The perfect kiss? Well, there’s this boy I lock into chastity. 5 days into his week being locked, I come over, undress, and lead him to the shower. All he’s wearing is the cage. I strip to just the key on a chain around my neck. In the shower, I unlock him, wash him myself, then force the cage back onto his erection. He begs for mercy until the lock clicks, when he knows it’s too late. I whisper, “Half way to release,” letting him know it’ll be 3 days later rather than 2 early.
The gratitude, desperation, & utter fucking submission I feel from him when I give him 1 simple kiss… It was magical.

I wish you all a lovely Valentine’s day (๑>◡<๑)Tools: Rohrer & Klingner Drawing Ink

I wish you all a lovely Valentine’s day (๑>◡<๑)

Tools: Rohrer & Klingner Drawing Ink (Burnt Sienna), Dr PH Martins Concentrated Watercolors, Dr PH Martins Opaque White, Holbein Artists’ Water Colors, Canson Mi-teintes Watercolor Paper

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