#eviltrio au



ok I hate this manga SO SO SO SOOOOO MUCH but this is what Piper’s gun has been in my head


so i’ve been mentally and ig physically working on this au for years and some parts change and some don’t, but it’s really taken a life of its own rn. lots of things have been rearranged, attitudes have changed, plot points switches and warped. think it’s amusing that ppl like that au and I wish I had written it down in a more coherent way in that post, but every couple of months i sit down and open that godforsaken document and drop 2k and go <( ̄︶ ̄)> just the little things in life

a black-and-white digital fancomic of jason, piper, and leo from the lost hero. jason, looking troubled, says, "it's just- after juno, you know, fixed my memories... nothing makes sense anymore." piper looks worried and says, "um, jason... i know this is really weird for you and i don't wanna make it worse, but... how do you know those memories Juno gave you were even REAL?" Jason looks surprised and says "what?"
piper continues, "just,like, she says she took your memory for this crazy plan that didn't even work, and now she sees it was a mistake and gives it back...but it JUST SO HAPPENS that your memories are of this life as a perfect loyal soldier to the gods?" leo agrees, "yeah, it feels off." jason has wide eyes and a shadow over his face as he says, "what... are you saying?"

good morning everyone today i have woken up with AU brainrot and im about to make it everyone’s problem