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Genres and Warnings: fluff, slight smut, swearing

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Words: 772

Summary: They cannot sleep and the waking feeling of their love keeps them up until they can’t handle it.

It’s late. I can’t sleep at night without the feeling of them next to me. It’s absolutely horrific. I keep telling myself that it’s just a simple crush, that I’m just infatuated with them, but how could it be just that when I constantly find myself up at 5:30 in the morning with thoughts of how I miss their touch?

I sigh and roll over onto my back. I close my eyes and try to fall asleep, just five minutes, even. I find myself thinking about them yet again, their lips, their laugh, their smile. I take multiple deep breaths, hoping to find the sweet release of sleep.

I feel a pair of soft, warm lips come into contact with mine. I immediately recognize the pair of lips as their’s, they feel just as I remember them from that stupid game of Spin the Bottle our friends made us play. An overwhelming warmth spreads through my body as if I’m kissing a bonfire. The kiss seems to last forever and I could stay here forever.

My eyes fly open as the pair of lips seems to fade from existence. It was just a dream. I glance at my bedside clock 5:32. I literally dozed for two minutes. I sighed and rolled over onto my side. I closed my eyes again and took more deep breaths.

A pair of warm arms wrap around my waist and pull me up against their chest. I recognize the pair of arms as their’s from countless hugs that we had shared. Their head snuggles into the crook of my neck. I find myself leaning into their touch, loving every single second of it. Their grip on my waist tightens and they pull me even closer to them, if that was even physically possible. Their warmth radiates off of them and I find myself shrugging my blanket off until it rests at our waists.

They seem to fade from reality and my eyes fly open as the sudden cold wraps around my body. I pull the blanket back up to my shoulders and I curl into the fatal position to absorb more warmth. After I’ve collected enough warmth, I turn back onto my back, staring up at my bedroom ceiling. Shadows creep around the outskirts of my ceiling and they seem momentarily frightening until I realize they’re created by the faint light of the lamp post right outside my window. I close my eyes again and take more deep breaths.

Their lips somehow find mine again, this time for a shorter period before they move to kiss down my neck and on my collarbone. I feel their hands move to hold my hips, their thumbs skimming underneath my shirt to lightly massage the sensitive skin there. Once again, I felt overwhelmingly warm due to their incredible warmth that they seemed to radiate. I find my hands moving to wrap around their neck and they seem to smile against my neck. I felt absolute bliss and I could definitely stay like this forever. This wasn’t exactly sexual, but it was perfectly intimate.

Then, it all fades and I find myself bolting upright in bed as my eyes fly open. It was just another stupid dream. I find I’ve finally had enough of this bullshit and I decide to take action and to actually make some of those scenarios happen.

I leap out of bed and grab my phone. I dial their number and anxiously wait for them to pick up. It might’ve been 5:55 in the morning, but they were a very light sleeper. A good minute passes before they finally answer.

“Hello?” Their voice is groggy.

“Hey.” I sigh.

“It’s six in the freaking morning.” They sigh, agitation seeping through the phone.

I laugh lightly before stuttering to words. “I like you.”

“God, I sure hope so. We’re best friends, you know.” They sigh, not picking up on what I meant.

“No, I… I like-like you.” I stumble to say. “I love you”

There’s a long pause before they answer again. “I like-like you, too.”

“Really?” I ask, sounding slightly like a child.

They laughed. “Yes, you spork. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about my feelings, but I couldn’t find the words. I’m glad you decided to speak up first, though.”

I smile. “That’s nice.”

There’s another pause, shorter this time. “So, wanna go out for coffee or something later?”

I nod, even though they can’t see me. “Yeah. I’d love to.”

“Great. I’ll stop by your place later and we can go out, yeah?” They asked.

My grin only grew. “Yeah. Good night.”

“Good night.”

Genres and Warnings: Tragedy, romance, swearing

Request: It’s time for part two of Clarity! Yay! Part One 

Words: 1176

Summary: Their relationship was a complete disaster and tragedy. So why are they each other’s clarity?


Everything was black.

What was happening? All I saw was darkness. Normally, I enjoyed the color black, but not in this sense. Never, in this sense. This was altogether weird and I hated it. The worst part, I could still hear. Just barely out of the depths of whatever the hell this was, I could hear the things that surrounded me. It was weird, just flat out weird. I don’t know how I managed to get myself into this, but I did.

I tried moving. I tried lifting a finger, moving my foot, anything. But it seemed as if that receptor in my brain had quit on itself. I inwardly sighed because it seemed my speech had drowned out, also. I wanted to do something, anything, but, I couldn’t. Everything was on shut down. Then, I heard something.

“Don’t you fucking dare die on me, I swear to god.” A voice spoke in my ear.

It was theirs. The voice that I had spent months falling asleep to. The voice that had broken my heart, but at the same time, that I had heard hurt in, because of me. I wanted to reach out to them. Tell them I was okay. But, I couldn’t.

“Hold on for just a little longer. Please.” Their voice was filled with so much emotion. Literally every emotion you could possibly fathom.

Once again, I wanted to tell them I was okay. Tell them I could hear them and that I could sense their presence. I wanted, in that exact moment, to tell them that I was sorry. Sorry for every horrible thing that I had said to them when we decided to just give up, to give up on us. God, I wanted to go back in time and prevent that very moment. If that had never happened, none of this would’ve happened. We would still be falling asleep to each other’s voices and breathing patterns. Without that very moment in time, we would no doubt be wrapped in each other’s embrace, watching cheesy movies as we tried to keep the warmth between us.

I hated this. I hated this so fucking much. I wanted to touch them, to feel their warmth radiate off of them as we touched in any way possible. I wanted to talk to them, to tell them how sorry I was and to tell them how I had missed them too within those two, long, weeks. I wanted to tell them those three, life ending words that I was always too scared to say. Shit, if I had said those three words I probably wouldn’t be here-weprobably wouldn’t be here.

I heard new noises. The beep of a monitor, many voices conversing over many things, the rattling of metallic items against another metallic item. Then, it felt as if a small part of my brain started working and I could smell the smell of antiseptics, but, as fast as it came, the sense left and I was left with the sound of the monitor beeping and voices conversing in the near distance.

“Why can’t I come in?” I heard someone shout, just barely reaching my sense. It was them.

“I’m sorry, but you have to be in relation to the patient to enter the ICU.” I assumed to be a nurse spoke.

They hesitated before speaking again. “I’m their undocumented spouse..?”

Are you literally fucking with me? I thought, trying to telepathically tell them, but I’m not telepathic.

The nurse sighed. “You’re not related to them in any way shape or form are you?”

“No.” They sounded defeated and ready to give up.

The nurse sighed more heavily. “Fine. Go in, but if anyone asks, you’re distant cousins.”

“Thank you so, so much.” They rushed out.

I loved their voice so much. God, how I missed falling asleep to that sound. If someone were to ask me what my favorite sound was, I’d probably reply with their voice. It was a fucking symphony and I loved every single tone or octave that their voice could possibly reach or portray. But then again, maybe I didn’t. When they were hurt or sad, it seeped through their voice and if they said anything while they felt hurt, you were fucked because you would immediately try to make them feel better, even if it was your fault. And that’s where I had fucked up. I had let their voice get to me and it stung. I hadn’t tried to make them feel better because we were both past the point of no return at that moment when their voice had filled with hurt and sorrow.

“Please, please, please hang in there a bit more. I don’t want to lose you again, not permanently.” Their voice whispered in my ear, and I could hear the hurt and sorrow in their voice.

At that point in time, I wanted to go back to mere minutes or hours ago when they had asked me whether or not I wanted to go get coffee, and I wanted to say yes. Holy hell, I wanted to say yes. I wanted to erase my anger at them and say yes, I wanted to delete how harsh I had been to them in that point of time. I wanted to tell them that I missed them, too. I wanted to not try to force them out of my vision, but they were my clarity. They were why I only saw and felt clearly when we were together. They were my clarity and that was why I could only fall asleep with them, that was why I only felt clearly when I was with them. They were my clarity.

But my clarity was drifting away.

Suddenly, everything came rushing back to me and I struggled to open my eyes and to move. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Everything was fuzzy. Then, they were hovering above me, they’re beautiful face resting above mine and I felt their hands go to cradle my head. Then, my vision was clear.

“Oh my god. Please, please, please be okay. Don’t let go, baby, please.” They whispered like they were praying.

I looked into their eyes and I saw everything I felt be reflected in their eyes.

“Don’t let go. Keep looking at me. Please, baby, please.” They whispered.

I mustered a weak smile and wasted nearly all my energy saying the next few words. “I won’t let go.”

They smiled and rested their forehead against mine. “Please hang on for just a little longer. Please.”

I looked at their eyes as my vision started to go dark around the edges. “I’ll hang on.”

Tears began to creep their way out of their eyes as they stroked my cheekbones with their thumbs. “Hang on for just a little while longer. Don’t close your eyes. Look at me. Don’t let go, please, baby, please.”

I smiled up at them one more time, and, just before my vision went entirely black, I said, “I love you.”