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When Mangaka(s) are savage~

Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

One hell of a butler preparing a picnic middle of the dead bodies of soldiers and asking for a fancy cup of a tea to a soldier who was ready to ear human flesh…

Dr Stone

An ex-military officer is lighting a cigarette just before petrifaction..

galactic-purple:Happy 10th Anniversary, Kuroshitsuji!! the black butler manga series has been arou


Happy 10th Anniversary, Kuroshitsuji!!

the black butler manga series has been around for TEN YEARSnow…..O.O

I’ve only been in the fandom for less than half of that, but I still love it to pieces.

to commemorate such a milestone, I drew Ciel! (since he is my favorite character)

you ROCK, Yana Toboso!! may you continue to produce such a wonderful story…..


(sorry for leaving you out, Seb!)

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Sooooo yes I am still alive but I have been kind of demotivated toooo, yikes. Uni has been keeping me busy on top of work and corona has been a real downer to my mood :/ BUT I managed to get up and teach myself some digital art I am really bad at this technology stuff and this piece is more of an experiment but I am kinda happy with the end result (which like happens rarely nowdays) and I just wanted to share this on here ❤❤❤ I have been obsessing with Yana Toboso’s character designs, especially since discovering twisted wonderland and lemme tell ya these chracters are FINE Ah well what is there more to say? Stay healthy and safe, ya all ❤❤❤

i post in the early hours of the night because nothing says black butler like posting at 1 am . anyw

i post in the early hours of the night because nothing says black butler like posting at 1 am . anyway remember ciel in wonderland? whack

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Kuroshitsuji chapter 145

Part 1Part2 Part 3

Please support the original publishing here

Kuroshitsuji chapter 145

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Please support the original publishing here

“Haunted Graveyard”

So, thanks to @delicate-transformation, I have a fan translation (from mangaowls.com) of the last comic from Anthology (the first one), and it was done by Yana-san, just like she did “With Father” at the end of the second anthology.

Like “With Father”, “Haunted Graveyard” makes references to the other comics in the book. This time, it’s about a bunch of characters who weren’t included (Anthology 2 was missing Diedrich until “With Father”, which is something mentioned in “With Father”).

So, here ya go:

It’s interesting that we now usually associate Undertaker with reanimating corpses, but in this case Yana-san makes un-included characters act like zombies, and Undertaker wants to send them away.

Help me figure this out.

The last comic in Anthology might be by Yana-san, but I’m having trouble verifying it, and I’ve never seen a translation of it. It’s called “Haunted Graveyard” and it features Undertaker quite prominently. The drawing style looks like hers, but most of it’s chibi versions or super-deformed. The cover page shows a gravestone with Yana-san’s caricature of herself, so even more reason to think it’s hers.

But! The only thing I have been able to translate, so far, in the credit for it…

…is the 「漫画家•枢やなではないか?」 part, which is: “mangakka • Toboso Yana de wanai ka?”, with that last part meaning “Isn’t that Yana Toboso?”

I’m still working on this credit, but maybe someone can help me speed up the process?

UPDATE: Ok, I have a fan translation of that comic now, and it was in fact done by Yana-san. I’ll post about it soon!

Anthology 2, Vincent’s physical comedy (p1)

Yana-san didn’t write this, but in “With Father”, she has Vincent suggest it’s canon.

Anyone willing to translate this can give it a shot.

I’ll post part two in a moment.

Black Butler Vol.28

Black Butler Vol.28

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Ghost Marriage


Finally I finish the drawing of the “Ghost Marriage” event!! <s>(one day after Idia’s birthday Xd)</s>
I’m quite proud of it X3 (Even so if I redraw it, probably I’ll improve some things most of them wold be Idia, because it doesn’t convince me… <s>but maybe is only me?</s>)

Well, I have nothing to say about this drawing, so I hope you like it!
Also I leave some variations of the drawing, tell me what you think OwO)b [Below ⬇⬇]

Characters of “Twisted Wonderland”

Credit to “Disney” & “Aniplex” +  Yana Toboso art

(PS: Sorry for the English)



Por fin termine el dibujo del evento de “Ghost Marriage”!! (un día después del cumpleaños de Idia Xd)
Estoy bastante orgullos@ del resultado X3 (Aunque si lo rehiciera, mejoraría algunas partes principalmente de Idia, ya que no me acaba de convencer… aunque tal vea sea solo yo?)

Bueno no tengo nada que decir de este dibujo, por lo que espero que os guste!
También os dejo unas variaciones del dibujo, decidme cual os gusta más OwO)b

Personajes de “Twisted Wonderland”

Crédito a “Disney” & “Aniplex” +  arte de Yana Toboso

Happy B-Day Deuce ♠️EnglishIt seems that I have arrived on time!!Happy Birthday Deuce Spade!! <3

Happy B-Day Deuce ♠️


It seems that I have arrived on time!!

Happy Birthday Deuce Spade!! <3 (03/06/2021)

Character of “Twisted Wonderland

Credit to “Disney” & “Aniplex” +  Yana Tobosoart

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(PS: Sorry for the English)



Parece que he llegado a tiempo!!

Feliz cumpleaños Deuce Spade!! <3 (03/06/2021)

Personaje de “Twisted Wonderland

Crédito a "Disney” & “Aniplex” +  arte de Yana Toboso

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I myself haven’t seen the complete leaks yet but oh my god…. I don’t know if Bard is gonna make it but I hope he doesn’t die. I really hope that this was just a false alarm because I just cannot accept it.

From the information i’ve gathered… Lyla stabbed Bard… Thats literally all i’ve got.

Buuut heres some people discussing the current chapter on Insta: (I blurred the usernames for privacy reasons)

And heres someone talking about the recent chapter on twitter:

But most importantly, Yana’s comment on all of this: (one of her most recent tweets)

The 187th chapter of “Kuroshitsuji” published in the May issue of GF was when the staff working on it asked “What will happen to this?” And answered “What will happen?”Of course, things were decided since the beggining…

Didn’t she also comment something similar over Agni’s death? How his fate was decided since the very beggining? And why would she comment on this specific chapter? Why not on the previous ones? Seems pretty fishy to me…

Not to mention Agni died due to multiple stab wounds and well, Lyla stabbed Bard in the back (that’s literally all the information I have but, once again, everyone keeps talking about the possibility of being dead and this can’t be a coincidence….)

Things never looked good for Bard since the very beggining, not only because he got teamed up with Lau (who was already suspicious to begin with) but also because of Ronalds apperence and Sebastians talk on Bard being afraid of death… It just all adds up so…. terrifyingly well.

I guess we will have to wait for tomorrow but as of now… Lets just hope for the best.

Your arguement is fairly engaging as well as your question.

Why would our earl care for people he openly admited he wasn’t friends with?

In my personal opinion, its actually betterthatO!Ciel said he wasn’t friends with him.

First, lets take a look at the people who O!Ciel openly claimed to be friends with… or just people he initally treated as if they were friends:

Doll: He pretended they were both friends, it was all just for O!Ciel to keep up with his “Smile” act. He had no inetentions of staying “friends” with her and well… he ended up ordering Sebastian to kill her. Although I must admit he does regret how things ended with her, his whole “we are friends” act was just a lie and he didn’t hesitate to get Doll killed when she became a “threat” to him and his mission because… in his mind she wasn’t really someone of his concern at the moment. They were never truly friends. (I know it hurts but its true.)

Mcmillan:Of course nothing as drastic as Mcmillan dying or witnessing death happened but after O!Ciel finished his mission in the public school arc, our earl cut all connections with him and didn’t even have the decency to read the letter Mcmillan wrote for him and told Sebastian to burn it. So once again, O!Ciel acting all nice, friendly and even acting somewhat close with Mcmillan was truly a lie and O!Ciel has no interest in him at all and only cared about completing the queens mission.

Sullivan:In my own view atleast, I don’t doubt that O!Ciel actually holds Sullivan in a higher regard than the last two who were mentioned. But his constant way of adressing her as his friend is honestly really…. manipulative. He knows Sullivan is an isolated girl whos never been around people her age (let alone young boys) so of course he used that “you are my friend” speech to keep her close….but his reasoning to keep her close are for his own goals. Of course this doesn’t take away the fact that he can be somewhat protective of her (when he warned her about not opening the door to anyone) and atleast Sullivan is a lot more aware of O!Ciel using her but seems fine with it since our earl isn’t completely abusing his power over her. Lets go back to my point though, O!Ciel admited they were friends and claimed Sullivan was his friend to therefore play with her emotions and use her.

So with these 3 examples at stake…isn’t it better that in that specific scene where Agni confronts him O!Ciel didn’t go “oh my god! You’re totally right! I made a huuuuge mistake and I promise I won’t do it again since Soma is my one and only true friend!”… because if that was the case we all know that would’ve been a lie…. He says this instead:

O!Ciel threw very cold and careless remarks to Agni during that chapter…Why on earth would our earl do that? if you think about this logically, if he wants to keep his “pawns” close to him for further use then why would he suggest Agni to take Soma and go back to India? Especially after Agni and Soma have proved to be usefull.

Truth is: O!Ciel actually said this to furthermore make Agni take his words to heart and leave to India with the prince for their own saftey.

Besides the servants, Lizzie has been put on the crossfire time and time again due to the fact that she is O!Ciel’s fianceé. During the time our earl spat these words to Agni, Lizzie was missing and there was still no signs of her coming back.

O!Ciel is aware that the threats towards the people close to him are getting more dangerous than before.

I think that its quite logical to think that the next targets would be Soma and Agni, the prince and the butler not only manage O!Ciel’s townhouse but Soma is always very boastful about his friendship with our earl.

Out of everyone, Soma isn’t really interested in O!Ciel’s underground work and just gives a hand wherever he can while living in the light. However, Agni suspected O!Ciel and called him out on using the prince.

I think that when Agni called our earl out, he started to realize that he is putting Soma in a crossfire even if it isn’t directly harming the prince. I mean, look at this one shot of O!Ciel’s eye right after Agni calls him out, it’s a small shot but he looks sort of guilty, he’s not even looking into Agni’s eyes.

So O!Ciel telling Agni those words weren’t out of malice, it was out of protection from O!Ciel himself and from threats that are getting harder to avoid.

Agni took O!Ciel’s words to heart and even suggested to go back to the kingdom (O!Ciel’s plan almost worked! His message was almost conveyed!)

Agni and Soma going back to India where they have 0 ties to our earl would’ve been relieveing for O!Ciel and safefor the prince and the butler.

So in the grand scheme of things: O!Ciel did this became he cares. He said Soma wasn’t his friend and that they should pack their things an go because he actually doesn’t want them to get more involved and hurt.

Isn’t it so ironic that time after O!Ciel said this and Soma and Agni still decided to stick around with our earl a while longer, Agni got killed and left Soma just…. completely tramutized.

As i’ve said multiple times: this pannel in 128 is enough proof to show us why he kept pushing them away. “this is why I told you…not to get involved me.” he didn’t want them to get involved with him because this is what would end up happening.

Everyone close to O!Ciel will always be in danger, and even if our earl has a whole demon on his disposal, it doesn’t mean he will always be able to save those close to him.

He cares so much for Soma. He cares so much that he showed Agni such an ugly and cold front of himself for them to leave and stay safe.

Think about it…O!Ciel can easily call people his friends to furthermore manipulate them yet he never called Soma his friend…its as if he gets flustered to actually call him that… And why would that be? Because he actually does see him as one. He just will never admit it.

I hope your question was answered! If not then I heavily suggest going to @midnight-in-town because they always have a really good understanding of O!Ciel’s character and always end up with the best takes!! (hope they don’t mind me promoting their acc lol).

I know a few amount of people think that O!Ciel doesn’t care for Soma and it always baffles me because theres so many subtle instances to prove quite the opposite.

First lets start with the simple fact that O!Ciel could’ve easily abandoned Soma when he exposed himself to West yet he decides to get Soma out of that mess with not much of a proper reason except him wanting to return Somas favor.

our Earl tells Soma that he doesn’t care about understanding how Soma feels yet a few hours later he sits infront of a lonely Soma and offer to play cards with him claiming he “has time to kill”.

Not only does O!Ciel entrust Soma with his past and motivations in ch 18-19 but he also genuienly saw himself in Soma and motivated the prince with his speech. Not to mention, he allows Soma to enter the study to discuss about Agni’s true weareabouts when O!Ciel could’ve 100% refused.

Oh yeah, because O!Ciel who has a literal demon on his disposal, choose to make Soma and Agni manage the townhouse as a way to “get rid of them”. Isn’t it ironic considering Soma and Agni managing the townhouse wouldn’t stop Soma from visiting O!Ciel? If our earl truly hated Soma and Agni he would’ve actually come up with an intricrate plan alongside Sebastian. Yet he prompted to keep Soma and Agni close yet at arms-lenght.

Oh dear me! O!Ciel hates Soma soooo much that he was comfortable enough to fall asleep listening to simply Soma and Lizzy talking.

The way he allows himself to act more childishly with Soma because of the fact that whenever they are together they are always playing games. (Also, the fact that O!Ciel gets flustered over Soma and Agnis reaction to his own act. He’s literally blushing!! And even Sebastian mocks him over it.)

I will admit that the earl has used the prince in his own schemes but lets take a look at how dangerous the schemes truly were….In the public school arc he uses Soma to spy on a literal collage student and then he used Soma to be in a boyband… A boyband where Edward who is O!Ciels blood relative is in. Sure, being in that boyband got people indirectly killed but the boyband members weren’t ever in physical danger…

O!Ciel grew so much more comfortable with Soma when it came to the prince enveloping him in a hug, sure our petty earl doesn’t hug back but he letsSoma hug him in comparassion to before. He doesn’t even bother to push him away anymore.

Lets not forget that this kid who is always hesitant to show that hes thankful with words genuienly thanked Soma when our prince helped him out with the whole problem with Maurice.

When have we EVER seen O!Ciel show this much emotion over someone dying??? (besides his parents ofc). The fact that o!Ciel had to take a few breaths to try to get back his composure says a lot about how much he cares for Soma and how devasted he is over how Agni died.

My favorite proof to show that O!Ciel cares for Soma is the quote below. Our earl isn’t saying this to mock Soma, hes genuienly angry and emotional over the fact that he kept both the prince and the butler at arms-lenght for them to not get hurt due to his position….yet they did get hurt, because even if they were at arms-lenght, they were still two people who were close enough to O!Ciel and signifcantly important to him.

The main reason I posted this is to debunk the fact that our earl lacks the capacity to care for others…. And especially people who think that O!Ciel wouldn’t care about two wholesomepeople who only want the best for him and who became a constant in his life, he felt familiar and comfortable with them.

Everytime O!Ciel returned after a mission and had to go to the townhouse, he was graciously welcomed by Agni and playfully scolded by a worried prince. Maybe in the beggining he found it as an annoyance but theres no doubt in my mind that eventually he found peace and even normality in all that.

Due to Soma’s current state, its hard to tell were their relationship will stand in the future. But I do know for a fact that O!Ciel wouldn’t like the path that Soma is taking because O!Ciel indeed does care for the prince.

I still find it so ironic yet captivating that Sebastian, a literal demon, was able to deeply respect a pure, caring, compassionate, and kind individual.

You would think that a demon who lacks human morality and compassion would not find any humans as being worthy of admiration, especially a human who is exceptionally humble and kind. Yet Sebastian does admire him.

The fact that Sebastian was able to fully respect and admire a human being outside his contract just shows that maybe demons are actually capable to genuienly form bonds with humans without a contract needed.

He sees him as someone who sets example for other people, including himself. He literally took Agni’s advice about caring about Ciels health and comfort to heart and has always held Agni in great regard, even after his death.