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Okay I’m soooo deep into Kyousaku there is no turning back *gross sobbing*


-Sakunami has to tiptoe to kiss Kyoutani and Kyoutani wants to combust because “He’s too cute…”

-I hc that they meet when Dateko and Seijou have a practice match and he accidentally runs into Sakunami. He expects him to run away or get scared of him like most people do, but Sakunami just stands up, smiles and offers his hand to help him up. “Hi, I’m Sakunami Kousuke, and you are?”

-Kyoutani didn’t believe in love at first sight before, he does now though.

-Somehow, Kyoutani really melts around Sakunami, he’s less shy and speaks a little more. He’s still Kyoutani but Iwaizumi constantly compliments Sakunami because woah that’s a lot of improvement. He even apologized to Kindaichi once. Once.

-Sakunami can’t reach alot of things so Kyoutani would chuckle looking at him struggle for a few seconds then help him. He earns a small slap- “You knew I was suffering!”- But then Sakunami laughs anyways.

-Sakunami thinks Kyoutani is like a cute puppy all innocent and childlike but so sweet at the same time under a tsun surface because he just doesn’t know how to express it and he’s so in love. He also very much appreciates his *coughs* very attractive outer beauty as well.

-Kyoutani thinks Sakunami’s heart is literally gold. He’s so nice and understanding but not afraid to stand up for what’s right. He’s small but he makes everyone see how big he is in terms of heart and honestly he’s so cute Kyoutani is surprised he hasn’t exploded because of his boyfriend’s cuteness yet.

-Don’t mess with Sakunami. Kyouken-chan will kill you.

-Don’t mess with Kyoutani. Futakuchi taught Sakunami how to blackmail people.

-Their first kiss was in front of the Dateko gym after a practice match and Sakunami didn’t want to have to hide their relationship just because of silly school rivalries.

-Everyone was so accepting though, the only controversy was who was adopting who… Futakuchi and Oikawa still fight over custody rights.

-Yahaba is an awe of how Kyoutani got such a sweet boyfriend. “Wouldn’t you prefer to date me Sakunami-chan?” *winks*

-Sakunami just gives a cute smile. “I love Kyoutani-kun and I already have too much salt on my team to deal with, thank you for the offer though.”

-Yahaba nearly has a heart attack.

-Sakunami once tripped and Kyoutani insisted on carrying him bridal style all the way back. What a romantic.

-Sakunami helps calm Kyouken down by hugging him then singing softly into his ears. It helps him control his temper alot remembering the tune Sakunami sings.

-Sakunami can speaks his thoughts out more now and has gained more confidence thanks to Kyoutani.

-They look like polar opposites but really they aren’t so different. They both love music, video game, fried chicken (lol), volleyball, parks, horror movies (Sakunami is more fearless than Kyoutani will ever be), bitching about annoying teammates and senpai…

-Cuddling on the couch is so nice because of the height and body size difference.

-Feeding each other like gross couples pdaing except… with fried chicken.


-Futakuchi is the tallest and never ceases to rub it in Yaku’s face (Yaku is both the oldest and the shortest.)
-When Futakuchi is being lazy or an asshole, Ennoshita and Yaku gang up together to sass him away.
-“I have two moms as boyfriends…”
-Ennoshita is actually the most flirty. He’d kabedon Yaku and say something really suggestive or just lean in and pin Futakuchi down, but then just stand up and pretend he didn’t realize what he did was flirty in any way. Ennoshita? More like Ennoshit.
-Yaku is always being cuddled in the middle because he is so smol. Yaku secretly loves it but of course, he’s super tsun about it.
-Yaku has figured out that he can shut both of them up with kisses and leave them shook for a few minutes. It’s his secret weapon.
-Yaku can cook pretty well. Futakuchi can cook really well surprisingly. He says it’s because he makes all his food with LOVE~
-Ennoshita can’t cook what even. He can make toast at least.
-When Futakuchi is sad, he stress bakes, so sometimes they randomly have milk bread at 2 am and talks about it. But the others don’t mind as long as he feels better.
-Ennoshita is the type to keep silent when he’s pissed. But his bfs are observant and play his fav movie and jump on him to cuddle and kiss and make him feel better.
-Yaku is a hothead, so the two try to calm him down first and let him vent out his frustrations ‘till he just lets it all out and collapses on them on the couch. Then they pet his head because he’s so cute.
-All three of them. Bitch. Alot. It’s like gossip time whenever they just relax and sit on the couch, and someone mentions a troublesome kouhai.
-“And then Koganegawa-” “I knowww, and Lev-” “Ugh I can’t get Tsukishima to be nicer-” PING! They decide the solution is to shove them all to hang out with Hinata to get some good influence.
-They go on dates and swing Yaku in the middle sometimes when holding hands. You know. Like little kids in the middle of two big people being swung. Yaku lowkey enjoys it.

How is aofuta still rare *sobs* okay to remedy my heart, here are some hcs!!:

-Futakuchi lowkey LOVES teddy bears.
-The first time Aone goes to his house as 1st years, he’s shocked to say the least. Futa has like 8 bears all of them he gives cute names and makes them cute outfits and ARE YOU SURE THIS IS FUTAKUCHI’S ROOM?
-Futa’s fav is a relatively big white bear he named “Yuki” because snow is white wow how original.
-Futakuchi hugging his bears when he takes naps is so so cute Aone wants to cry. Internally of course.
-Aone never gets tired of seeing Futakuchi go soft around his teddy bears.
-Futakuchi makes him pinky promise (also a few threats here and there) to not tell anyone about it. Aone doesn’t plan on letting anyone besides him see this adorable side of Futakuchi anyways.
-Futakuchi thinks Aone is like a teddy bear, so big and tough-looking like a real bear but actually really soft, fluffy and gentle on the inside. Also… he’s really cute. (Not that Futakuchi would ever admit it out loud. Also Futakuchi really really wants to hug him.)
-Futakuchi, surprisingly, confesses first. With a white bear wearing a red ribbon, and a blush mirroring the color of the ribbon, uncharacteristically stuttering a confession.
-Aone’s heart can’t take much more so he just nods, with 500 shades of pink dusting his cheeks, and pulls Futakuchi (and the bear) into a big warm hug.
-Futakuchi, for once, is speechless and starts crying.
-Aone pulls away worriedly and gives him a ? look.
-Aone has learned that one can shut a Futakuchi Kenji up with a kiss.
-(Futakuchi calls him “Teddy Bear” when they are alone :3)

Genres and Warnings: Friendship, swearing

Request: None. This is the startup one shot.

Words: 424

“We are not creating another Blood Elf.” Anne protested.

I pouted. “Please?”

“Paris, you literally have 100 Blood Elves on your PC.” Anne sighed. “Let’s do a Troll.”

I rolled my eyes. “You have like 100 Trolls saved on your PC.”

“That was literally the worst comeback ever, Paris.” She sighed.

“Why don’t we just do a goddamned Pandaren?” I sighed.

Anne ran a hand through her hazel hair. “Yeah.”

I clicked on Pandaren. “Class?”

“Shaman” Anne sighed.

I clicked on that and hit continue. We entered the character customization screen and we started to customize our character. I hit the randomize button a few times before we got a seemingly pleasant character and continued from there.

“No, change the earrings.” Anne sighed.

I rolled my eyes. “Bloody hell, Anne. It looks fine!”

“Paris, just choose a double pierced and I’ll be fine.”

I sighed and selected one of the two double pierced that looked more appealing to me. “That one?”

Anne shook her head. “The other one.”

I groaned and selected it. “Hair color?”

And we continued on, bickering over hair color and skin color before we settled on one. Then, we moved on to the name. Anne grabbed her phone and opened a generator for names. She scrolled through them before sighing.

“All of these are shit.” Anne sighed.

I pointed to one. “What about that one?”

“We are not naming our Pandaren Tam.” Anne sighed. “How about that one?”

“Yazi? Yeah, okay.” I sighed.

I hit the finish button and we began to play World of Warcraft, somehow managing not to toss the other off their chair over the mouse. We reached level 10 or 11 sometime before dawn and Anne let out a cry of rage.

“Paris! Move the fuck over and let me control her!” Anne shouted, reaching over me to grab the mouse.

“No! I got this!” I yelled as I nearly killed us.

Anne shoved me and my chair away from the desk and rolled over to the mouse, where she managed to defeat the Onyx Dragon in the sky.

I angrily scooted back over to my rightful spot at the desk and took the mouse once Anne moved over. “Jesus, Anne.”

“You would’ve killed us! Our HP was down to 100!” She sighed.

I rolled my eyes and silence settled over us.

“Dork.” Anne sighed.

“Bitch.” I mumbled, to which Anne shoved me and I fell off my chair and onto the floor where I lay there laughing, Anne coming to join me shortly after.

So, it’s been a while since I was last on this blog and, honestly, I think I should move to another blog. I’m gonna create another writing blog, one for myself where I talk about my OCs and share my original ideas, but i’ll ocasionaly post fanfics and headcannons for fandoms. From this point on, you can find me, Admin E or the primary author for this blog, over on @writingthewordsdown . From this point on, this blog will remain frozen in time. I will leave everything here as it is and this will be this blog’s last post. If you enjoyed my writing, come stop by at my new url and hopefully i’ll offer you sustainable content.


•Its like 3am and I’m exhausted and I can hear you raging next door about failing at putting an ikea bed together so here I am helping you put it together and holy shit you’re cute.

•You keep falling asleep in the lectures and I keep waking you up so you don’t get in trouble, so to make sure you stay awake a brought you coffee with my number on it.

•You were the only one in class that got my TV show reference so hey wanna marathon?

•We both reached for the last box of fruit loops and I don’t care that we’re both adults I with fight you.

•We write notes to each other on the desk we share at different times and I never knew who I was talking to until I saw you stay behind after class to write on it and holy shit yoU’RE HOT.

•I’m really sorry, I suck at dancing and you’re suppose to teach me but you’re really cute and keep distracting me so I keep stepping on you’re feet I’m so sorry.

•Our schools are rivals and were on their sport teams and we get injured and spend time in the school infirmary and hey you’re pretty cool and wtf are we a modern Romeo and Juliet?

•Your window was open and you live across from me so I saw and heard you in your underwear, singing and dancing ridiculously and I really wanna get to know you cause you’re pretty hot and I might have a crush on you.

•We hate each other but apparently our teachers ship us and make us partner up all the time and sit next to each other and for the love of God if you don’t shut your mouth I’m gonna shove you on the desk and sNOG THE HELL OUT OF YOU.

•We’re both teachers and I ship these two students but you ship one with another student so let me just tell you why my ship is meant to be.

•My cat keeps breaking into your apartment next to mine so I tied a note to its collar to apologise and you write back so we keep exchanging cat notes and you’re pretty funny. 


•You’re parents are extremely overprotective and hired me to be your bodyguard.

•We have to partner up in our health class to look after a robot baby and oH GOD ITs crYING again pleASE JUST STOP WHy did we agree to tHIS HELL.

 •I’m a punk singer and am hiding from fans in a florists and you work here and are snarky and funny and are adorable go out with me?

Pt. 2 Here.

Request some of these guys! It’ll be fun I can do drabbles for them.

Because why the fuck not.

Imagine your OTP…

~Person A being a little shit and splashing Person B with water when they go swimming. Person B getting angry because oh my god I spent an hour on my goddamn hair and splashing Person A back. They go back and forth, before Person B calls fuck this, I’ve had enough and splashes Person A relentlessly until they give out.

~Person B wearing a form fitting swim suit and Person A being a little shit by making a cheeky remark, which results in Person B shoving them.

~Person A doing their best to create a small sand castle only to see that Person B has been doing the same, but their sand caste is a full out King Arthur castle complete with a drawbridge and a moat.

~Person A being hella romantic and sexual throughout the entire trip, resulting in Person B giving in and they have sex on the beach.

                       * Alternate ending: Person B leading Person A on, bringing them up to their room, but they end up putting a cheesy-ass movie and falling asleep thirty minutes in.

~Person A being the hella attractive life guard and Person B being head over heels. In order to get Person A to notice them, Person B tries surfing for the first time, looking like a complete idiot, which makes Person A laugh. While trying to pull off a move, Person B ends up falling off the board. Person A asks Person B out when they trudge out of the water.

~Person B being a waiter at a small beachfront cafe and Person A thinks they’re attractive. Person B thinks the same of Person A and, in an attempt to impress Person A, they fall smoothly, dropping all the plates and breaking nearly all of them. Person A laughs, but asks them out to a movie once Person B gets off.

~On the last day of their trip, Person A refuses to get out of the water, thinking that they can hide from Person B, who has the eyes of a fucking hawk. Person B ends up having to literally drag Person A out of the water and to the car. 

Hey guys, so Admin CC told me herself that she sorta gave upon this blog but I WILL HOLD THIS BLOG UPON MY VERY TWO SHOULDERS. So, I’ve got the writing, head cannon, ships, AUs, and such. However, I can’t draw for shit. So, if you know anyone who can draw, send them my way or just visit their blog. I’ll probs post something soon, but in case I don’t, send in requests. 

Genres and Warnings: Tragedy, romance, swearing

Request: It’s time for part two of Clarity! Yay! Part One 

Words: 1176

Summary: Their relationship was a complete disaster and tragedy. So why are they each other’s clarity?


Everything was black.

What was happening? All I saw was darkness. Normally, I enjoyed the color black, but not in this sense. Never, in this sense. This was altogether weird and I hated it. The worst part, I could still hear. Just barely out of the depths of whatever the hell this was, I could hear the things that surrounded me. It was weird, just flat out weird. I don’t know how I managed to get myself into this, but I did.

I tried moving. I tried lifting a finger, moving my foot, anything. But it seemed as if that receptor in my brain had quit on itself. I inwardly sighed because it seemed my speech had drowned out, also. I wanted to do something, anything, but, I couldn’t. Everything was on shut down. Then, I heard something.

“Don’t you fucking dare die on me, I swear to god.” A voice spoke in my ear.

It was theirs. The voice that I had spent months falling asleep to. The voice that had broken my heart, but at the same time, that I had heard hurt in, because of me. I wanted to reach out to them. Tell them I was okay. But, I couldn’t.

“Hold on for just a little longer. Please.” Their voice was filled with so much emotion. Literally every emotion you could possibly fathom.

Once again, I wanted to tell them I was okay. Tell them I could hear them and that I could sense their presence. I wanted, in that exact moment, to tell them that I was sorry. Sorry for every horrible thing that I had said to them when we decided to just give up, to give up on us. God, I wanted to go back in time and prevent that very moment. If that had never happened, none of this would’ve happened. We would still be falling asleep to each other’s voices and breathing patterns. Without that very moment in time, we would no doubt be wrapped in each other’s embrace, watching cheesy movies as we tried to keep the warmth between us.

I hated this. I hated this so fucking much. I wanted to touch them, to feel their warmth radiate off of them as we touched in any way possible. I wanted to talk to them, to tell them how sorry I was and to tell them how I had missed them too within those two, long, weeks. I wanted to tell them those three, life ending words that I was always too scared to say. Shit, if I had said those three words I probably wouldn’t be here-weprobably wouldn’t be here.

I heard new noises. The beep of a monitor, many voices conversing over many things, the rattling of metallic items against another metallic item. Then, it felt as if a small part of my brain started working and I could smell the smell of antiseptics, but, as fast as it came, the sense left and I was left with the sound of the monitor beeping and voices conversing in the near distance.

“Why can’t I come in?” I heard someone shout, just barely reaching my sense. It was them.

“I’m sorry, but you have to be in relation to the patient to enter the ICU.” I assumed to be a nurse spoke.

They hesitated before speaking again. “I’m their undocumented spouse..?”

Are you literally fucking with me? I thought, trying to telepathically tell them, but I’m not telepathic.

The nurse sighed. “You’re not related to them in any way shape or form are you?”

“No.” They sounded defeated and ready to give up.

The nurse sighed more heavily. “Fine. Go in, but if anyone asks, you’re distant cousins.”

“Thank you so, so much.” They rushed out.

I loved their voice so much. God, how I missed falling asleep to that sound. If someone were to ask me what my favorite sound was, I’d probably reply with their voice. It was a fucking symphony and I loved every single tone or octave that their voice could possibly reach or portray. But then again, maybe I didn’t. When they were hurt or sad, it seeped through their voice and if they said anything while they felt hurt, you were fucked because you would immediately try to make them feel better, even if it was your fault. And that’s where I had fucked up. I had let their voice get to me and it stung. I hadn’t tried to make them feel better because we were both past the point of no return at that moment when their voice had filled with hurt and sorrow.

“Please, please, please hang in there a bit more. I don’t want to lose you again, not permanently.” Their voice whispered in my ear, and I could hear the hurt and sorrow in their voice.

At that point in time, I wanted to go back to mere minutes or hours ago when they had asked me whether or not I wanted to go get coffee, and I wanted to say yes. Holy hell, I wanted to say yes. I wanted to erase my anger at them and say yes, I wanted to delete how harsh I had been to them in that point of time. I wanted to tell them that I missed them, too. I wanted to not try to force them out of my vision, but they were my clarity. They were why I only saw and felt clearly when we were together. They were my clarity and that was why I could only fall asleep with them, that was why I only felt clearly when I was with them. They were my clarity.

But my clarity was drifting away.

Suddenly, everything came rushing back to me and I struggled to open my eyes and to move. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Everything was fuzzy. Then, they were hovering above me, they’re beautiful face resting above mine and I felt their hands go to cradle my head. Then, my vision was clear.

“Oh my god. Please, please, please be okay. Don’t let go, baby, please.” They whispered like they were praying.

I looked into their eyes and I saw everything I felt be reflected in their eyes.

“Don’t let go. Keep looking at me. Please, baby, please.” They whispered.

I mustered a weak smile and wasted nearly all my energy saying the next few words. “I won’t let go.”

They smiled and rested their forehead against mine. “Please hang on for just a little longer. Please.”

I looked at their eyes as my vision started to go dark around the edges. “I’ll hang on.”

Tears began to creep their way out of their eyes as they stroked my cheekbones with their thumbs. “Hang on for just a little while longer. Don’t close your eyes. Look at me. Don’t let go, please, baby, please.”

I smiled up at them one more time, and, just before my vision went entirely black, I said, “I love you.”