if you can’t decide between pink and blue, why not have both?if you can’t decide between pink and blue, why not have both?if you can’t decide between pink and blue, why not have both?if you can’t decide between pink and blue, why not have both?if you can’t decide between pink and blue, why not have both?

if you can’t decide between pink and blue, why not have both?

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This is what happens when you DON’T fly Bun Air…  If she had just flown Bun Air like she shou

This is what happens when you DON’T fly Bun Air…  If she had just flown Bun Air like she should have, she would have been safely strapped in and enjoying her in-flight Hypnotic entertainment

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 Behr Lipstick 170B-6


 Behr Firecracker 150B-6

Book — Open Heart

Pairing — Ethan Ramsey/FMC

Notes — English is not my native language. I’m Portuguese.

If this comes out shitty, I blame it on my sickness. How come I always get sick when I’m on vacation and never during school??

Also, this might be my last fic writing in the second point of view. It’s a bit harder than I originally thought because I get so repetitive with all the you’s and your’s and stuff. I might start writing with my OC, Nora Holland (I’ll post something soon so you can get to know her)

A special thank you to @valiantlychaoticbarbarian for giving me this idea

Tags — @princess-geek;@cordoniansqueen;@universallypizzataco;@galaxy-of-rosess;@hatlley;@valiantlychaoticbarbarian;@teenytinymagician​ ; @lilyofchoices​ ; @angellwithoutname​ ; @perriewinklenerdie;@radlovedreamer;@claudevonstruke;@nyikondlovu;@ifyouseekheart;@hopelessromantic1352;@gingerjane15

The flashing lights were beginning to hurt your eyes, the loud bass pumping in your ringing ears. All of your med school buddies had disappeared, half having already gone home. The dance floor was packed with drunken club goers, you squashed right in the middle.

As you tried to get to the bar, a heavy body slammed into you, all the air leaving your lungs with the sudden impact. A pair of strong arms caught you before you hit the ground. A tall, blond man carefully dragged you out of the crowd, helping you across the room.

“Thank you,” you gasped, clutching onto the sleeve of his grey sweater. Raising your head, your eyes widened at the stranger, who gave you a confused smile. “E-Etienne?”

“No.” He shook his head. “You must confusing me with someone else, miss. My name is Jack,” he yelled over the deafening music. “Are you alright? My friend’s a bit heavy.”

You blinked a couple times, bittersweet memories flooding your drunken mind. Jack frowned, crouching to your eye-level when you remained unresponsive.


“Uh? Sorry, sorry. Thanks for helping me, James,” you waved at him as you walked away, mind elsewhere.

“It’s Jack actually!” He shouted after you, though his voice was drowned out by the booming noises around him.

Reaching the counter, you sat down on a stool with a heavy sigh. Jason bore a borderline terrifying resemblance to your ex, which resulted in a bout of undesirable reminders of the French to pop up in your head unannounced.

Etienne had been your first love and first heartbreak. You met in med school, where he was an exchange student from Marseilles. He was charming, sweet and perfect boyfriend material. He held a mysterious aura as the unknown foreigner, which enchanted many boys and girls. But he only had eyes for you.

For a while, you truly believed you had found your Prince, just like you’d always dreamt as a child. Etienne bought you flowers and chocolates every day, left cute notes in your bag when you weren’t looking and took you out on unique dates, each surpassing the last.

Everything changed three years later, when you found him cheating on you with a girl he’d picked up at a random nightclub. He’d tried to apologize, of course, and tell you she meant nothing, but your heart had already shattered into a million pieces and no love profession of his would ever erase the hurt you were feeling.

The alcohol clouding your thoughts cast a fog over his betrayal, leaving only the little things that made you fall in love with Etienne in the first place. Your phone sat in front of you, contact list opened as you pondered your options.


heyyy its me! your ex, rember?? i ws thinkin abou u

i know your in paris n oulala but theres this guy who rly looks like u at lux n i misss u

come back pls???

Your head felt heavy, eyes unable to stay open any longer. Your arms formed a pillow, hair sprawling over the wooden surface of the bar, as you allowed sleep to take over, tiredness washing over you.

That was how Ethan found you, over fifteen minutes later, when he walked into the club. You were snoring softly in a corner, phone dangerously dangling on the edge of the counter. He stood behind you for a few seconds, relieved to find you safe. He had been extremely worried when he first received your text, fearing the worst.

Ethan gently laid a hand on your back, his thumb caressing the exposed skin of your nape, softly whispering your name. You stirred, your elbow connecting with your phone. His fingers wrapped around the cold device, preventing its fall. The screen lit up, showing your notifications.


Rookie? What happened?


How much did you drink?


Please answer my texts, I’m getting worried.


Stay there, I’m coming to pick you up.


Be safe.


Please, be alright…

He nibbled on his lower lip, recalling his distress and uneasiness. His evening had been relatively calm. Ethan had been watching TV when he got the first text and immediately began worrying, knowing you would never bother him unless it was an emergency. From what he’d gathered, he could tell you were obviously intoxicated and texted the wrong number. It didn’t sit well with him to leave you in that state.

You came to your senses when he shook you again, moaning at the pounding in your head. Ethan’s concerned blue eyes stared intently at you, watching your every move.

“Dr. Ramsey?”

“Good evening, Rookie.” He gave your shoulder a light squeeze, his scowl melting away, replaced by a small smile. “Glad to see you’re okay.”

“What happened?”

“You got drunk,” he said, handing you your phone. “You texted me, and I got worried. Are you here with someone?”

“Yeah, my—my friends.” You glanced around. “Most of them are gone, I think.”

“Then I’ll drive you home, if you don’t mind.”

“That’d be great, actually.”

The drive back to your apartment was silent, apart from the low music drifting from the radio. Ethan didn’t ask any more questions, letting you sleep a bit more in his car after covering you with a quilt he carried around in his trunk. He steered the wheel with one hand, the other warm on your knee. You suspected it was his way of making sure you were really alright, assuring himself he got you before anything terrible could happen.

He pulled up to your apartment, turning off the engine. You blinked the sleep away, a smile on your lips.

“Thanks for coming, Ethan,” you whispered, a headache forming in the back of your head.

He nodded, his blue depths conveying how much he cared for you. He leant closer, your eyelids fluttering close. His stubble gently scratched your cheek as his lips made contact with your skin, lingering for a moment.

“I’ll see you Monday, Y/N.” Ethan mumbled, pulling back. A pleased smile danced on his lips.

“Yeah.” Your voice came out as a breathless whisper. You cleared your throat as his smile grew bigger, a flush reddening your cheeks. “Thanks again.”

The Social Media Fic

hey! So I was thinking that if I’m going to be continuing my idea of a social Media Fic with Ethan and Nora, I’m gonna do it on Wattpad cause it’s so much easier over there with the format and all. It’ll take a while, but you can follow me (@quininhas) and be notified when it’s fully published!

Howard Stern’s Daughter Became Orthodox ; Wells of MiriamLike most people on planet earth, I’ve know

Howard Stern’s Daughter Became Orthodox ; Wells of Miriam

Like most people on planet earth, I’ve known who Howard Stern is for years, though, I’ve never really listened to his show or watched more than an occasional clip of “America’s Got Talent.” Then my friend Mayim Bialik was interviewed on his radio show last year and, of course, I had to hear it. What struck me most about their conversation was Mayim explaining Jewish ideas to Howard – like mikvah and modesty – publicizing these mitzvos to millions of his listeners. Howard challenged Mayim, wanting to know why she covers up so much – unlike most actresses in Hollywood – and Mayim explained that her body belongs to her, not Hollywood. Apparently, Howard was so struck by this idea that the next morning when he started his show he referenced it.

Howard Stern didn’t cross my mind again until a couple months ago, when I stumbled upon a poet whose work is featured in the LA Jewish Journal. A line in one of her poems jumped out at me “Why in the
 world why in the heavens
 when God says find a mate, 
Adam never stops to say, You, God. Us.
” It was so profound, I wanted to hear more. So I started clicking through to read more of her work and as I read, I got to an article which explained who her dad was. I was fascinated! Howard Stern’s daughter became an Orthodox Jew?! I reached out to her, we had a wonderful coffee meeting and told her I’d love to share her story and her art with the world.

Read more and listen to the full interview here:http://jewinthecity.com/2015/06/howard-sterns-daughter-became-orthodox-the-wells-of-miriam/#ixzz3dKzfQkAl

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Why is anybody wondering who the hell is CG?

Is he/she a random patron of Sir Gideon or is he/she the person moving the strings?

Desire and Decorum Theory

  1. Percival is definitely the child of Duke Richards and Rosalyn Sinclaire and Lady Lavinia is definitely Ernest’s wife who was have been “dead” since the child was born.
  2. I think Ledford Park was burned because Gideon wanted to erase any proof of Rosalyn being alive or how she faked her death.
  3. Lady Lavinia (aka Rosalyn) will wed Viscount Westonly, kill him and take his fortune.
  4. Gideon will marry Rosalyn and become Percival stepfather.
  5. Then Gideon will kill Rosalyn and become the legal guardian of Percival.
  6. The killing of Rosalyn would be made with Ernest family pistol so he can blame him on the crime, something like “Mr. Ersnest Sinclaire found out that her wife was still alive and in a jealous rage, he killed her”
  7. Maybe he will try to incriminate MC saying that she helped killing Rosalyn in order to marry Mr. Sinclair.
  8. Therefore, Mc lose her title and Harry becomes Earl of Edgewater.
  9. With Harry as head of a prestigious house at his side and the fortune of Viscount Westonly, Gideon will led a revolution and try to claim the English throne in the name of his stepson.
  10. Once Percival becomes King, Gideon asumes the position of Regent due to Percival being a minor and then he becomes the most powerfull man in England.

(Sorry if I made a mistake, english is not my first language)

Bloodbound ends in book 2?

They usually say “last chance IN BOOK 2 or las chance in THIS BOOK. But no, it says last chance EVER.

This means that book 2 of Bloodbound is the last one?

When Pixelberry use your name for the Buttler’s wife…. and the MC has the same name also…

Has anyone thought that maybe Atlas and MC parents are the Sun and Moon Source or at least related to that since Kane knows them?

Even if he is quiet, I will shoot him….not only his words but his face and all he represents is repulsiveso….

What would happen if…

We know that the scumbag, aka Duke Tristan Richards of Karlington, is not the best marksman and also he doesn’t have a sense of honor or chivalry so I was thinking of the duel and the posibles outcomes.

We are in chapter nine so we have between eight and ten more chapters before the book ends, so I believe that pixelberry is not going to resolve the engagement in this stage of the story.

Knowing what we know about the duke, I think he will use his “virtues” in his favor. Instead of winning the duel, he will ensure that Mr. Sinclaire (or the Li of choice), wins the confrontation but in a way that he looses his honor so he can not really win MC.

Yes, I believe that the guns are altered but in a way to make look bad the Li, not Duke Richards.

So even if Mr Sinclaire “wins”, Mc can’t be with him or he refuses to be with Mc to avoid her losing Edgewater. After all, the bishop will not aprove Edgewater inheritance with such an union.

What do you think?

What is going on with “The Elementalists”?

  • <u>DIAMOND$: We had 95 diamonds worth in choices. That is almost ten dollars for ONE FUCKING EPISODE. I can’t keep up if they are going to make the chapters so expensive. <p> I know that there isn’t mandatory to buy the diamond options and I don’t have problem spending some money but PLEASE pixelberry, make less diamonds options or at least make the options cheaper.
  • BECKETT: I am dating him so I am happy to see him and share moments but I have never seen, in the choices books that I had played, so many scenes in a row with just one Li. I am thinking in the others players who are dating the others Lis and how mistreated they should feel. PLEASE, pixelberry, be fair with all the Lis.
  • DIAMOMDS SCENES: As I said before, we had five diamond scenes but I think some of those scenes could have been avoided or used in other chapter. Like spending time with Zeph or practicing sun magick. There was really necessary all those scenes?

My name is Mariana Bennet. And I am the fastest woman alive. When my mother died I find out that my father was a nobleman, the earl of Edgewater and I became a Lady, something I thought was impossible. To the outside world I am an ordinary country girl, a bastard child and engaged to the Duke of Karlington, but secretly I am in love of Mr Ernest Sinclair. And one day, I’ll find all the clues to broke my engagement and become the Countess of Edgewater. I am Lady Mariana.

I’m really not a fan of Surrender, but since I am a VIP, why not play it? This chapter has made it painfully obvious Reagan DOESN’T need to behave the way he does. Sloan is funny, caring and STILL a capable Dom. So why does MC need to be stuck with the mood-stuck-in-the-ass-but-hot-and-gorgeous-cause-I-obviously-chose-the-asian-version Reagan?

I know PB is doing it for the sake of drama and all, but there is other ways to stir drama instead of giving us an indecisive ass of a LI.

Anyways, why does PB INSIST on inserting Nathan Sterling EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE???

IT HURTS, PB! I still love Nathan even though he is a fucking asshole!


trystan is pb’s best single li ever imo they’re just THAT good and the tension between them and mc is impeccable


Setting aside the (valid) debate over VIP and other issues Choices has….Crimes of Passion is really, really good. The story is intriguing, the writing sharp and funny, the characters could easily fall into hokey stereotypes but they don’t. They’re all interesting and complex. The dynamic between MC and Trystan is really fun. I haven’t been this excited for story updates in a while.

I just played chapter 7 of Crimes of Passion and I just can’t get enough of this book! It’s seriously A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I don’t have the screenshots just yet cause I WILL play a second time (obviously), but it’s just damn perfect!

Crimes of Passion has got action, a great storyline, intriguing mystery, compelling character and a slow burn romance to DIE FOR. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Trystan.

I seriously can’t wait for the wide release of this book. PB has been giving us some so-so books, but Crimes of Passion and Wake the Dead are top notch. PB has outdone themselves with this book.

I haven’t felt this thrilled about a book since BladesandDistantShores!