manager and the producers for Don’t Worry Darling,” he explained. “They had some ideas on how to gain some attention for the movie. It’s just…” He sighed. “It’s stupid. I tried to talk them out of it but no one would listen to me - ”

“Just tell me what they wanted, Harry.”

He hesitated before saying, “They want me to go on a few PR dates with Olivia.”

And there went your heart, sinking into your stomach. “How…how many?”

“I don’t know.”

“For how long?”

“Till the movie comes out at least. They want us to pretend to be together a month extra just so it doesn’t seem like PR, but our contracts have the release date of the movie as our end date.”

“You’ve signed a contract already?”

“No. Not yet. That’s why I’m calling you.”

Hou sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose.

This felt like a lot to take in over a phone call. There was no better way for this to happen, you knew that, but you really wished you could be seeing Harry face to face while getting this news.

You appreciated that he was calling you for your opinion, or to warn you at least. It was definitely better than finding out through social media or the tabloids and getting the wrong idea. However, it didn’t ease the sting in your heart at the thought of Harry with someone else, whether it was PR or not.

“The movie isn’t out for another year,” you said, your voice so soft you wondered if Harry had heard you.

“I know, love.” He sounded as upset as you felt. At least you knew he was also genuinely upset over this. “Tell me you don’t want me to do it and I won’t. I’ll return the contract, I’ll tell them we’ll do something else.”

You felt so conflicted. Of course you didn’t want to see Harry with someone else, but you also didn’t want to get him in trouble with the producers. He was so excited for this movie and to get back into acting in general. If this is what it took…you supposed you could be okay with it.

“A year isn’t that long,” you mumbled into the phone.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I trust you. As long as you don’t fall in love with her.”

He chuckled. “Trust me, love, you have no worries there.”


About a month later was when the first pictures of Harry and Olivia surfaced. As you expected, they hurt for you to see. They were “candid” pictures of the two of them out on one of their “dates”, with Harry’s arm around her waist and Olivia almost pressing up against him.

You tried not to let them get to you, but it was hard when you couldn’t get away from the photos. They were everywhere. Obviously, Harry’s fans were freaking out and sharing the pictures like wild fire. Not to mention the tabloids were eating the story up (the current “rumored” story being that Olivia left her fiancé for Harry). It was all falling into place for them at least, but for you it felt like everything was falling apart.

You and Harry were still in constant contact. He called, texted, FaceTimed all the time. He tried to make things seem normal, but there was always that elephant in the room.

Things seemed to reach its peak for you a few months into the whole ordeal when you started to see pictures and videos of Olivia at Harry’s concerts.

It was a new level of hurt. You didn’t have this luxury. You never did. You couldn’t risk being spotted one too many times at Harry’s concerts and his fans making the connection to who you are. You couldn’t dance to his songs, sing at the top of your lungs, look carefree and happy.

But Olivia could. And she wasn’t even his girlfriend.

When Harry tried to FaceTime you, you were in the middle of crying. You let it ring until it considered you unavailable, then repeated this when he tried again. The third attempt was just a phone call, which you answered after a few rings.

“Hey,” you said, trying to sound normal.

“What’s wrong, love?” he asked.

“Nothing. Why would you think something’s wrong?”

“You didn’t answer my FaceTime calls, but you answered the phone call. You always answer my FaceTime calls.”

“I just…don’t feel like FaceTime tonight.”

“Why, love?”

You tried to hold it together but it was no use. Hearing Harry’s concerned voice caused you to break down again. He listened to you cry for a while before trying to sooth you with his voice. You managed to pull yourself together enough to speak.

“It’s just so unfair,” you said, your voice cracking with sobs. “I can’t even go to your concerts and she…she spends so much time with you. She’s seen you more these past few months than I’ve seen you since we started dating. And I know I said I was fine with this, so maybe I shouldn’t be so upset, but…it really sucks. She gets to do everything with you that I wish I could.”

“You can be upset, (Y/N), even if you agreed to this,” Harry said. “You have every right to be upset given the circumstances. I’m sorry I can’t be with you more through all of this.”

“You have to do your job, Harry. I understand that. I wouldn’t want you to give anything up just because I’m upset.”

There was silence for a while and you wondered if the call had dropped. Eventually, Harry spoke again, telling you he had to go but he would call again soon and that he loved you. You said your goodbyes and let him go, before laying back down in your bed and beginning to cry again.


A few days later, you received an email saying that you had received a ticket to Harry’s show that was happening a few towns over. You thought that maybe it was a scam or the email had been sent to the wrong person until you got a text from Harry shortly after opening it.

I got you a ticket to my show tomorrow night. It should be in your email. I want you to come. I want to see you.”

You couldn’t turn it down. It would be the first time you had ever seen Harry in concert, and the first time you had seen him since your rendezvous while on tour.

You picked out an outfit and put on some light makeup the night of the show and drove yourself to the arena where it was happening. The line up outside the place basically wrapped around the building, so you were left waiting in line for nearly an hour before finally getting into the venue.

You showed the worker your ticket once you reached the front of the line. They started to scan it, but paused a moment. You watched in confusion as the worker took out a radio and spoke into it. You couldn’t hear what was being said over the crowd of excited fans trying to get into the venue. Soon, a security guard approached the two of you and looked up at you.

“Follow me,” he said.

You started feeling panicked. You weren’t sure what was happening. Surely there couldn’t be something wrong with the ticket, right? Harry had sent it to you himself. He even texted you to confirm it was from him. There was no way it was a bogus ticket if it was from the artist himself, right?

You followed the security guard through the crowded venue until he ducked into a door with a much more quiet and empty hallway. You continued to follow him until you noticed a group of people sat around in a small area, one of the people being a familiar, curly haired man.

“Here’s your VIP, Mr. Styles,” the security said, stepping aside and nodding towards you.

Harry looked up and smiled brightly when he saw you. He jumped up from his seat and rushed over to hug you and kiss you. For a moment you forgot there were other people in the room and just allowed the kiss to happen. It had been far too long since you felt those lips on yours.

But then you realized there had been other people around - namely Harry’s bandmates and some of the arena staff - and you quickly pushed him away.

“They already know,” he said as if reading your mind. “I told them about you after sending you the ticket.”

“Oh,” you said, a little shocked to know that Harry had told anyone about you. “Wait, why didn’t you tell meabout the VIP thing? I was terrified I had done something wrong.”

Harry awkwardly chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah, I - uh - I didn’t think of that.”

You rolled your eyes and playfully shoved him before going to join his bandmates and to formally introduce yourself.

It wasn’t long before you had to reluctantly let Harry go on stage. You didn’t want to let him go, but he assured you that he would be with you after the show and even had the security take you to your “special seat”.

The show as fantastic, as you expected it to be. You had so much fun as you danced the night away. Your feet and legs were definitely going to hurt the next day, but you could really care less. It was probably the best night of your life and you were more than happy to be there.

About midway through the concert, Harry was between songs and started to address the crowd.

“I have something to tell you guys,” he started. The audience responded with excited screams. “I have been seeing someone lately, however it is not the person that you all think it is.”

Everyone in the crowd seemed shocked by Harry’s confession, yourself included.

“I don’t want to say her name right now because I want to give her at least another day or two of privacy, but I’ve been in a relationship for nearly a year now. I’ve been keeping it a secret because the person I’ve been seeing is not in the spotlight the way I am. I wanted to protect her privacy, but in doing so I made our relationship hard. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to show her off, to go on real dates wit her, to bring her to my shows. So, tonight, I am officially announcing to all of you and to all of the world that I am a taken man, and I will be taking my girlfriend out in public on public dates and spending as much time with her privately and publicly as I can. I just ask all of you to respect both of our privacies and our relationship as a whole. Anyways, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to our show!”

The rest of the show went by in a daze. You couldn’t believe what had happened. You were so sure you had dreamed it. You were afraid you’d wake up at any moment and realize you had been dreaming the whole time. It wasn’t until you were brought backstage again and Harry swept you back into his arms that you confirmed for yourself that it wasn’t a dream.

“I hope it’s okay that I did that,” he said as he kissed your forehead.

“It’s more than okay,” you assured him. “But what about that contract with Olivia and the producers?”

“I told them to figure something else out. I can’t keep you a secret anymore. I love you too much.”

You smiled and kissed him, before telling him, “I love you too.”

Happy Tiger Year!

Happy Tiger Year!

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