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AN: Wow! So, after an overwhelming response and general amazingness from you guys I decided to go ahead and write a part 2 to my previous Connor RK800 x Reader story. I got a lot of requests for some fluff so I will do my best to make this a happier resolution. Warnings: Spoilers? Again, the timeline is going to diverge from the cannon to stretch the events of the game from a few days to a few weeks. Disclaimer: I don’t own Detroit: Become Human or it’s characters. I really hope I did this justice and that you enjoy  the story. Likes, Comments, & Reblogs are always very much appreciated! Word Count: 7k+ I don’t know what’s wrong with me I keep getting carried away.

Part 1

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The blaring of your alarm clock hit you like a tidal wave sending shudders of pain straight to your brain. Wave after wave of throbbing pain that was finally enough to get you to stretch your arm out and swipe at the damn clock. With another groan you turned over on your back and pulled the blankets fully over your head deciding that perhaps today was a good day to call in sick; you hadn’t taken a personal day in ages and you’re sure that even Captain Fowler would understand. You knew it was probably a childish move to try and run from your problems but after everything that had happened yesterday you weren’t feeling up to facing the world. You sank further into your bed as you replayed the events of yesterday over in your mind for what was probably the hundredth time.

       Having to face someone like Elijah Kamski again considering your history would have been enough but having your heart broken without even truly realizing it was without a doubt the worst pain you could have ever felt; and for heaven’s sake you had been shot before.  Not wanting to think about it anymore you threw your covers off you and turned toward your bathroom. You halted in front of your mirror noticing how swollen and red your eyes were but you could expect nothing less after spending half the night crying until you had nothing left. You turned away and started your shower hoping that it would help calm you down and clear your head. But it did a poor job as your mind kept jumping back to Connor. You hadn’t been in the shower for more than a minute before you felt tears starting to brim in your eyes. Damnit! Why did it hurt this much? He was right… Connor was right you we were in love with him before you even realized it. And the worst part was that you still felt something for the stupid android even after what happened yesterday. Sliding down the wall of your shower you let your tears overtake you again. This is the last time. After this I won’t shed another tear. That was the mantra you repeated to yourself as you let the water hit you.

       Eventually, the tears stopped, and you were able to pull yourself together enough to turn the shower off and dry yourself. You scurried into your room and put on some clean clothes before grabbing your phone from your nightstand. What caught your attention was how many missed calls you there were at least 10 from Hank and 5 from Connor. You didn’t even want to process the information or bother listening to the voicemails instead calling up Fowler to let him know you wouldn’t be in. You could tell that he was a little disappointed, but he gave you the okay. Promising that there would be a mountain of reports to fill out on your desk tomorrow. You didn’t argue, simply glad to have the day to yourself, you’d deal with the consequences tomorrow. You laid back down on your bed for a while just trying to even your breathing in an attempt to distract yourself.

       It worked for a while but then you grew restless and decided to make some coffee. You hadn’t even passed the threshold of your bedroom when you phone began vibrating in your hand. You looked at your caller ID and noticed that it was Hank. You also knew that you couldn’t dodge him for ever so you answered, “Hey, Hank.”

       The first thing you heard on the other line was a sigh, “Hey? That’s all you’re going to say to me? Jesus, Y/N, I’ve been trying to reach you since last night. What the hell happened and more importantly where are you? Your two hours late for work.”

       Had it really been two hours already? “You’re lecturing me on being late to work? You’re always late to work and anyway I already told Fowler that I was taking a personal day.”

       “What happened? You ran off yesterday and I was worried sick trying to get a hold of you. Connor told me you just ran off and then got into your car.”

       Just the mention of his name made you heart squeeze, “I was just upset about Elijah and his stupid tactics. As it turns out, I shouldn’t have joined you guys yesterday. It brought up a lot of unpleasant memories and I needed to get out of there.”

       A deep scoff reverberated through your ear, “Bullshit, Y/N. You’re tough as nails. I saw the way you faced down Kamski that wasn’t what made you run. Something happened with you and Connor.”

       Shit.“Nothing happened between us, Hank. If anything, I was just a little upset about how he shot that Chloe. That’s all…”

       “Enough, Y/N. If that were the case, then I wouldn’t be facing the problem I am right now. I mean I was upset about his choice too, but my anger didn’t affect him like this.”

       That was an interesting turn of phrase, “What are you talking about, Hank? What’s wrong with Connor, exactly?”

       Hank groaned, “I don’t know. Or rather nothing. He’s been staring off into space all day right before he mentioned that you wouldn’t answer his calls. He’s just sitting here looking like a kicked puppy. He’s been that way pretty much since I walked in.”

       You sighed, “I really don’t know what to tell you Hank. Maybe he’s just filling out some reports to Cyberlife? He usually gets that way whenever he’s checking in.”

       Hank sounded exhausted, “No this is different, Y/N. I’ve been his partner for weeks and he’s never acted like this. You were the last person he saw before he fell into this weird funk; it’s almost like he’s upset but I know he’d probably deny that with his programming.”

       You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose, “I don’t know Hank. Why don’t you try talking him and see what he says? I really need to go I’ve got the worst headache. We’ll talk soon, okay?” Without giving him a chance to respond you ended the call. Childish. That was so childish. Always running away from your problems.

       Walking over to your coffee machine you made yourself a cup and walked into your living room, turning on the TV as you went. This sight before you nearly caused you to drop your mug. No matter which channel you switched to you couldn’t escape the breaking news alerts. You watched as what look like hundreds of Androids marched down Market Street most of them were thrusting their fists into the air. You could barely hear it over the reporter but it sounded like they were chanting and in an instant the reporter was silenced and you heard it. In perfect unison you heard hundreds of voices swelling to form a single phrase. We are alive.

       Breathless, you watched as the androids continued to march into the middle of the square, chanting all the while. Then the cameras cut to dozens of armored cars flooding the streets and halting the impromptu march. Heavily armored S.W.A.T filed out and crouched behind riot shields with weapons poised to shoot. All you could hear through your television was a S.W.A.T leader telling the androids to disperse but you couldn’t hear their response. Suddenly, your stomach dropped as you heard a volley of gun shots go off and several of the androids dropped lifelessly to the floor. You wanted to scream but it would do little good. They weren’t hurting anyone they were just marching; they were peaceful. And then several minutes of gunshots and slaughtered androids later the march finally dispersed. You felt sick to your stomach as the news feed ended and you slumped down onto your sofa suddenly ashamed at the force that you belonged to. You couldn’t condone the slaughter of innocent lives from an institution that was sworn to protect.

       Your head dropped into your hands and you began shaking. How was this going to end? Clearly there was no regard for the lives of androids but some of them got away which you couldn’t tell if that inspired hope in you or terror. Either the androids would find a way to free themselves or the FBI, S.W.A.T, and whatever other force they could rally would destroy these androids. They could potentially plan to wipe the slate clean and it disgusted you.


^^^Software Stability^^^

       Thirium was pooling beneath the machine at his feet, Connor heard your distressed cry and watched you run out of the room. He didn’t quite understand why he wanted to follow after you but he held his ground. He had a mission to complete and he had come this far. The man standing in front of him gave a nonchalant sigh, “Test negative. You chose your investigation over the life of another android. Perhaps, you don’t feel any empathy after all.”

       The gun was taken from Connor’s grip as he heard Hanks distinct footfalls treading out of the room, “I’m a man of my word. Ask me one question and I’ll tell you all I know.”

       Processing all possibilities Connor’s attention snapped toward Kamski, “I need to know how deviancy spreads.”

       Connor heard the slow forceful intake of breath, “Well, all androids share data sets whenever they meet each other and if that data were corrupted it could spread like an epidemic. It should remain dormant until an emotional shock occurs like fear, anger…” Kamski smiled with a menacing glint in his eyes, “Or perhaps any human emotion really, they don’t all necessarily have to be troubling. And then the android becomes deviant. It probably all started with one processing error or maybe it was all just a spontaneous mutation. Who can say? It’s an interesting question Connor, but I doubt it will prove useful to your investigation.”

       He wasn’t wrong Kamski’s information was cryptic and as he turned to leave his thoughts fell upon you yet again but a firm grip on his forearm pulled him back, “A war is coming and soon you’ll have to choose a side. You’ll either defend your people or stand against your creators. I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes, Connor. Especially, when it comes to your choice and how it affects Y/N.”

       He turned quickly trying to process what Kamski was saying, “What do you mean how it affects Y/N? How would that affect Y/N? I’ll always chose the side of humanity; her side.”

       Kamski chuckled, “You haven’t noticed Y/N’s sympathetic heart at all or that display just a moment ago? She didn’t appreciate your choice when it came to taking another android’s life. Imagine how it’ll feel when your responsible for the death or subjugation of your own people.”

       Connor squared his shoulders, “She will see that what I’ve done is right. Once I’ve fulfilled my mission humanity will be better off.”

       “Are you certain? I’ve observed you two for no more than a few minutes together and there is certainly something there that perhaps you aren’t willing to admit. Then again, with your little display just now I think that you’ve proved you’re just a machine and not what she had hoped you could become.”

       Connor paused for a moment, “What am I not willing to admit?”

       “That you feel something, Connor. And so, does she. You feel something for Y/N that goes beyond your programming and you don’t know it yet. It probably terrifies you. Although, I can’t say that I blame you. Y/N is an extraordinary woman; brilliant, kind, and attractive. If there was ever a human to fall in love with then you chose well.”

       Connor slowly started to piece the information together, “Fall in love? That’s not possible. I’m not-“

       Another chuckle escaped Kamski, “You’re not what? Human? That’s obvious, Connor, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. You’ve spent enough time hunting deviants… you were programmed to do so. Surely, you’ve noticed that androids emulating human emotions is not impossible. So, it stands to reason that perhaps you have more in common with your prey than you think.”

       “No that isn’t possible. I’m an android, a machine, we aren’t capable of emotion. You said yourself that deviancy is just corrupted data, a virus, that lays dormant until the right moment. I check myself regularly for deviancy errors… it’s not possible.”

       “Trust me, Connor, anything is possible. However, if you’re certain that it isn’t, as you say, possible. Perhaps you should let Y/N know? It wouldn’t be fair to keep stringing her along thinking that there’s some hope for you two.”

       It was like someone had flipped a switch in his mind as Connor began to piece together your actions and behavior since he had met you all those weeks ago. He could feel his thirium pump pounding at the thought of you but that filled him with an uncertainty at the same time. He couldn’t let himself be corrupted if there was any possibility that what Kamski had said was true. He needed to find you and set things right before it was too late. He turned quickly on his heel and marched out the door, but stopped short at yet another invasive comment, “By the way, I always leave an emergency exit in my programs. You never know…”

       Connor’s head snapped up as he heard Hank slamming his phone back down. The motion brought him back to his current location; he was back in the present at the DPD. Lieutenant Anderson was rubbing his temples and Connor couldn’t stop his sudden inquiry, “Was that Y/N? That you were just speaking with?”

       Anderson only scoffed and side-eyed Connor, “Why do you care?”

       “I just want to make sure that Detective L/N is alright. She was upset last night and she won’t answer my phone calls so I cannot ask her myself. Is she alright?”

       “Careful Connor, you almost sound like you care.”

       That was a puzzling response, Connor turned his head to the side unwilling to let the matter go, “Of course I care. Y/N and I have been working together for weeks now. Her well-being is very important to me… As is yours Lieutenant.”

       Hank scoffed and swiveled his chair to face Connor, “You know I can’t figure you out. First it seems like you do genuinely care about people and then you go and pull shit like you did last night. I just can’t wrap my head around it. And I don’t think Y/N can either.”

       “I’m afraid I don’t understand, Lieutenant, last night I was just doing my job. I did what I had to in order to move the investigation forward. Kamski wasn’t going to give us any information unless I gave into his demands.”

       “I know but when it becomes a choice between right and wrong sometimes the investigation doesn’t have to take priority. And last night, with Kamski’s stupid test that was wrong. I should have listened to Y/N… she was right the whole fucking meeting was a mistake.”

       Connor stared back at Hank, unwavering, “Lieutenant, I was programmed to complete this mission it was the entire reason that my protype was designed. Perhaps all of these choices in letting those past deviants go have been the cause of the instabilities in my software.”

       Anderson’s head popped up, making direct eye contact, “Instabilities in your software instabilities? What the hell are you going on about?”

       Connor turned the phrasing over in his mind for a moment, “Those moments when I decided to let those deviants go instead of bringing them back to Cyberlife created a conflicting order in my direct programing. It set me further and further off my path. Sometimes it wasn’t always the cases that started causing these instabilities.”

       “What do you mean? What else started causing these ‘instabilities’ of yours?”

       Connor was at a loss for words for once, he just stared back at Hank for a moment, “I’m not certain how to explain it. As I spent more time around the DPD alongside you and Y/N other objectives became more important. I knew I should have followed what my programming dictated but it felt wrong. Soon the well-being of you and Y/N became a priority.”

       Something flashed in Hank’s eyes and the barest of smiles pulled at his lips, “Connor, back at Stratford Tower when that deviant almost got away… what was going through your mind?”

       “I simply calculated that there wasn’t a way to achieve an optimal outcome. So, I chose to neutralize the deviant instead.”

       There was a slightly wider grin now present, “Okay, but focus on Y/N. Why did you throw yourself on top of her? I had to practically pry you away from her even though you were severely injured.”

       Connor blinked a few times staring almost blankly ahead, “I calculated that Y/N was in the line of fire and her chance of survival was in danger so I acted and moved to shield her from any possible danger.”

       “Interesting. But tell me how do you feel when Y/N is around?”

       “Lieutenant, I’m an android I’m not capable of emotions-“

       Anderson held up a hand motioning Connor to stop, “Okay cut it out with that shit for a second and answer the question. When you’re around Y/N what happens to your- to your circuitry or whatever it is you’ve got. Does anything seem different when you’re around Y/N compared to when your around everyone else.”

       Connor opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it trying to process what his partner was saying, “I’m unsure. I find being around Y/N is pleasant. She is kind to me and treats me like a person rather than a machine. It’s not what I’m accustomed to. She’s funny which is also something I’m not use to; I’ve never experienced humor before. Y/N is also very patient and considerate. And sometimes when she’s around it feels like- it’s almost as if my chest gets tighter and the thirium pump in my chest works a little a faster.” Connor furrowed his brows, “I don’t know why but I worry for Y/N’s safety more often and I don’t enjoy when she puts herself in danger; although I know it’s her job to do so just as it is mine.”

       Hank was practically beaming as he chuckled, “Well I’ll be damned kid. It sounds to me like you’re in love. It all makes sense now… the way you’re always hovering near her and making googly eyes at her when she isn’t looking.”

       Connor shook his head violently, “No. That isn’t possible I’ve already spoken to Kamski and Y/N about this… it isn’t possible. I already told Y/N that I wasn’t capable of feeling and reciprocating love.”

       “Wait a minute, you talked to Kamski and Y/N about this? Shit, that’s probably why she didn’t come in today. Listen kid, I know you’re going to want to deny it and swear that you’re incapable of it but from what you’ve just told me… you’re in love. It’s not something to worry about. Love is rare and when it happens it’s one of the greatest things in the world. That is probably the cheesiest shit I’ve ever spouted off but it’s true. From what I’ve seen you two are happy around each other and that isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t have to mean that you’ve failed your mission or that your compromised.”

˅˅˅Software Instability˅˅˅

       Could that really be true? What if what he told you wasn’t the truth? What if he was becoming a deviant? “I don’t understand. How do I know for certain I’m in love?”

       Hank smiled, “It’s like I said you enjoy being around her or it’s more like you gravitate towards her. You put her safety above your own. And that quickening of your pump- or whatever- that’s what happens to humans when you’re around someone you love. Tell me this how do you feel when you’re not around Y/N like today? What’s been going on in your head now that she’s not here?”

       “I- I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right… it feels like something inside of me is missing and I just want to know that she’s alright. I can’t seem focus when she isn’t around and especially when I know that I’m the reason she’s so distressed. I enjoy being around her, seeing her smile, and even hearing her laugh.” The realization hit Connor hard and he felt the familiar tightness in his chest, “That’s love? I love her… I’m in love with, Y/N.”

       Hank sat back in his chair with a satisfied smirk, “Yeah, you are. And it sounds like you have some apologizing to do, kid. You’ve gotta tell her how you really feel about her. And don’t even get me started on the deviant thing. We don’t know if you’re a deviant or not so stop throwing that excuse around.”

       “How am I going to tell her? She won’t answer when I call her… not after everything that happened last night.”

       Hank reached over and patted Connor’s knee, “Don’t worry, kid, she’ll come around and you’ll get your chance to make things right with her.”


              It was suspiciously quiet around the office when you arrived at work the next morning which was odd considering what had happened yesterday with the Android march. You figured that the department would be absolutely buzzing with activity. The quietness was almost unnerving and the sight that awaited you didn’t help ease any of the tension that you were feeling. Amongst the sea of empty desks, you saw Hank and Connor talking rather quietly amongst themselves. You approached carefully, “Hank, what is going on? Where is everyone?”

              You saw Connor fly out of his chair awkwardly straightening his tie, “Y/N! You’re back! Are you alright I was worried when you didn’t show up yesterday.”

              Biting your lip a bit you didn’t even look over at Connor, instead focusing on Hank, “I’m fine Connor. What’s going on here?”

              Hank sighed heavily, “We got pulled off the deviant cases. Apparently, the FBI is taking over the investigation and they want to send Connor back to Cyberlife.”

              You whipped your head around toward Connor who gave you an almost sad smirk, “That’s impossible! You guys were on to something they can’t just pull back like that. There has to be some way to fight this.”

              Connor’s somewhat meek voice spoke up, “It isn’t up to us. With the android protests people are afraid that their androids will all turn on them. As for me, I’m Cyberlife’s property no doubt they’re going to deconstruct me to try and find out why I failed.”

              Your heart nearly stopped, as much as you were upset with him you still cared for Connor, “No, we’re not going to let that happen. You’re not being deconstructed like some science project. What are our options?”

              Hank cleared his throat, “Not much with the FBI taking over they’ll be taking all of the evidence and deviant cases from our archives.” Hank stopped for a minute, “Here comes Perkins. That prick.”

              Suddenly Connor piped up, “Wait, the evidence room. There’s gotta be a way for me to discern Jericho’s location. I’m so close to figuring this out and I just can’t let that go. I just need five minutes and I swear I can find what I need before Perkins takes the evidence out.”

              You looked over at Hank and he sighed, “The basement key is on my desk. Y/N, make sure he gets there quick because I can only distract them for so long.”

              As you watched Hank walk off towards Perkins you shoved the key into Connor’s and began walking, “Come on, we don’t have a lot of time.” Your steps were light and quick as you glided down the hall, “Connor, there are two security cameras up ahead disable them, so we’re not seen.”

              You received a short nod, “I’ve got them don’t worry.”

              In record time you reached the evidence room but a voice stopped you, one that made you roll your eyes, “Well if it isn’t the plastic prick and his little girlfriend. What are you doing over here? Didn’t you get the message? You’re off the case.”

                You quickly shot Connor a look before pushing him toward the door, “Do what you have to. I’ll take care of him.” You watched the skepticism in his eyes before he silently complied, “What do you want now, Reed?”

              Gavin sneered, “Hey where the hell is he going?”

              “He’s logging some evidence that he had from a previous case and then he’s going back to Cyberlife. So, don’t concern yourself with him. Just get back to whatever it is that you actually do here.”

              “Bullshit. I don’t trust the lump of plastic for a second. If he’s just logging evidence then he won’t mind an audience, will he?” You pushed yourself in front of the door blocking Gavin from entering, “Y/N, get the fuckout of my way.”

              There was no way in hell you were letting that jackass in, “Not a chance, Reed. I told you to move along.”

              You could see the unhinged anger in his eyes, as Gavin reached for his gun and pointed it at you, “This is your last warning, L/N. Get out of my way before I put you out of commission.” You didn’t let him get any further as you drove your knee as hard as you could into his groin. As you had expected he doubled over and you grabbed his wrist before driving your elbow down on his forearm. He immediately dropped the gun and you kicked it down the hall, “You’re going to regret that.”

              You laughed, “Oh, am I?”

He took a wild swing at you, but you were able to dodge it and duck under his arm before pivoting and landing a kick to his back; causing him to fall forward into a wall. He picked himself up and rushed you, but you were quicker; effortlessly moving out of the way. You gave two forceful uppercuts to his gut, hoping to slow him down but he kept coming. Taking a defensive stance you both circled each other. Eager to get this over with you threw a punch to his face but that opened you up to the punch to your cheek that had you groaning. He lunged and you barely dodged out of the way before kicking out at his shin and as you had hoped he stumbled forward letting you take another swing aimed at his nose. You heard the sickening crack, but you used his distraction to your advantage. Spinning around, you put all your momentum into a kick right in the center of his face. Reed hit the floor hard while you groaned at the throbbing pain in your jaw.

With significant effort you opened the evidence room door and dragged Gavin in along with you propping him up against the stairwell railing. Then began taking the steps two at a time, “Connor?” You heard his somewhat muffled voice call out to you and you ran down the remaining stairs, “Connor we have to go, now! Did you get what you needed?”

              He turned to you, “Yes! Y/N, this is it I’ve found it. I found Jericho.” His excitement was cut short when he saw your face, he ran over and gently grasped your face with both hands, “Y/N, what happened? You’re bleeding.”

              Your heart began beating painfully when he touched you with such tenderness, but you had to stop it by pulling his hands away and stepping back, “I’m fine. Reed and I got into a bit of an argument and he pulled his gun on me, so I defended myself.”

              You didn’t fail to notice that his LED began flashing red. A look of almost rage filled his eyes and his voice dropped to a growl, “Where is he?”

              You nodded toward the stairs, “Unconscious against the stair railing. Trust me I’m fine but we have to get you out of here and out of those clothes.” The confused puppy dog look that he now sported almost made you laugh, “What I mean is you can’t go out in public looking like that. If you’re going to find Jericho, then you’re going to have to blend in.”


              Connor was pacing almost nervously throughout your apartment when you came in through your door toting a few shopping bags, he looked at you and gave you a sheepish smile before quickly looking away. What was going on with him? You put the bags down on your coffee table and turned to him, “Okay, I wasn’t exactly sure what to get you considering I’ve only ever seen you in a suit. So, I got a couple things and thought you could pick whichever you liked best.” The Android simply nodded and gave his quiet thanks, it was clear that something was wrong and you were growing tired of his trite answers, “Connor, what’s going on? You’ve been quiet ever since we left the Department. You know you can tell me anything.”

              He looked up at you hesitantly and his LED slowly turned yellow, “Yes, there is something that I wished to discuss with you.” You nodded your head and waited patiently for him to continue, “I wanted to talk to you about what happened the other night when we visited Kamski.”

              It suddenly felt like your blood had turned to ice, you had already gone through this once and you weren’t looking forward to reliving it, “No, Connor, you don’t have to explain anything. We already talked about this. I know what I said was harsh and I’m sorry… but you don’t need to explain it again. I understand where we stand. So, you don’t need to worry-”

              Connor stepped forward and grasped your hand, “No, Y/N, that’s not what I wanted to say. I wanted to apologize to you…”

              “Like I said, Connor, you don’t need to be sorry. I promise I won’t let my feelings get in the way. I’m here for you as a friend and I will help you with your mission. I just need time and I promise I will get past what I’m feeling. Okay?”

              Surprisingly Connor grabbed you and pulled you into a tight embrace. What the hell? He nestled his head into the side of your neck and you felt his breath tickling you, “I’m so sorry, Y/N, but please don’t push me away. I don’t want you to get over your feelings for me.” You had to suppress a shiver as he continued to speak, his voice was barely audible, “I was wrong. I- I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

              Your heart was practically soaring inside your chest but a part of you felt like this could be some sort of cruel joke or dream. You pushed him back far enough that you could get a clear view of his face, “What did you just say?”

              It seemed impossible but his eyes held that tenderness that you swore you had seen before, “I love you, Y/N. Lieutenant Anderson helped me realize it yesterday… when you’re not around I feel almost empty like a part of me has been taken away. I hurt you and I never meant to. I can’t feel physical pain but when I thought about how much pain I had caused you; that was the closest I’ve come to actual pain.” You stared at Connor with your mouth hanging open, having trouble processing if what you were hearing was reality, “I know that I hurt you but can you forgive me, Y/N?”

              You blinked at him still not believing what you were hearing, you awkwardly babbled, “Connor, I’m not sure what to say…” You watched him tilt his head the slightest hint of a frown on his lips, this was everything that you had secretly wanted to hear him say but you were suddenly lost. Still you slid your hand down toward Connor’s chest and felt the elevated pounding against your palm, you nearly melted when you looked back into his eyes, “Of course I forgive you.”

              There was a certain joy in the smirk he gave you, he pulled you closer again until you were nearly flush against him, “Does that mean that I still have a chance?”

              You couldn’t help but laugh at Connor’s choice of words, it was so unlike him, “Do you still have a chance? Where did you learn that?”

              “Lieutenant Anderson mentioned the phrase a few times when he was teaching and helping me understand what I felt for you. It was a very interesting conversation.”

              You giggled softly, taking on a taunting tone, “I’m sure it was. What else did he teach you?” Before you could say anything more, Connor bent forward and pressed his lips to yours. You were shocked at first but you quickly melted into it, running your hands up and tangling one in his hair, the other was lazily draped on his shoulder. This kiss was all slow and tentative caresses, a dance of two hearts finally synchronizing after a long struggle. After a minute you pulled away to catch your breath and smiled as Connor gently nuzzled your nose, “Wow! I’m hoping Hank wasn’t the one that taught you that.”

              Connor laughed tenderly, “No, I did my own research in case you responded positively to my confession. There is surprisingly quite a lot to learn in regards to romance.”

              Your grin wouldn’t budge as you continued to tease him, “Well maybe you can show me more of what your research taught you, later. Right now, you have a very important case in front of you.” Pulling away you gently pushed the bags from earlier into Connor’s hands, “There’s a spare bathroom down the hall. I’ll be here when you get back.” He leaned down with your favorite smirk plastered on his lips, giving you another quick kiss before disappearing in the direction you pointed out.

              You walked into your own bedroom and slipped off your jacket that was hiding your shirt, slightly stained by blood from earlier. You dug through your closet before pulling out a warm black sweater and matching black jeans. After slipping your clothes on you grabbed your black peacoat and walked back out into your living room; lacing up a pair of well-worn boots as you waited for Connor. He appeared shortly after and the sight nearly took your breath away. You must have been blushing because Connor gave you a cheeky smirk, “Is this acceptable?”

              You coughed a little forcefully, “Yeah it’s great- I mean… it works. You look good and you’ll blend right in.”

              Connor’s gaze slipped down your figure as a frown took hold, “Y/N, why are you dressed like that?”

              “Because I’m coming with you, Connor. If you’re serious about finding Jericho then I’m coming with you.”

              His frown only seemed to deepen, “No, Y/N, I can’t allow that. This is highly dangerous and the chances of something going wrong or you getting injured are too high. I won’t let you do this. You’re too important to me.”

              You stood up and walked toward him, “Connor it’s because this mission of yours is too dangerous that I can’t let you do this alone. You’re too important to me, as well. Besides, this is your case and since your partner has been temporarily suspended; it looks like you’re stuck with me.”

              He scanned your face for a minute in total silence, “There isn’t a way that I can convince you otherwise is there?”

              You reached for his hand and laced your fingers together, “Nope. Not this time.”


              The journey to find Jericho was certainly an experience but you had to admit that it was incredibly well hidden. Though the route proved to be a little treacherous causing Connor to worry over you every few minutes. To which you had to remind him that you had passed the FBI’s physical fitness exam several times with flying colors and that a few risky jumps wouldn’t be a problem. You marveled at the fact that Jericho turned out to be a rather rusty decommissioned ship; it was massive but it had definitely seen better days. The two of you made it to the very top of the ship and Connor pulled out a gun before approaching the door.

              He turned toward you with a hesitant look, “I can sense the leader just inside. I’m meant to take him alive for questioning but if things go wrong I may not have a choice.”

              It almost seemed like he was seeking your approval on the plan, but you simply gripped his free hand, “Connor, I know that you’re going to make the right choice, whatever that might mean. Just come back to me in on piece, alright? I’ll be waiting in case you need back up.” He simply squeezed your hand before slipping in quietly through the door.

              You waited anxiously for a few minutes, hearing no sounds of a struggle which you took as a sign that things were going well. It wasn’t until you saw the faint glow of approaching lights that your heartrate began picking up. Without a second thought you burst through the door and noticed Connor and the android you now knew as Markus facing each other. The leader’s eyes snapped to you, “Who are you?”

              Panicked you cut him off, “That’s not important, right now. There’s a massive force headed this way if I had to guess it’s the FBI… you need to get your people out of here now.”

              Connor was at your side in an instant, “They’re going to attack Jericho. She’s right we have to get out of here, all of us.” Connor grabbed your hand and began pulling you through the ship. Just as you passed through the open door a massive helicopter zipped by turning on a dime back toward the main deck. Your heart was pounding as you ran through countless corridors hearing the occasional explosion and more frequent gunshots. As you followed along behind Connor and Markus they pulled to a halt in front of a female android.

              She skidded in front of Markus, “They’re coming in from all sides our people are trapped in the hull. They’re going to be slaughtered.”

              He tapped a finger to his temple and was silent for a moment before looking back up, “We have to blow up the ship. It’s the only way… they’ll be forced to evacuate and it’ll give our people time to escape.”

              “The explosives are all the way in the bottom of the ship. You’ll never make it out in time.”

              This time Connor spoke up and the genuine concern in his voice surprised you, “She’s right! They know who you are now. They’d do anything to get a hold of you.”

              “Just go and help the others. I’ll join up with you later.”

              You watched in awe as the android took off without a thought for his own safety. Consciously willing to put their lives and survival above his own. Another explosion went off in the distance and suddenly Connor was pulling you along through the maze of hallways once more. You gripped the gun that was holstered at your side and shot at the occasional soldier that threatened fleeing androids; never injuring anything serious only deterring them so that more of Markus’ people could make it to safety.  You were so focused on helping the androids escape and following Connor that you didn’t notice the small device land near your feet. All you felt was the force of the explosion throwing you backwards and your head collided with something behind you. The searing white hot pain was gone in an instant as your vision faded to black.


              The next thing you knew you were laying down on a stone floor and you felt a cooling sensation cradling your throbbing head; while a hand was holding one of your own. You tilted your head back and caught a glimpse of Connor who immediately noticed, “Y/N, you’re awake!”

              Your voice was a little raspy, “Connor, what happened?”

              Worry creased his otherwise perfect features, “A flash grenade went off near you and you hit your head. I had to carry you from Jericho.”

              You carefully pulled yourself up from Connor’s lap with his  help and noticed briefly that the synthetic skin was gone from his left hand. He must have been using its chill to soothe your aching head, “Where are we, now?”

              “We’re in a church with the remaining survivors of Jericho.” Suddenly Connor’s voice began to wobble, “You were unconscious for a while. I was almost believed that you weren’t going to wake up. I was scared.”

              You stretched your hand out and he leaned into your touch, “You were scared? Connor, are you a-“

              “A deviant? Yes, I couldn’t turn Markus in it didn’t feel right so I broke through my programming. But I’ve never felt scared before until I saw you just lying there. I thought you were gone.”

              You gingerly pulled him in for a kiss that he eagerly returned, “You didn’t lose me, Connor. I’m not going anywhere… not without you.”

*Here you go enjoy a screenshot. I tend to take quite a few when playing games for future uses in my stories. I have a bunch more for DBH for different scenes and characters.

with@msujaehyunat the library

it’s not often that xander is found sitting at any bench on campus grounds. when he does find extra time in his schedule though, he enjoys situating himself in an area where he can observe others. of course, it’s always for his enjoyment as he either hexes random students who pass by orhe reads their auras.

anyone who knows xander may find it odd that he’s chosen to study aurology alongside potions amongst all the choices mokseong offers. however, it’s served him well in being able to distinguish dark auras from light ones whenever needed especially when aiding his father to identify any dark wizards. of course, the auras at mokseong that he reads are never as intense or the same as an actual dark wizard. there are, however, exceptions every now and then when a student is under great distress, incredibly upset or something heavy weighing on their mind changes their aura. this seems to be the case for a particular student xander happens to read as he passes by.

the student’s aura is completely different from the ones xander is accustomed to seeing on mokseong grounds though. it’s a bit dark but… there’s something familiar. there’s no questioning that his aura is tinged with the same darkness that xander has seen countless of times from dark wizards. it’s not incredibly strong, but it’s there and it’s all it takes to make xander follow the unsuspecting male.

the entire time that xander follows the male student, his aura seems to maintain it’s dark energy which is a slight surprise to xander as auras tend to change as a person’s thoughts and intentions change. so he knows, the male must have something set in mind and before long they’ve reached the outside of the library. with his curiosity peaked, xander continues to follow the student in, keeping a safe distance behind.

@ tyki mikk // @agalere

 ━ I’m here to grace you with my presence, Tyki! 

there it was, spread across rosy tiers, a roguishsimper ━  one that could either mean that the Dreams wanted something from him or that she was ready to bother her dear uncle in her endless search for a source of entertainment. 

one could never truly know, with Road.
Approaching him rather energetically, the youthful looking femme didn’t hesitate in holding onto his arm, tugging softly on his sleeve. With a soft pout and pleading golden hues (for she didn’t bother concealing her form the moment she was home), came soft vocals.  

  I need your help with homework. 
unless you have something more interesting to do. ❞