Help me figure this out.

The last comic in Anthology might be by Yana-san, but I’m having trouble verifying it, and I’ve never seen a translation of it. It’s called “Haunted Graveyard” and it features Undertaker quite prominently. The drawing style looks like hers, but most of it’s chibi versions or super-deformed. The cover page shows a gravestone with Yana-san’s caricature of herself, so even more reason to think it’s hers.

But! The only thing I have been able to translate, so far, in the credit for it…

…is the 「漫画家•枢やなではないか?」 part, which is: “mangakka • Toboso Yana de wanai ka?”, with that last part meaning “Isn’t that Yana Toboso?”

I’m still working on this credit, but maybe someone can help me speed up the process?

UPDATE: Ok, I have a fan translation of that comic now, and it was in fact done by Yana-san. I’ll post about it soon!