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Request: ‘can you do more of the coach daughter’ ‘can you continue on coaches daughter?’ 

Pairing: Scott Reed x Reader

Warning(s): None.

Word Count: 292

Gif: Mine.

A/N: Inspired by ‘Crush Culture’ by Conan Gray. Find parts: [1] [2]

The table vibrated a notification on someone’s phone. I scrambled to pick up mine, checking if it was her. Nothing. I adjusted my volume and swiped off any other announcement.

“Dude, relax.” Zach knocked on the desk as he put his phone back down. “Just my mom, she’s wondering if you want to come over for dinner.” I nodded a ‘sure’ as I struggled to put my phone in my pocket.

I reverted my attention to the chemistry book in front of me. I tapped my pencil on the edge of the book finding it hard to focus. Apparently so did Zach because he slapped the pencil out of my hand. He widened his eyes at me and slightly shook his head.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. I sighed as I sat back in the uncomfortable library chair. I pulled out my phone again, still seeing no message or sign of her contact.

Unpleased at my apology, Zach threw his eraser at me. “What’s up with you?”

I threw my head back and the sound of pops followed along. I snapped back to him and slacked my jaw. “I don’t know. It’s just… I don’t know.”

Zach had a smirk on his face while he crossed his arms. “It’s Y/N, isn’t it?” When I refused to look at him, he scoffed. “Dude, you know she’s like, off limits. She’s Coach Rick’s daughter-”

Stepdaughter.” He rolled his eyes.

“Doesn’t matter and you know it.” And he’s right, Coach Rick would kick me off the team if I touched her.

Just then a familiar chime went off from my pocket. It was a text. From her.

You free tomorrow?
I’ve got good news!

“Is that her?” Zach coughed. I felt my cheeks tighten. “God, you’re hopeless.”

Request: “could u please continue w chase? thanks”  “Could you maybe write a second part to ‚ the chase‘? The first part is really nice!”

Pairing: Scott Reed x Reader

Warning(s): Scott POV, internal thoughts (a lot of them)

Word Count: 398

Gif: @a-fandom-imagine

A/N: I know, I know… Moving on… I kinda like this ScottxCoachsDaughter dynamic. Let me know how y’all feel.

I walked pass Coach Rick’s office and heard muffled arguments. I leaned in, curiosity getting the best of me, but I still couldn’t understand what was going on. I did, however, hear the march of footsteps heading toward the door. I shuffled in place before realizing that I should move. Out of the door came Y/N.

“Y/N, we aren’t finished here,” Coach Rick stated from the doorway of his office.

Y/N, who was clutching her book bag in one hand and a piece of paper in the other, turned to face him from her spot in the middle of the walkway. “No, dad, we aren’t. But I am not doing this here.”

Dad? Coach Rick is her dad?! No wonder she’s off limits, I never understood that rule…

As she walked off, I followed her quickly, hoping to catch up with her strides.

“Hey, Y/N,” I panted slightly. Damn, she walks so fast, but she looks so good when she’s angry. Once she noticed it was me, she smiled softly.

“Oh, what’s up, Scott?” That’s what is so amazing about her… She is always thinking about others, regardless of her own state of mind.

I gripped my bag strap. “You okay? You know, with what happened with Coach Rick?” I pointed toward his office. She sighed and rolled her eyes. “I didn’t know he was your dad.”

“Stepdad,” She corrected. “Yeah, I, uh… he found out that I’m failing math and he’s harping me about it.” She clicked her tongue. “And that sucks because now he won’t let me out of the house until I get that up.”

I nodded, internally panicking because I was planning on asking her to the winter formal. I don’t know what made me offer this, but I did.

“You know, I’m pretty alright in mathematics. I could tutor you during study hall.” I don’t know why I said that… I suck at math. But her face lit up.

“Are you serious?” She was almost shocked. “Oh, my God, Scottie, that would be amazing!” Y/N hugged me tightly. “You have no idea what this means to me.” Her hair smelled like sweet pea and honey. She pulled away. “Thank you, Scott. I owe you one.”

I smiled as she walked down the hall as the bell rang. Hell yeah, she owes me one, now I actually have to pay attention in math class.