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whenever I see my crush post a shirtless pic, I go like this

whenever I see my crush post a shirtless pic, I go like this

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“Not bad”, “Not bad yourself”❄️

-you need to sleep, Jack

-you need to sleep, Jack

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makararousal:So I’m going to tell you guys a story about the person I really like. Her name is Kidmakararousal:So I’m going to tell you guys a story about the person I really like. Her name is Kidmakararousal:So I’m going to tell you guys a story about the person I really like. Her name is Kid


So I’m going to tell you guys a story about the person I really like.

Her name is Kida. And this is her cosplaying Jack Frost at Ohayocon.

So, every night at Ohayocon, me and Kida were cosplaying Jack Frost. She was Jack, and I was his genderbend who I’ve been calling Joyce. So, we were in the hotel lobby where they give a free dinner to their guests and we walk past, and there’s this little boy who goes “Mom! It’s Jack Frost!”

And his mother invited us both to sit with them and eat dinner. Now, he didn’t quite get that I was a girl Jack until a little later, but that’s not the point. The point is that Kida basically leaned towards this kid and was like “You can see me?”

The two of us sat with this little boy for a good hour or so, and he kept talking to Kida, convinced he was seeing Jack Frost. He was so amazed and excited that he told Jack that he had to protect himself from Pitch because he was a bad man and he meant business. He wanted to make sure Jack would protect himself and everyone else. At one point he got really quiet and said “You fell in the lake and died.” or something to that extent, to which Kida QUICKLY replied with “But the man in the moon saved me!” And that little boy just got so thrilled.

I swear, this kid was completely awestruck to meet Jack Frost, and it only got better.

The following night, on Sunday, we were still at the con, and once again, Kida and I were Jack and Joyce Frost. And we met him again. So I happened to have my camera and I snapped some pictures of them. This little boy kept telling Kida about all these other guardians that existed, and had all these great stories to tell who he believed was Jack Frost. And he and Kida wound up playing together, and I’ve never seen a little kid have so much fun before. It turned out that we all ended up going to the pool together, and it just didn’t stop.

Long story short: My friend Kida cosplayed Jack Frost and made a little boy happier than you could ever imagine. And as far as I’m concerned, this little boy is Kida’s Jamie Bennett.

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jokul-frosti:Ugly caption going here but I just really wanted to gif these because of their expresjokul-frosti:Ugly caption going here but I just really wanted to gif these because of their expres


Ugly caption going here but I just really wanted to gif these because of their expressions. Jack’s of surprise, pain, and almost yearning, before remembering that Pitch was the one who just made the Guardians think he betrayed them and should very well want to hurt him. Then Pitch’s of rejection and the unexpectedness of the bit of hurt that it caused, before remembering that he’s the bad guy who shouldn’t need anybody in the first place. The facial expressions in this movie are just so beautifully done and insightful to what the characters are feeling. 


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Original Prompt:

Okay, this might get rambly and long (and probably full of grammatical errors, and mostly theoretical head-cannon stuff), but i’ll do a TL:DR down at the bottom.

Basically, I’ve seen a lot of prompts and posts and whatnot about Jack’s fear of drowning, of when he died. Which is great and heart-wrenching and all, and I do love it.

But what I really want is Jack coming into those memories and not being hit with a fear of his death, but the fears he had while he was drowning. Because while he had just saved his sister from drowning he just left her there, alone, in the middle of the woods. What about the family he’s leaving behind. Will they be able to make do without him? (Because maybe he has an aging father, maybe their family are the town outcasts, maybe they have no father at all, maybe it’s just Jack, and his mother -a mother that maybe, though she says nothing, gets weaker and weaker every year- to support their small family, to shepherd the sheep and harvest what meager crops they have.) After all keep in mind, that a young man Jack’s age would be working at that age. He would have many responsibilities. (And here he was, all these years fooling around when his family, his mother, his sister, could have been starving.)

Also, what if at the time of his death, before he woke, his sister (because she’s young, and frightened and she’s just lost her brother) maybe she’s frozen in place and help arrives in some form or another, but worse, she flees, gets lost, she doesn’t know her way home. And this is where Bunny comes in, because the true nature of a Pooka is one that leads the lost home. And this girl is so lost, distraught and is crying for her lost brother desperately. Calling for Jack, that he curses this person, who would be cruel enough to abandon a child in the woods alone. And maybe years later, when he first meets Jack Frost who’s mischief has led him from his job he thinks of that little girl those years ago. (And maybe he thinks, it’s this sprite, this trickster, this Jack that led that girl astray. For what? For Fun? He could have gotten her killed for his mischief.) And therefore, reason numero uno, for Bunny’s dislike of Jack. (Not that Jack helps by continuing to antagonize Bunny over the years.)

But when the memories come back, when they unfold. When he wonders and looks for what happened to the family he left behind, the story of his memories all that aid him and the possible help of the Guardians. Will Bunny come to an understanding about that girl from all those years ago? Will he tell Jack, who would be distraught over the idea that his sister might not even have made it home that day, that she’d gotten home safely? (Because maybe at the beginning the Guardians think Jack is having trouble over his remembered death, and try to help him without really understanding what the problem is until he gives in and tells them. (And maybe even Tooth helps by letting him see the memories in his sisters teeth.))

This has gotten kind of off track. (And what was I getting at?)

TL:DR. Basically, I want Jack to have a freak out, not about his death, but for the people he left behind. And Bunny/Guardians eventually help calm his ass down.

Sorry for the long and rambly?

((And yes, JackRabbit is a thing I like.))

What is withprompters wanting Jack’s human life to be excessively hard and miserable? Anyway, Jack does have the kind of freakout as described in the prompt, for the reasons described in the prompt (minus the bit about Bunny leading his sister home–a)Pooka are tricksters and b)I’m pretty sure the pond was in sight of the house) and the Guardians try to help out, but the real problem is…sand gets everywhere.

“It’s not my death that’s the problem!” Jack burst out. “I don’t act dead, do I? But what about my family? I left them behind! What happened to them? I don’t know, and I’ll never know, and it’s too late! The Man in the Moon—did he even think of the results of what he did? I mean, I know that back then, times were hard, I would have been already working to help my family, unless I was just too frivolous, joking around when I should have been helping with whatever little harvest there was, and of course we couldn’t rely on anyone else, I’m sure we had no community, in my memory my mom had short hair so we were probably outcasts for some reason, and in any case when I saved my sister then she was all alone in the woods, and she could immediately have gotten lost, and frozen, and, and died, and what was the Man in the Moon thinking, anyway? My mother and my sister probably died because I wasn’t there—I mean, I didn’t see any father in my memories, and that was pretty necessary at that time, right?”

Tooth quickly said something to one of her fairies and hurried over to Jack. She picked up his hand and squeezed it comfortingly. “Jack, Jack, just breathe, all right?” She glanced toward the other Guardians, confusion written all over her face. Bunny and North looked equally puzzled, though Sandy appeared thoughtful.

“I don’t think we were trying to say that your death should be affecting you one way or another,” Bunny said carefully. “Because you’re right, you don’t act dead at all.”

“We only thought you seemed to be having some troubles, and we wanted to give you time to talk about them if you wanted,” North said. “This was not what we expected.”

“Because of course it’s my own death I should care about,” Jack said miserably.

“No, that’s not it at all,” Bunny said. “I don’t think any of us have any notions of what you should care about regarding your past or your death. Unless, maybe, Sandy…” He turned to look at him.

Sandy shook his head. If something isn’t troubling you, Jack, don’t work to make it trouble you for our sakes. It sounds like you have enough troubles already.

Tooth’s fairies return, then, carrying two tooth boxes. One is Jack’s, the other is a girl’s. “Is it the uncertainty about your family’s fate the worst of it?” Tooth asked. “I can activate your sister’s memories and you can see what happened to her.”

“And just see all her misery? I don’t think—I don’t know if I’ll ever, ever be ready for that,” Jack said.

Tooth drew her finger down the side of the tooth box. It didn’t seem to contain any more misery than average. “How about I look at her memories as well as yours, so I can…give you a summary version, so you know if you want to check or not?”

“Well…if you want to,” Jack said, still looking miserable.

“Right, I’ll do that,” Tooth said, and stepped away from the group towards the edge of the palace platform.

Bunny moved forward and took his place at Jack’s side. “Look, I get that this is what you’re thinking about right now because it’s new to you, but, well….” Bunny made a face at himself and shook his head. “I don’t know what to say! But if it means anything, I wish I did. Cripes. You may not believe it, but I’m normally better at comforting people than this.”

Sandy nodded, and North smiled a little. “Jack,” North said, “until you see the memories, you have no idea what happened after you drowned. But knowing you now, I do not think you would be to blame for anything bad happening to your family. You are good right down to your core—your center.”

Jack raised his eyes, but only briefly, and he didn’t smile.

Some long moments of silence passed before anyone moved. This time, it was Sandy, who stood up and walked directly up to Jack. Something’s not right here, he signed. You blamed the Man in the Moon for a lot in what you said, but the Man in the Moon didn’t make you drown. That was just an accident. Without the Man in the Moon, you’d just be dead. You still would have been gone from your family.

“But…the Man in the Moon,” Jack said, then paused with a frown.

“Jack?” Tooth said. “I’ve looked at the memories and even in just yours…your family spent a lot of time with other nearby families. I don’t know why you would think you were outcasts. And there’s a distinct memory of why your mother had short hair—she accidentally caught it in a candle while acting out a bedtime story for your sister, and the burned parts had to be cut off. Yes, your mother was a widow, but in Emma’s memories, she remarried. As for everything else…I mean, you were mourned, and life wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t any harder for your family than for other families of the time. And the oddest thing—it’s in your memory, clearly—that pond was in sight of your house. Emma wouldn’t—and didn’t—get lost at all running for help for you.”

Jack rubbed his head as if he had a headache. “But…no,” he said. “She would have been…she would have been alone, and lost, and calling for help, and the woods would have been full of great, dark shapes….”

North, could I borrow your coat for a minute? Sandy asked, even as Tooth tried to explain that the woods around the pond were hardly dense enough to hide hordes of menacing wildlife.

“Well, all right,” North said. “Though I cannot think that you are cold here.”

Sandy accepted North’s coat without explaining anything further, then tugged sharply on Jack’s arm to get his attention. Take off your clothes right now, he commanded, brandishing a dreamsand comb in Jack’s face.

“What?” Jack yelped, his confusion replaced by shock.

Sandy shook North’s coat at him. And then drape this around yourself!

Jack looked around at the others.

“I’d listen to him,” said Bunny, though he also sounded confused. “Especially since he thought far enough ahead to give you something else to cover up with.”

Sandy rolled his eyes and shook the coat again.

“Right, now what?” Jack asked a couple of minutes later, holding North’s coat tightly around him.

Simple, Sandy said, and completely buried Jack’s ordinary clothes in dreamsand. Jack wasn’t able to formulate a response before Sandy floated and climbed up North’s coat, sat on Jack’s shoulders, and began carefully combing his hair with a dreamsand comb.

“What—ow—hey!” Jack said, unable to keep himself quite still as his wind-given tangles were smoothed out. Sandy ignored him and kept combing, nodding to himself as if this was just as he had expected. When he finished, he patted Jack’s head, and, with no further warning, directed a jet of dreamsand into North’s coat. Jack yelped and laughed as it twisted around his body, and when he was finally able to compose himself, he looked to be in a better mood than he had all that day. “Sandy—what was that all about? Why….”

Sandy turned away and fished Jack’s clothes out of the dreamsand, and shook them out. They still remained somewhat glittery. He looked pleased and tossed them to Jack. Sand gets everywhere, he signed, as if this was a total explanation.

“True…” Tooth said slowly.

Sandy shook his head. Ask Jack about his family again.

“Um. All right.” She turned toward him. “After that, um, little interlude, do you feel any better? Do you feel up to seeing your sister’s memories? She really did end up all right, and safe.”

Jack opened his mouth, then closed it. “You know,” he said slowly, “I do feel a lot better. I…everything you said earlier…I don’t know why I couldn’t believe it. Or why I forgot the most basic thing, like where the pond was. I mean, it’s bittersweet to find out I had a family, but to know I can never meet them because they lived so long ago, but like, compared with how I was feeling before…I don’t understand at all.”

Because sand gets everywhere, Sandy said again. And not just my sand. And you don’t have a home where you can take baths, or any reason to take a bath anyway.

“Aw, don’t call me out like this,” Jack said, embarrassed.

Sandy smiled. You still had some nightmaresand in your hair. Probably some on your clothes, and maybe on your body, too. It was making you fearful, and telling you all the most negative things were true, even if they didn’t make any sense. You were getting Pitch’s interpretation of your memories.

Jack shivered. “So that’s why I was blaming the Man in the Moon for everything.” He took a deep breath. “Okay. Okay.” He looked up and around at the others. “It is still pretty disorienting to find out I was a human, and that I died young. Could we…could we maybe meet again in a couple days to talk about that? After I’ve been able to think about it without nightmaresand on me?”

“Of course,” North said warmly. “And, if you need to, you can visit any of us if you need a place to wash off all the dreamsand.”

“Thanks,” Jack said emphatically, but Sandy only smiled and shrugged, completely unrepentant.

new year but back to my otp roots

Hey y’all get ready for some

Danny Phantom Fanfic Recs

Okay, these are all either multi-chapter fics, or series that contain multiple connected one-shots. A separate list for singular one-shots will go up sometime later. I’m not tagging anyone because I’m not sure if some authors even have a Tumblr.

Completed fics are marked with , and in-progress fics are marked with ❌

Keep in mind that these are in no particular order of interest, just whichever ones I strongly recommend as I go back through my reading history. All of these are T at the most, and if there is an M somewhere it’s probably for violence or graphic-ness.

Danny Phantom Only:

(we are) the fault lineby iguessyouregonnamissthepantyraid - Slow burn found family with Vlad regretting past decisions and getting more depth than just “mwahaha I’m going to turn you into the perfect son!!!!” Also Danny speaks in like, two chapters toward the end, and I think that’s quite a bold move to have the quip-dealer so quiet.

Shiversby JadeNoRyuu - There’s follow-ups, but the main story is really interesting. I also don’t know if the writer’s first language is English, but that makes it even more commendable.

Epiphanyby TorScrawls - Maddie and Jack get character development, and that makes Danny panic lol. There are separate epilogues.

Broken Ectoplasmby ghostanimal - Very nice story, more Parental Angst, and Danny is incapable of speech for almost all of it. Jack realizes how much of an ass Vlad is without Vlad knowing.

Bitterby thatgirl_youknowtheone ❌ - Vlad fucking poisons Jack at the man’s own b-day party. Jack does not realize he is dead, angst ensues when Danny tells him.

Temper Tantrumsby attu - Lore for my girl Dorathea! Also Danny gets to be a dragon!

Mortifiedby Marsalias ❌ - Honestly if you haven’t read some of this one yet, go. Read it. Edit: It is very long chapter-wise (over 230), but the chapters are a bit short.

Three note chords(series)by Hazama_d20 (series is marked as incomplete, but all uploaded fics are completed) - Ember wants to spend a day in Amity, Danny needs help with a talent show. ~Can I make it any more obvious~


Half Dead PhoenixbySilkNettle ❌ - Trelawney shenanigans. Danny is confused, but he’s not gonna complain about the people giving him a bed. Danny cannot use a wand.

Ghost Kings and Gotham Batsby BlueGhostCardinal ❌ - Ghost King Danny, obviously, but he finds out in an interesting way. Also has Bad Parents Jack/Maddie, so watch out for that.

Weirdwardby DarkNymfa - The OotP needs help, and Muggle ghosts are very strange. Danny can use a wand.

Darcy and the Phantom (Link to first fic, but it is part of a series) by Honyasbookshelf (series is incomplete, this one is completed) - Danny is sleep-deprived and Darcy carries a taser. Jane is also Danny’s astrophysics hero.

Summoned King AU(series)by Enigmaris ❌ - HYDRA summonings, but he’s in human form every time. The Avengers help him out until Loki tags along and Knows immediately.

Ghost in the NYC(series)by ASharksReadingGlasses - While I love good parents Jack and Maddie, this one just has Good Dad Jack and Questionable Logic Maddie. Also Spidey and the OG DP, aka Deadpool, accidentally-on-purpose-kinda-sorta adopt him. NOW COMPLETE WITH BONUS EPISODES TO COME!!!

Iceboundby Pandemi - Very neat Justice League fic, I love the premise of Flash fighting… well, just read it.

The Ghost of Heroesby Enigmaris - MCU crossover. This is in the same vein as Mortified for me. If you haven’t read it, GO READ IT.

Whirlwind,Reflections,andMirrored by Lynse - All involve different parts of the Secret Trio (Danny Phantom, Jake Long, and Randy Cunningham), but Whirlwind throws Chat Noir in there for spice.

Legless on Maimby GothMoth - This one is mostly for the sake of “hey, that doctor in Venom is named Dan! Let’s have fun with that.” It’s also got ridiculously long chapters, but I don’t really mind so this is more a warning for anyone who frequently says, “Just one more chapter.” Honestly, you’re probably going to see a lot of GothMoth on the one-shot list. I love the memes.

Phantom Cityby inukagome15 - Teen Titans crossover.I guess more light-hearted? Still dealing with Dan Trauma, but… someone helps. It’s great. :)

Family and Friendsby lauraeb5 - Ah, immortal Danny. Who makes friends with a much-loved winter spirit of fun! And angst happens later! >:3c

Recognizedby AgentIanLegend - IDENTITY SHENANIGANS WITH ROBIN!! Seriously, I had to take breaks to be like, “okay who’s who? What happened? What’s happening?” And BAM (Bad Ass Mother) Maddie!!!!

Support/Commission me via Ko-FiI watched this video essay yesterday and it reminded me why I love th

Support/Commission me via Ko-Fi

I watched this video essay yesterday and it reminded me why I love this story so much. Please check Ladyknightthebrave’s overview, analysis and critique of the Guardians of Childhood! As well as her other work : )

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…Santa was too creepy.…Santa was too creepy.…Santa was too creepy.…Santa was too creepy.…Santa was too creepy.…Santa was too creepy.…Santa was too creepy.…Santa was too creepy.…Santa was too creepy.…Santa was too creepy.

…Santa was too creepy.

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In celebration of “Shin Megami Tensei V” release!


A sultry Jack Frost animatronic from the Christmas area.

- Mod Puggle

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fast asleep by Easter

fast asleep by Easter

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