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tom felton dyed his hair platinum blonde the entire time he played draco malfoy so y'all let’s calm down about walker scobell not being dark-haired. also, remember alexandra daddario? yeah… rick remembers it with a grudge, too. we’re all good

People may think the Percy Jackson fandom is going overboard by defending Walker so early but as someone who saw in real-time what happened to those poor kids from Stranger Things, I’m here to tell you,

No. We are not going overboard.

Yes. We are dead serious when we say we’re going to do everything to protect the child cast of pjo.

No. We aren’t gonna let anyone bully them.

Yes. You should be afraid of us.

If I see anyone hating or simping for the PJO cast, I will not be responsible for my actions

Walker Scobell Percy Jackson

literally the exact same ✨humor✨



The first of the Camp Half Blood designs! Inspired by the camp t-shirt (bright orange with a Pegasus

The first of the Camp Half Blood designs! Inspired by the camp t-shirt (bright orange with a Pegasus), I got the idea for these because it’s very easy to find nice fan-made Harry Potter jewelry, but there’s a lot more limited stuff out there for the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books and I’m a huge fan so I wanted to rectify that.

I’m hoping to make variants of these with symbols/representations of the different Olympians/cabins, but in the meantime, this is for the fan who can’t choose just one cabin to belong to. ;-)

If you like these earrings, you can buy them at my Etsy shop:


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I’m working on a series of Camp Half-Blood themed earrings. There will be a standard version with a pegasus (like on the camp t-shirts as described in the books) but I’ll also be making variants specific to some of the cabins. So far I’ve got Poseidon planned (duh *g*) and probably Athena and Zeus as well. Love to know what other cabins people would like to have, though. :-)

(I, um, think I set this up to be replyable but if not feel free to message me, reblog or whatever! And if I didn’t set up the reply correctly, anyone who can figure out what I did wrong would be muchly appreciated. ;-) )

If you haven’t seen my designs before and are curious to know what kind of work I do, or if you have but just feel like checking it out again anyway *g*, here’s my Etsy shop:


Dionysus: Okay, first I’d like to introduce our new camper, Percy, and I’d like to thank Percy for his generous gift of two dollars, which he handed me outside this morning. Not necessary, but much appreciated.

Annabeth: why’d you give him two dollars?

Percy: I thought he was homeless

Nico, trying to flirt: your outfit is so sharp it could puncture a hole in a ship, leaving thousands to drown at sea

Will, wearing a camp half-blood t-shirt: thanks, I got it at the store


Will, to Piper: wait…was he trying to flirt with me?!?!????