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I know this may annoy you but I am really desperate to clear these away from my room. They are all in good condition and available for international buyers.

All prices are in SGD and negotiable. (Please convert to your own currency. I accept whatever the current exchange rate is)

(More details under the cut)

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My friend @wirutheoscreativespace ’s OC Theodore Spears, William’s father. Also a grumpy man >:)

And Grell ofc


finished the grell sketch from earlier :P i got lazy w the clothes tho,, i don’t normally render this way buuuut i rlly liked doing it so i’ll probably keep this style :3


my beloved my queen my empress

Grell Sutcliff - the only reason why I watch Black Butler.

Also, it was the first time I ever used Adobe Photoshop

lineup of my favorite kuroshitsuji characters! + sebastian 

lineup of my favorite kuroshitsuji characters! + sebastian 

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grell fucking sutcliff
that’s it
that’s the post
you’re welcome

Ok so,this hairstyle is beautiful and Grell looks fabulous but-

u know what is meaning of this hairstyle-

Ciel Phantomhive from some days ago ~