the scene that had me spilling water all over myself 

murdering a man for your crush, cause that’s just what you do

their first scene ever. I remember sensing something here, but thinking they’d never go in that direction… gosh was I wrong

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this scene… makes me wonder where season 4 would’ve taken us. 

“I’ve always been hard on you, because I thought that’s what made a person stronger. But it’s not. It’s having somebody to be strong for.”

sometimes i remember that Tilda canonically said that she loves Odessa and I cry myself to sleep.

fun fact: when i first watched this scene, i was on a fully booked flight and getting some odd looks from the people around me


november was a weird month for the smosh fam

Damien: “no❤️”


Guess who took a break from edgy gts shit to do this

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just a quick lame ass video because i miss this martial arts comedy show





Wow that’s good to know

This technique is so deadly, you can see the exact moment that his soul leaves his body

Yeltsa Kcir. omg

Happy April Fools


The Church of the Madonna della Corona on the rock in Trentino-Alto Adige  Italy