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By all the opinions I’ve collected…

I conclude that Percy Jackson can beat Steve Grant Rogers in a fight

Physical fight without using powers - Steve wins

Swordfight - Percy wins

Fight at full power - Percy wins



nah cause percy in the tlt musical spraying air freshener whenever gabe came in was killing me


every time that mf walked in he would start sprayin it. tlt musical percy is a fuckin G


Rick’s newest blog post really is the funniest thing. There’s all these people screaming about accuracy and how the actors must have this color hair and eyes and mustbe this ethnicity, race, etc. only for Rick to flat out tell them it does not matter. “But-but- Rick wrote them a specific way! So they NEED to stay that way!!” Baby Rick himself doesnt remember the way he wrote them

mans literally said who tf cares how i wrote it and i love that


broke: Percy and Annabeth move to New Rome and go to college and “retire” there.

woke: Percy “look at what they did to my city” Jackson and Annabeth “CHB is my home” Chase would never leave New York. Momma’s boy would not dare move to the other side of the country away from his family. Annabeth would not stop designing mount Olympus, her literal dream job, to go to New Rome. PJO did not establish chb/New York as percy and annabeth’s home just to have them so easily leave it in the next series.

bespoke: Percy and Annabeth do not leave New York. Eventually, Annabeth designs the “New Rome” equivalent* to CHB. This is the clear and obvious natural progression if following the pjo characterizations of percy and annabeth. It satisfies Annabeth’s desire to build something permanent. Also, by helping to establish a sanctuary for demigods to live safely, it satisfies Percy’s promise to Luke to change the lives of demigods for the better. Percy and Annabeth would never “retire” from what they perceived as their responsibilities to their camp and would pave the way to a better future for demigods.

*It does not function off of a child military.


can’t believe there’s going to be a new generation of pjo fans who automatically picture walker scobell when they think of percy jackson and not a hodgepodge of viria and burdge’s fanart. does that make me old


if you know this you get a veterans discount on all future Percy jackson merch


tom felton dyed his hair platinum blonde the entire time he played draco malfoy so y'all let’s calm down about walker scobell not being dark-haired. also, remember alexandra daddario? yeah… rick remembers it with a grudge, too. we’re all good

People may think the Percy Jackson fandom is going overboard by defending Walker so early but as someone who saw in real-time what happened to those poor kids from Stranger Things, I’m here to tell you,

No. We are not going overboard.

Yes. We are dead serious when we say we’re going to do everything to protect the child cast of pjo.

No. We aren’t gonna let anyone bully them.

Yes. You should be afraid of us.


it’s 2012. you’re 13 and you run a percy jackson exclusive tumblr blog. you reblog logan lerman’s “this is a pen” gif, uncle rick is still trolling the fandom, someone fancasted harry styles as leo, mark of athena has yet to be released…..walker’s casting must feel so SURREAL if you ran a pjo blog in the early 2010s, you just had to be there

If I see anyone hating or simping for the PJO cast, I will not be responsible for my actions

Walker Scobell Percy Jackson

literally the exact same ✨humor✨