Book — Open Heart

Pairing — Ethan Ramsey / Nora Holland

Notes — English is not my native language. I’m Portuguese.

If any of you get the reference in this chapter, I’ll give you a cookie. Hint: it’s a place name. This might be my longest fic yet and I am surprisingly satisfied with the results.

Word Count — 4,009

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The low rumble of the airplane’s engine arouses Nora from deep slumber. Shifting into a more comfortable position, the young physician winces at the stiffness in her nape. Travelling by plane had never been her favourite mode of transportation.

A quick glance around reveals the number of hours gone by since take-off, the moon clearly visible through the small window and stars illuminating the caliginous extent of the night sky. Nora notices her companions rising from their seats, gathering their belongings from the overhead bins. A shadow is cast over her luggage as a towering figure comes into view. Lifting her head, Nora meets the icy blue stare of one Ethan Ramsey.

“Coming, Rookie?” His tone is laced with a slight hint of weariness, product of the long period cooped up inside the aircraft.

“Yes, sir.”

Nora inhales deeply, disconcerted by the sudden blurriness of her vision. A pale hand catches her elbow, steadying her in place. Landry knits his eyebrows in a silent question, to which she smiles gratefully in reply.

He trails behind her as she descends the stairs leading to the tarmac. They join the rest of the group in the shuttle bus, where they sit together. Nora heaves an exhausted sigh, the chilly breeze raising a stream of goosebumps across her skin.

Thirty minutes later, the five interns stand in the lobby of their assigned hotel, watching Dr. Ramsey have a quiet, heated discussion with the receptionist. A scowl twists his handsome features, shoulders tense. Nora can recognize the subtle telltale signs of his anger, such as the small step he takes away from the woman and the clench of his jaw. After a few moments, he grudgingly accepts the access cards from the clerk and turns on his heel, striding towards them with frown lines marring his face.

“Apparently, the hotel made a mistake with our reservations and only one of the rooms I ordered is correct. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but one of you will have to share a room with me.” The frustration is obvious in his posture, understandably irritated by the hotel’s faux pas.

Silence falls over the younger doctors, who exchange bewildered glances between them. Landry is visibly terrified with the prospect of being alone with Dr. Ramsey, as is Isabelle Whitman, the intern who surpassed Jackie in the rankings and became the fifth best contestant after spending a week in tenth place.

Nora rolls her eyes at their hesitation, wondering why they were so afraid of sleeping in the same room as their boss. They were all vaccinated grown-ups, after all. What could go wrong?

“Well?” A note of impatience adds an edge to his usual snark, his frown deepening at their lack of response.

“I’ll do it, sir.” Nora volunteers, drawing quiet relief sounds from her colleagues.

He nods in appreciation, giving her one of the cards. “Why don’t you settle in? I’ll have to stay down here for a while to sort some things out.”

Nora inspects the small object, noting their room is located in the seventh floor. When they reach the elevator, Nora is surprised to see the other interns — except Landry — giving her suspicious looks.

“Are you serious right now?” she snaps, annoyed. “None of you wanted to sleep in his room and he was already in a bad mood. Did you really want to be chewed out for being grown-ass adults and scared of sharing a room with him?”

Isabelle and Jackson’s accusing stares soften into sheepish expressions, silently apologizing. Aurora merely shrugs, choosing to ignore them as the elevator continues its ascent to their rooms. Nora is the last one to pile out of the platform, heading in the opposite way.

The door swings open to reveal a cosy space decorated in neutral shades of brown and grey, fully furnished with landscape paintings, a queen-size bed and a wide dresser. Nora pauses, realisation dawning. Groaning, she locks the door behind her and leaves her luggage near the coat rack to search the dresser.

Rummaging through the drawers, she finds an extra set of blankets and an unused pillow. She creates a makeshift bed next to the one offered by the hotel and draws back the curtains, uncovering a glass door leading to a private balcony.

Deciding to explore the new feature later, Nora reaches for her bags and inwardly curses her luck when she finds the packed pajamas. She’d prepared under the assumption of good weather in Seattle and sharing a room with the other girls, thus resulting in a revealing pair of pajamas. The strap top formed a low V from her neckline to the middle of her breasts, exposing nearly half of her belly, and the short shorts were thin and left very little to imagination.

The hot water washes all her worries away for the time being. Nora entertains herself by humming along to a tune she’d heard on the radio recently while applying shampoo and hair conditioner, missing the sounds of Ethan moving about in the room next door.

Turning off the shower, she wraps one of the fluffy towels around her torso, brushes her teeth and gets dressed. She tries to tug down the shorts, to no avail. Steeling herself, Nora leaves the bathroom.

“Holy sh—” Her scream is muffled by her own hand covering her mouth. Ethan turns, startled by her reaction to his sudden presence.

“Yell a little louder, will you Nora?” The playfulness in his blue depths betrays his exasperation, an amused smile rising in his face. Hand falling back to her side, Nora glowers at him.

“Keep dreaming, Ramsey, you haven’t hit that spot yet.” The witty comeback flies from her mouth before she can stop it. A blush sears through her already flushed cheeks, deepening the redness.

Ethan smirks, raising his hands in mock surrender. Nora averts her gaze from his face, instead sweeping down to his bare chest, a sparse patch of dark hair disappearing into the waistband of his grey sweatpants. His abdominals are well-defined, though not overly so. Nora gathers Ethan still makes an effort to keep fit despite his lack of time.

Nora weaves around him, sleep clouding her mind. However, the floor is clear of her pallet.

“Are you coming to bed, or not?” Ethan questions, lifting one side of the blankets and sliding inside. Nora pauses, considering his offer. A small smile grows on his lips when she snuggles into the comforter, sighing in satisfaction.

Her head sinks into the pillow as Ethan rolls onto his side to face her, their bodies separated by a hair’s breadth. Nora runs her tongue along the length of her lower lip, nibbling on the flesh. They had never been this close. His icy blues cause a stream of memories to resurface, bringing forth all the moments in which Nora had felt their bond strengthening over the time they’d known each other.

From watching over baby Ethan Hudson together and her falling asleep on his shoulder to him confiding in her the condition his mentor, his family, found himself in. Nora understood she’d earned Ethan’s full trust when he allowed her to comfort him in the privacy of his home and participate in the seemingly impossible mission of seeking a treatment to Dr. Banerji’s condition. In between that time, she couldn’t help the feelings developing for the man. She had been showed a side to Ethan many few were aware of. A caring man with the kindest soul and most loving of hearts. 

“What’s on that pretty mind of yours, hm?” Ethan softly taps her temple, his voice a low murmur.

Nora gives a fleeting smile, leaning closer to his warmth. “In how much trouble would I be in if I said you?”

“A lot,” he muses quietly. “Though, I’d be very flattered.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to inflate your ego, now, would I?” Nora laughs, mindful of the late hour.

Ethan’s fingertips ghost over the exposed skin on her stomach, lost in his thoughts. His hand comes to rest on the small of her back, applying soft pressure. Nora nestles into his embrace, burying her face in his chest and inhaling his alluring scent of Hugo Boss cologne and coffee.

Holding each other, their consciousnesses ebb, being replaced by a world of dreams in which they immerse themselves in, a sweet release from the worries of their reality.

Morning greets them like an old friend, bright sunlight filtering through the gaps in the drawn curtains. Ethan awakes to soft sheets and a delicate being tucked into his side, snoring lightly. He maneuvers his way out of bed, careful not to wake Nora, and heads into the shower to get ready for the day.

Nora is still asleep when he leaves the bedroom, though he is not worried. It’s barely ten in the morning and their reunion with the Chief of Medicine at Harborview Medical Center wouldn’t be happening until after lunch.

He uses his time to explore the city, walking around the block and eventually venturing inside a quaint coffee shop. The elderly owners behind the counter are quite nice and Ethan doesn’t mind chatting with them while drinking their coffee — nothing more than decent in his opinion — and eating their pastries — he asks them for some lemon raspberries to go, figuring Nora will appreciate the gesture.

By the time lunch rolls around, he gathers his group of interns in the restaurant of the hotel and informs them of their schedule for the day. A meeting with Robert Harrington, following a tour of the hospital. Each of the interns would shadow a senior resident at HMC during their shift and return to the hotel for dinner. Afterwards, Ethan would leave them to their own devices.

This field trip had been organized with the intent of his top five learning the different methods of doctors around the United States. Robert was a good friend of Naveen’s and had met Ethan on more than one occasion, always extending the invitation of a visit to Harborview. It would also aid him in deciding if the chosen five would keep their positions.

He didn’t see Nora for the rest of the day. Robert had him conferencing with the heads of departments on how to go about curing difficult patients. Instead of going back to the hotel when he left the hospital, Ethan went to a bar he’d spotted while on his morning stroll.

Donahue’s was much better, though this would have to do. Ethan needed a drink to clear his thoughts and remind himself of the consequences a relationship with an intern would bring. His control had been at test the previous night, the proximity between them only increasing the urge to kiss her by the second. Fortunately for him, the exhaustion and weariness won.

Nora is already in their room when Ethan arrives.

“Stealing my clothes, Holland?” He grins, removing his jacket.

Nora lifts her head, smiling in greeting. “I’m sure you noticed my pajamas were a bit too small last night.”

“Not that I minded,” Ethan teases, plopping down next to her on the bed. His hoodie is two sizes too big on her smaller frame, the white colour worn with time and the Rolling Stones logo faded. He can’t help but admire her beauty in his clothes.

She laughs, setting the book she was reading aside and giving him her full attention. Nora crosses her legs, grabbing the hair tie on her wrist and pulling her light brown locks into a messy bun. Ethan bites his lip, supporting his weight on his right elbow as he watches her.

“Stop staring, Ethan,” Nora chastises playfully, face reddening.

“Why? You’re beautiful.”

The casual reply causes Nora to duck her head with an embarrassed smile. Ethan reaches up and tucks a stray tendril behind her ear, giving a gentle tug to her shoulder. She leans down, lips hovering over his. Ethan rubs his thumb on her cheek in a gentle caress, then lowers his hand to cradle the back of her neck as he pulls her down to him.

Nora drapes a leg over his hips, their lips meeting softly at first. Ethan tilts his head, deepening the kiss. Her fingers grasp at the collar of his shirt as his lips become more demanding, teeth lightly grazing her bottom lip. Her yelp of surprise is muffled by his mouth on hers when Ethan pins her underneath him. He smiles, breaking the kiss, and nuzzles her face with his. Nora opens her eyes, seeing the mirth in his own.

“I bought you scones,” he whispers, smirking as he rises to his feet.

Nora falls against the sheets, disoriented by his kiss. “I — what?”

The rich sound of his laugh brings her back to her senses, a moan falling from her lips at the realisation that he had just been teasing.

“Those scones better be God’s gift to Earth, you bastard.” Nora throws a pillow in his direction, blood thundering in her ears due to her accelerated pulse.

The ease of their relationship in that hotel room astonished them both. Perhaps it was the fact that they found themselves miles away from Boston, where all their problems were located. With Nora in Seattle, Ethan was unburdened by Dolores’ death, Naveen’s sickness and even Harper. Nora, on the other hand, could forget the wedge the competition was driving between her and her roommates and accept her feelings for Ethan as long as he reciprocated. That room was a room solely theirs, neither particularly willing to share with anyone else.

Once again, sunrise finds them tangled together under the sheets. Ethan chooses to stay in bed, and goes back to sleep listening to her heartbeat. Nora is content to draw mindless shapes on his skin, enjoying the warmth of the sunlight and the peacefulness.

Harrington has no more conferences for him to attend, therefore Ethan decides to check up on his interns. He has to scold Aurora for not showing interest in the patients and snap at Landry for being a stuttering mess, but the rest are holding up okay.

It’s nearly six in the afternoon when Ethan sees Nora. He’s leaning against a wall when she passes by, sending him a flirtatious smile. He watches her step inside a supply closet and waits a few seconds, glancing around to see if the coast is clear. The hallway is nearly empty, save for a couple of lingering nurses in the far corner.

He follows after her. Ethan places one of the storage boxes in front of the door, in case someone happened to need something from the closet. He laughs quietly with Nora, feeling like a teenager in love. His hands circle her waist, his lips brushing the slender slope of her neck. He moves to her mouth, kissing her passionately. Nora’s manicured nails scrape the back of his head, tangled in his curls, as the moment becomes heated, their kisses growing more desperate.

Ethan presses her against the wall, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses on her jawline and hollow of neck, wrapping her legs around his hips. His hands slip under her scrubs, palms hot against the arch of her back. His stubble deliciously scratches her face, her fingers gripping his hair tighter.

Their breathless gasps and moans fill the small room, their desire growing heavy. Ethan glides his lips on hers, swollen and red. He catches her lower lip with his teeth, sucking as he thrusts into her. Nora cries out in pleasure, stifled by his mouth against hers.

He growls, thrusting again and—

“Dr. Ramsey?” The timid knock at the door washes over the both of them like a bucket of ice cold water. Ethan covers Nora with his body, setting her back on her feet. He looks over his shoulder at the still closed door.

He clears his throat, fuddled by the interruption. “Yes?”

“It’s been awhile since you went inside. Is there anything specific you’re searching for?”

Nora snorts and he shushes her with a breathless laugh.

“Just lost in thought. Thank you for your concern,” he replies back, covering Nora’s giggles with his hand.


Ethan groans in frustration, his forehead hitting the wall as Nora bursts out laughing next to him, sounding slightly hysterical from the lack of oxygen. Ethan turns his head, smiling softly at her. Her face is flushed from their activities, emerald eyes shining with amusement and hair completely disheveled. He touches his fingers to her swollen lips, proud of his doing.

“Fuck, Ethan, you really can’t keep leaving me like this,” Nora falls into him, closing her eyes.

He kisses her temple. “Good thing that woman interrupted us. Fucking you in a supply closet isn’t exactly how I imagine our first time.”

“Oh? Imagine? How naughty of you, sir.”

“Only for you,” Ethan playfully nips the tip of her nose. “I’ll leave first, okay? Wait ten minutes here.”

The rest of the week became a blur for them. Ethan was frequently called by the higher ups to consult and Nora grew increasingly busy following her assignment to Anderson Sterling, the stern attending who had her running around like a headless chicken, giving her case after case without allowing any space to breathe. By the time Ethan went back to the hotel, Nora was already asleep, be it on the bed or in the shower.

The intimacy between the two blossomed considerably. Ethan was much more relaxed around Nora, kissing or hugging her when she least expected. It warmed her heart to see him so loose.

On their last night in Seattle, he told her about a private grotto of the hotel and extended the invitation should she wish to join him.

Nora slides the glass door, stepping into the secluded patio. She makes her way across the pool provided by their hosts and approaches a seemingly normal formation of rocks near the gate separating the hotel from the beach. Finding the fake rock, Nora pushes it aside, clearing the entrance to the grotto.

The way is lit by torches on the walls, illuminating her path to the water. Crossing the stretch of sand, Nora slips through a small gap in the outcrop. The view is breathtaking. In the centre, a natural pool of crystal clear water reflects the moonlight pouring through an opening in the high ceiling, casting a glow in the cavern. Ethan is lying on his back, floating serenely.

Nora shrugs off her floral chiffon kimono, revealing the white string bikini underneath. Ethan is alerted to her presence by the gentle lapping of the water against her legs. He smiles, swimming to meet her in the circle of moonlight.

“This is beautiful.” She cups his face, pecking his lips.

“So are you.” Ethan’s eyes soften with adoration. “I wanted some time alone with you before we got back to Edenbrook.”

“I’m not looking forward to that.” Nora sighs, playing with the hairs at the back of his neck.

“Don’t worry about it now, enjoy the moment.” He starts peppering small kisses on her jawline, lightly squeezing her waist.

Nora splays her hands over his chest, fingertips tracing the outline of his stomach and moving to his back, where she wraps her arms tightly around his torso.

“What are we, Ethan?” she murmurs, meeting his icy blues with her emerald gems.

“I don’t know,” he replies honestly, taking a deep breath. “A relationship would be extremely complicated with me being an attending and you an intern.”

“How do you feel about me?” Nora swallows nervously. “Because I’m afraid I’m falling for someone who won’t catch me.”

Ethan cradles her cheek, thumb caressing the soft skin. His gaze is earnest, the colour of his irises intensifying with the swirl of emotions swimming in that ocean of his. The passion and devotion she sees take her breath away.

“I might be having the worst day, but the moment I see your smile, I feel lighter. Nobody ever cared enough to see through my façade apart from Dolores and Naveen until you came along. You’re always in my head. My first thought when I wake up and the last when I go to bed. I want to be your idea of perfect. I want to be the reason behind your smiles, the light of your life like you are mine. My true happiness is you.”


“It’s you. It’s always and it will always be you.”

He touches his lips to her skin, tasting her tears. Nora rests her forehead against his, breath shaking. Ethan lifts her, meeting her lips in a sweet kiss, pouring his love into it. This one is different in the way he is confirming that he will stand by her side no matter what happens, encouraging her to leap for he won’t hesitate to prevent her fall, even if his legs fail him.

Nora inhales, trembling. He kisses her again and the world falls away, their heartbeats blending into a beautiful symphony only they can hear. He carries her to the edge of the grotto, never breaking contact. He lays her on the smooth surface of one of the rocks, the warm water caressing her back.

With practised ease, Ethan peels off the top of her bikini, skillful fingers moving to her breasts, drawing a gasp from his lover.

“Ethan…” Nora moans as he lowers his head, his tongue swirling around one nipple. He sucks gently, massaging her other breast. Nora arches her back, pressing her body against his.

Ethan produces a sound at the back of his throat that arouses her even more, his lips meeting her collarbone. He nips at the sensitive skin, teeth grazing the redness forming there. A shiver of pleasure runs down her spine, her mind a frenzy of sparks.

“Please.” She secures a hold on his shoulders, nails digging into the flesh. Ethan lifts his head, pupils blown with desire.

“Please, what?” He growls, pressing a trail of open-mouthed kisses to her stomach.

“I want you inside me, Ethan.” Nora breathes out.

“My pleasure.” He hooks a finger on the waistband of her thong, tossing them over his shoulder. He spreads her legs, kissing her folds.


Ethan smiles against her sex, her wetness soaking his lips. He rubs her clit with his thumb, burying his mouth inside her. Nora whimpers, hands moving from gripping his shoulders to his hair. Her walls clench around his tongue, causing her to come undone beneath him. Ethan licks his lips, tasting her juices.

He removes his swimming trunks, releasing his throbbing manhood. Ethan grabs her hands, intertwining their fingers as he slides them over Nora’s head. He sinks into her, hot breath blowing on the hollow of her neck. Ethan pauses, giving her time to adjust to his length. Then, he starts moving slowly, rocking his hips against hers.

“Fuck, Nora.” His head falls into her shoulder, kissing the curve of her neck. He accelerates the pace, the sounds of their love making echoing in the cavern. He moans, hands drifting to her waist to steady his balance.

He nuzzles her face with passionate kisses, thrusting harder into her. Their mouths encounter messily, swollen lips bumping against each other. The powerful climax leaves Nora quivering, seeing stars.

“Nora—” Ethan buckles, narrowly missing crushing her with his weight. He catches himself at the last moment, his arm trembling from the effort. His head falls forwards, breath escaping him in short gasps.

A mischievous glint appears in his eyes, and Nora laughs breathlessly when he throws her into the water, diving right after. He resurfaces, running a hand through his hair. He grabs her hand, tugging her close to him, and releases it, holding her waist and tipping her backwards.

He captures her lips in a passionate kiss, slowly pulling her to him.

“I believe I just hit that spot.” He smiles cheekily in reference to their first encounter in the shared room.

Nora shakes her head fondly. “I love you.”

New Fic Tomorrow

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I’m writing a fanfic of Ethan and Nora and I’m shamelessly guiding myself with @writinghereandthere ‘s beautiful masterpiece and it was one of my first ideas when I first started writing for this fandom and next week chapter’s summary of Open Heart about the conference in Miami reminded me I already had an idea like that.

It’s basically Ethan takes his five top interns to Boston for a conference and he ends up sharing a bedroom with Nora because of a mistake the hotel made. I have like 1000+ words right now but I’m trying to stretch it a bit longer.

It’s really annoying me cause I feel like Nora has slept and awoken like three times by now but I’ll fix it later. I want to know if I should add a skinny dipping nsfw scene or a cute night swim scene??

The Abyss

Book — Open Heart

Pairing — Ethan Ramsey/Nora Holland

Notes — English is not my native language. I’m Portuguese.

Tags — @princess-geek;@cordoniansqueen;@universallypizzataco;@galaxy-of-rosess;@hatlley;@valiantlychaoticbarbarian;@teenytinymagician​ ; @lilyofchoices​ ; @angellwithoutname​ ; @perriewinklenerdie;@radlovedreamer;@claudevonstruke;@nyikondlovu;@ifyouseekheart;@hopelessromantic1352;@gingerjane15 ;@cordoniaqueensworld;@paleweasels;@fangirlingmum@usuallyamazinglyaverage;@writinghereandthere;@confessionsofabrokegirl;@regina-and-happiness;@brightpinkpeppercorn

He was spiraling into an abyss of darkness and Nora could only watch, paralysed, as he continued to fall into the bottomless pits, torment utterly consuming him. In the span of a few months, Ethan had gone down a path from which he could never return, and no one except her was the wiser.

The world briefly mourned the loss of one of its best diagnosticians. Naveen Banerji had been an incredibly talented physician and saved many lives during his time on the field. At his funeral, several doctors paid their homage to the great man and watched as his coffin was lowered into the ground. Among those, only one was truly affected by the desolation of Naveen’s absence.

Ethan focused on work, tackling case after case, each more complex and difficult than the last. His office remained tidy to the outside world, all the empty bottles of whiskey hidden away in the drawers of his desk. The couch became his bed, the hospital his home, after he nearly destroyed his entire apartment in a fit of rage. Nora had visited once and been horrified at the chaos inside. Broken glass littered the living room, the previously framed photographs torn to shreds. The splintered wood from his trophy case had scratched the already cracked TV screen, his awards thrown carelessly around. Ethan had been sat against the far wall, bloodied and bruised, as he cried for Naveen, shouting about the unfairness of the universe.

Nora tended to his wounds, kissing each one in the hopes of soothing his pain. His usually striking blue irises had been as broken as the shards that tore his skin, misery dulling the vivid colour. Nora cradled him in her arms, uncontrollable sobs wrecking his body. Ethan’s fragility and vulnerability had brought tears to her own eyes. He fell asleep in her embrace, pacified by her comforting presence.

They barely saw each other following that night. Nora understood Ethan needed his space, but she made sure he knew he was not alone. When she was not busy, she would stop by his office to check up on him and grab a cup of coffee. Sometimes, Nora sat down with him while they worked on their own files. Other times, Ethan was having one of his good days and took her to Derry Roasters. He always insisted on paying for her coffee, so Nora relented after a while. She contented herself with the fact that Ethan seemed to be dealing with the suffering a bit better every day.

Naveen had been underground for a little over two months. Nora still smiled whenever they passed by each other in the hallway. However, there was an improvement on Ethan’s part: the acknowledging nod had become a small spark in his eyes at the sight of her.

He often worked cases with her now, careful not to show any favouritism to the other interns vying for the diagnostics position. If Nora were to be completely honest with herself, she had completely forgotten about the competition. Her sole focus was helping Ethan cope with the loss of Dr. Banerji.

She noticed a change in their relationship. She was the only one Ethan allowed inside his walls, which resulted in a proximity between them neither were completely aware of. Instead of consulting at his desk, they’d moved to the couch. A cup of coffee always awaited her at the end of every shift. Nora had begun to stay up late with Ethan. Most nights, she waited until he fell asleep to go home. He was slowly starting to return to his apartment, though. Nora would accompany him and help him tidy it up to the immaculate state it had once been in. The nights he would sleep at his place where the nights he drove her home.

Around Christmas, their friendship strengthened to the point Nora spent the day at his apartment. Her roommates had organized a house party and her place was packed, so no one noticed her absence. He wasn’t one to celebrate, what with no one to share the day with. Still, it might have been one of the best Christmas Nora ever had.

Ethan made an impromptu trip to the supermarket and came back with bags full of snacks for them to eat while watching the usual holiday movies.

He tossed popcorn at the screen when a corny scene came on, laughing when Nora protested. It quickly turned into a small fight, in which Ethan overpowered her and pinned her down to the sofa. His playful smile tricked her into thinking he would kiss her, only to be sorely disappointed when he found her weak point and tickled her to the point she couldn’t breathe anymore.

Nora hid under the covers when he had the brilliant idea of changing the channel to a horror movie. Ethan rubbed soothing circles on her back, chuckling and kissing the top of her head every time a scream scared her.

The next morning, they woke up in a tangled heap on the floor, Nora on top of him. Ethan prepared them breakfast while she cleaned up the living room. He told her she could change into one of his shirts, which resulted in Nora finding a hidden mistletoe in his bedroom.

He laughed in disbelief when he saw Nora standing on her tiptoes behind him, hanging the small plant over their heads. Ethan caught her by surprise, suddenly lifting her onto the kitchen island, and capturing her lips in a passionate kiss that left them both wanting more. The ringing of her phone interrupted any further activity.

As the weeks went by, their relationship progressed from innocent little touches to lustful stares and stolen kisses in his office. Nora blamed Emery’s suspicions on Ethan, because he couldn’t stop himself from touching her in public. Light arm squeezes here and there combined with not-so-subtle smiles were enough to make anyone suspicious, and yet only the Chief of Medicine noticed.

By the time the competition came to a finish, Ethan had his decision made. No one was really surprised to see Nora win the position, though Harper confronted him about it, upset that her niece had failed to meet Ethan’s expectations. Aurora also confronted Nora, accusing her of sleeping with the physician to gain an advantage. Nora had simply rolled her eyes and walked away.

Working on the same team meant spending more time together. Their cases were the same, after all. Ethan became stricter at the hospital, knowing Nora had the potential to be a great doctor. At home, though, he was the caring, kind, playful man she was beginning to fall in love with.

Every weekend, Ethan and Nora visited the cemetery and the former shared stories of his late mentor as they sat in front of his grave. Nora held his hand, showing her support. He kissed their joined knuckles when sadness took over, relieved to have her by his side.

Ethan was smiling again, laughing again. Nora was the one who made him happy and kept his walls down. The hospital staff didn’t understand the lighter change in his behaviour, but no one dared comment on it, afraid they would jinx Ethan’s newfound patience and pleasant mood.

The fear that kept her body in place released her. Nora reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling him closer to her and away from the abyss. His arms wrapped securely around her smaller frame, his love for her stronger than the darkness that threatened to pull him under.


Open Heart, Ethan Ramsey x MC

Word count: 2257

Author’s note: I am beyond thrilled to see the reaction my work is sparking in all of you. there’s no “I wish…” today. That’s because I was working on this thing you have in front of you. it was supposed to be only a one shot, probably a short one but… my mind has gone wild. And I mean wild. It’s so long that I had to divide it into two parts. Part two coming probably tomorrow. As always, English is not my first language, my MC is Clarissa “Claire” Herondale. Also… chemistry who, @paleweasels? :D    Enjoy! <3

Part 1

Ethan was a man who liked control more than anything else. He liked to know what was happening around him. He loved to control his life, what he was doing with it, despite other people, their opinions, plans and ideas of what he should be.

He liked to control who he spent his time with, not that he was always able to do that but when it was his decision, he stayed away from people who would exhaust him, use him or manipulate him. Or, at least, he really tried. He couldn’t avoid Harper and her manipulations for obvious reasons.

He could control himself like no other, both his body and his mind. Remained calm when others would panic, put on a mask to hide his emotions, a blank slate for anyone from the outside.

There was this one part of his life that made him throw all his control out the window. He didn’t choose to do that, it’s just the effect it has on him.


Every time he is with her, he cannot seem to get a hold of himself, all of his resolve to act professionally just wasn’t there.

It started back when they weren’t dating. She would tease him to no end, smiles and little touches, comforting talks. It was the first time that he felt his control slip. It’s gone on for a few weeks, her teasing and him being more and more frustrated with his mind, imagining things he knows he shouldn’t be imagining.

Then, one day, he broke. They were talking in his office about the competition, Naveen and other interns when she absentmindedly bit her lip. That did it for him. He took three big steps towards her, gathered her in his arms and kissed her, hard. She was shocked but after a heartbeat he could feel her arms go around his neck, pulling him closer.

From that point on, they were seeing each other in secret. They both knew they couldn’t date publicly, no matter how much it hurt them both, he didn’t want to jeopardize her career and he didn’t want to lose her.

No one knew about them. That meant they would spend their evenings together, sometimes nights but not as often as he’d like, her living with other interns, they wanted to avoid them becoming suspicious and asking questions.

That also meant that other people didn’t know they were taken. While the only person who could cause trouble with him was Harper, her ways of persuasion with him getting on both of their nerves, Claire… that was an entirely different story.

He knew she was attractive as hell. He knew that damn well. So did she. And so did the rest of the male population.

He couldn’t really blame them. But that didn’t mean that he wasn’t annoyed when other men where shamelessly flirting with her. She was his,he knew that but that didn’t make him feel that much better.

Ethan tried not to envy other people, he was happy for others when they had what they did and he was aware that he only gets as much as he gives and as much as he works for. That being said, he couldn’t help but envy other couples, who could freely express their emotions, kiss their significant other whenever they liked, hold their hands or hug them with no fear of being exposed.

It was the worst kind of torture. He lost count of the amount of times that he passed her on the hall and had to endure the sight of her being hoarded by other men. Her friend, young surgeon, he believed Bryce was his name. Then there was this paramedic, Rafael. A kind young man, but all of his good traits were overshadowed by the fact that whenever he saw him, he was standing a little too close to Claire for his liking.

After a few of those encounters he realized that the feeling he got every time he saw her with another man was jealousy. He wondered how did he not realize it sooner. Well, he never was in a real relationship with anyone so he had no reason to be jealous. Harper was a fling, no matter how long, it wasn’t anything real.

He didn’t want to tell her about his feelings, deciding that she would laugh it off, think he’s silly. His only way of letting her know that something was different after every single one of those situations was the fact that in the evening, when they were together, he would be much more affectionate, pulling her a little closer, kissing her a little harder and hugging her a little longer. She did seem to notice something but never picked up the subject.

He was supposed to go to this important dinner organized by Banner Health with Harper. She did mention that they were taking one of the other doctors with them as they spoke French and there was supposed to be someone very important there that they needed to talk to that couldn’t speak English. He didn’t ask who they were taking with them, all that he knew was that they were going to meet them there.

He arrived ten minutes earlier and went in to find Harper. She was standing on the side of the room, dressed in a black, fitted dress that had a low cut, a little too low for what he thought was appropriate. She waited for him to approach her before speaking.

“She just called me, she’ll be here in a few minutes.”

He didn’t pay any attention to the fact that apparently the third doctor was a woman. He excused himself to go and look around, find some quiet place where he could hide and not have to talk with those full of themselves people. By the time he came back there was another woman standing next to Harper. She was dressed in a long, red dress, the material smooth and tight to the body, her hair pinned up elegantly. It slipped his mind that he did recognize her hair and her posture from somewhere. He approached them both and was about to say his greetings when the mysterious woman turned towards him, his eyes widened, pupils dilated, his heart skipping a beat.

“Hi, dr. Ramsey! Thanks for having me here!” Claire smiled at him, looking him straight in the eye. He dragged his gaze along her body, starting at the bottom where her shoes were visible, black high heels, then up her dress, a slit in the skirt reaching the middle of her thigh, then up her middle section, the material hugging her in all the right places making his mind go still. The dress had a low cut but it was tasteful and elegant without being provocative. He recognized the necklace she wore. It was a gift from him, a gold chain with a ruby red pendant. Her hair framing her face, almost no makeup on her face, a big smile and shiny eyes being all she needed to be the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

“We’re very happy you could be here tonight, I don’t know what we would do if you couldn’t make it. Again, thank you for helping us.” Harper smiled at her, totally oblivious to the look Ethan was giving Claire. She did it again. Aware or not, she got his attention, he knew he wouldn’t be able to think about anything else besides the things he wanted to do to her when they were alone…

“I’m glad I can help. So, what exactly are we doing?” she said, her fingers playing with her necklace as though teasing him. She knew damn well what she was doing to him and based on the look on her face, she wasn’t going to stop.

Harper explained a little of what exactly she wanted her to do and went to grab their person of interest. When she was out of earshot, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, his voice low and breathless.

“I know what you’re doing. Do you think it’s funny? You want her to find out about us?” he said, a chill running down her spine.

“Don’t know… do you?” she smirked.

“I have to say though, you look ravishing. How long have you known you’d be here with us?” his eyes taking in her body again.

“A few days… do you like the dress? I bought it especially with you in my mind.” she whispered the last part into his ear, then leaned back, biting her lip and looking him dead in the eye. He swore he died and went to heaven. Her back touched the wall the wall, he placed his arm next to her, leaning closer to her, flirting quietly with one another.

Harper came back a few minutes later, a middle-aged man in tow. They both stepped away from each other. Ethan reached out to greet the man, they shook hands. Then the man turned towards Claire and kissed her hand, greeting her politely. Claire just smiled. And then she began to talk.

Her French was perfect, accent amazing and smooth, her posture relaxed, clearly being comfortable. She turned towards Harper after a few minutes.

“I’m going to be translating. If you don’t mind, tell me what is it you want me to say and we’ll begin.” She smiled softly at her, her eyes straying towards Ethan for a second to gauge his reaction. She saw amazement on his face.

The talk was calm and quiet, both sides communicating with help from the young woman. After a few minutes they reached agreement. The older man took Claire’s hands in his and patted them, a warm smile on his face as he told her something he didn’t understand, what frustrated him more was the fact that he looked briefly at Harper, then at Ethan and back at Claire, smiling. She laughed, blushing, and responded with a sparkle in her eyes.

They bid him goodbye and made their way towards their table. Claire was sitting between Harper and Ethan.

“I cannot express enough how proud and thankful I am for your help. Without you the deal would never happened. You saved us today.” Harper said, turning towards her, smiling widely.

“No problem, really. I’m glad I got to help you, I’m sure the deal will go great. Plus, it was nice to get to speak in French, I don’t really get to do that that often.” She smiled equally happy. While Harper turned around to talk to some other people on the other side of the table, she turned to Ethan. He had an amused look in his eyes, a soft smile on his lips. His fingers touched her hand discreetly.

“I didn’t know you can speak French.”

“As a matter of fact, dr. Ramsey, I speak four languages.” She shot him a look, taking in his reaction. His eyebrows shot up, his mouth open wide. She touched his chin, closing his mouth softly.

“How… what…” he stuttered.

“Well, there is English, obviously. French, but you already know that. Then there is Spanish, I took it while being in high school. I also speak a little of German, I’m not tremendously good at it but I would be able to do a conversation much like the one today if I had to.”

“You amaze me every day more and more.” His voice low, leaning towards her. He caught himself before someone saw them. They got served their food and after dinner they all stood up to talk to some important people.

One of those people was Justin Brooke, a young executive, responsible for public relations in the company. He greeted Harper and Ethan with a shake of a hand. Then he moved to look at Claire. A smirk bloomed on his face, he took her hand and kissed it slowly.

“Charmed to meet you miss…?”

“Herondale.” Claire replied, not sure what she should do.

“Miss Herondale. It’s a pleasure to have you here, I hope you are enjoying yourself.” He took a step towards her.

Ethan felt it again. Jealousy lit up inside of him, his palms clenched, his knuckles white for the force. He hated not being able to do anything, the man wasn’t doing anything inappropriate to someone from the outside. How was he supposed to know that Claire was in a relationship, that she was already his, that she already had someone to hold her at night. He wished he could pull her close to him, put his hand on her waist and kiss her in front of Harper and the other man, making them both realize that they were out of their reach.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that. He was sentenced to the torture of watching the guy flirting with his woman. For hours on end he had to look at him putting his hand on her arm, talking with her and standing a little too close.

Finally he’s had enough. He excused himself and went towards the abandoned corridor in the far corner of the building he found earlier tonight. He fell against the wall, taking a deep breath, closing his eyes to calm himself. After a few minutes he heard steps coming towards him. He groaned quietly. He wanted to be alone for a moment but it looked like that was not happening. He raised his head to see who was disrupting his peace. He saw a beautiful figure of Claire.


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Love your ideas! Also, I still haven’t forgiven you for the “I Wish” series


Book:Open Heart

Pairing:Dr Ethan Ramsey x MC (Dr Mariana Esquivel)

Summary: Dr Ramsey and Mariana work through the aftermath of an accidental night together while on-call.

Rating: Mature (like…really.)

Word Count: ~4,600 / ~30 minutes reading time(oops.)

Note:  I am obsessed with Ethan, I can’t get enough of him especially since he reminds me of David Gandy who is one of my major celebrity crushes. This is a very smutty fic and I’m shocked it’s only my second NSFW that I’ve written for the fandom (soooo many in drafts).
Thank you to everyone who was super kind and supportive about me posting even after being nervous/working on it all Sunday.

I know this is long and I tried to cut it down, but I haven’t written in monthsso I feel like this has been a writing exercise for me more than anything else. ENJOY!

Tag: I wanted to add those who were interested, but this is major smut – so I don’t know who is or isn’t 18+ or interested in reading this content.
Feel free to tell me about tags for fics like this in the future.


There’s four hours left in her fourteen-hour shift and she’s lost count on which cup of coffee she’s on.

Would it even be considered a cup? She thinks as she picks at the sad paper container dispensed from one of the many machines lining the hospital’s corridors.

And while she’s on that train of thought… would it even be considered coffee? Dr Mariana Esquivel looks at the murky coloured liquid, dancing around in the cup. The young physician pulls a grimace before sipping at its contents.

She’s only near the end shift and the soles of her feet are throbbing in pain. Her eyes are warm and dry, and every time she chances a glance at any clock she swears it’s gone backwards.

It’s 2am and she’s the only medical intern on the graveyard shift. The hospital is eerily quiet and she’s surprised to find a small gap of peace. Mariana holds her breath fearing she’s jinxed the mercy of silence.

Every so often, throughout her hourly rounds, she comes across a sleepy nurse or an exhausted resident. There is an overwhelming sense of solidarity when Mariana stumbles into one of them. The handful of them running the hospital in the hum of the early hours of the morning.

Although, there is one particular on-call attending Mariana hopes she won’t run into. A certain strict and condescending physician …with the piercing blue eyes. One smooth chill rolls down her back and she shakes herself from the memory she’s been attempting to suppress.

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I am speechless. Seriously, this is possibly the best work I’ve read in a while and I’m not exaggerating. Your writing is beautiful and I am super jealous of your skills because I can only dream of achieving this level of mastery and talent. How can you say you’re afraid of getting hate on something so marvellous? You put all of us to shame. I really look forward to your future work, already preparing to be amazed at every word you write. Bravo!

Book — Open Heart

Pairing — Ethan Ramsey/FMC

Notes — English is not my native language. I’m Portuguese.

If this comes out shitty, I blame it on my sickness. How come I always get sick when I’m on vacation and never during school??

Also, this might be my last fic writing in the second point of view. It’s a bit harder than I originally thought because I get so repetitive with all the you’s and your’s and stuff. I might start writing with my OC, Nora Holland (I’ll post something soon so you can get to know her)

A special thank you to @valiantlychaoticbarbarian for giving me this idea

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The flashing lights were beginning to hurt your eyes, the loud bass pumping in your ringing ears. All of your med school buddies had disappeared, half having already gone home. The dance floor was packed with drunken club goers, you squashed right in the middle.

As you tried to get to the bar, a heavy body slammed into you, all the air leaving your lungs with the sudden impact. A pair of strong arms caught you before you hit the ground. A tall, blond man carefully dragged you out of the crowd, helping you across the room.

“Thank you,” you gasped, clutching onto the sleeve of his grey sweater. Raising your head, your eyes widened at the stranger, who gave you a confused smile. “E-Etienne?”

“No.” He shook his head. “You must confusing me with someone else, miss. My name is Jack,” he yelled over the deafening music. “Are you alright? My friend’s a bit heavy.”

You blinked a couple times, bittersweet memories flooding your drunken mind. Jack frowned, crouching to your eye-level when you remained unresponsive.


“Uh? Sorry, sorry. Thanks for helping me, James,” you waved at him as you walked away, mind elsewhere.

“It’s Jack actually!” He shouted after you, though his voice was drowned out by the booming noises around him.

Reaching the counter, you sat down on a stool with a heavy sigh. Jason bore a borderline terrifying resemblance to your ex, which resulted in a bout of undesirable reminders of the French to pop up in your head unannounced.

Etienne had been your first love and first heartbreak. You met in med school, where he was an exchange student from Marseilles. He was charming, sweet and perfect boyfriend material. He held a mysterious aura as the unknown foreigner, which enchanted many boys and girls. But he only had eyes for you.

For a while, you truly believed you had found your Prince, just like you’d always dreamt as a child. Etienne bought you flowers and chocolates every day, left cute notes in your bag when you weren’t looking and took you out on unique dates, each surpassing the last.

Everything changed three years later, when you found him cheating on you with a girl he’d picked up at a random nightclub. He’d tried to apologize, of course, and tell you she meant nothing, but your heart had already shattered into a million pieces and no love profession of his would ever erase the hurt you were feeling.

The alcohol clouding your thoughts cast a fog over his betrayal, leaving only the little things that made you fall in love with Etienne in the first place. Your phone sat in front of you, contact list opened as you pondered your options.


heyyy its me! your ex, rember?? i ws thinkin abou u

i know your in paris n oulala but theres this guy who rly looks like u at lux n i misss u

come back pls???

Your head felt heavy, eyes unable to stay open any longer. Your arms formed a pillow, hair sprawling over the wooden surface of the bar, as you allowed sleep to take over, tiredness washing over you.

That was how Ethan found you, over fifteen minutes later, when he walked into the club. You were snoring softly in a corner, phone dangerously dangling on the edge of the counter. He stood behind you for a few seconds, relieved to find you safe. He had been extremely worried when he first received your text, fearing the worst.

Ethan gently laid a hand on your back, his thumb caressing the exposed skin of your nape, softly whispering your name. You stirred, your elbow connecting with your phone. His fingers wrapped around the cold device, preventing its fall. The screen lit up, showing your notifications.


Rookie? What happened?


How much did you drink?


Please answer my texts, I’m getting worried.


Stay there, I’m coming to pick you up.


Be safe.


Please, be alright…

He nibbled on his lower lip, recalling his distress and uneasiness. His evening had been relatively calm. Ethan had been watching TV when he got the first text and immediately began worrying, knowing you would never bother him unless it was an emergency. From what he’d gathered, he could tell you were obviously intoxicated and texted the wrong number. It didn’t sit well with him to leave you in that state.

You came to your senses when he shook you again, moaning at the pounding in your head. Ethan’s concerned blue eyes stared intently at you, watching your every move.

“Dr. Ramsey?”

“Good evening, Rookie.” He gave your shoulder a light squeeze, his scowl melting away, replaced by a small smile. “Glad to see you’re okay.”

“What happened?”

“You got drunk,” he said, handing you your phone. “You texted me, and I got worried. Are you here with someone?”

“Yeah, my—my friends.” You glanced around. “Most of them are gone, I think.”

“Then I’ll drive you home, if you don’t mind.”

“That’d be great, actually.”

The drive back to your apartment was silent, apart from the low music drifting from the radio. Ethan didn’t ask any more questions, letting you sleep a bit more in his car after covering you with a quilt he carried around in his trunk. He steered the wheel with one hand, the other warm on your knee. You suspected it was his way of making sure you were really alright, assuring himself he got you before anything terrible could happen.

He pulled up to your apartment, turning off the engine. You blinked the sleep away, a smile on your lips.

“Thanks for coming, Ethan,” you whispered, a headache forming in the back of your head.

He nodded, his blue depths conveying how much he cared for you. He leant closer, your eyelids fluttering close. His stubble gently scratched your cheek as his lips made contact with your skin, lingering for a moment.

“I’ll see you Monday, Y/N.” Ethan mumbled, pulling back. A pleased smile danced on his lips.

“Yeah.” Your voice came out as a breathless whisper. You cleared your throat as his smile grew bigger, a flush reddening your cheeks. “Thanks again.”

The Social Media Fic

hey! So I was thinking that if I’m going to be continuing my idea of a social Media Fic with Ethan and Nora, I’m gonna do it on Wattpad cause it’s so much easier over there with the format and all. It’ll take a while, but you can follow me (@quininhas) and be notified when it’s fully published!

Why is anybody wondering who the hell is CG?

Is he/she a random patron of Sir Gideon or is he/she the person moving the strings?

Desire and Decorum Theory

  1. Percival is definitely the child of Duke Richards and Rosalyn Sinclaire and Lady Lavinia is definitely Ernest’s wife who was have been “dead” since the child was born.
  2. I think Ledford Park was burned because Gideon wanted to erase any proof of Rosalyn being alive or how she faked her death.
  3. Lady Lavinia (aka Rosalyn) will wed Viscount Westonly, kill him and take his fortune.
  4. Gideon will marry Rosalyn and become Percival stepfather.
  5. Then Gideon will kill Rosalyn and become the legal guardian of Percival.
  6. The killing of Rosalyn would be made with Ernest family pistol so he can blame him on the crime, something like “Mr. Ersnest Sinclaire found out that her wife was still alive and in a jealous rage, he killed her”
  7. Maybe he will try to incriminate MC saying that she helped killing Rosalyn in order to marry Mr. Sinclair.
  8. Therefore, Mc lose her title and Harry becomes Earl of Edgewater.
  9. With Harry as head of a prestigious house at his side and the fortune of Viscount Westonly, Gideon will led a revolution and try to claim the English throne in the name of his stepson.
  10. Once Percival becomes King, Gideon asumes the position of Regent due to Percival being a minor and then he becomes the most powerfull man in England.

(Sorry if I made a mistake, english is not my first language)

Bloodbound ends in book 2?

They usually say “last chance IN BOOK 2 or las chance in THIS BOOK. But no, it says last chance EVER.

This means that book 2 of Bloodbound is the last one?

When Pixelberry use your name for the Buttler’s wife…. and the MC has the same name also…

Nightbound Theory

Playing the last chapter make me think about who and what the MC really is…and seeing the fate the idea came to me….

What if the fate is a entity who must reborn once in a while (and that is why she has many faces) so the woman destined to be the fate has the ability to SEE the people.

Maybe the person who wants MC dead is the one who want to exterminate fate and there for earn the liberty to decide her own fate or escape from a fate that she does not want.

On the other hand, the person who hired Nik is the one who wants MC to become the next fate.

I know is a crazy theory but what do you think?

Has anyone thought that maybe Atlas and MC parents are the Sun and Moon Source or at least related to that since Kane knows them?

Even if he is quiet, I will shoot him….not only his words but his face and all he represents is repulsiveso….

What would happen if…

We know that the scumbag, aka Duke Tristan Richards of Karlington, is not the best marksman and also he doesn’t have a sense of honor or chivalry so I was thinking of the duel and the posibles outcomes.

We are in chapter nine so we have between eight and ten more chapters before the book ends, so I believe that pixelberry is not going to resolve the engagement in this stage of the story.

Knowing what we know about the duke, I think he will use his “virtues” in his favor. Instead of winning the duel, he will ensure that Mr. Sinclaire (or the Li of choice), wins the confrontation but in a way that he looses his honor so he can not really win MC.

Yes, I believe that the guns are altered but in a way to make look bad the Li, not Duke Richards.

So even if Mr Sinclaire “wins”, Mc can’t be with him or he refuses to be with Mc to avoid her losing Edgewater. After all, the bishop will not aprove Edgewater inheritance with such an union.

What do you think?

What is going on with “The Elementalists”?

  • <u>DIAMOND$: We had 95 diamonds worth in choices. That is almost ten dollars for ONE FUCKING EPISODE. I can’t keep up if they are going to make the chapters so expensive. <p> I know that there isn’t mandatory to buy the diamond options and I don’t have problem spending some money but PLEASE pixelberry, make less diamonds options or at least make the options cheaper.
  • BECKETT: I am dating him so I am happy to see him and share moments but I have never seen, in the choices books that I had played, so many scenes in a row with just one Li. I am thinking in the others players who are dating the others Lis and how mistreated they should feel. PLEASE, pixelberry, be fair with all the Lis.
  • DIAMOMDS SCENES: As I said before, we had five diamond scenes but I think some of those scenes could have been avoided or used in other chapter. Like spending time with Zeph or practicing sun magick. There was really necessary all those scenes?

My name is Mariana Bennet. And I am the fastest woman alive. When my mother died I find out that my father was a nobleman, the earl of Edgewater and I became a Lady, something I thought was impossible. To the outside world I am an ordinary country girl, a bastard child and engaged to the Duke of Karlington, but secretly I am in love of Mr Ernest Sinclair. And one day, I’ll find all the clues to broke my engagement and become the Countess of Edgewater. I am Lady Mariana.


trystan is pb’s best single li ever imo they’re just THAT good and the tension between them and mc is impeccable