#raya of heart


Raya has beauty marks including faint freckles on her face and one of Namaari’s favorite hobbies is kissing them because I said so okay goodbye- ‍♀️

Namaari: *opens the door for Raya*

Raya, raising an eyebrow: since when were you a gentlewoman? Who did you kill?

Namaari, pouting: why does everyone assume the worst in me?

Raya, smirking: it saves time!

Namaari: *leaning her face against the palm of her hand and sighing longingly*

Atitaya, rolling her eyes: what are you looking at now, you ridiculous love sick kitten?

Namaari, smiling fondly: Raya. She’s just so beautiful and graceful. Everything I could ever want in a woman. I mean have you ever seen anything more enchanting?

Raya, with dirt all over face because she was playing with Tuk Tuk three minutes ago: *collapses on the ground and starts screaming for literally no reason*

Atitaya, deadpanned: what a beauty. Truly the girl of anyone’s dreams-

So my own personal lil headcanon is that Benja was absolutely head over heels in love with Raya’s mother and he had to fight tooth and nail to marry her because she was poor. Like some Disney bs basically. But then she passed when Raya was young and after the Druun Benja’s bisexuality was SHINING:

Raya: *causally munching on her food*

Benja, laughing and using a napkin to wipe some food off her face: it’s good to know I’m still needed. You’re such a messy eater

Raya, huffing: don’t be mean to your only child, Ba

Benja, ruffling her hair: but it’s so much fun

Talon man, walking up to them: Benja? Is that you old timer?

Benja, scowling: oh come on I am not that old! I’m literally thirty five! *realization* oh hey! It’s been forever! Good to see you!

Talon man, blushing a bit: it really has been. You look great! You always did have the most wonderful hair

Benja, caught off guard and also blushing: o-oh. Uh, thanks pal!

Talon man, laughing nervously: of course! Gonna go meet up with some other old friends! Later!

Benja, mumbling: yeah, later…….

Raya, smug as hell: soooooo who’s your boyyyyyyyyyfriend ba?

Benja, turning bright red and smacking her shoulder: there is no boyfriend! That’s just someone I knew back when I was training to be chief! It’s not a big deal!

Raya, absolutely beaming: someone has a little crush!

Benja, narrowing his eyes: and by this logic I can assume you’ve got a thing going on with that tiny terror of an undercut?

Raya, now also blushing: that is completely different!

Benja, rolling his eyes: oh great, you get that obvious little blush from me. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of Kumandra finds out

Raya, pouting: damn you. With my luck I’ll inherit your terrible flirting skills. I mean “thanks pal”? Are you serious? Who even says the word pal anymore?

Benja: I did not throw you in a river for you to treat me this way-

Nurse Raya and Firefighter Namaari:

Raya, calling Namaari: this little jerk better pick up or else

Namaari, answering: heeeeeeeey, I *yawns* missed you

Raya, frowning: I missed you too. Where the hell have you been? I haven’t seen you in days!

Namaari, mumbling: I’m sorry, dep la, I’ve been picking up an extra shifts since we don’t have much help around here. I’ll try to drop by later

Raya, extremely concerned: Maari, you’ve been at work every single time I call lately. I totally get that you work a bunch of late hours and your schedule is unpredictable, but I’m just really worried about you. It doesn’t seem like you’ve had a break

Namaari, smiling: oh wow, you really like me don’t you?

Raya, huffing: don’t tease me about this! You need to rest!

Namaari, sighing: I know, I know, but they really need me out here!

Raya, getting an idea: I’m wearing your favorite leather jacket with nothing underneath


Raya, smirking evilly: my plan has worked! I’ve seduced her into taking a break! Man, I’m good!

My favorite part about modern aus is making Namaari unnecessarily wealthy while Raya is just trying to get through her day without a breakdown it feels so right:

Raya, yawning: hey babe, what are you up to?

Namaari, curled up on the couch scrolling through her laptop: I’m trying to find Christmas presents for everyone. What do you want this year?

Raya, completely joking: I think I want a yacht *laughs* okay, in all seriousness I could use some new shoes

Namaari, who stopped listening after hearing Raya laugh: alright, got it! Hope you like my gift

Raya, smiling and kissing her lips: I’m sure I will. Besides, you know it’s not about the gift. It’s the time we spend together

Namaari, grinning: I didn’t know you were so cheesy, my love

Raya, throwing a pillow at her face: let me be romantic, jerk!

*the day of Christmas*

Raya, shivering: I don’t see why we had to leave my apartment for you to give me my gift!

Namaari, snorting: I’m sure you’ll figure it out when you see it

Raya, confused: why are we out at the docks?

Namaari, proudly pointing to one of the boats: there it is!

Raya, raising an eyebrow: huh?

Namaari: I got you the yacht you wanted!

Raya, finally realizing: wait WHAT?!

Namaari, frowning: you know I thought you’d be a little happier about a present

Raya, trying to form words: ah- what- who- how did you even afford this?!

Namaari, shrugging: I mean it definitely took a couple months of saving up but it wasn’t anything crazy

Raya, in shock: what the hell?! HOW RICH ARE YOU?!

Namaari: babe chill I just got you a little something you wanted-


Namaari, now very amused: ah, I see. Do you at least like the yacht?

Raya, stressed as hell: I mean yeah, it’s a really nice yacht

Namaari, wrapping her arm around Raya’s waist: then I say this present is a success!

Raya, mumbling: all I got you was a cat plushie holding a heart that says ‘we’ll be together furrever’

Namaari, completely serious: and it is now the most valuable thing I own

Raya, leaning against Namaari: so remember when you accidentally kissed me?

Namaari, raising an eyebrow: I grabbed your face and kissed you when you were sweaty and shirtless after training. I’d hardly call that an accident

Raya, nodding: so do you wanna do it again?

Namaari, blushing: can we please discuss this later?!

Chief Virana, waving her off: no please, continue. I’m hoping that Benny-boy owes me twenty jade!

Namaari: is my love life nothing more than a gamble to you?


Raya, glaring: ARE YOU-

Namaari, deadpanned: fucking


Namaari: fucking

Raya, huffing: IDIOT-

Sisu, startled: the hell is wrong with you?

Namaari, shrugging: Chief Benja banned Raya from cursing so she asked me for help

Sisu, trying to get Raya and Namaari together through stupid games: never have I ever had a crush on a crazy sword wielding princess!

Virana, huffing and grabbing a shot: you make out with a Talon princess one time, honestly

Namaari: *sweats nervously and takes a shot*

Raya, laughing: I can’t believe you had a crush on yourself Namaari. That’s egotistical, even for you!

Namaari, nodding and blushing: that’s right! Super egotistical! It’s certainly not something else!

Benja, sipping his tea: how I love to witness pure chaos

Raya, glaring at Charanya before meeting with Namaari: be nice

Charanya, shrugging: I’m always nice

Raya, sighing: really nice, not bitchy nice

Charanya, huffing: you’re trying my hands but fine

Au where the Druun never happened:

Raya, 15 years old and visiting Namaari: dep la, it’s been forever! I missed you!

Namaari, 16 and hugging her: I missed you too!

Raya, grinning smugly: oh would you like at that, it would appear I’m taller than you

Namaari, immediately breaking away from the hug: there’s no way. There is no way you are taller than me!

Raya, absolutely beaming: but I am though!

Namaari, yanking on her hand and dragging her away: GENERAL ATITAYA I REQUIRE YOUR ASSISTANCE AT ONCE

Atitaya, rushing over to them: what is it?! Are you hurt is everything okay?!

Namaari, glaring: you need to measure our heights because if I’m shorter than Raya I’ll have to die

Raya, cackling: it’s not so bad! I think your tiny height is adorable

Atitaya, sighing: I thought something serious was going on

Namaari, huffing: this is serious! My entire life could be over! Just do it!

Atitaya, sighing: fine. Stand at the wall

Raya and Namaari: *stands with their backs against the wall*

Atitaya, drawing a quick line above their heads: alright, you can move to see the results

Raya, literally jumping with joy: I knew it! I’m taller than you Namaari! I WIN!

Namaari, curled up on the floor: I will never recover from this. I have to relinquish my birthright to the throne and become a serlot

Raya, narrowing her eyes: what on earth are you doing?

Aulia, happy: I’m creating a duck army! Wanna join me?

*several hours later*

Namaari, ripping the door open: RAYA WHY IS THERE DUCKS IN OUR BATHTUB!?!

Namaari, scrambling to Benja’s room: your daughter stresses me out! I mean what even goes through her head?

Benja, snorting: I blame her mother, she too was a high stress woman

Namaari, groaning: it must be genetic. I never know what she wants! And when she tells me to do something she just expects it all to happen! Just because she bats her big brown eyes at me she thinks I’ll do whatever she wants!

Benja, nodding: alright that part my be my fault. I spoiled her as a kid so that she would know how to be treated as an adult

Namaari, scowling: it worked. I think she’s forgotten what the word no means