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LOL, here’s a preview from the upcoming Masterpost 6…. (It just tickles me pink).

Some pics I put together showing the “bouncers” at Sphere Music Hall vs. their counterparts, SkinheadandNeckbeard, in Mother3atClub Titiboo.

Sebastian(akaBoney, the loyal dog) is sent away from Sphere Music Hall(akaClub Titiboo)… for not being HUMAN. We have bald and clean-shaven dude (Skinhead) and hairy, bearded dude (Neckbeard).

InMother3,Violet(*cough*Gregory Violet *cough*) later gets LucasandBoneyinto the exclusiveClub Titiboo and even backstage to speak with the band, DCMC, and to remindLuckyhe is really Duster. 

NOW, all we need within the next several chapters of Black Butler is for Gregory Violet to get the earlandSebastiannot just back into Sphere Music Hall but also “backstage”,so they can speak with the S4… and findLizzieto remind her who she really is, what she really stands for….

Saw some recent activity on this post and thought to revisit it. Quick update on this.

Our earl doesindeed encounter Gregory Violet when he goes back to Sphere Music Hall for the special “Sirius” event, and you can call that a type of “backstage”… kind of. But Sebastian relies on Nina to get him back inside, where he really does go completely backstage (sees the lab, the blood supply, and the lords’ rooms). Sebastian also encounters Lizzie there, but what she says isn’t very explanatory. Ultimately, he fails to sway her back to our earl’s side, because she won’t even listen to him.

So, not a perfect parallel, but this is actually good. Perfect parallels would have been a bit boring, honestly.

Anthology 2, Vincent’s physical comedy (p1)

Yana-san didn’t write this, but in “With Father”, she has Vincent suggest it’s canon.

Anyone willing to translate this can give it a shot.

I’ll post part two in a moment.